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  1. found a radio in a small house hidden in a cubby, this town is small but it has a well, no alive people around havent herd gunshots in two days. found a battery in the power station. got thr eadio working, call out every night at 1700 for hutch, in hopes he still has his radio. I HERD HIS VOICE"! BUT it cut out after a min. it sounded like he said airfeild, could he be talking about the one we trained all those scrubs at? it further north west and i think that it's risky, i wonder if hes ok. i hope i can find him in one piece.
  2. thank you all for the warm wishes white-listed, journal started, now to make friends on the server . see you all on-line!
  3. DAY.1 OUT OF THE WOODS After coming out of the woods i have discovered that we have crashed far to the east further than i realized, something was wrong with our instruments that much I'm sure of. i found a derilict ship on the coast but there was nothing worth keeping around and i decided to head inland. east. as their is only water to the west. i ran into a large town after finding and following a road, im getting hungry. DAY.2 I AM IN the town, got chased by a horde, killed all but one. some nameless(because i cannot remember his name) stranger killed them for me and gave me an old can of tuna. god's bless him, im alive because of that man, he ran off before i could find out more, no word on hutch no clues. i ran further west/north, found a apple orchard and spotted a castle in the distance, night was falling so i booked it to the castle as it would provide some measure of safety for the night.(Found an actual sword!! sweet used it on the few zombies on the hill took their heads off with one swing.) chopped some wood and warmed up with a fire, had to put it out at sundown would draw to much attention in the dark. DAY.3 FOUND A MILITARY CHECKPOINT! East>>lots of goodies a knife some lock picks and a Russian zipper gun, only 20 rounds in the mag so ill keep using the sword for zombies for now. plus gunfire draws to much attention. think ill make that castle my base for now, or not, need to find a good hide away. found one, cant say where in case i drop this and someone picks it up. was that gunshots?? a large town nearby STAY AWAY!!!( i need to learn how to read this language!) west of the castle, lots of shots to my west in the town or on the other side of it, best to avoid people with happy trigger fingers. heard shouting in Russian. cant believe what i saw, naked guy running towards me away from the shots, people in distance shooting at him for sport or so it seems. he got away, came within throwing distance of me, hope he didn't see me. hiding in my nest for now, thinking of moving as gunshot-mafia (that's the name i came up with) is just too close for comfort, running extremely low on water, headed away from this deathtrap for now, still no word on hutch. need to find friendly people, FOUND A NICE SPOT FOR TONIGHT. a house in the middle of the woods, well outback marked my map need to remember this well.(punny), no fire as GSM may be nearby. good thing i decided not to use the gun on those zombies today. keep making good choices stay alive find hutch fix a bird and head home that's my mantra keep moral up, feel bad for that poor soul i saw today, but he could have been a bad guy, next time make friends stop being so paranoid, but thats whats keeping me alive/what to do what to do,
  4. A Ranger attached to the U.N. Forces during the panic, while trying to exfil in his heli the experienced mechanical problems and crash landed hard in the woods in the north of cherno. while most of his squad was dead a few bodies were missing. In hopes of returning to his wife and daughter in the states where he believes they are alive, he is trying to find "Hutch" a friend and squad mate , as he never leaves a man behind he will not leave until he finds his friend. after running out of supplies at his camp in the north he is now venturing out to find hutch and one day return to his family.
  5. im a computer guy while i do re-load my own ammo and know the grain and fps of every round i make im not an expert .
  6. I retired out of the army in 2013 and just got my masters in digital forensics. I live in Georgia in the us and am a prep-per. I have a wife and a ten year old so my game times are few and far between but i would like to start some RP. cant wait to play with you guys.