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  1. Matthew Hudson is a 19 year old born in a small British town. Throughout his life he was a sporty and driven boy, with aspirations to become an officer in the military, following in the legacy of his grandfather, a WW2 veteran. He was never very good in school and wasn't particularly great socially, so he hoped that he could better utilise his practical abilities and initiative in the military. When he was 13 he joined the RAF Air Cadets, remaining a member until age 18, when he applied to the army alongside his brother. His brother failed to get through boot camp as he was never really fit or hardy enough, while Matthew went on to be selected for recruitment to the Army Air Corps. Making a departure from his family was hard but he knew that it was what he wanted to do, and so he agreed to be stationed in a NATO base on the north side of Chernarus. He'd expected to be carrying out routine patrols and the odd military enforcement in areas such as South Zagoria, but that was his mistake. He instead found himself facing the brunt of the infection, and being forced away from his squadmates and friends in order to help fight against the spread of the virus. His nineteenth birthday party wasn't celebrated with friends, but alone in a watchtower overlooking Vybor military base while he waited for further instructions to come from a radio he wasn't sure even worked any more. His dreams of being a decorated officer and going back home to England a better man with achievements to tell of, was gone, and all he had left now was the hopes that he'd make it out of Chernarus alive some day.