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  1. "How did you get here?" The question on everyone's mind when they meet someone new. My answer to them? How should I know how I came to be part of this fucked up world. In the beginning it was all a blur. I went out drinking for a friends stag do, not remembering anything except we all got tickets to an unknown plane. It was all until the panic arisen all around me outside what seemed like a cheap hotel. The panic consumed near enough as soon as I awoke in that bed. Already dressed I left into the streets that seemed like one big riot, and wondering "what people were in a craze about" was always running through my mind at the time. People speaking, screaming and calling in a foreign language I still to this day don't understand. But I followed the herd of lost sheep. Losing whoever I had around me one at a time to whatever we couldn't see in the night, wondering where my friends had ended up if they were in the same town or in the next 2 cities over. My thoughts were interrupted when the gunfire of both citizens and military sprayed everywhere. Whether it was at each other, whatever us panicked people couldn't see, or if they we're firing blindly and hoping for the best. That's when I had to hide in a building close and unlocked, just so I assured myself I was in a safe place. And in blind fear I luckily found a bat next to the kitchen counter, hoping that I wouldn't need it... And that's the one thing I wish now that I never wished then. Having heard that... Haunting, flesh tearing sound that scared me at that point. In the next room, a foreign man, weilding a knife after digging it into someone's chest 10 times in what could have been his own fear I was too blind and scared myself to see. And I will tell you, I was petrified of everything and everyone around me. The fear that coursed through my veins then is a fear I would never wish upon anyone now. At the moment in time, I guess it was survival instinct I would have called it at the time then. The first thing any person in my postion would have thought at the time after a man had just killed someone stands tall, facing you without breaking contact, was swing the only form of defense I had. I guess I was sat there for what felt like half a day. But it was only a few hours. Cradling a bloodied bat. Tears running down my face. With the stone cold corpses that had set into rigor mortis. Gunfire fell silent. Screams turned into the gasps of air the current infected let out. And then complete silence after they wandered astray to the inner parts of whatever place I was in at the time. Looking for their next prey. I stood and slowly opened the door until I saw a clear path to travel on. And then left that house silently as I could not as a lost soul wiping the tears from his eyes with blood covered hands. But a survivor. So the next time you think to ask "How did you get here" when you cross paths, or sit at a campfire for warmth whilst I'm there. You remember this story.
  2. Thank you, my darling. I'll be working on one every night or two from now on in chapters.
  3. OOC Notice: The journal is just so you get an idea of my story and what I do or have done. I'm more than happy for people to find this little notebook in my jacket pocket if checked or held up so IC you know what I'm like. And if something is to happen to Nicholas that leads to his downfall, I'm more than happy for people to randomly find it. *The pages within the found book seem to be very creased with rough handwriting that's close to unintelligible* Chapter 1: The Traders and The Farmers Well today's events seemed to be quite fun. A lot more on edge than what I'm normally used to. Then again, these days nearly everyone's walking all grey skinned and bloodshot eyed. Only difference for me was heading to "Novy Sobor" as I read on a map I found in the glove compartment of a car. And getting surrounded by those freaks. Not the people who run the place, they seem like good folk. I'm referring to the infected... People call them "Zombies"... "Mutants"... "Things"... I just stick to "infected" since they drop like normal people when shot. But back on track. I probably wouldn't have made it out alive if I didn't bump into the guy with the cowboy hat and ghillie gun wrap. That man and myself probably owe each other a drink from how we pulled off the entirety of that town. Then again, later on when I went back to do some trading... Roamers had already got back in. I did manage to trade two weapons, an AK and UMP, and some ammo for items of my own needs. So although stragglers came into the town, we still have some form of stability there. Whether you live there or just pass through for trade and conversation. Those "Anarchists" know how to handle themselves though... You could hear their shots from miles off nonstop... Especially after I headed off to Stary Sobor, right next door. In Stary there were some people there... Friendly folk... Shy lass, "Polly" who I saw before at that wedding event with the Russki. I believe they were dating when I mentioned it to her, and she didn't deny it. She likes to ask questions though. A lot of them. I don't know what to think of her yet. Farmer boy, I think his name was "Dallas"... He's a nice character, knows how to do the shit he does. And knows when he needs more shit to get that shit done. He'll be good if rations there run low. And a heavily armed deep voiced mysterious character which others only know him as "Joey"... I've heard only little about him from stories that people tell by campfires. He knows people and what they've done before even meeting them from the sounds of things. Very cautious. I like him. A man who protects people regardless of knowing them or not. Then the odd other few, "Ruan", "Logan", and "Allen"... Allen seems to know Dallas and Joey. Apparently worked with them on an old farm up North. But being Northbound I know is quite dangerous from wolves and infected. Might not be good on recognising weaponry, but sure knows how to handle it from the looks of things. Logan, we got along quite well. A long talk about this so called "UPS" and the stories I had heard from them and the events he heard from them. Decent guy, good conversationalist. However this Ruan character... He doesn't seem like your everyday survivalist. Dresses too formal. And has a rifle with no ammunition. However from what he knows from apparently hunting, he knows how to fire the thing. He's the reason we might be making friends with each other. The only thing between all of them is the question that seems to be stuck in their minds... Mainly Allen's... About a car next to this farm and what happened to it. After many perspectives on what happened to it, I think we all agreed to the worst. Then again, it's what everyone does now. However... All these farmer boys seem to know their stuff with the location and amount of knowledge being put in. For all we know, they could possibly start something with the Anarchy boys in order to make a trade route going. Wouldn't sound too bad in all honesty. And it would bring a lot of people to the area. Me personally, I'd enjoy meeting the people who survived the beginning up to now... See if the Black Roses still roam around, see if this UPS is still a thing, see how the Anarchists handle things in their squads... Mainly to see the state of mind the apocalypse has set on people. Just the Anarchy fella's next door seem... TOO nosy... I don't like how they lurk around the new folk. And always carry heavily armed. As if they expect something. Anyway, tomorrow me, Ruan and Logan will be hunting. Let's just hope there's no infected in these hunting grounds. That's the last thing we'll need.
  4. @Allen Storm you hurt me so much with that. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  5. *After listening to the information given Nicholas presses the PTT* No combustion or else that wedding that happened would have been a real show, not just a good memory. I'll be sure to wash myself and any contents that have been touched by this "substance" *Static returns to the line*
  6. *Listening to the mans words, confusingly he presses the PTT* Umm... I don't know how else to say this but I did open up the barrel. And I may have made connection with said items in the barrel, what would that mean for me? *The radio goes into its static phase again from being disconnected*
  7. *Nicholas looks to the open fields around him, spectating the wandering infected that roamed into the open. He unclips the radio hanging from his backpack strap and holds down the PTT* To whoever occupied Lopatino's church yard, or maybe the entire town. I don't know exactly who you are, just rumours of who you might be. Neither do I know where you headed after this time. And I don't want to. Just my guess is you must have packed and left due to said "war" I kept hearing during my time travelling from town to town. Hearing it mainly in your own town. *A brief silence goes to the radio before you hear the closing of a door* I just want to say this, and this only, you left some things in one of the houses. Things I have taken to finding useful. In a nice red barrel. And due to them being left I took it upon myself to use them in my future endeavours, and took the shotgun and pistol that was left behind with the shells and magazines. And the black raincoat that had nice little hole or two in it. Anything other than that has been left alone, dependant on whether you're the first to get to the remaining items on time or not. *The static from the PTT release can now be heard*
  8. Absurdity

    Nathan Rowe's Journey

    A recollection of the travel ahead of Nathan Rowe. On what he see's and wishes to remember.
  9. It was emotional, darling. Hopefully we see more of each other in the future
  10. Petty threats won't get you very far, just for future reference
  11. Can always share the love, my darling. You can't resist my charming silence and overwatch.
  12. Ulman is my new comrade, thank you very much. And you will have to deal with this.
  13. Can't beat it, darling. You've missed out after buggering off.
  14. Don't worry sweetheart, many people don't know who I am in the forums because it's rare I'm active. But you MIGHT break Nathan, just keep trying.
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