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  1. Decided because I'm new and with @Nathan Osbourne's idea I'd post some stuff. Show off my luscious locks and adventures. A trip with some friends to get some pictures. The place is an old firewatch tower in the mountains. and yours truly.. I don't look into the camera for dramatic effect.
  2. Got to check it out yesterday and again in more detail today. Adds a good element of RP and makes Tortuga a more desirable town to be in as well as find items you need without having to constantly search. Maybe less tents and adding something like loot runs of sorts to build up stock on certain items.
  3. @Nathan Osbourne- Always some bomb RP fam, appreciate involving my new character in the deep inner workings of Tortuga. Also to the Black Fangs as allowing me to lurk in the teamspeak and help out some, also now being known as "Cancer Bag". Thanks to specifically: @Boston- Hearing you scream "Tortuga State Police!" had he rolling.. your comments are golden. @Puncture- That drag race was something else.. especially after you crashed. Witnessing you chase panda was fantastic. @Mr.Panda- Drunk RP was 12/10, especially the flash bang incident. @Jango- Great RP being a morphine addict, watching Nathan and Panda lure you with morphine was a sight to behold. @Eagle- Thanks for allowing me to hop into the teamspeak, looking forward to RP with ya'll again!
  4. "The ringing in my ears didn't seem to stop, the dust and debris floated around until slowly landing onto the ground. The world in almost slow motion as I reached for my rifle that sat not too far away from me" I shuffled my feet, clasping my hands together before letting a small sigh escape from my lips. "And then what Asher?" The women asked as I looked back up at her, glancing at the pen as it continued to write on the small pad she kept on her lap. "I got immediately looked around, had to make sure my guys were ok..." I noticed myself trailing off and snapped back to reality "I grabbed Andy who was infront of me, poor kid got it the worst, I dragged him back into the building closest to us." I keep my glance at her as my palms start to get sweaty. She keeps glancing between paper and myself I shuffled again before scratching my beard "as I got him into cover I kept asking if everyone was alright.. obviously we were all fucked up some. Bruises, cuts, burnsyou can it we had it in that moment." I look up at her and rub my palms against my pants before continuing. "We radioed for help but they couldn't do anything cause the zone was too hot, so I got everyone together to make sure we had a good perimeter before grabbing Jigs and going upstairs to start taking those fuckers out.. two hours. Two hours that's how long we fought until we finally got the help we needed. We got onto those choppers and were out, as we're leaving I'm just staring off at the sunset I'm wondering how the fuck we made it out of there.. how we're even alive." I can see her continue to scribble down notes before taking a deep breath, I notice her eyes look up as if in thought. "How was Andy? and the rest of your squad after all of this? You all must've been pretty shaken up, even for people as well prepared as ya'll." She looks at me for an answer, quickly glancing up and down at her pad she jots something down before looking back up, crossing her legs. "Asher... I know it was your job to well.. be a hard ass... lets just be real with each other." She smirks and leans forward, uncrossing her legs. "I know you didn't come here to be coddled and it's the last thing-" I let out a laugh, not too loud but not too quite "I've got to agree with you on that one ma'am" I lean forward looking at her as I adjust my black baseball cap. "We were all in the shit, lets be real. We got ambushed for Christ sakes in the middle of some bum fuck desert in no mans country." I sit back up and this time sitting straighter than prior. "We get back to the base and get attended to, all fucked up" I take a sharp breath and continue "I check on everyone and after checking I see that Andy's in the infirmary, ask some questions and here he broke his back to shit." I look up at her and ball my fist up "That was his second deployment.. first with force recon and that shit happens to him" I grit my teeth and continue to her "He was under my super-vision and I was his officer, we literally walked right into them.. their fuckin' cross hairs." I hear her pen as it continues to hit the paper, she writes quickly but takes smaller pauses now than she did prior. As I here her continue she then abruptly stops.. and smiles. "Ever heard of a place called Chernarus Mr.Mctavish?" she ponders, looking at me and setting her pen down. "See the thing is, obviously you need a break and I don't see civilian life in America doing a good for you consider your...." she points "distaste of America and the system right now." I lean back, looking at her almost confused as to her idea. "How about this... because you're still a man who, well is active in the sense of guns, war and so on so forth" She sighs but continues "I happen to know that there are plenty of guns for hires wanted by wealthy men over there because that area is kinda.." she chuckles and pops an eyebrow up "shit... It's not a wonderful place at all but I know you could do some good there. Help people possibly." She rubs her fingers together in the 'money' motion "Cash involved, I know you well." I sit there, not really knowing what to think but sense I've been out I've been taking jobs that involve doing that. Money's been a big push for me especially with just the fact that knowing I almost died, and other people have for practically nothing... it's needed. "I've really gotta appreciate the advice there, feel like sometimes I would've been at a huge loss without you." I get up as she does, she gives me a hug and I respond back, she kisses me on the cheek and I chuckle. "Honestly Monica you are the best person to ask advice for" I take a step back and look at the pad. "But seriously.. notes? Really? Are you my therapist now?" She laughs and slaps my chest. "Truth is, as your sister it's my job to be a therapist if need be... you've been through some shit Asher and it fucking sucks.." she trails off and looks up at me "Mom and Dad aren't going to be happy if they know you're going to Chernarus for a security contract but.. I'll keep it under-wraps for you." She pats my shoulder and hands me a business card with a Security companies information on it "Give 'em a call.. they'd be lucky to have you." She gets up and starts to walk towards the door before opening it and shouting "By the way, Chernarus isn't like that sand castle place you've been at so.. be prepared for a way different area, love you!" She screams as I see her wave and the door shuts.
  5. @Nathan Osbourne Ayyyyeeee, I gotchu fam. Had a great time through it all, and of course I've gotta be calm one when you're sweaty and freaking out. @Keira Sure thing! Nice getting to rp with you again, you've got quite the effect on Nathan.
  6. Miles was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised by a stay at home mother and Air Force father. During his childhood he moved around frequently because of his father's position in the military. Because of this he got to experience a lot of the world; Australia, France, Italy, Guam, Portugal, Norway, Spain, U.K. and more. This gave him the upper hand in many aspects of his life because as he got older he started to learn the languages of the places he was living in, no matter where it was.. even after they left. Their father was particularly strict on Miles as he was the oldest and had to take on the most responsibility. Over time as him as his younger brother grew older their father became more and more strict. This led to them at young ages taking multiple forms of martial arts including Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jujutsu, Judo and Krav Maga. Eventually this turned into resentment for his father.. he never gave them words of encouragement but that he "Isn't ever going 100%" and that he "Needs to stop being a huge bitch and do what he has to". There was one thing that he always did though when he could get away from his father and that turned into his escape. Fishing, boats, anything involving the sea became calming to him and he loved it more than anything and stuck to it whenever he had the chance. After his fathers retirement from the Air Force they moved back to the states to Jacksonville, North Carolina where Miles finished High School and stayed to support his younger brother. During this time Miles started to work as a deckhand on boats and over time jumping from boat to boat found a position on one called ? ?????? ???? where what they did wasn't just normal fishing. He soon found out it was a band of smugglers who take goods from all over and deliver to specific clients. At this time Miles fell like he found something that worked for him.. he could support himself well, and maybe even help his brother more. One night he came from after a long day and had a huge argument with his father and after getting into a massive fight he left home. He ends up taking his car and everything else he owns up to a small town in Maine setting up for what he feels like is his new life. While there he perfects the job of smuggling, dealing with higher end clients and even adding onto it by getting better at scuba diving, car and boat mechanics, weapons and of course cooking. After years of doing this he lives on his boat and continues his job, staying as low-key as possible until he gets an offer for a huge job that would take him farther than he thought he would have to go. The letter sitting on a table in his boat read that he would be taking the briefcase and small leather satchel over to a place called Chernarus. After his last day in the town he had a few drinks, ate some good food and set into bed he was awoken to a sound on his boat. He shot up out of bed grabbing the glock that sat in his nightstand and crept up the back stairs on his boat to the deck were a man wearing a black wool trench coat and large brimmed at was sitting. The man turned to him before saying "I hope you accepted the Chernarus job, the pay is... well I say it's quite good. Do you think so to Mr.Crocker?" Miles was puzzled before putting the gun in his waistband and responding with a puzzled look and "I'm sure the pay is good.. I did take it, why are you here?" The man go up and adjusted the suit beneath his coat and as he walked off threw his hand up in a Goodbye type way. After returning to sleep even more confused than he thought he was going to be he finally fell asleep. Waking up in the morning he set off on his boat for Chernarus to deliver whatever was in those items. After some time stopping by neighboring countries and refueling, getting food and taking breaks every now and then he finally notices that he gets closer and closer to what he feels like is the location he needs to get to. He decides to park his ship and hide it on an island that is nearby, later knowing it to be as Skalisky island. He gets off with his backpack, a glock in his waistband, some other miscellaneous items and tucks an M4 under a tarp in the inflatable boat that he uses to cross the waters to get to the island. As he gets closer he hears more and more noises not too sure what they are get positions himself to grab his M4 if need be. As hits land he puts the M4 in a carrying bag and slings it over his shoulder, grabbing his bag with the packages and sets off to find the place. After some time roaming through areas that he noticed as abandoned he asks himself what could be going on? It's like a ghost town.. until he moves into a forest to follow a dirt road and sees a man standing in the road. He stops for a moment pondering what to do before yelling in English.. after that doesn't work he tries two Russian dialects and right as he takes another step the man turns around covered in blood, a type of nothingness in his eyes. Miles takes a step back and pulls the glock from his wasteband as the man charges at him with an eye piercing screech. Miles stands his ground and fires two shots hitting the man twice in the head and dropping him in his tracks. As Miles goes forward to inspect the man he hears more screeching and turns to see where from as he notices four more running to his direction from the side of him. He takes off in a sprint up the hill and into the forest. He continues at full speed, knocking branches out of the way until he starts downhill and slips on a rock taking a tumble down and down. After some time he wakes up and looks around, seeing his backpack on his back still, his M4 bag down the hill and his glock further to the right. He leans against the tree and rubs his head, sighing and mumbling "What the fuck is this place...".
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