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  1. Vic

    Victor Cruz Appreciation Thread

    Oh god no. I wouldnt have won anyways tbh.
  2. Vic

    Farewell amigos.

  3. Vic

    Farewell amigos.

    Greetings everyone Hi, It's me Vic. Well, I just wanted to let you all know I am leaving. Before I go, a quick explanation as to why I am leaving. It has come to the point in my life where I work literally almost everyday(even worked christmas and shit. Need the money lol). Not too mention I haven't found a reason to get IG. Not because of the community. You guys are great and all. It's just DayZ has grown extremely stale for me at the moment. However, since I ahev brought up the community. I thought about making a final warning appeal before I go but I simply couldn't be bothered. It has always been clear that about 50% of the community has never liked me due to my past. And although some people change. I do not. so to those people. stay mad :3. But to the people that do love me. I want it to be known I absolutely adore all of you and you guys will always have a place in my heart. You people know who you are. Big kiss. Mwuah. For those who nominated me for rper of the year and character of the year. I want to give you a huge thanks. It meant alot to me. Really did. It's a shame that they were deleted. Kind of a huge slap in the face but I'm used to it from this home of mine. But it's time for me to depart on my journey in real life. Adios mi's amigos. I'll be back in a while. I'd say 4-6 months. Maybe more. who knows. You guys have a great one. And a Happy New Year! <3 Love Vic P.S. Pado, I will always love you. <3
  4. Vic

    Vic [Private]

    *Victor hears the transmission and answer the radio* "I will try my best but I am a bit occupied. I will contact you when I am next available mijita. I'll see you soon. Take care" *Victor stops transmitting,*
  5. Vic

    To Everyone [Open]

    *Victor confused, takes the radio from Hope. He scratches his head giving Hope a confused look. He shrugs and responds.* "Why are you apologizing for? It's war. That's how it works. We kill each other so no worries. Pero ta bien, I accept your apology. It's good for you to be a man and admit your wrong doings on the radio. If you have no problems con el Chinito. Pues todo bien amigo. No problems. I hope to meet and discuss business with you soon." *Victor shrugs, setting his radio to the side. Pretty confused and attempts to get in touch with Wong.*
  6. Vic

    Amigos! [Private Frequency]

    *Victor Cruz, Wounded... Picks up his radio looking at Hope and his new child. He begins to transmit to any alive Cartel, Savages, Svaytne, Gamblers and other allies.* "Amigos! I am calling into to let you know that today, my daughter was born! You are all uncles! I hope you all pass by and meet your new niece hermanos. Just thought you all would like to know. I am going to spend time with my family. Adios! I'll be back soon." *He ends his transmission, a few tears escape his eyes as he stares at his new child in disbelief. "How did I get so lucky."*
  7. Vic

    Cruz... [Private Frequency]

    *Victor hears the transmission and begins to panic. He gathers supplies such as dry clean towels, water and some food and runs out like a bat out of hell. He would get on his radio as he sprints to Hopes location.* "I am coming amor! I am on my way! Stay there!" *Vic would end his transmission as he sprints towards his and her home. Cursing in spanish as he runs.*
  8. Vic

    Melee Robberies

    Robbed a dude for his wallet with a hunting knife. it was lit. took some broads shoes too,.
  9. Vic

    Mr Cruz [Private Frequency]

    *Mr.Cruz listens to the radio transmission, and begins to think of a location. He begins to transmit* "Junior! I like you. So I will agree to this meeting. Keep your radio on you amigo. I will contact you. I have my resources. Just when we are ready to meet, make sure we have no other visitors. Esta bien? Arre amigo. See you soon. Adios!" *Cruz ends his transmission*
  10. Vic

    What is the LiF team up to? (Part II)

    My boy! You know, to be fair, I really never seen some sort of response to the last thread. So perhaps an actual answer will help.
  11. Vic

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I do not post much considering im not a fan of these new forums but just wanted to take a minute and thank @Strider for the super awesome role play!
  12. Vic

    Returning player

    Holy shit its Sin! Welcome back bro!
  13. Vic

    Chernarus Brigade [Active*]

    Shark, please only post relative feedback, take this to pms please. This is feedback. The group lesder doesn't meet the requirements to lead it. Explain how it's not relevant*. A GM just posted and has not /threaded shark. Whats the problem?
  14. Vic


  15. Vic


    I'd actually get some socks tbh.
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