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  1. I am Marko Sever, also known as "Meat the King". Before this I was a butcher and a hunter, hence the nickname. I still am. It's what I have to be now if I wish to survive. I had a butcher shop back in Croatia and I only sold meat from game I personally hunted down. I spent most of my days in the wild. I am a guy who knows nature. Sometimes I even like the situation I am in at the moment. I left Croatia and came to Chernarus with a few of my friends on a hunting trip. We were in the country on the 1st of July and everything was great until a week later. Suddenly, road blocks appeared. Soldiers were shouting at us in Russian and none of them knew how to speak English. We had no idea what was going on. We'd rented an offroad that was packed with hunting gear and a group of soldiers took it from us and left us in Solnichni without a car and without guns, I only had a crossbow. A hoarde of infected humans pushed us out and we camped that night out in the forest. There was 4 of us. Karlo, Nikola, Matej and me. In the middle of the night Nikola started sneezing a lot and Matej started in the morning. Soon Nikola became wild and we had to run from him. Nobody could kill him so we left him there... alone in the forest. Matej soon became unresponsive. I shoot him in the head with the crossbow. Couldn't live with myself if I had to leave another friend like that. Karlo and I roamed the countryside for a month, killed a lot of wildlife to feed ourselfs. I guess the hunting trip was a success after all. We reached the Balota airfield and hoped we could find a helicopter to fly back to Croatia. Karlo could fly it, he was a pilot. He got killed by a group of Bandits. They took all of my gear and left me with a flare and a dirty rag. They said: "This is the way of the land now. We are population control." and then they walked away.