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  1. XxGrAipYyxX

    Fae Williams.

    well there goes the heart strings. i dont know why u dont write more this was fucking intense read. i legit just came to see this! thanks for the love of old character.
  2. "ten hours till pulkovo becomes the funnest place on the planet!!!"
  3. "hello everyone. the party is still a go. i'm expecting all my little helpers to have everything ready in 10 hours. spread the word. we going to get fucked up!!!!!"
  4. "when did cherno people can't be gopnic? i am sick. sick with party fever. if you don't like to have fun or be happy you don't have to come. if anyone sees my sister nino please tell her im kicking, and kicking off a massive party!!!! "
  5. *a ecstatic chernorussian man voice comes over the radio. he sounds hammered* "Sorry to many needles on friday. almost died Saturday. TUEsDAY IS PAr-" *puking can be heard* "Yuck. party day is tuesday night. come on come all"
  6. *a ecstatic chernrussian voice comes over the waves obviously sounding drunk and or high* "HELLOOO every body! it is me. your favorite local super gopnic! Sorry i have been away. I got into a situation involving too much heroine and my arm. I ALMOST DIED!!! anyway. the party you have been hearing about is still on. it is now this coming Tuesday night. every one is welcome. the first ten people get track suits and their own bottle of my famous home made vodka. so come to pulkovo tuesday night and have some fun." *some obvious chugging can be heard* "I ask of you only two things. Don't start the bullshit and have some fun. this party is to bring happiness back in your lives!!!! so come on to pulkovo and lets show the whole world we are alive with best party ever!!!" *more chugging can be heard, then a fair bit of coughing before the radio goes silent*
  7. XxGrAipYyxX

    Friends [Open Frequency]

    * a smooth low tones voice comes over the waves* "Now don't go hating on the boy just cause no one educated him. hes only 12. realistic is a big word for that one, and realistically no one would give you explosives if your threatening to blow up shit just to get explosives. thats just asinine."
  8. XxGrAipYyxX

    Friends [Open Frequency]

    *the deranged laughter returns.* "hahahahahaha. i'm reggie. i met many demises. did you wana be samsies?"
  9. first off. i was around almost 40 ppl today. so totally sorry if i dont know ur forum names. @GenjiRP and her group of fun buddies - i had fucking awesome time playing with reggie and dean with you guys tonight. to everyone else espcailly marly the pack dog. thanks for the great reactions tonight. hope to see you guys again. dont forget to donate your nipples to the local psycho.
  10. XxGrAipYyxX

    Friends [Open Frequency]

    * a deranged high pitched voice comes over the waves* "that one BLEW up in your face. hahahahahahahahaha"
  11. *a deranged high pitched voice comes over the radio starting off with a manic laugh* "hahahahaha. REGGIE HAS HIS OWN TOWN. I FINALLY GET TO HAVE MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA"
  12. * a smooth low toned voice came over the waves * "Someone cleaned that place out. nothing but them undead and one tent emptied out. so much for that place."
  13. thanks man i had alot of fun. the voice is super hard to do. i got stuck on that 2 story green house balcony when zombies beat me out the window but i made it out. i was going to switch to dean but yall took off haha. looking forward to our next incounter.
  14. *A posh english accent comes across the waves once again* "to the people whom just came through town and robbed all the food tents and party supplies. thanks for leaving your white armband. now i know who to look for."
  15. *bart was merely just letting his broadcast get some attention. he did not think it would get so much. his smirk was a mischievous one. the back and forth between people amused him, he decided to pick up his radio again and do some talking.* "Hello again everyone. i would like to address some things. one, this is not my town. this is no ones town. this is not a territory. this is merely a stop along the many roads, many weay souls stop, to rest,trade and drink. two, everyone is welcome to stay at no cost. there is many beds to be had and as long as there is not a body (cold or warm) laying in one. who am i to tell you cant sleep there. three, we have a doctor who is not tivian living in the nice green house with a concrete wall and a small playground for the younger survivors. though i imagine tivian services can still be attained if one so wishes and if tivian is still there. four, i only have one rule. please don't steal. We have plenty to offer. all food and drink is free. you may notice in the days to come there will be to some random items placed in a few tents behind the double story green loft (which is mine) this will be only used for party supplies." *bromwell coughed slightly took a breath and continued* "To any one whom wishes to stay awhile in the town of bromwell, if you feel obliged to help out around the town. Growing crops, clearing out the infected and finding anything for the levy's party would be greatly appreciated but not required for your stay. if you have a problem with someone, deal with it. if im there invite me to the show. as i said earlier i just ask that no one steal from the shops or the party supply tents. hope to see you all soon. stay alive and stay classy." *bromwell then sits back getting more comfy in his seat adjusting his bandages on his upper chest.*
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