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  1. XxGrAipYyxX

    New character.

    go for a out of the box character. like a stripper or prostitute. make a character thats not your average sob story or someone that could survive an apoclypse make it some one that just survives off of luck or have someone that won't last and make him goofy as fuck. i have never seen a honest to god priest. i have seen cultists and different styles of relgion but never a priest witch a serious back story. hobo's have been done and have had groups but i haven't seen a solid hobo. gruffy old man with bunch of stories and the casual who cares whats going on i got beer. theres a plathora of shit not done or not done a certain way you can create a orginal piece.
  2. thanks my dude. get a play list sorted when i come back levy is having that party.
  3. bro i never meme i only hardcore rp. i crawled from bor to the hospital after i rp'd some one bashing my kneecap in. fuck i rp'd a dude with one leg who helped run a trading company into a settlement. ooooooooo myyyy leeeeegggg!!!!! i wish i could post this meme here but i will pm it to you instead.
  4. the fear dominance and always win mentality has really put a huge damper on me as a player. i feel as though if i don't join a group or i dont have a character that can be at least prone to violent actions that this character has no place in this server. yes it is a apocalypse setting. currently if you aren't in a group you are not safe. if your in a group that isen't an ally to the big dog your not safe. theres only 2 ways to play on the server currently: 1) boot to the throat no matter what actions you do or 2) hide in the woods and twiddle ur thumbs hoping someone or something does come up to ur camp and put a boot to ur throat for little to no reason. i would really like that summit to happen whether or not im apart of a group or the leader of a group. i would really like to be there. i had this whole thing written up like a speech decaperio had when he addressed congress. there is no actual way to make everyone happy and i understand this as a father of five and the youngest male in a large family. maybe just maybe instead of a single summit we can hold bi monthly summits. to discuss current ooc forum attitude and ic events and all that to further have a healthy take on how to improve our community. we can all say shit on the thread here. and i applaud of those who have backed me and voiced their opinions. but until we can all just talk without the keyboard turning into molten lava from the heat we feel for those words. we will never actually make any progress. a wise man once said. "without change there can be no progress" i think i read that in art of war by that guys name i cant spell. much love to all my peeps and the random goons and gals i have chilled with, run into, traded and fell in and out with friendships. if you know me. im a skin head turn hippy. we need the conflict offered by certain groups or else this place becomes hey you got some apples. nah just nanners my dude. ah crap aight well whats ur story. but at the same time. we just cant have these big dog groups make everyone suffer just becuz. theres nothing original in this mentality. nor will there be if done differently. we have a large divide in our player base. which creates the toxcity from the start. if i could suggest a small thing for people to do. jump ship for awhile. break the mold. become your enemy with ur enemy. join anarchy for a week before you bash their assholes into the ground for doing hostile rp the same way for a year. and maybe jump ship and see what it is like to be constantly forced to dig your own grave the more your online facing these kind of threats that not only hinder your own rp goals but do not let you touch your rp goals. theres nothing worse then getting on a game to have fun and relax from a day of work then to get online to only find out you have to succumb the to boot of a cock sucker. or to deal with your friends constantly bitching about shit thats out of their control. or to have to hear the endless whining of ppl shit on ur rp choices for wanting to shoot up some vllage of cuddly cunts that never leave said village. legit no one wants to see the other side of the coin they always want to play the same side until its so dull you cant even see who minted the dam thing. *psychiatrist rubs his chin* "tell me how you really feel graipyy"
  5. that tree had seen alot. he had some stories to tell. i dont think he liked my views on common farming techniques tho
  6. but arent you from sweeden? hahahaha
  7. thank you for the kind words man. that touched me. i just need a few weeks away from here. but when i come back you better expect a huge ass party event to happen haha. seriously though those were some of the nicest words i have seen on this forum and directed towards me. all i ever wanted to was to give ppl good rp. cuz irl im a poet and a novelist. i just need to separate my feelings better. ah crap thought you were from germany
  8. i surely will. its camping season. my wifes says "hello back" ill be on ts once and awhile to game with some friends you included my finish friend,
  9. yea sorry to you and everyone else for not tying up rp. but like i sad. the stuff that has happened in the community and the server has started to bleed negatively into my personal life and thats wheere i draw the line. i just need to take a break, again sorry for bailing on some solid rp i had set up with alot of people and the events i had planned for the server. i think for me its both my computer and my own way of rp that i would not make a good hostile rp'er in general. i just dont wana go around the map just to find ppl to fuck with. or become a guy that sniffs like a blood hound for a trail that leads to fucking up a groups day.
  10. well heres the thing. i'm not good in a firefight. thats been proven time and time again. hence why i have never joined a group thats activly hostile cuz i wouldnt be a good addition to their group. yes i did do hostilities with the black roses. but when i was in control we only did hostile rp when we had contracts. i would not make a good pvper with a computer tht gives me 30 frames tops.
  11. maybe not soon. but ill be back. much love ma fucka
  12. 10/10 would fall down a flight of crowbars everytime.
  13. she did? i was the cherno guy who got kicked outta the hospital with u and ur friends and broke his stiches. the one you told that you cutoff his cousins leg!!!! oooh my leg!!!!