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  1. Entry 21 I can safely say that by now I have given up on writing much of anything other than digressions and complaints. Being a journalist is useless anyhow, and shooting and scavenging seem to be the only valuable skills lately. I’m fine with scavenging, but whenever an ideal time to pick up my gun and shoot someone comes around, I always think too slowly. Is it commendable? I don’t think so. Who would praise cowardice? I’ll admit that I’ve thought many, many times about ending it, but not only would that be useful to no one, it would also hurt the friends I’ve made. I couldn’t do that to them, but I sometimes wish someone else would do it. How stupid of me. It hasn’t been so bad lately, however. I’ve found someone that gives me a bit of purpose. Emma can take care of herself, but she’s still so young. I’ve noticed that she’s like me in the sense that she seems to have trouble saying “no” when she feels intimidated. When the Anarchists came to take her to Novy under the pretense that her parents were there, she went with them, and I felt so scared for her that I tagged along with her as well. For the first time in a long time I felt brave. It’s selfish of me to put it into those terms, but it’s the truth. More for Emma’s sake, I want to be brave for her, help her however I can. I hope she’ll let me.
  2. Angela Russo

    Early Life Angela Russo was born in 1995 and lived in Brooklyn, New York. Though Angela never knew her parents, she did know that her mother had left her in the care of the Catholic Church, where she was baptized and well taken care of. She grew up among other children with similar backgrounds in a home operated by nuns, and attended Catholic school. Just before entering high school she befriended a group of older kids, who were the worst examples of their kind. They found Angela to be gullible, and convinced her into believing she was brainwashed by nuns and a slave to the church. Angela expressed her newfound resentment to her upbringing through sin. She cursed and blasphemed with every second breath. There were times she would return with bruised knuckles and black eyes. On the days she didn't stay out at all hours, she would sleep in and neglect chores and homework. Angela's new lifestyle tempted her away from her old friends and from God. The Garden When Angela was fifteen, she was walking home alone from a friend’s house after midnight. While she was crossing the street, a car was speeding down the road. They failed to see Angela in time, and she failed to notice them coming. The car was coming to a halt just as it collided with her body. The driver dialed 911 and tried to help her while waiting for emergency services, but she was bleeding quite a bit and the more she moved, the sleepier she felt. Terrified and exhausted, she closed her eyes and drifted into a dream. The coldness of the concrete melted away to reveal the green warmth of a garden. When Angela breathed deep, the air was fresh and fragrant, and though the surroundings were altogether new, she felt at home. She walked barefoot in the garden, touching and smelling flowers she had never seen before, until she came upon a weeping willow. The shade looked like an ideal place to rest for a while, so she did. After a few moments of resting, someone joined her under the tree. When she turned to look at them, however, she found herself unable to discern any sort of features other than feelings love and warmth. The stranger gently explained to her that she needed to leave the garden, even though she didn’t want to. It just wasn’t time for her to be there. Angela knew it was true, and reluctantly left through a gate at the end of the garden. Repentance Angela painfully awoke to the sounds and sights of emergency vehicles and was convinced that during her dream she had met God. The reason why she was still alive must have meant that He wanted to give her a chance to improve herself. Doctors couldn't persuade her that it was likely just random brain activity upon death. The moment she was discharged Angela dedicated the rest of her teenage years to community service and the Church. Though her caretakers appreciated that Angela had found her faith, they worried that she was relying too much on a dream. The Bible says almost nothing of near-death experiences themselves, but warns Christians to be wary. The Devil has many tricks up his sleeves, including being able to disguise himself as a benevolent angel. Despite their protests, Angela persisted. Even if it had been the Devil she met, his plan had backfired. Beyond community and church service, there was more that she felt she needed to do. God was calling her. She began correspondence with Convents throughout the city, and read all she could about what she needed to do to become a Nun of the Catholic Faith. For two years she visited the Sisters of St. Giuseppa, lead by Sister Christina, in her home town after school, and got to know what life as a nun would be like. A year after her High School graduation Angela was invited to start her Postulancy with St. Giuseppa, the one-year period in which a woman adjusts to her new life devoted to God. Afterwards, Angela obtained the status of novitiate. She is officially a sister, but unlike the more experienced members of her community she wears a white head cover as opposed to a black one. After two years of study, prayer, and reflection, she would be allowed to take her First Vows. Coming to Chernarus Following the meeting of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill in 2016, Sister Christina thought it would be beneficial to follow the Pope’s example and become friendly with a group of Orthodox Nuns from Svetlojarsk. The two groups began trading letters with one another and formed friendships. In April of 2017 Sister Christina announced that a handful of sisters from New York and Svetlojarsk would be trading places for a short time. Despite how South Zagoria was facing a tense political situation at the time, both groups agreed that hard times had the potential to bring them even closer. Angela was chosen to go overseas and use this time to finish her studies as a novitiate, and arrived in Chernarus at the beginning of May. Eventually the political situation increased to the point that it could not be ignored, but by the time St. Giuseppa planned to leave, passage out of Chernarus was on hold. Over the next few weeks the region became a war zone. Both Orthodox and Catholic sisters set up shop in the Svetlojarsk church as a sanctuary for the wounded when the hospital became overloaded with those infected with a strange virus. During this time Angela learned to administer painkillers, bandages, and splints. By the end of July, the sick outnumbered the survivors. All the people Angela knew had become sick, or had fallen victim to another horrible fate. After hiding for months, Angela decided it was time to rejoin what was left of civilization. It would be difficult, and she still has much to learn, but she was determined to take her first vows and do God’s work. Personality and Skills Angela can act impulsively. As a result, she will sometimes speak before she thinks. She doesn’t know all there is to know about her faith, after all she was accepted into her vocation at a young age. She is sometimes too opinionated and more often than not it backfires on her. She is still curious and is willing to learn from others, even if it might mean that she is wrong. Though the future doesn’t always look bright, Angela remains loyal to her God and to the women in St. Giuseppa. She strives to be generous with her scavenged items and daily bread, and naïvely hopes that others will pay it forward. She is somewhat shy, but quickly warms up to others that seem friendly. Overall Angela is a quiet and modest young woman with great hopes for the future and maintains a positive outlook on life. Likes: Quiet, reading, prayer, walking, running, apples, peaches, kindness, others’ happiness, children, animals, fresh air, warm fires, the smell after the rain, bare feet in the grass, swimming, cooking, playing hide & seek, waking up early, lilacs Dislikes: Weapons, loud gunfire, violence, “the Sick”, panic mode, blasphemy, cruelty, tuna fish, wolves, wolf meat, drugs & excess of alcohol, dishonesty Skills: Basic medical (bandages, splints, morphine) Prayer Cooking Scavenging Fishing Keeping calm · Character Goals: · Survive! (In Progress) · Finish her studies (In Progress) · Take her first vows (In Progress) · Find or establish a place of regular worship (TBA) · Help however she can (In Progress) · Make at least one friend (TBA) (** First time with a character that is spiritual to this extent. Constructive feedback welcome**)
  3. <3 Had a great time with Spooky Steven, and Emma. Love 'em. @TheTrueHawk I know it took me 100+ years to get there, but I ended up having a great time at the radio station. Even though Casey was actively being bullied, you still made him seem personable and charismatic.
  4. Chiara Brocato

    Life Before Chiara Brocato was born April 15, 1994 in New York. Her father served in the United States Army, but due to her parents being separated she lived in New York City for most of her life. When Chiara was sixteen she moved across the continent to live with her father, who was stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Here Chiara would finally graduate high school and start living on her own. Due her wild behavior in her teen years, her father had made the last two years of school a living hell in trying to shape her up to be a better person. She moved out as soon as she could, and none of his lessons stuck. Life was hard living as an adult but she made the most of it with the support of some new friends she made. As a group of young, attractive women it wasn’t too hard for them to work together to con older men and unsuspecting tourists out of their cash. From time to time she’d do some courier-work, delivering various “goods” for a small cut of the deal. She had many of these side jobs but nights she would work as a simple bartender in a downtown hole-in-the-wall. One night after her shift she was contacted by a man named Vincent, someone she had done some work for before. Vincent introduced Chiara to a man called Zeke Deon, whom he intended to be her partner on a job. Though she had her reservations about working with a stranger, the size of the paycheck was enough to convince her to play nice. She quickly accepted the offer. The job was simple on Chiara’s part. She was to insert herself into the life of a man named Arthur Davis and collect data on everything she could, from his favorite food to his Social Security number. With Vince doing all the paperwork, and she doing the footwork, they stole Arthur’s identity. After Vince drained his accounts and successfully ruined the man's life, Zeke fulfilled his part of the job. Few suspected foul play, but Arthur's death was eventually ruled as a suicide. There was much that Vince kept the two of them in the dark about, but it was clear that everyone Vincent targeted was considered an enemy of his. Zeke and Chiara had also hit it off. It turned out there was a lot they had in common, and a lot they didn’t. Regardless of their faults they became involved in an intense and a toxic on-again off-again relationship after the job was over. With the reality of what she had helped Vince and Zeke do weighing down on her, Chiara's mental state was taking a dark turn. She pretends not to feel guilt, and hides behind a mask of bitterness and cruelty in the hopes that she will eventually desensitize herself. Coming to Chernarus A few years after working with Vince and Zeke, another job came her way. Vincent flew her out to New York City, home sweet home, where she waited for her partner to arrive. She was not pleased to see Zeke again as they had broken up for the third time a year prior, but Vincent thought they would work well together. It seemed he had forgotten the first job they had done, but he was right. They would work well together. There was one special rule that Vince had set in place for Chiara this time, however. The target, a former cop that had helped put away some of Vince’s friends, was not to be referred to by his name in Zeke’s presence. At this point Chiara began to notice that Vince was acting oddly. He was moody and on edge more than usual, but this rule was even stranger than his behavior. It would make things much more difficult. She still kept the name secret from Zeke, but had her doubts about the two of them being able to finish the job. Eventually this brought them to Eastern Europe, where the target and his wife were on a backpacking trip. The couple made it to Chernarus with Chiara and Zeke right behind them. After weeks of tailing and spying the world went down the drain. There was an infection that plagued the area, and those that were there were trapped. Chiara hadn’t even been able to get close enough to touch the target before things went to hell, and now the job didn't even matter. It was all for nothing. Surviving was more important than a paycheck at this point. As the infection spread, and the state of things decayed, Chiara and Zeke took to using their own methods to survive together.
  5. Hello? Mom? Dad? Can you hear this? [OPEN]

    Valentine got out her radio and tuned in just to get the last message. She sighed, and decided that even though she hated talking on the radio, it would probably be better if she did. She pressed the PTT. "Lorenzo, it's Valentine. Emma and I are fine. She's gone to bed, and I'm on my way down. There's no need to worry. I'm on my way to the View. Meet me there, and I'll tell you all about it if you like, just get off the radio for now, okay? Be there soon."
  6. Thank you! Loved meeting your new character. I know you were indecisive about whether or not to use pre-recorded stuff, but I preferred it when you played yourself. Made the RP feel more organic. If you can pretend that you know what you're doing, you can usually fool your audience into thinking the same.
  7. The Society For Classical Preservation (Res Publica)

    Good luck with the new idea, guys xx
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  8. A plea - Open

    Valentine used her good hand to wipe away some of her tears. With shaky hands, she picked up the radio she had been listening to, recognizing the voice of the woman who had played those horrible games with her about a week ago. After much consideration, and rehearsal of what she might say in her head, Valentine pressed the PTT. "You-you-you're right, we don't know what went on behind the scenes. I only know best wh-what hap-happened to m-m-m-m--," she stopped a moment to take a deep breath, "what you did to me. I was angry after my first encounter with them. I was especially angry after the se-second one. It was your idea to play the hanging game, it was your idea to burn my Bible, and your idea to set the splint I needed so far away from me. But I had that-that-that Bible for a reason. I'm not looking to get revenge. I don't want to spend the rest of my life hating. After all, I really don't know if you were really a vi-victim yourself. I can't tell if this is sympathy or empathy I'm feeling, but I'll forgive you on behalf of the things you have done to me."
  9. Entry 20 I overheard a conversation, which I’m sure I wasn’t meant to hear. I did try not to listen, but I can’t stop my ears from hearing. Do I feel guilty? Absolutely. Would I if the conversation had been of something trivial? No. Still, it makes me smile. I haven’t had good reason to smile in a very long time. At the same time I feel sad. I can feel a hurt in my heart, and I think of Jason. Despite what I witnessed the last time I saw him, I do miss him. I hope he doesn’t hate me. I thought writing about it would help, but I should have learned by now that it rarely ever does. The guilt I’m feeling is strong enough to swallow me whole. Have I forgotten about my daughter? Almost, it seems. I haven’t said her name more than five times since I last saw her alive, never once told any of my friends of her. I suppose I could tell one person in particular, but I wonder if I’ll be able to do it without crying. If I even did, would they still think of me the way they do, or would they also hate me? In one of my favorite books by Jane Austen, there is a quote which resonates with me at this particular moment. One person involved in the conversation I mentioned earlier expressed that they feel selfish for feeling the way they do. I can’t possibly say this to them without giving myself away as a filthy eavesdropper, but I feel the quote fits as an answer for them. “There is no charm equal to the tenderness of heart.” Is it cliché? I don’t like to think so, but who cares if it is? My journal has turned into a stack of paper cliché’s, and I may as well embrace it. Life’s not given me lemons, or even a peach this time. Life has just brought me together with someone I have come to deeply appreciate and admire. If only there was a way to tell them so without stuttering.
  10. Entry 19 It feels really good to finally be able to say that I’ve made another friend. However, if my track record is enough to indicate how this will eventually turn out, I’ll just say that I hope I don’t ruin it too soon. We’ve only known each other for a few days, but Lorenzo has done so much for me already. I trust him like I trusted “the Peach” before I ruined it. I otherwise enjoy his company, he’s great at making me feel safe and at helping me take my mind off of everything. I really can’t imagine what I might have done to deserve another chance at this. I’m not really good for anything. I’m essentially dead weight. Friends are too valuable these days to be wasted on someone like me. Roxanne too, the girl I mentioned earlier. I haven’t spent half as much time with her as I have Lorenzo, but the time I have spent just reaffirms my feelings. She’s a baby compared to the rest of us, and I’d just like to hug her tight, keep her safe. I may have been doing the exact opposite of that. I’ve made a terrible mistake. Yesterday when she and I were walking I stopped to kill a chicken for the two of us to eat. I didn’t force her to eat it but I saw her flinch while she chewed, like it repulsed her to be eating meat. I can’t believe something like that slipped my mind. I should have kept the suggestion to myself or found an apple tree. I don’t know how I’ll rectify this, and I hope she doesn’t hate me. Nietzsche once said that “man is the cruelest animal” and for the longest time I had such contempt for that statement. As a Catholic, it repelled me, thinking that humans could be animals while being created in God’s image was somewhat blasphemous. As an optimist I tended to agree more with the side that said humanity was good-natured. I see now that I was wrong. Humanity, as a whole, has been and remains utterly perverted. They've burned my bible. It was an Orthodox one, but it was better than nothing. Still, I remember a particular few lines in which Jesus said that forgiveness is free for all who truly desire it: "It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts." I just pray that, despite the way the world has become, the fountain hasn't dried.
  11. Ooh boy, that would be fun. They did, but Valentine was kind of paranoid to begin with, so psychologically not much has changed. She's just easy to terrorize.
  12. Metagaming - 3/5/18 - 06:30

    Here's my POV. I hope we can clear all this up. After the first time I was caught in-game, I logged for a bit after just sitting in a house for a while. Afterwards I was talking with @Wulf_jon on steam, just chatting about what had happened with my character that day. I did mention @Refacture's character first name in OOC chat, only because at the time I didn't know his forum name at the time and I didn't know his character's last name to look it up. It wasn't mentioned with meta-gaming intentions in mind, but in retrospect I should have kept it to myself just to be safe, because mistakes can happen. I logged back in later and got caught the second time, and then told them I had to log out in 15 minutes around the middle of our interaction, believing at the time that I would. It took a little longer than 15 minutes to RP out the situation, but I ended up staying on for a little longer anyway due to being unable to sleep that night. I maybe stayed about an hour more. Before I logged out, I did meet Wulf's character, but the name didn't come up in conversation until the day after. The next day when I logged back in, I was chatting with Wulf's character in game and this is when he mentioned the name Lucas. IC I did not know this information and reacted accordingly, assuming it was something he had picked up somewhere IC himself. I didn't know that the name was not supposed to be public knowledge or whatever and at this point had been referring to Refacture's character as "Orange raincoat." I'm somewhat hard of hearing IRL and failed to hear the Jupiter part. We talked, mentioning the name only two or three times, and we were alone the whole time the name was mentioned. I later wrote a new journal entry for my character, only mentioning refacture's first name, thinking that it was information gained through roleplay. I don't know for certain if this was just a mistake between just the two of us, or if anyone else was involved. I hope it's the former, because then the problem would be much easier to handle with just us two suspects. When I finally saw his message, the first thing I did was reply , then the second was remove the offending information in my journal. I still have the original copy with his name on my hard drive if someone would like to see it. Then I went over the situation with Wulf_jon in steam, and he seemed just as confused as I was. I did tell him not to mention the name "Lucas" anymore because doing so would be meta-gaming. Since he was the only person I mentioned this to, and Refacture told me that NOBODY was supposed to know his IC name, I assumed it was something originating between myself and Wulf_jon and let him know. In an aside, I'd like to apologize for two things. 1. This whole thing, like in general. I know I already said I was sorry, but I still feel really terribly about this situation. I was sorta thinking about this all day, and I was worried I might have just screwed something way up for you. Again, I'm very, very sorry that this happened and I hope it all can get sorted out for you, and that it doesn't hamper your RP. 2. The reason I took so long to answer to your forum message was because I hadn't opened the page to see it until I had. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to you and that you had to wait hours for this thing to get sorted out. I usually have forums open when I play, but for whatever reason I hadn't been turning it on lately.