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  1. Ok we see it was an accident,so I dont know what the staff is going to do,but I forgive u
  2. Server and location: S1, near Kamenka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-11-12, about 17:30 Your in game name: Julien Leonhard Names of allies involved: I cant remember the name of him/the allies,but if u teleport me to Kamenka,I can show u these guys Name of suspect/s: / Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): / Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): / Detailed description of the events: I was looting cars near Kamenka,and then I wanted to go to the military tents near there,but then three guys came and gived me handcuffs.Then They maked me naked and after that they stealed my blood,four times,and after the fourth time I died (blood bag).Maybe it was just an accident but I dont think so because the one day earlier I camed to there town (They own Kamenka),and they said if I come back again,they wont be friendly.So today I walked through Kamenka and was on my way to the military tents and then I meeted them. I hope u can help me,I was walking the entire day to that location... Best regards
  3. My Name is Julien Leonhard.I was born 2001 in germany-berlin.I lived there my entire life.I went to the 10th grade.My older brother lives in Chernarus,so I wanted to meet him in the summer holidays.My Mother was afraid because of the circumstances in Chernarus,but I didnt care about that and just wanted to see him again after 4 years.So I took a plane to Russia and took the train from Russia to Chernarus,because it was cheaper.My mother stayed in Germany.One week after I reached my brother,the outbreak began.I was feeling bad for my mother,I hoped that shes good.My brother lives in Berezino.One day, an alarm siren woke us up,we looked out of the window,and saw creatures,that looked like half-human half-monster.I saw some reports in the Newspaper a few days before,but I thought it wasnt so serious as I though.These creatures followed a few humans that ran away from them.We stayed home for about 2 days,one day we heared noises on the street,it was an 30 years old policeman.We let him in and he told us that these creatures was once humans,but then a virus came and infected those,since then they eat humans.We called them Zombies.The food was used up after about one week since the outbreak.So we have to go out and search for food and things like that.First we went to the super market,we took food and saw a Zombie in the super market,the policeman shooted him with his gun.But that gunshot maked noise and we heared many other noises,we realized that this were other Zombies.We ran out of the super market and ran to the police station.The Zombies are gone now and we were safe for now.But then we saw that the policeman got biten by one of those Zombies.It was late,we went to sleep,the policeman sneezed very much,ca. 6 hours later he began to shake and right after the shaking he was angry and attacked my brother,I tooked the gun that was next to his sleeping place and shooted him in the head.My Brother got a wound from the attack,we knew that he was infected now too.He sayed "lets sleep a few more hours and then we see what we are going to do".I was waking up because of a loud sound,I looked what it was and saw,that my brother shooted himself in the head,I was really sad. One hour later I was going to continue my journey.I wanted to go back to germany and search for my mother.I found a car and it was able to drive.I was heading for Belozersk.Suddenly I heard airplanes bombarding the land, I was so terrified that I drove against a guardrail.I was unconcious.When I woke up,I wasnt in the car anymore,I was near the coast,my backpack was gone and the car. To my personality (Julien Leonhardt): I am a shy ans introvert person,but I have much endurance and show not much emotions.