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  1. My name is Jacob Kemp, I was born in Australia in 1996. I am a kind hearted Aussie bloke trying to find my place in this world. In my early life I enjoyed pig hunting with my father. Later in life I joined the Salvation Army of Australia, to help those less fortunate in other countries. I was deployed in Nothern Chernarus early 2017. A few weeks later after my deployment we were relocated to the coast barbecue of "Virus" causing havoc in the nothern regions. By the time we reached Chernogorsk riots had already broken out, chaos engulfed the city and the surrounding regions. Once the riots died down we were sent to the Kamenka checkpoint to assist in the evacuations, though that proved to be challenging as the sheer volume of civilians cause a massive bottleneck on the roads. By nightfall a massive storm erupted over Chernogorsk, causing us to quickly find shelter. During the storm I was cut off from my team, which to this day I am still trying to locate them. With no contact from the Salvation Army, and no contact from my team, I wander the desolate lands of Chernarus, trying to find any clues as to what happend to my team.