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    happy birthday Mr!

    1. FieJaxon


      Thank you Darling!

  1. kimmylou

    So I’ve been in the community since November last year and Only today I got to initiate on someone and shoot them. :D I’m sorry he didn’t share my joy with it. Lol but you did pull guns out on Polly twice and didn’t comply even after a countdown so.... anyway Thankyou my first I feel like a new woman :D lol 

    1. JoffreyRP


      This sounds... extremely familiar.

    2. kimmylou


      @JoffreyRPI have no idea what you even mean :P 

    3. WhiteKnight


      I've been here since 2014 and haven't even initiated on anyone yet :(

    • kimmylou
    • Mrsunny

    just going to drop this here :P 

  2. Real life picture Thread

    When you drink to much wine and your cat is pissed at you for mocking her 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  3. kimmylou

    I want winter back ¬¬

    1. OskuRP


      We just had 5 cm of snowfall last night here :P

    2. kimmylou


      Sometimes just sometimes I really dislike you :D

    3. Genji


      Same. I hate this heat 😭

  4. kimmylou

    Had the best day today visiting a cat cafe! So much coffee and cake  and so many cats....it was like I died and gone to heaven!  xD

    1. Major


      Sounds dreadful.

    2. kimmylou


      Take that back right now! 

    3. KennethRP


      Did you see any cats?

    4. kimmylou


      Surprising yes, yes I did :D 

  5. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *she hides in a small little wooden house... the wolves still howling around her in the distance she clears her dry throat with last bit of water she has..... she presses the PTT and whispers.... i...I have found some shelter. I’m going to lay low here and hope someone might come by and help me get back. To the man who offered me a doctor, Thankyou I will be in novy as soon as I can. *she breathes heavy clearly in pain and scared* Leo... I.... lov... transmission goes dead
  6. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I’m guessing they are lovely like everyone else in the community
  7. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    banned because your above me lol
  8. kimmylou

    When your a fat bastard and eat a whole pack of Oreos without realising because your too engrossed in typing..... :/ 

    1. Lad


      at least it's not as bad as 100 jaffa cakes tbh 

    2. kimmylou


      Challenge accepted! Lol 

  9. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for banning the person above.
  10. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    *After spending hours tied to a tree, Polly manages to free herself, she looks desperately for her radio. In so much pain from a gun shot to her leg she presses down hard on it while searching.... she finds the radio breathless and crying out in so much pain..... she presses the PTT* “They got me.... they fucking got me! *the pain is heard in her voice* casey, Allen, Leo I don’t know where I am they left me for dead. They demanded me to spy on the anarchists or they would take my ear. I said no to their demands.Then they walked away and I laughed and said it’s true then your a bunch of pussys who make pointless threats then they shot me, I’m hurt so bad! im going to try and crawl to a town but I’m in middle of woods! I don’t think I’ll make it. *she starts to cry thinking of leo* tell Leo I’m sorry....If you don’t hear from me in the next three days assume I am dead. *a wolve howl is heard along with Pollys screams just as the radio goes dead*
  11. Altar Hill Radio Station

    And girl!!!
  12. Allen, Casey and the altar hill radio guys

    Polly lifts the PTT and sighs. She presses the PTT. ”Allen, Casey. It’s me Polly, I won’t be around for a couple of days I just need to get away for a little while, all this setting up the station and other little issues that’s happened last couple of days have taken it’s toll i need some time to myself, I will contact you in case I get into any trouble, I will be back soon and let the Kenneth set up his trade post if he still wants too. Everyone seems to have left him so I told him he should come up to us so we can give him a hand with it and guard it better for him. I will see you in a couple of days. *she releases the PTT but then presses it down again* oh and Casey stop letting people sleep in the station I nearly punched a kid! Tell your lady friend to keep you in line she laughs loud as she releases the PTT
  13. What the fuck is going on? (Open Freq)

    Polly giggles as she lifts the radio to her mouth...she presses the PTT ”don’t be so lazy the day is young *laughing she looks around* well I think it is lol here’s an idea though.... turn it off. Good day to you missy” a loud chuckle can be heard as she releases the PTT