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  1. My name is Abel Manevra and I'm 20 years old. I come from a family with social help because I was very poor and my dad was getting money to go to the bar and spent all the money on the drink and when he got home he beat my mother who was very sick. My mother had tuberculosis and could not be treated because I did not have enough money. That same year I killed my father with a hunting knife after my mother died of the disease because I did not want to know I wanted to plan this thing. After I killed my father I was feeling very good and I wanted to do it because it caused me pleasure. After the murder of my father, I moved to Chernarus in a Gorka town to find other victims. Shortly after, I found two more victims womens. After I took them to my very poor home, I tied each one of them to a chair and began to torture them, giving them the hammer over their bones until I killed them. Since then I have said that homicides are a very powerful drug for me and it creates my addiction.