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  1. I’m a Swedish Mechanical Engineer having majored in nuclear energy. I was stationed in South Zagoria to help with the repairs and reconstruct the province together with the CDF. I was only there since the money was good and I´d do anything to become successful. But as soon as the martial laws were declared I wasn´t protected by the CDF anymore, so I took all my most valuable belongings and Emigrated with the rest of the Natives. I moved to Elektrozavodsk. Having done 3 years military service in Sweden i was very familiar with using a weapon and how to handle it, especially the AK series which was used in our service. Also as an engineer i couldn´t but be impressed by the AKs simplicity and reliability. So, the first obvious choice was to get myself an AK101 in these uncertain times. I was helping the local government with statistical and logistical problems, doing my best from trying let any disease into the city. But the major wouldn´t listen, I told him, shouted at him he was putting us at risk trying to help the people fleeing to Cherno. Ignoring the majors orders, I decided to drive home, get my AK101 and valueables, and get the fuck out of there. Trying to plow through the masses of refugees overflowing the city, mass panic ensued as the infected started to transform. I ran. I ran as far as I could. I hid under a turned over rowing boat and passed out from exhaustion. Now I´ve woken up, I´m super hungry and I want my AK101 back.