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  1. Good job on the page guys, i'm excited to get this going!!! excited to get to RP with you all again ?
  2. *Emma shocked by what she is hearing she rushes to pick up the radio and pushes the PTT* ”hello my name is Emma these people took me and my friend just the other day at devils castle, turns out I am a postive blood so they didn’t harm me but my friend was negative and they shot him, he is still alive but we are hiding, while he recovers. There were a few of them, I believe one woman. Have no idea where to go anymore shit is a lot different since I was last around. if anyone else is out there who knows of a doctor it would be much appreciated” *the radio falls silent*
  3. Thing with mr moons video is it’s all edited so much around his group so you don’t see half of what happens on the server. However... it’s what you make of it! And how you deal with the situations for your character. Ive been back here 2 days and again have really enjoyed the interactions I have found so far! ?
  4. As long as the streamer actively shows distaste to the comments made in game and walk away from said situation, you should be ok. As a streamer/player we cannot control other people. whether it being RP or a public server. If twitch banned every streamer for what other players say there would be no streams. lol However its a sad that when people know that you are streaming and go out of their way to say certain things within RP and are so over the top with it, makes me question why the hell they are in a RP community. That being said i have not experienced that here for a good while ?
  5. It’s getting sad to come on here and just read all the negativity!.... now seeing threats of leaving this server. Sorry but what ever server people go to there’s always going to be things that don’t go your way. I know I have shown some frustrations but Jesus this is going a bit extra over a computer game ?  Can we all just get along! And stop all the negative vibes. 

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      groovy chow

      What do you expect? Some people live on this game. 

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      oh I know lol 

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  6. Myself and my friends had a great time at the island tonight. Certainly given our characters some things to think about! lol names LOUELLA god dammit ? great group! ?
  7. I thought we had a deal that the roblox incident never was to be spoken of! ?
  8. I met this group once or twice I believe nothing major just in passing because I can’t really stay in one spot for too long! I’ve seen some good and bad, but you know I’m sick of reading about all the bad things. And no offence to all this video evidence that’s being thrown around, if you feel that strongly about these situations why were they not reported! Or spoken to the people involved directly, is this how feedback on groups are done now??? it’s a little bad to post all that over the groups page tbh. Anyway props to @NorwayRP right now handling this like a champ!
  9. Well i had a lot of fun with @Sixy @LagIsMyExcuse and @MrMothmanz as the crazies first meet up! Thanks for being a great sport and attending our party as our first victim. sorry about the tooth ? @RakTak im disappointed it got cut short by some random person. A lucky day for you. lol
  10. POV: Returning back to base I see a lot of people around. @RavenousRP in his normal orange raincoat wearing a pumpkin on his head, @JamesRP who we had previously RP'd with earlier on without any issues and one other I'm guessing it was @Lorcan who was not being much of an issue here. As time went on both @JamesRP and @RavenousRP decided to invite themselves inside the base, claiming it was their base, etc, the RP from both these people was unenjoyable and was most certainly trolley. They were asked to leave on multiple occasions and I even followed @RavenousRP to one of our tents o
  11. Love the group page, and enjoy getting called nanny McPhee each time I see you some of you *cough* Luca *cough* lol Best of luck with this guys! Do amazing things
  12. kimmylou

    What in the World?

    It was boyzone putting on a show ?
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