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  1. Tatunka Kerawoki is a Native American Indian than had joined the U.S. Army in his mid-20s. After a ten year career in Field Artillery for the U.S. Army, he was stationed in the Utec Garrison before the out-break. On the 17th, his unit was deployed to Chernogarsk in an attempt to support CDF and Nato defense lines around The Capital. The next three days would change his life forever. Tatunka does not like to discuss the fall of Chernogarsk, but will tell the tale to those that inquire. In the early morning hours of the 17th, his unit along with their M-109 Paladins where transported by way of Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopters to The Capital. Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters followed with their M777 155mm Howitzers in tow. Upon landing, a perimeter was established, everything moved into positions, and set up, like a well-oiled machine. By afternoon, fire missions to support defense lines had commenced to establish a shield for the CDF and Nato forces. Fire missions carried throughout that night and all the next day. As time passed, it seemed Tatunka was readjusting his aim at a rate of one kilometer closer per hour. After the unit had spent over 36 hours of continuously firing without relief, word came that the defense lines where faltering and orders came in to ready the equipment for transporting. As the helicopters started transporting the M109 Paladins and the M777 Howitzers, civilians seeing this started rioting, at which point Tatunka and the rest of the U.S. Army troops where ordered to secure the perimeter to protect the equipment and helicopters. As Tatunka and his unit were being extracted a wave of infected attacked. Amongst the chaos, Tatunka and a few other soldiers had to retreat on foot through severe riots. Tatunka was cut-off from his unit and managed to escape to the countryside. Due to running out of ammo and abandoning his rifle, Tatunka with his machete and the knowledge from his heritage, was able to craft a bow and some arrows. That night, as he journeyed quietly away from Chernogarsk by way of Little Hill, he could see The Capital on fire, see a cargo plane go down and explode, and hear the endless sounds as of baby lambs being slaughtered by wolves. Now our story takes place as Tatunka has decided to make his way through the Black Forest, over the Black Mountain, and up to the Northern Woods in search of ground zero. He has come to the conclusion that he will find an opened portal there that has allowed evil spirits into this world to take over the living and the dead. He will conduct ceremonies of ancient Indian chants to call upon the Great Spirits to help pull back the evil that has plaqued his world and close the portal. Journey with me as Tatunka Kerawoki survives by way of hunting and fishing with nothing but his machete and what he is able to improvise (including his leather cloths). Others immune to the infection will tell tales of coming across someone strange in the northern woods dancing and chanting around a bon fire at night. That will be an American Indian named Tatunka.