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  1. Jack Moore was an 18 year old student studying in modern history in the United Kingdom. Growing up in the county of Berkshire, he attended a local University to follow his passion of history. In late June 2017, at the end of his first year, a 4 week trip was arranged to Chernarus in order to study the recent events of the civil war. Now a supposedly safe place, it seemed as though going on the trip could provide a unique opportunity to become better informed on the matter. After the initial panic of the outbreak, he couldn't manage to escape the country via any of the refugee boats or by aircraft; he was stuck in the country. Unable to leave due to the borders locking down, Jack was luckily immune to the virus and survived by scavenging food and equipment from the local abandoned houses. With no knowledge on weaponry or survival skills before the outbreak, it was a mix of luck and cautiousness that has led to his survival. He didn't get any communication back with his family or friends that were still at home and instead decided to focus on staying alive in the moment, albeit constantly blaming himself for his choice to visit this country.