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  1. its quiet fine. seeing ur footage i would have done the same in that boat. im not an admin so i wont say if thats reason or not. but ur character alignment is lawful neutral?
  2. thats not reason for holding me up. you could have rp'd it. reggie was nice to you and complimented you. i showed no signs of hostility or anything of the sort. i'll let the admins decide. i do see the reason for shooting me, even though on my screen i didnt do that lol but thats fine.
  3. i know it sounds like bs but on my screen i didnt whip up my pistol or shoot. on my screen it was hold up ur hands and pop. i see your reason for shooting. but what is ur reaoson for being hostile? i was having dysnc issues. so maybe thats why? im not sure. you cant just hold me up for being crazy. can you?
  4. Server and location: novy sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): roughly 1405 Your in game name: Dean Mcdougal Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: yasen400 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: was looting town. man comes up. small talk. after some small talk he says he was going to help me then says put your hands up. before i can respond he shoots me in the face. i have never met this character before. he has no reason to be hostile towards me. after quickly checking server status he was not online on server. nor on ts. he gave me 5 minutes of conversation and decided to hold me up.
  5. too much vodka make a vasily silly
  6. @Brayces does this mean i need to be re white listed? since i got a new copy on another steam?
  7. its ok im downloading dayz on my main acc now. thanks so much @Sophie you the best
  8. will do. i think my friend on the community is buying me dayz 2mm
  9. thanks. didn't know this was off topic my bad.
  10. i've been using my ex's steam to play dayz for years now. and she hasn't played on her steam in 2 years until last night where she changed the password. so.... uhhhh...... until i can afford a new copy or some kind hearted soul can afford a dayz gift and send it to me. i wont be able to play. my xbox 1 name is the same as my name here XxGrAiPyYxX and here is my main steam account http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198098403485 feel free to add me on either or. cheers.
  11. Earl Baily

    The Bailey and Sons law office was one of the fastest growing corporate law firms in the country. From the early 80's until the early 2000's they were a force to be reckoned with. Earl took over the family business after his father and mother had a mysterious food poisoning incident at their summer cottage in the Cambridge country side during a dinner party. Only two family members survived the dinner party. Earl ad his bastard half sister Matilda. who both his father and step mother still loved in after dead it seems. they gave her the land title to the family plot of land the business and everything The bailey family had work for over the years. A few months down the road after everything was settled and Earl found out that if Matilda was to die Earl was to be the heir to the throne. Matilda had a mysterious car accident and Earl was now the Heir to the family fortune and business. He became a power monger. A fear monger. And worst of all a pig. Since he was head of the company he could do anything he wanted and pay people off not to fuck with him in court. He would assault ladies in the ladies bathroom. Beat up men with his many rings. Commit fraud. No one stopped him. His secretary Polly Parson got the worst. He always flirted with her, and not in a fun way. He always groped her in the office and embarrassed her in front of people calling her Polly pocket. He took her every where. To his home in the country side, to the golf coarse. EVERYWHERE! She was to be his shadow for his every need. Earl was called to go to Moscow to meditate a corporate merger for a Russian law firm and a american law firm. the two companies had been at each others throats since the great depression. It rested on the shoulders of Earl Bailey who had a lot of money riding on the merger and his reputation if it failed. So off to Moscow they flew. the captain of Earl Bailey's personnel jet decided to avoid a storm and refuel in a shit hole of a country Earl Bailey never heard of called Chernarus. They landed on a small airstrip and Bailey looked around thanking god himself they wouldn't be there long. Well god was not fond of Earl Bailey at all. Especially that day. The airport engineer's were not acting normal. Earl thought the locals were just playing a prank on a rich foreigner but alas this was not the case. A horror movie unfolded and Earl and Polly were forced to run out of the jet and pass the infected people eating anyone alive. This is where the story begins for Earl bailey.
  12. Cullen was sitting in a house over looking novy patrovka. His withdrawals had gotten the better of him so he had to settle him self and rest before he could venture further to meet with his friends. He had turned his radio to a random frequency in hopes that the static would put him to sleep. With the morbid nature of what came over the waves, this was not the case. First he did not know how to respond or if he should. She sounded like the selina he knew, but with what he was monitoring over the radio the last week or more he couldn't be sure if it was a brief moment or a episode, or if she was back long enough to get her mind in order. When he heard the gun shot, he knew. She was gone from this world. One of the strings in his heart snapped, that string was he fondness and love for her. His heart grew a shade darker then and would not brighten again. He picks up his radio to his mouth as he layed on his back in the old bed. His irish accent came over the radio, a low obviously choked emotional tone. "In the end She knew who she was and ended things her own way. All of my family and friends, and those who once called me such. Let us bury her to gather. Let us stop what ever this is between us. Not for me. Not for you. For liam, Erin and Selina. " The man becomes audiably emotional. He swallows his tears as best he can and says just one more thing. "We may not be friends or family any more but i can not see any more of you die. it is not in me. Please. I beg. Let us be at peace as we live as do our dead rest in peace." The man sobs out loud and instantly throws away his radio on the bed before he further lets him self cry over the radio.
  13. fuck me. that would help hahaha. im not a fancy thread wizzard. i will be making final lore edits today. hoping to be offical asap
  14. Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    cullen's irish accent comes over the waves, it sounds as if he is well hung over. its tone gruff and raspy. "Aye, lass. i was down there today. very impressive. i have a few friends that are trained in the medicine department. i also will drop off any serious medical stuff i come across. I'll get word to some folk of mine see if they can help out in anyway. if a man named alex camille comes by. he is a friendly well traveled man. God bless and good luck."