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  1. Yeah, experience, you could certainly call it that .
  2. Alaric Wolfsfel, or Al for short, grew up an only child in the small town of Leavenworth Washington as Russian American with his father being from America and his mother coming from Russia as an immigrant with her father. His childhood was filled with hikes into the surrounding mountain ranges and failed attempts from his mother to teach him Russian. Al was generally the quiet kid who kept to himself in school, but he enjoyed his classes and eventually found a group of friends with similar interests as him. He graduated his high school and spent 4 years at the University of Oregon where he got his masters in journalism and met his soon to be wife, Marry. The couple moved out to small town in Oregon where Al got a job at the town's newspaper publisher in January of 2016. Al enjoyed working for his job for the following months and him in his wife were planning on having a child. All these plans were stopped however when the two found out Marry had pancreatic cancer in November of the same year. The couple tried everything they could and talked to every doctor they could afford, but Marry passed away in March of 2017. Al was grief stricken, keeping to himself more than he had before. He stopped showing up to his job, left the house rarely, and avoided answering as many calls as he could get away with. Al continued like this until he saw the news on the TV on May 3rd about martial law being declared in South Zagoria. He knew this was his chance to make a change in his life, to get away from his life that he cared nothing about anymore, plus he had always wanted to see the world. Somehow, with his limited knowledge of the Russian language, Al was able to get a job as a foreign correspondent with the US Army under NATO. He shipped out to Russia in June and acted behind the lines as a photographer and interviewed troops being rotated off the front lines. This continued for months until he was transferred with the regiment he was connected with to Chernogorsk on July 17th. At this point he and pretty much everybody else he was working with had heard of the infection that was reported to be spreading across the country, but he did not fully believe it until he witnessed the massive waves of infected that marched towards Chernogorsk. Admits the confusion and the riots that had broken out, Al was able to make his way back to the US camp where the US troops were stationed. By the time he got there all troops had been evacuated and all that remained was confusion and chaos. All the roads were either blocked by those trying to evacuate the city or were just destroyed altogether. Al knew right away that he needed to get out of the city as soon as possible. He made his way to the hills north west of the city with nothing more than the clothes on his back. He knew there was no going back to the city as the sounds of distant bombing and the red glow of fire leaked into his temporary shelter. He resided here until a month had passed in which he deemed it safe enough and headed out into the world to find a way out of the hellscape he found himself trapped.
  3. New to DayZ RP but not roleplaying. Looking forward to slowly learning the group dynamics and learning how the world operates. I think making a video on the server could be great fun given rich characters to play with. Can't wait to meet some of you in-game .