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  1. ZMammoth93

    Found Footage

    Damn, thats a good picture now youre making me wanna get back into my dayz photography
  2. ZMammoth93

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Ohhh okay my bad!
  3. ZMammoth93

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    So, I ran into @OxeN @Rutkiy and @Baz (i was the one in the military south of Vybor pretending to be Benedict the UN student when I was actually Tyler Cromstead) but anyway great roleplay from those guys specifically it was actually pretty intimidating great job guys!
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  5. http://<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/EICRFab"><a href="//imgur.com/a/EICRFab"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

  7. ZMammoth93

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    So, not entirely new to the server but fairly new to being part of groups and honestly personally I have two nights a week off and your guys come and attack constantly at our compound where I have been trying to RP with other people. However, I cant RP cause have to constantly worry about your group coming literally every day to raid for whatever reason you try to think of. These raids also can last for hours and then i cant go back home for the whole night till the fights over and even if the fights over you guys just hang around there. Its not fun. I've literally have had only two times where I could RP for the past week and that was just for a brief time before we were attacked.... again....
  8. please just close report I didnt realize having my gun out during a firefight makes me able to be shot without initiation
  9. was trying to sweep and clear city from attack and was just shot on sight i was not part of the group that was initiated on while trying to escape didnt try to get me to comply and was running away in Novaya. Honestly I could have shot back but i couldnt cause i knew i wasnt inside hearing range so i tried to leave and thats when they shot me in the back.
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  11. ZMammoth93

    Refuge in Berezino (Open Frequency 117)

    *Tyler Hits the PTT and chuckles a bit* Annnnywayyyy, now that they have had their say and got to feel big, anyone is welcome to come once we get everything up and running we will have a cookout to celebrate the opening of the sanctuary. Just again looking for volunteers to help run the place! Let's make Berezino a home for all who want to see the world return to peace! *Tyler says excitedly and then pauses* "Tatcher if youre still listening bud and if youre still interested let me know friend! Tyler signing out" *Tyler clicks off the radio*
  12. ZMammoth93

    Refuge in Berezino (Open Frequency 117)

    “static over the radio as Tyler presses the PTT” Dr. Tatcher, hey it’s Tyler it’s good to meet you and an actual doctor would be perfect to help run things. I’m a combat medic but my training only goes so far but actually having someone to give expert advice and treatment would be incredibly beneficial. I’ll be around tomorrow ((5-6pm EST)) if you would like to meet and we can discuss things! This also goes out to any other people who are listening, if you wanna help make a difference you can reach me at my frequency 109.0 ((thegreatmammu on the discord)) I’ll be in Berezino tomorrow doing the preparations if you would like to help again just reach out and let me know! Tyler over and out. ”The voice returns to static as Tyler let’s off the button”
  13. Tyler was born in Columbia South Carolina on May 23rd 1990 to the parents Mary and Jenson Cromstead. They had two other children, Clair and Robert, Clair being the oldest and Robert being the middle child. They lived in an apartment complex outside of the city, Mary was a manager at a furniture store, while Jenson was the foreman for a construction company. Clair being the oldest by 8 years always had to baby sit the boys while the parents had to work. Byran grew up a normal child liked to go with his brother Robert out into the woods and play soldier and as they got older made some more friends who would play airsoft paintball etc etc. By their teen years Clair had graduated and gone off to college at Duke University in North Carolina to be a physics major. The boys being old enough to be able to left at home without a baby sitter would still go off with their friends and do whatever. However, as they boys got older Robert started getting in with a more dangerous crowd of friends while Byran stuck with sports and keeping his grades up. Robert ended up getting mixed in with a robbery that ended with him getting shot by the police. Devastated by the Byran became more and more secluded and eventually would drop out of sports and his grades suffered as well. Tyler started getting more and more into drugs and eventually dropped out of high school. Robert being the one person he was closer to then anyone else in the world, Tyler just couldn't cope with his loss. His parents tried therapy, and being as supportive as they could. When Tyler turned 18, he decided to enlist into the United States Army in hopes of getting away from his home town and things that reminded him of his brother. He was stationed at Fort Jackson in his home town, he went thru basic and eventually was assigned to be a medic. Eventually he graduated his training was sent out in 2010 Tyler was sent out to a military base in Turkey to be stationed. This military base being setup as a result of the Civil war of 2009. Over the next few years Tyler spent alot of time just hanging out on base and hanging out with the locals, having to engage in minor conflicts in the middle east from time to time but nothing too serious. Seven years later on July 17th 2017 they get word of a mysterious cases popping up in the Chernarus area. Military being concerned that it was the Russians trying to make moves again in the area. They told the base to be ready that any day now they will have to ship out and be ready for all out war. In two weeks reports of infected peoples attacking others had spread throughout the Russian borders and into Europe all originating from Chernarus. By July 25th 2017 Tyler's battalion was sent to the Ukraine to hold off a Russian Invasion force. Fighting was hectic but Tyler was able to keep calm and navigate the battle ground and mend and aid troops as needed earning him the nick name Jesus. The fighting continued into the 27th and 28th as fighting died down but then would pick back up. On July 29th the infected started rushing into the fight, fighting diverged from the US and Russians fighting each other to them almost working together to fight off the hordes of infected. By the morning of July 30th all troops had been disperced as they tried to run from the hordes. Tyler caught out by himself is caught out in the wilderness. A week goes by and Tyler finds himself in Chernarus.
  14. BACKGROUND: Joshua grew up Charlottesville Virginia to parents Clarice and Kevin Daniels. They lived in Albermarle County which is just outside of Charlottesville city. They had a normal household until Josh was about 7 when Kevin got injured on the job. However, the job didn't pay the workers compensation and the Daniels couldn't afford a lawyer to take on the company. Unable to find work due to his injury, Kevin started drinking and after a while Kevin left, Clarice and Joshua neither of them heard from him since. Clarice now a single mother had to focus on trying to take care of Joshua as well as working two jobs to be able to pay the bills. Fast forward a few years and Josh is in High School attending Murray High School. Josh ended up taking a huge interest in Biology and ended up placing in the top 10 of his class. This being an impressive feat considering he was also working a part-time job while being able to get his studies done. Josh graduated in 2006 and then started looking into colleges that he wanted to go to. Josh ended up enrolling in University of Virginia and Majored in Biological Medicine. It was there that he met Grace who was working towards the same Major. They met in 2009 in Josh's Junior year, and in 2012 they got married. Josh graduated in 2014 while Grace graduated a year later both getting their doctorates in Biological Medicine. in 2016, Josh got a job with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) as a Environmental Scientist. Grace got a job with the Peace Core working with international disaster relief. In July of 2017 the Country of Chernarus had been plagued with a new disease that had never been seen or heard of before. This diseased cause the victims to "...exhibit highly aggressive behavior and next to no reasoning power what-so-ever." -Dr. Tyrus Mason, Case #1 27/07/2017. On July 11th, 2017 the UN authorized a mission to assist Chernarus, they called in on the Peace Core and Grace was deployed. While Grace was deployed she kept in contact with Josh over Skype and Satelite phones. More developments about the diseases were uncovered and being sent to Josh and his teams to try to find a cure. On May 31st 2018 an attack happened at the base of operations where Grace was stationed in Miroslavl, this the last time Josh heard from Grace. Time went by and Josh still never heard from Grace, convinced she was still alive Josh contacted the higher ups at W.H.O. and convinced them to let him put together a team to go forth and look for more hands on research (and find his wife.) JOURNAL ENTRY #1: We left the aircraft carrier that was stationed in the Aegean Sea, our helicopter flew over towards Chernarus at 3pm EST. We had originally planned on leaving in the night but weather conditions made that not possible so it was delayed. It was I, along with three other scientists all geared up with basic survival gear and PPE to help deal with receiving the items we may find that are related to the outbreak. Once we made into the Chernarus border we heard a whistle and suddenly out chopper was hit. I was thrown from the helicopter when we were just below the tree line, I remember falling and then hitting a tree. I awoke about 3 hours later, face down and covered in snow. After assessing my situation I noticed that I was pretty bruised up, but for the most part I felt fine. I trekked thru the woods having no clue which direction the helicopter flew in, for all I know my colleagues were all dead. I came across a small village after a few hours, and I encountered a "living" specimen of the virus for the first time, quite a few of them. This little town being so small was still so packed with those "things" that I could hardly believe. Not having a weapon, I stayed low and trekked thru the town looking for what ever supplies I could find. I found a police station where I decided to take a loot around for anything useful when a zombie heard me and started trying to bust my door down that's when I saw how deadly these things can be, they are fast and ruthless. I managed to sneak out of the police station only to later get spotted by a zombie, I managed to fight it off but those things are tough to fight. After searching the town for a few hours I managed to get a good amount of food and gear and started heading to the next town. After running along a trail I managed to come across a radio tower, but once I arrived at the tower there were no forces to be seen but still alot of zombies. I managed to take a look around anyway and saw a piece of paper that had "139.9" written on it. However, my radio was limited and I can't receive that signal. Down the road I came across a makeshift military check point, the place had been ransacked all the gear and decent supplies were gone. After the military base I found a barn to sleep in. JOURNAL #2: Woke up in the barn where we held up, and I gathered up my gear and kept on moving. After a few hours of walking I came across a camp ground and while searching thru the main cabin I found a Mosin Nagant Rifle, and luckily I just so happened to have a box of ammo for it. I continued down the road for a few more miles when I came across another small town. While I was searching thru the town I saw a man run past me being chased by a zombie, I yelled out to help him but he kept running up into the woods, not really liking the looks of the situation I didn't follow him. While in the town I also found a PR system and I found a battery but no way of connecting the two so I left it and continued on. Few hours later I came to what looked like a makeshift fortress, it was surrounded by zombies but I sneaked my way up to the walls and heard footsteps on the inside. A man from inside whispered, "is someone out there?" I responded but he didn't respond after that. I cautiously left the base and continued to the next town, while searching the town I heard gun shots off in the distance, I decided to ignore it and continue in the opposite direction. Down the road I found a destroyed bus and inside a map of all of chernarus. After examining the map I noticed that I was fairly close to the North West Airfield, I thought if there were going to be NATO or UN forces anywhere this would be the place. I came up to the airfield and found that it looked deserted, however while I was searching I heard a bullet richochet off the ground I ran inside the nearest building and then I heard someone come up the stairs in the same building I was in. I hid in one of the rooms and heard, "is someone in here?" I peeked out and the man saw me, "don't shoot he said." "Put down your weapon!" I said. "Oh shit im cool dude don't worry." He stayed in his room at the end of the hall and I stayed at mine and I asked him if he knew anything about the outbreak, he apparently didn't. We agreed that its probably smart if we both went our separate ways as fast as possible, at the point he bolted down the stairs and out the door, as did I. After leaving the building and creeping slowly I started to die of thirst. I trekked out of the airfield and managed to make it to a pond and drank the water knowing that it could make me sick, and it did. I puked but moved up stream to get some of the more clean water. I took refuge in on the buildings near by while I regained my strength. A few hours later I was back on my feet and headed back into the airfield. I made my way to the airtraffic control tower upon which after searching thru papers and just wrecked equipment I found nothing that gave me anymore info on where NATO or the UN might be. Feeling defeated I went north from the airbase and found a barn to stay in for the night.
  15. Nathanial was raised by his parents Moira and Chris. Chris was the manager of an agricultural store while Moira was a nurse at Inova Loudoun Hospital in Leesburg Va. Nathanial was an only child considering his mother had complications in giving birth to Nathanial that caused her not to be able to have kids anymore. Nathanial went to Heritage High where he played Football till his Junior year when he tore his ACL. It wasn't serious but he wasn't able to finish playing Football that year. Instead, Nathanial focused more on his studies and decided he wanted to go to college instead he found that he was really interested in Biology and decided that's what he wanted to go to school for. In 2007, Chris goes missing one day never to be seen from again, authorities found his car near a gas station off the highway just leaving Leesburg. Vehicle had plenty of gas and from what authorities could tell no mechanical issues, however there were signs of a struggle. Weeks of searching went as they looked for Chris' body but nothing came up. After 3 weeks of searching the authorities assumed that Chris was diseased. This devastated Nathanial and his mother Moira. Moira was forced to pick up the slack and had to take on a second job to support both her and Nathanial. Nathanial being in school and trying to keep his grades up and not having time to take on a job. In Nathanial's senior year he started applying to colleges but none of the ones that were worth anything were giving him any paid scholarships and of course Moira wasn't going to be able to pay for his college. That's when Nathanial was contacted by the Marines. Fast forward 2 years its 2009 and Nathanial was in the Marines as a Vehicle Recovery Mechanic. Nathanial acing all of his classes mainly mechanics, sharpshooting, and his Russian language classes was sent to join MARSOC (Marine Special Forces) he was deployed to [REDACTED] to gather intelligence on [REDACTED] about their aid in the Charnarus Civil War. He was riding in the back of a pick up dressed as a civilian along with 4 other MARSOC members; [REDACTED]. Their job was to pick up a URAL military transport vehicle to be used for [REDACTED]. Upon arrival of the pick up location they were stopped by [REDACTED] Forces who questioned why they were in the area. Nathanial and the other MARSOC members tried to explain they they were on their way to do some work for one of the local villages in the area. The [REDACTED] Forces took them in for questioning thinking that they were part of the rebellion forces in the area. This is where Nathanial and the other MARSOC squad members were tortured. They refused to talk and continued to try to keep the [REDACTED] Forces believing that they were part of the rebellion forces cause they were under orders to never under any circumstances reveal that there were American Forces in the area. All the members except for Nathanial died from lack of nourishment and the trauma. Nathanial himself being on the verge of death sitting in a cell alone, ankles, ribs, and right arm broken sat there waiting to die. "Jackson?" (Nathanials Alias was Jackson while they were behind enemy territory) Nathanial looked up and saw the glow of one nightvision monocle. MARSOC Forces raided and rescued Nathanial. Nathanial was sent home with an Honourable Discharge. Nathanial was back home in the states on March 11th, 2010 after being in captivity for 4 months. Nathanial had to go thru months of Therapy both for the physical trauma and the mental. His mother aiding him all the way. After a year Nathanial was finally ready to go back to school. After having to fight tooth and nail with the VA about getting the scholarships from his service Nathanial was finally able to go back to College. He went to George Mason University where he studied BioDefense, he also met Janine in 2015. In 2016 Nathanial graduated with a Master's degree in Biodefense, and in that same year on September 14th, 2016 he married Janine. Nathanial got a job with the CIA in January of 2017. With his military service background and knowledge of the current threats that have been currently circulating the CIA offices in Langley Virginia they didn't hesitate on hiring Nathanial. The CIA started getting intel on a new Bioweapon that the [REDACTED] Forces have been testing, with disturbing reports of the virus using its hosts as a tool to help spread the virus ultimately using population to wipe itself out. In July reports of the infection hit its first population and spread quickly. The Disease spread thru out the whole world and the world is struggling to find out who is to blame, but more importantly how to stop it. Janine has found out she has cancer, which has put a strain on Nathanial. The CIA setups a task force to send Nathanial and three other CIA Officers to Chernarus to help find the source of this outbreak and hopefully find clues on how to stop it. Dressed up as a civilian the team must meet up with NATO forces in the area (if there are any left). Communications with the NATO forces in the areas ceased shortly after reports of the first outbreaks began. Primary mission is to find information on the whereabouts of where the outbreak began and bring back anything they can find. Once they find anything they must make their way to one of the major airstations in Chernarus and use of the radio stations to call in a pick up.
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