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  1. Grew up in a small town named flagler beach with only his grandparents after being taken away from his mom and dad at the age of 1. He had a good and bad childhood when he was growing up, didnt go threw much and didnt take much from other kids, but he got along with everyone very well. his highschool was matanzas highschool in this city palm coast just next to his old town and found his wife that he is with today named miranada and had a son named josh. He went into the army after he was 19 and was a private first class with more ranks, he was wounded in battle and soon resigned to being a retired military private with benifits and became a police officer and has been since he got out and he has been a police officer for about 8 years, soon enugh after living a good life he got a noticed from them and soon had to be shipped out over sea to chernarus to find survivors and help them with there troubles and protect them from the infected and it came to all bad after an incedent with bandits
  2. I made an account, connected my steam and it says i need 10 hours of dayz to be whitlisted, i have 246 hours played, i have set everything to public and it still wont let me in
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