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  1. Charles had the average of a average english family. his dad was a train conductor, his mom a nurse, and charles a boy of fashion sense. He was ridiculed,teased,beaten up and then he would go to school with a busted lip and a shiner still wearing his favorite suit that he made from his mothers sewing table. He wasn't a poof nor a tosser of salads. he was and still is a distinct man of class. He left school top of his marks, and entered into the world of mens fashion. Alot of rumors and murmurs spread around the young man fresh out of school with his own business. his familt had disppeared and left him with all their wealth and gains from life. Little did everyone know, some of the rumors were true. He killed them for his own gain. he gave them a wonderful funeral, one any parent would be happy to be found in. Though he father was to be remarked as being a tad bit drab for the last thing he would ever wear. Years down the road, Charles expanded his business but not his inventory of supplies. Eastern europeans goods were increasing in price. Americans had no sense of actual good supplies to work with and god forbid a english man of distinction would buy from the chinese and their inferior cheap products. what was he to do? as he vented to a taxi driver, the chernorussian man simply gave him a simple solution to his problem. Invest in the locals of his country and he would be rewarded for his efforts and time. with this being his only course to save his dream of fashion. he told the taxi to quickly take him to the airport with do haste. It was just a few weeks into his visit, where in the world decided to shit it self. he found him self in utter chaos, not accustomed to such things, his first night was horrid. hiding from the screams and the nightmares that took place. he felt like the scared boy his father made him out to be so many years ago. so when morning came. he promised him self to never give up on his dreams and to never be scared of anyone again. He stood up dusted him self off, broke a chair leg and opened the door. a local man no older then he, had just blasted a infected. they looked at each other for but a second when charles winked at him. the man looked him up and down and laughed then began to turn to face him. nice suit said the man. charles smiled tipped his hat and then promptly stabbed the man in a murderous amount of times before charles broke his wrist slamming the chair leg into the mans skull. Charles scoffed and looked disgusted at him self. " oh dam it all, i ruined my suit. here you can have it. it suits you better now." he then continued to dress the body in his own suit. he went back inside where his bag lay and put on his spare. a light bulb went off in his head that day. he would keep his promise to him self by becoming the only apocalyptic travelling tailor and be a hired assassin. of course for the right and discreet clients. So onward he went into the brink of madness. with a new gun, a fresh suit and a bag of fine working material to make suits for people. this is where the story of charles evan rosewood begins.
  2. well there goes the heart strings. i dont know why u dont write more this was fucking intense read. i legit just came to see this! thanks for the love of old character.
  3. "ten hours till pulkovo becomes the funnest place on the planet!!!"
  4. "hello everyone. the party is still a go. i'm expecting all my little helpers to have everything ready in 10 hours. spread the word. we going to get fucked up!!!!!"
  5. "when did cherno people can't be gopnic? i am sick. sick with party fever. if you don't like to have fun or be happy you don't have to come. if anyone sees my sister nino please tell her im kicking, and kicking off a massive party!!!! "
  6. *a ecstatic chernorussian man voice comes over the radio. he sounds hammered* "Sorry to many needles on friday. almost died Saturday. TUEsDAY IS PAr-" *puking can be heard* "Yuck. party day is tuesday night. come on come all"
  7. *a ecstatic chernrussian voice comes over the waves obviously sounding drunk and or high* "HELLOOO every body! it is me. your favorite local super gopnic! Sorry i have been away. I got into a situation involving too much heroine and my arm. I ALMOST DIED!!! anyway. the party you have been hearing about is still on. it is now this coming Tuesday night. every one is welcome. the first ten people get track suits and their own bottle of my famous home made vodka. so come to pulkovo tuesday night and have some fun." *some obvious chugging can be heard* "I ask of you only two things. Don't start the bullshit and have some fun. this party is to bring happiness back in your lives!!!! so come on to pulkovo and lets show the whole world we are alive with best party ever!!!" *more chugging can be heard, then a fair bit of coughing before the radio goes silent*
  8. * a smooth low tones voice comes over the waves* "Now don't go hating on the boy just cause no one educated him. hes only 12. realistic is a big word for that one, and realistically no one would give you explosives if your threatening to blow up shit just to get explosives. thats just asinine."
  9. *the deranged laughter returns.* "hahahahahaha. i'm reggie. i met many demises. did you wana be samsies?"
  10. first off. i was around almost 40 ppl today. so totally sorry if i dont know ur forum names. @GenjiRP and her group of fun buddies - i had fucking awesome time playing with reggie and dean with you guys tonight. to everyone else espcailly marly the pack dog. thanks for the great reactions tonight. hope to see you guys again. dont forget to donate your nipples to the local psycho.
  11. * a deranged high pitched voice comes over the waves* "that one BLEW up in your face. hahahahahahahahaha"
  12. *a deranged high pitched voice comes over the radio starting off with a manic laugh* "hahahahaha. REGGIE HAS HIS OWN TOWN. I FINALLY GET TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA"
  13. * a smooth low toned voice came over the waves * "Someone cleaned that place out. nothing but them undead and one tent emptied out. so much for that place."
  14. thanks man i had alot of fun. the voice is super hard to do. i got stuck on that 2 story green house balcony when zombies beat me out the window but i made it out. i was going to switch to dean but yall took off haha. looking forward to our next incounter.
  15. *A posh english accent comes across the waves once again* "to the people whom just came through town and robbed all the food tents and party supplies. thanks for leaving your white armband. now i know who to look for."
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