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  1. Louella settles Back in a small barn...Many thoughts of the days events fill her head. She lifts the receiver that she had found in a near by car.. ”he...hello, dammit I don’t even know if this one works. I met a nice group of gentleman today they were kind to me and not being from this country I was pretty scared,I have been scared to see these people. Why was I scared?! Well because everybody I had met had warned me, told me stories of these people. Now from my understanding yes they may have done things, said things and what not. But really they are just a bunch of men who are trying to protect their country. Twice I saw them and twice they were pretty decent. I asked questions. They answered. I even interrupted a little party they had. now I wish people stopped warning me about them. I am a young woman who likes to travel alone. I’ve survived this long on my own. Maybe rather then forming these silly little groups to go after these men and causing blood shed why not try going it alone, there would be more peace in this place. I apologise to anyone who is hearing this. I don’t get to see many people or talk much, so I guess I’m venting. But please stop all this nonsense. We are all trying to survive, we are all in this country. And please.... stop scaring people and let them make their own judgements on people..... *a sigh is heard before the transmission cuts dead*
  2. I hate any kind of racism, homophobia, sexism etc. But, when it comes to RP I do not believe the restriction is fair. Reality, there are people in the world that are like this, its sad but true. let people roleplay how they wish and be able to say as they wish to. if you don't like what is said, to walk away. I agree with the fact of calling out gay over a bloody armband and dropping the f-bomb was really unnecessary, But if that's how their characters are and how they behave then so be it. I think it was an overreaction to go RDM, I can understand the frustration because I would be frustrated too if I had it happen for the past 3 days as psy said. But just always remember this is RP, this isn't a reflection on what's going on OOC and shouldn't take everything so personally. As for the streaming comments, you cannot control what others say while you are streaming and twitch knows this. I know there is a protocol on how you handle situations like this but to ruin other RP just because you stream is a little unfair. To walk away and discuss your frustration would have been enough for you not to get in trouble with twitch. At the end of the day, this is roleplay and there is always going to comments going on that are not appropriate for streaming. But streamers decide to take that risk. I do not believe anything should be changed just because someone is streaming. This is a community that should accommodate all.
  3. Oh dammit lol never mind then. Thanks for all the help guys :)
  4. ah ok, not a problem. Just thought I double check as I heard somewhere it was possible thanks for the quick response. When was this lore started?
  5. Hey having been away for some time. I just wanted to double check before I jump on in-game about bringing back old characters I've had in the past who are deceased. Am I even allowed to bring them back to life? If I am allowed, how do I go about doing that? do I restart my character as completely new or do I carry on the story minus the death of the character? sorry if I'm asking a dumb question I literally have no idea on the exact changes that have been brought to the server. advice would be great thanks
  6. I've read all these comments and agree with a lot, there is one point I'd like to put across, and that is yeah its September people have lives. and yeah totally agree with @Geisha can't force people to play a game, however. many many people are still filling up other RP servers! I for one am guilty of RPing elsewhere. I had my reasons for going for some time and it has given me more experience to develop RP for myself to see how other communities work. that was my reason and well to come back here and see it so dead saddens me, as this was my first RP experience, and I loved it here. I'm unsure of the exact rule changes and will be looking at them but surely that wouldn't drive a whole massive community like this away?????
  7. kimmylou

    What was your favorite character to write?

    definitely was not Emma Sage hahaha I guess my fav was always Selina she was a menace lol but I liked her.
  8. kimmylou

    Proud Parents Thread

    my daugter made me this cute little collage of her from baby to now! shes awesome
  9. I was at a music festival and my friend put me up on his shoulders so I could see my favorite band as I'm only 4'11 in height so gigs and festivals are a nightmare for me. I was pretty drunk and so was he, after drinking so much I really needed to use the little girl's room I tried to warn my friend but he couldn't hear me or anything and after he jumped around a lot, he soon felt something warm going down his back. 5 years on we still can't look at each other lol
  10. this sucks so much I'm so sorry! thinking of you and your family!
  11. kimmylou

    Interview with a Community Member: Kain!

    oh god! being stuck in prison with you.....fml lol you make me sound like i have a drink problem lol being stuck in there with you would drive me to drink lol
  12. Louella was having a bad day! Lol
  13. Ok, so I had some time away I spent a month away due to personal issues. I actually freaking missed this place. I was excited to get back into it,however the first day back on the forum I was saddened to see so much negative comments and bitching about certain group. (I bet you can’t guess who?).... Now the way I see it, everyone should just cut out the bitching ooc on the forums and realise this is a community of different views. No one is going to win or lose. We should all work together as a community and support each other and our stories not Not sit here bitching at one another because you can’t get your own way in rp. So right now I don’t feel right coming back fully into this while all this shit talk is happening. Just get over it accept things aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste. It’s just a real shame tbh there’s so many great people on here and if I was a new member joining the community and first thing I saw was all this crap damn I would run a mile. All this shit can be damaging to this server! So please..... can we all just get along
  14. Limpan

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    I just noticed, your birthday is one day before me...

    Also get on Ts soon 😞

    1. kimmylou


      I will be on tonight. after background noise has shut the fuck up lol