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    u cant compare ts3 and discord
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It wasnt my intention to do this, I didnt wanted to cause so much trouble. Ethically seen it is not righteous to give me a ban for this. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I know what I did wrong, I was doing bad RP and I know it...better than anyone else. I respect other people, but I also want other people to respect me, thats why I was acting like this, I didnt wanted to be a boring no-one. Because nothing other acting-options came in my mind, I started write Hail Satan out of nowhere and pointed the gun on my head, I wanted to be special, I wanted that this guy never forgets this meeting. Well... I failed it... I did a mistake and now I face the consequences of my acting. But now, ask yourself: Will this ban change anything? It wont. I already regret it (very much!, as u can see in one of my comments on the reportsite), so whats the point of that ban? It will only cause suffering. Please, think about my words. Is this really the solution? What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I want to be able to play on this server again, all I want is to have a good time. What could you have done better?: My problem was that I wasnt prepared for such a sudden moment. At the start I wasnt really thinking much about my character and how to act in a roleplay situation. But now I saw what my actions caused, trouble...nothing but trouble. I think my character needs a goal, a sense of life, I dont have it, and thats probably why nothing other but "Hail Satan" came out of my mouth. If I have a goal that I need to achieve, I will be able to be a halfways-good roleplayer. (Sorry that the last section is fat-written, but I cant turn it back normal for some reason) Best regards Julien Ackermann
  3. Thank you very much I will work on it, I promise it
  4. Hello, sorry for the late response. I was looting some barracks until I saw this guy and we started "talking", he spoke and I wrote in the chat. I took his blood because his voice was stucking sometimes and I didnt clearly understand what he said, so I though "maybe thats an yes" and started taking some blood. So as already said his voice was stucking sometimes, so I didnt understood the steak part ( and some other sentences he said ). And then I walked around the corner and headed the gun on my neck + wrote Hail Satan because I was out of ideas (I wanted to tense the mood a bit).Because he was just standing there I breath into my mic a little bit, and I swear to god it wasnt loud breathing, I was breathing really quiet, but it looks like DayZ is pushing the volume up. Then I stand up as Brett already said, and reloaded my gun in front of him. (That was too just an interaction from me to tense the mood). Then he leaved me and the situation was over. I shooted by mistake because I am playing on a laptop and my hand came on the touchpad so it just started shooting. The situation was mostly like what Brett said, its just that his voice was stucking + I didnt wanted to be a boring guy but I failed, the roleplay was sh** like hell, I am very sorry for this, please forgive me I am working on it
  5. I am from central europe and grew up with my mother and father. As a child I was very interested in helping humans and dreamed of becoming a doctor. After I finished the 10th grade I went to a high school and after that I started to study medicine. After 6 hard years, I finally finished it and started to be a doctor. 10 years later I took on the hospital of my father who was also a doctor. He moved to Chernarus. 2 years later, 2016 my mother got killed by a terrorist attack on a christmas market, from then on I started to hate all Muslims and went a little bit crazy. In the following year I visited my father in Chernarus for 2 weeks. On the day of departure, when I was at the airport, there were suddenly gunshots. I saw nothing but I ran away from the airport and went into my fathers house, when I closed the door behind me I got knocked out by something. I woke up in a bed with a bad headache. I started to search my father but I didnt found him. Then I heard noises from outside, I looked out of the window and saw how some creatures ate a guy. I was shocked and realized whats happening. Now all I do is try to survive the day and find my father.
  6. Ok we see it was an accident,so I dont know what the staff is going to do,but I forgive u
  7. Server and location: S1, near Kamenka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-11-12, about 17:30 Your in game name: Julien Leonhard Names of allies involved: I cant remember the name of him/the allies,but if u teleport me to Kamenka,I can show u these guys Name of suspect/s: / Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): / Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): / Detailed description of the events: I was looting cars near Kamenka,and then I wanted to go to the military tents near there,but then three guys came and gived me handcuffs.Then They maked me naked and after that they stealed my blood,four times,and after the fourth time I died (blood bag).Maybe it was just an accident but I dont think so because the one day earlier I camed to there town (They own Kamenka),and they said if I come back again,they wont be friendly.So today I walked through Kamenka and was on my way to the military tents and then I meeted them. I hope u can help me,I was walking the entire day to that location... Best regards