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  1. Zombiez

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    is it only me or dayzrp standalone servers keep restarting every five - ten minutes? I cant play I log in run around a bit and then boom dc. EDIT: I have managed to play for like half an hour and boom dc again
  2. [video=youtube] what do you think about this? I agree with Athene in most aspects of the video
  3. User has been warned for this post.
  4. Can I use cheats if I'm roleplaying as a God?
  5. ok so t first you ruined the trading post looks. nowyou freaking want to remove this thing at all? fvck dat sht
  6. Zombiez

    Rare drops

    pilots at heli crash sites have a chance to drop nvgs
  7. I monitor it. every time my GPU temperature becomes too high (80 degrees Celsius) it starts beeping. and it never beeps. its usually 60 when playing. same with CPU except it's temperatures are even lower
  8. when you live in Lithuania porn download is done before you can unzip your pants
  9. to talk to another player you can use any channel (its a bit bugged) the player will be able to hear you. however if you will use direct channel you will agro a ton of zombies as a bonus
  10. its because of custom objects imo...
  11. Does any get random black screens? They remind me of driver crash but drivers dont recover. the computer just remains frozen. I think it has something to do with custom objects on the map. without them I didnt get any black screens. Does anyone have the same problem or knows how to fix it?
  12. 3 my twitch name is Midgardsgc
  13. I blame Jamie for being himself
  14. maps are very very easy to find