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  1. kimmylou

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    Love the group page, and enjoy getting called nanny McPhee each time I see you some of you *cough* Luca *cough* lol Best of luck with this guys! Do amazing things
  2. kimmylou

    What in the World?

    It was boyzone putting on a show
  3. kimmylou

    Hotel Severograd Grand Opening (Open Frequency)

    *Emma hears the unfamiliar voice on the radio and starts to giggle, she presses the PTT* Will there be complimentary Champagne on arrival and a chocolate on my pillow? Good luck with the place, you are going to need it! *More giggles are heard before the transmission falls silent*
  4. kimmylou

    The Tainted (IC Recruitment)

    Love how creepy this group is! Finally something a little different Good luck with this!
  5. kimmylou

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    oh damn!!! we are approved
  6. kimmylou

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Kimmy enjoyed bumping into bobby, Kimmy thinks Bobby is a good cook, Kimmy enjoyed the chicken
  7. kimmylou

    Real life picture Thread

    You have the tiniest legs! lol
  8. kimmylou

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Men?.....On dayzrp??? bahahahahahahaha
  9. kimmylou

    "Girls Only Thread"

    When you see some boys watching this thread.....
  10. kimmylou

    "Girls Only Thread"

    Yeah sister!! lol
  11. kimmylou

    "Girls Only Thread"

  12. kimmylou

    "Girls Only Thread"

    This server is becoming a war against the sexes..... I am ok with this, boys smell lol
  13. kimmylou

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    Watching the streams and those reactions have me dying laughing!
  14. kimmylou

    Ladies Night Visits Stary

    DADDY!!! lol
  15. kimmylou

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I had so much fun with all the ladies tonight! not gonna tag you all because man that was a hell alot of ladies. but massive Thanks to @Jadeboat for actually trying to do something good within the server other than shitty hold ups every 5 minutes lol Can't wait for the next one
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