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  1. S1: RDM in Kamenka - 11/12/2017 17:30

    We met this Julian dude before this incident he was in Kamenka with us and he was being really offensive by giving us the middle finger and just being a little weirdo so before he did anything crazy we asked him to leave but he refused and just kept giving us the finger even after we had our guns out on him. Eventually he did leave and we told him if he came back we wouldn't let him off so easy. Later he came back and we held him up, and I had some blood bags on me but sadly I took a bit too much blood without thinking anything of it and he just kinda fell over. sorry
  2. James Deckard

    My name is James Deckard I am 32 years old and before the outbreak started I was a graphic designer and aspiring film producer or possibly a director whichever happened first really. I was comfortable with my place in the lower middle class. Money was never too big of a deal to me I don’t need to own a ferrari or some other kind of exotic car. I don’t often take jobs simply for the money I’m typically more of a creative type. But outside of what I do for a living I was born in Novodmitrovsk and raised in Svergino. Over the years especially after the 2009 civil war I got scared for another war so I started preparing. With the limited budget and time I’ve been developing skills and whatever gear I could get to ready myself for the future if I ever needed to leave my home or possibly defend it. Eventually I would be glad I did those things because we found ourselves on the brink of a global catastrophe and here we are now in hell amongst the demons. I’ve never really been much of a religious person, but now I really question if maybe this was god's punishment for us not believing perhaps it was some science experiment gone wrong I really don’t know, but I know we have to live with it now. I believe the best way to survive this is to work with other people. Some see it as an opportunity to kill and steal, but that won't help our situation. The only way we will make it through this is if we work together so I guess if I’m not religious at least I try to believe in people and see the best in them and what they can become rather than what they are. But eventually that time for me to leave my home came and the things I saw were way beyond my expectations for what I was preparing for for all this time. People eating each other turning into unrecognizable monsters. I saw people from my past who were nearly unrecognizable. Whatever is turning them into those monsters seems to happen pretty fast too the first group of people I met up with were all turned into monsters within a couple hours. Granted this was a few days after the start of it, but it seems to change you somewhere in the area of 5-6 hours. I’ve also observed that sound seems to attract the monsters. There were some bombings going on at some point after I left my home and headed south I heard some bombs go off near Miroslavl and a few of those demons seemed to be attractive the the percussive explosions. Since then I’ve lost track of time, but I still have hope that we can make it through.