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  1. Lizard

    Movies / TV series you'd recommend.

    Movies Jiro Dreams of Sushi (movie about a dude who wants to be the best and his son who has to take over the sushi business after he dies) TV Twin Peaks (Detective goes to a small town and some weird Lovecraft esque shit starts going on directed by horror genius David Lynch) The Twilight Zone (One of the greatest collections of short stories on TV of all time)
  2. On the 3rd of January 1993, Harry Philippe Worchester was born in Berlin to American parents, granting him dual citizenship from birth. Both of his parents were politically active and outgoing individuals, however, he didn't take after either of those traits. He is mild-mannered, and if he was forced to pick a political party he would say he's independent. Throughout his teen years, he struggled to find his purpose and through his early adult years found it difficult to find a job that he truly enjoyed, but one constant through his life was art and nature. He didn't truly love either one to an extreme, but he always appreciated it. Whenever he had free time he would carry around a small book in which he wrote down various things ranging from short stories to descriptions of things he saw that day.
  3. Lizard

    Mercenary Roleplay?

    I thought that was a joke about the black roses lol You can do mercenary work I was a black rose for like 2 months and we didn't have much trouble regarding our mercenary work
  4. Lizard

    Rping as different religions?

    Religion is always a really good storytelling device whether it's used in a passive way or not it adds some extra content and depth to your character or story.
  5. Updated, thanks for the advice it helped a lot ive been using the dayzrp text box this whole time, its way easier to edit in the program you recommended
  6. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6397/ I finished writing a new character and would like to get some feedback on what people think about him. everything is appreciated so be mean if you have a reason idc
  7. Yeah my post is about combat in DayZ which often times results in bullshit deaths like not being able to raise your gun or your character spazzing out in the middle of a fight
  8. With the current state of DayZ combat character death would be left up to a lot of chance. The game is just too buggy, and clunky and has so many other issues that would make this system not so fun to play with. When the game gets to a more stable ground, this could be a fun mechanic but for now it just isn't suitable to DayZRP.
  9. Thanks man, unfortunately I do not have the power to make any of these changes, and Anonymouse has been gone for a day or two, but when I talk to him next I'll tell him what you said. I think its time for an overhaul on the group page anyway. Thanks for the feedback, will get to work on making changes as soon as possible.
  10. Lizard

    What Songs Make You Happy?

    There's no feeling like Nationalism!
  11. Lizard

    N-Tox appreciation thread

    N-Tox's new nickname should be "Mr. Epic" because he's just so dang cool!
  12. Lizard

    Fallout 76 Thread

    I head that it's going to be a survival game which I really hope it's not. Fallout has always been about the story and atmosphere for me. While atmosphere wouldn't likely be affected, if I wanted to play a survival game I'd play DayZ or Rust.
  13. Lizard

    What Songs Make You Happy?

  14. I see where you are getting that, personally I haven't had a bad OOC incident with anyone from Anarchy I was just adding that this probably isn't a good place to have an argument. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. Feedback is fine, but when it turns into a nearly 2 page conversation of just going back and forth it seems a bit more like an argument