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  1. Lizard

    Mercenary Roleplay?

    I thought that was a joke about the black roses lol You can do mercenary work I was a black rose for like 2 months and we didn't have much trouble regarding our mercenary work
  2. We fly high, No Lie ,You know this BALLIN!






  3. Lizard

    Rping as different religions?

    Religion is always a really good storytelling device whether it's used in a passive way or not it adds some extra content and depth to your character or story.
  4. Updated, thanks for the advice it helped a lot ive been using the dayzrp text box this whole time, its way easier to edit in the program you recommended
  5. https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6397/ I finished writing a new character and would like to get some feedback on what people think about him. everything is appreciated so be mean if you have a reason idc
  6. Born in the district of Columbia with parents who probably should have kept a better eye on him, Thomas Jenkins was a strange kid. He grew up in a family on the poorer side of the middle class. He had most of the new gadgets of his age, but his family didn't have any expensive luxuries like a nice sports car or a large home. Throughout his life, he grew distant from his parents and friends most notably Damion who would stick with him for as long as he knew him. Damion, Thomas’ closest friend was killed in the third year of Thomas’ “big project” which left him feeling empty and alone as he felt Damion was his only true friend that supported him all the way through. This caused him to grow even further from his friends and family. This always kind of frustrated him, but he never really tried to do anything about it since he knew nothing would ever be the same without Damion. A year after his death. Thomas would cut off all ties with his family and would only speak to his family once more, in an email from his father inviting him to a barbeque where Thomas simply replied “no thank you.” his father didn’t reply back. Maybe because of his parent's unwatchful eye and lack of discipline or maybe out of pure chance, Thomas grew up to be a pretty nasty character. However, he had only been arrested on two occasions neither of which were worthy of a felony charge. They were only serious enough for him to end up on the local newspaper in the "just busted" section. When he was 19 he was arrested for public intoxication, and at age 28 he committed disorderly conduct. When his parents found out they decided that the police had done enough to discipline him. When he was 25 he had a dream of creating a criminal organization which would have a hand in every criminal action that would take place in The District of Columbia. He wanted to act as the figurehead where after laying the groundwork, would let the business run itself almost autonomously. His motive for this idea of his is unknown. Since a young age, he was a huge fan of music and different styles of music and most talked about music with his friends. When he was starting the groundwork for his new career, he used many local venues and jazz clubs as meeting points for his “clients” at this point this was still somewhat of an alter ego for him as he still hadn’t decided to go full time. As his meetups with criminals became more frequent and he started to meet more notable ones. he got the nickname “The Music Man” or with special clients, he was “The Perfect Stranger” as he was very explicit about never giving his real name or any significant details about his life. In his normal life worked as a manager at a local electronics store called “Bucky’s” for a few years and would occasionally meet with his criminal "clients" where he would organize different kinds of crimes usually with the intention to make some extra money. His favorite of these crimes was insurance fraud he was pretty good at that one, but almost got busted on a few occasions. And a year after taking on this new quest he was fired from Bucky's. This would be the first step for Thomas to go full time. When he was 27 Thomas had been completely invested in the criminal world and had made a decent name for himself as well as a moderate fortune. With the mentality that no matter what he would get his way. This would make him quite unlikable to people Thomas thought were in his way. And about a year later he decided that The District of Columbia was no longer suitable for his future as a criminal so he decided to move elsewhere. After a few months of research talking to various people across the globe and a stint in New York he met a guy online that went by the name "Turtle" he like Turtle enough and was convinced to move to Chernarus. When he arrived he arranged a meeting with Turtle at a local gas station. Turtle never showed up. And never heard from him again. For a while, he struggled with communication with the Chernarussians but through various means was able to get his point across to the people he corresponded with. After some time he became pretty efficient in both communication and Criminal Enterprising he was proud of what he had accomplished, but it wasn't his dream. His ultimate goal had not yet been accomplished after about three or four years he was able to bring his financial situation to great heights, but had not gained the notoriety he desired. And in a flash anger, he pushed himself that much harder. His life was almost in tatters since he had sacrificed almost everything and took all the risks he could to make his dream come true. He came very close to achieving this dream when he had made a deal with various criminal organizations to go into business with him for just 15% the profits split between them evenly. Soon after coming the closest to accomplishing his goal his world came crashing down. When the infection started spreading Thomas lost nearly all of his business and was reduced to just a normal person living in the new world. He was furious, but later saw the potential for his enterprise to grow in the new world.
  7. Yeah my post is about combat in DayZ which often times results in bullshit deaths like not being able to raise your gun or your character spazzing out in the middle of a fight
  8. With the current state of DayZ combat character death would be left up to a lot of chance. The game is just too buggy, and clunky and has so many other issues that would make this system not so fun to play with. When the game gets to a more stable ground, this could be a fun mechanic but for now it just isn't suitable to DayZRP.
  9. Thanks man, unfortunately I do not have the power to make any of these changes, and Anonymouse has been gone for a day or two, but when I talk to him next I'll tell him what you said. I think its time for an overhaul on the group page anyway. Thanks for the feedback, will get to work on making changes as soon as possible.
  10. Lizard

    What Songs Make You Happy?

    There's no feeling like Nationalism!
  11. Lizard

    N-Tox appreciation thread

    N-Tox's new nickname should be "Mr. Epic" because he's just so dang cool!
  12. Lizard

    Fallout 76 Thread

    I head that it's going to be a survival game which I really hope it's not. Fallout has always been about the story and atmosphere for me. While atmosphere wouldn't likely be affected, if I wanted to play a survival game I'd play DayZ or Rust.
  13. Lizard

    What Songs Make You Happy?

  14. I see where you are getting that, personally I haven't had a bad OOC incident with anyone from Anarchy I was just adding that this probably isn't a good place to have an argument. Thanks for the feedback.