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  1. Dylan was born in Northern Ireland in the year of 1973, he was the son of a farmer, who had at his birth been farming for 2 decades nearly. His father would take him out shooting targets, and occasionally hunting, so Dylan had quite a good knowledge of how to use rifles and such. Although it may have been expected for Dylan to take the "family tradition" and become a full time farmer himself, he did not. He would only be a farmer for his teen years whilst working for his dad, whilst he was still in school. Dylan wanted to be a Medic, so, his father, with the money he had been saving up for quite a while now, payed for Dylan to go to college and receive a higher education in which he could receive a degree in medicine. He spent the next years working as a medic in Northern Ireland. He enjoyed travelling a lot, often leaving the country more than twice a year. One year he went to a place called "Chernaraus". It just happened so that as he was there enjoying his stay, the outbreak took place. He decided to stay there and try to survive and help people, he now travels and tries to help people along his way, being as generous as possible.
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