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  1. kimmylou

    Proud Parents Thread

    my daugter made me this cute little collage of her from baby to now! shes awesome
  2. I was at a music festival and my friend put me up on his shoulders so I could see my favorite band as I'm only 4'11 in height so gigs and festivals are a nightmare for me. I was pretty drunk and so was he, after drinking so much I really needed to use the little girl's room I tried to warn my friend but he couldn't hear me or anything and after he jumped around a lot, he soon felt something warm going down his back. 5 years on we still can't look at each other lol
  3. this sucks so much I'm so sorry! thinking of you and your family!
  4. kimmylou

    Interview with a Community Member: Kain!

    oh god! being stuck in prison with you.....fml lol you make me sound like i have a drink problem lol being stuck in there with you would drive me to drink lol
  5. Louella was having a bad day! Lol
  6. Ok, so I had some time away I spent a month away due to personal issues. I actually freaking missed this place. I was excited to get back into it,however the first day back on the forum I was saddened to see so much negative comments and bitching about certain group. (I bet you can’t guess who?).... Now the way I see it, everyone should just cut out the bitching ooc on the forums and realise this is a community of different views. No one is going to win or lose. We should all work together as a community and support each other and our stories not Not sit here bitching at one another because you can’t get your own way in rp. So right now I don’t feel right coming back fully into this while all this shit talk is happening. Just get over it accept things aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste. It’s just a real shame tbh there’s so many great people on here and if I was a new member joining the community and first thing I saw was all this crap damn I would run a mile. All this shit can be damaging to this server! So please..... can we all just get along
  7. Limpan

    • Limpan
    • kimmylou

    I just noticed, your birthday is one day before me...

    Also get on Ts soon 😞

    1. kimmylou


      I will be on tonight. after background noise has shut the fuck up lol 

  8. When its just to damn hot and your slowly dying from heat!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Looks down disappointed of not getting a new toy. She presses PTT ”yes..... yes sir I understand” releases PTT and lays down for a sleep before more searching
  10. She hears a strange voice and frowns ”daddy is that man with you and why does he think your angry and need anger management, ermmmmm HELLO MR FUNNY VOICED MAN! He is perfectly fine thank you very much. Now you could make yourself useful and try and help me, or just stay quiet yes?... you understand? She releases PTT
  11. She tries to hide her excitement of his anger, but fails “I am not alone sir, I have Norman *a small giggle is heard* as she releases the PTT
  12. She awakes to hear the radio going off and excitedly jumps up realising who is speaking. She rushes to the radio giggling. She presses the PTT ”Daddy.... oh Daddy is that really you!..... I didn’t run off I promise I just went to look for things to keep us safe and I got myself terribly lost, I bet you are real mad” she smiles hoping that his response will be of anger and disappointment, and to know that punishment is probably coming her way if she was to find him again. “I’m trying my best I promise to find out where I am, but seems like there is no one around and people have told me to go to stary some place but I have no way of finding it I don’t have my map or compass, daddy I’m so lost. But i am safe, you taught me well with these guns, and I have a new friend for my tea party, I’ve named him Norman! He cute! Transmission ends. she grins and awaits for his response.
  13. *She looks down, slightly shocked to hear voices of others, she lifts the radio to her lips while twiddling the hair of the severed head, smiling to herself she lifts the radio to her mouth and presses the PTT* ''Hello all, thank you so much for responding to me, so I guess this stary place is where I should head too huh?'' She pauses for a moment, then begins to speak again. ''thing is I have no idea where this place may be but I shall certainly be going on a journey to find it. Is the radio tower the place, I believe I saw that I will head there and will wait for you mister Dimitri and mister luke'' knowing that she has a long journey ahead she releases the PTT and packs up her belongings looks at the head whispers to it giving it the name Norman and telling it they off to find a home. and she heads out of cabin towards the tower.
  14. *After a long exhausting run, she finds shelter in a small cabin in some woods. She takes out the new friend she had collected to add to her collection, the head of a man who tried to touch her and lead her into danger, she looks down at the severed head. wondering what to name this one and wonder if he would like her tea party? she smiles at her work of beauty and wipes her blood covered hands over her dress, she reaches into her bag and pulls out the radio she had found earlier, she turns it on and flicks through channels, with little hope of hearing from anyone she takes a deep breath and hopes for the best...... she presses the PTT* ''anyone out there?....hello?'' *She pauses for a moment, waiting for a response not releasing the PTT* ''stupid thing, does this even work... Hellllllllllo? earth to anyone alive out there? I've been separated from someone and I'm really lost. I need some help, I saw a sign I cant read what it says but it looks like it says bblop'' *a childish giggle is heard from what appears to be a young lady* ''I need food and I need medical assistance I was attacked by a man, he hurt me pretty bad. please if someone can hear this I will be here in this town waiting it out, waiting for these horrible smelly growly things to disappear'' *She lowers the radio and smiles to herself looking at the cuts and injuries to her arms and legs she quickly puts radio to her mouth and puts the sweetest voice she could on* ''oh... my name is Louella, Louella Ray, please respond if you can hear me'' The sound of the girl humming the jungle books bare necessities is heard before the transmission falls silent*