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  1. Lysander Vos was a was a minor cog in the wheel of the call center he works for. After working the phones for a few years, he was “promoted” to train the new employees. It turned out he had a knack for teaching and it beat being threatened to be stabbed over a $5 service charge. After a few years, he was given the position of head trainer. With this new position came a great opportunity for travel, he was given the task to train the employees of a new call center they were opening up in the country of Chernarus. His assignment was only for a couple months but it turned out to be a lot longer. The call center was in Novigrad and he was only there for two weeks when the outbreak happened. Since he was on a work visa he was not classified as a tourist so he was not evacuated with them. Somehow through the chaos, he was able to call his home office to try to get them book passage back for him, he was told that his lost was acceptable and a donation to a charity will be made in his name by the company. So, he did the only thing he could do go back to his apartment that was rented for him and wait for the end. Maybe it was this helplessness or maybe it was the desire not to die with a whimper that made him confront the two men that were trying to break into the old lady’s apartment next door. When he confronted the men he instantly regretted it, they got a few good hits in before the Igor's intervened. It turned out the old lady was Igor grandmother. He looked out for him in the weeks to follow and only because of them he survived. Their luck ran out though when the apartment building they were held up in was overrun by infected when he was out on a supply run. Again, he was left with no friends and no home with his only option being to trudge into the future.