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  1. S1: RDM in Kamenka - 11/12/2017 17:30

    Well overall is that we had a problem with him prior to the robbery and told him to be cautious coming back through because we wouldn't be as nice. As for me I just said that I took his radio and stood there. Then James Deckard didn't know of the blood loss and accidentally took too many blood bags. He didn't know it would kill the guy. I would like to send my apologies to the man as well though. Robbing him was one thing, killing him was not on the list of things we wanted to do.
  2. Ben LeMarbe

    Born in April of 1999, Father was a simple train yard worker, who was forced into the civil war and went MIA. Mother was in medical field. I worked most of my life starting at about 11 years old and most of my money went into fixing our family car. Father taught me survival tricks and tips and how to work on cars before he died and I carried said knowledge. When I was 17 my mother went out to a big town she could not tell me much about. That is the last I seen her. Since then the virus is at strong and I set out to go and find my mother. Met up with a distant cousin shortly after