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  1. same thing I select the server at the top http://prntscr.com/l47s7z it opens my game after I select it and enter the password then it loads with the "Dayz" logo, then screen just fills with white, every single time ive tried. sorry if im annoying you guys I just really want to play lol.
  2. im not seeing it on the launcher http://prntscr.com/l43vbm
  3. im going to sound like an idiot, but what do you mean make sure the correct data is populated? I read the "official" guide to connecting to the server and it says the white screen bug is fixed by making sure im connecting to the correct server which they list as "" thing is that's not a server listed under the "DayZRP" filter. I only see ""
  4. Hey ive done all the launcher stuff correctly but when it launches my game the screen just goes white, Ive heard the its probably the IP being wrong. the only IP I see when I search "DayzRP" on the filters is There isn't another one. ive attached an image of what I see. http://prntscr.com/l3chrc any help would be appreciated.
  5. Born in small English town in October 1997, Sean Hudson a fairly meek but calculating man aspired to serve his country's military and prove himself a brave and courageous man to his often dismissive and indifferent family. Sean however would eventually come to develop an interest in medicine alongside his interest in military service and apply to the British Army alongside his younger brother and begin boot-camp aspiring to become a medic. Sean's brother would pass through boot-camp with relative ease and go on to be stationed in one of the few NATO bases situated in Chernarus, while Sean would leave boot-camp having realised he lacks the discipline and overall aptitude for combat. Upon hearing of his younger brother having be stationed in Chernarus Sean would then begin pursuing a career in medicine and eventually go onto becoming a nurse specialising in treating veterans and wounded soldiers. Becoming a highly skilled nurse would see Sean eventually sent to Chernarus to aid in treating Cherno-Russian soldiers wounded and left scarred by the prior civil war, hoping to eventually reunite with his brother Sean would go onto live comfortably in Solnichniy for a couple years forever wondering why his brother was yet to contact him. When the outbreak began to spread throughout Chernarus and thus the rest of the world Sean would find himself missing the opportunity to escape Chernarus with many of the other refugees and once the dust settled on Chernarus he was left with nothing but a flashlight, and the desire to band together with what little family he had left, attempting to brave whatever horrors post apocalyptic life had to throw at him.