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  1. Gabby Hatchaway, a sarcastic and sassy individual who was studying nursing abroad at the hospital in Severograd. She had only been there for a few months and was enjoying her time there. At first she was nervous, having to leave her family and all her good friends behind to start a new life while she finishes up college. After the first few weeks she meets Sam, another abroad student who was working at the hospital. The two quickly become good friends because they were the only two abroad students who both came from the United States. Sam has been there longer than Gabby and lives with her boyfriend who was already a doctor at the hospital. Gabby was finally feeling at home and was happy with her routine. One day Sam expresses to Gabby how she just broke up with her boyfriend and that she needs a place to stay. Gabby doesn’t even hesitate and lets Sam stay with her. Although Gabby was fine with living alone it felt amazing to have someone be with her. Having Sam with her turned out better than expected. They would walk to work together and they would do late night studying with each other. Once they got reports of the attacks and had patients come flooding in Gabby and Sam stood next to each other knowing that nothing good was going to come out of this Sam knew that she had to get out of there and even told Gabby this but Gabby wasn’t going to leave, not before she tried her best to save as many patients as possible. Even though Sam and Gabby were not yet official nurses, it was all hands on deck and the hospital needed as much help as possible. Sam and Gabby made sure to stick together through the madness and were doing basic care for as many patents as possible. Not even two hours later Gabby realized that not even the doctors knew what to do about this situation and out of the corner of her eye she saw Sam’s ex-boyfriend sprinting out the hospital doors in a hurry. Gabby was in shock, how could a doctor just abandon his duty? Then Sam came running up to her not saying anything but just showing an unforgettable look of concern that said enough. Gabby finally stopped and looked around. All she saw was chaos; nurses covered in blood trying to hold down patients onto the gurney and some patients just lying on the floor waiting to be taken care of. She saw soldiers’ with heavy assault rifles who also had an unsettled look on their faces. Gabby looked back to Sam who now had tears of fear in her eyes and Gabby knew that it was time to go. Taking as many medical supplies that would fit in their bags they began to run down the hospital hallways trying to avoid the grasps of patients that didn’t even seem to be acting human anymore. Gabby and Sam not only had to move quickly but they had to avoid the guards. After a certain point they stopped letting anyone leave the hospital in order to contain whatever illness all of these patients had. Sam remembered that there was a ladder on the roof that lead to the bottom of the building, the perfect escape. As we were running down the hallways Sam and I notice guards protecting the two doors that lead to the stair case. Sam and Gabby were in a full sprint when they saw the guards. Gabby was able to stop in time and was able to quickly swing herself under a gurney but Sam slipped on the blood covered floors. Gabby reached out to catch her but she never hit the floor. Foolishly Gabby also yelled out Sam’s name when she saw that she was about to hit the floor so she knew that the guards where more than likely starring at them. Gabby was in awe when she looked up to Sam and saw that a patient was holding onto her shirt with the strongest grip she had ever seen. The patient had pale skin and had dead grey eyes. The guards began running towards Sam and I after seeing the situation Sam was in. Gabby was frozen in shock and fear. Sam slowly turned her head, looked at Gabby with tears in her eyes and whispered for her to run. Gabby came out from the gurney and ran as fast as she could. Dodging the guards and painfully trying to block out Sam’s screams. Gabby ran onto the roof and climb down the ladder. Tears rolling down her cheeks Gabby ran away trying not to think about how she had just left her best friend to die. She had always been an independent and strong individual but there was no way that she could have been prepared for having everything that she once knew and loved to be torn away from her. As she was running she tries to block out the screams of terror. After having looted small deserted villages and after having to hide and sleep in the woods for days she comes upon a small house. She enters hesitantly because after all this time looting the only weapon that she managed to find was a kitchen knife. With the knife in a tight grip she opens the door. Gabby drops the knife and falls to her knees, she looks away and begins to sob at the sight of a small family with to children and a father who have all passed away. The family still holding on to each other and having a revolver laying to what Gabby could only assume was the father. Gabby rises and quickly covers her nose for the smell was strong and she could only guess how long they have been there. She wipes her tears and enters the bedroom. In their Gabby finds a baseball bat that has been turned into an even more deadly weapon by having long nails added to it. Taking the bat and some canned food that was left in the families bags she moves on accepting that this is her life now and her life is the only thing that matters, trust no one and survive.