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  1. The problem was that he didn't have a diagram to help him explain the science behind the effective and weaponizable hot bear balloon.
  2. Got the feeling that things aren't just going to be put to bed that easily between our groups. Things are pretty tense right now, at least from my character's perspective. Hope this is as interesting for you guys as it is for me xx
  3. I don't have a console this works on anymore, and I miss playing it. Used to have loads of fun playing it as a kid, enjoying all the funny noises and the different traps. Dying in this game was actually hilarious. Read a lot about how it was apparently hated by most Dragon's Lair fans, which just disappoints me.
  4. Angela picked up her radio and pressed the PTT. "Johnny! I'm glad to hear from you, and I hope you're doing okay, if only a little lonely. If you ever need to talk, you might have better luck reaching me through the frequency 430.5 most days. It's not a private frequency, but maybe once things have cooled down we can talk about meeting in person if you need-- things are just a little crazy right now to do that. You stay safe. I hope we'll see each other again soon." She released the PTT.
  5. Thank you bby xx Which reminds me, there is a picture of Jack I hadn't shown you yet.
  6. SofiaL

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Love thy neighbor ? "Together" but really not together. Super BFF's. And I've admitted IC that everyone's a sinner, including all nuns.
  7. Vrtra

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    miss the shit out of you

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    2. Vrtra


      name the date! ? 

    3. SofiaL


      IDK you free now?

    4. Vrtra


      yeah  i'm chillen in channel 10. hit me up if you want to talk one on one and bullshit haha

  8. Are you the real sofie? 

    1. Eagle


      Sorry to tell you it's not :7

    2. SofiaL


      I'm bootleg Sophie.

  9. One for Angela "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." - Mother Teresa
  10. Diddelini is just bootleg ditalini.

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