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  1. It was hell out there, some infection from some backwater shithole i'd never heard of before, and didn't care for now. When it hit our mainland, at first it was just little groupings, around and about, people didn't put two and two together at first and even though we knew it was going on oversea's, we were too ignorant to assume it was going on, on our own doorstep. They just thought it was public dissorder, well the worlds going to shit anyway, people get riled, you expect a little rioting. You didn't expect it on your own streets, and soon enough jumping through your own god damn window trying to rip you to pieces, it was a bloodbath and the government wasn't on top of it. It was hell, but me and my sister stuck together, we didn't have anyone else, it was just us and I was going to make sure that we both lived through this, the things I did to people, not just the infected, made me hate who I saw in the mirror, people weren't people anymore, and those who had their sanity, they were doing things just as horrible as the infected, and to survive, I became one of those people. I wasn't proud of the things I did, but to make sure we lived? I did what had to be done, and eventually, it became second nature. We made our way down to the coast, just like many others had done, trying to find a way out, most of them did the obvious and went to the airports... more bloodbaths and mayhem. Of course it was, you get people grouped up like that and theres just one infected? spreads like wildfire. We chose to find a boat instead, go to some island where we could wait for this to blow over, for the infected to die out, or a counterattack. But it was just as bad there too, all the major ports were rife with them, screams and terror were all you saw. We opted for going further up the coast, somewhere quiet where we could find something small and get the hell off this murderhole. Eventually we came across a small dock, with a number of smaller boats, but nothing we could even hope to use, neither of us had experience with boats of this calibur, and the few rowing boats there wouldn't get us anywhere. We assumed all hope was lost, we were under the impression we were, frankly, fucked. But then just off the coast, we saw it, a cruise ship making its way up, heading east. We knew this was our one chance and we weren't going to let it slip from under us. we grabbed a flare gun from one of the bigger boats, jumped onto a row boat and made our way out. It was a one in a million chance these people would even bother stopping for us, trust for other humans had gone completely out of the window for everyone, we understood that but we took the chance anyway. We rowed with all our might and shot as many flares as we could and by some miracle they slowed for us and we made it. We were free and clear, or so we thought. We were on that boat what felt like months, but likely only weeks, people were acting like what was happening out there never happened at all, I felt dirty at that prospect, i'd killed people, murdered for as little as a glance, trust issues so blatant they were out there for the world to see, and I couldn't go back to being a normal citizen. Every person on that ship was a potential danger to me and my sister, and I wasn't about to let my guard down, even if everyone else had. It was clear sailing for the most past, until one night a storm hit us, it was terrible, the motion sickness I felt was like nothing i'd ever experienced before. Gripping my sister so tight I started to hurt her, and she made me aware. That was one of the last things I heard from her, the boat lurched forward and slammed us into a wall. I was dazed but regained myself quickly, I didn't know what was going on, had someone infected managed to get onboard? There wasn't time to think, only to act, I grabbed my sister and dragged her to a room, threw her in and locked the door, if anyone is going to survive this, it's her. Another lurch, this wasn't infected, I had thought to myself, and then i was flung against a wall again, and this time I didn't keep concious. In and out as I was, hearing screams and panic striken passangers screaming inchorently. The rest was a daze, someone was hauling me to a lifeboat, and I was out again, woke up to us on the boat, then out again. For the final time I shocked awake, alone, whoever had hauled me to the boat had left me there on the shore, likely considering me more of a burden than they'd first anticipated. I quickly got my bearings and looked back to the wreckage of a ship just off shore. Immidiately i sprung into action, my sister is still on that ship! I thought to myself, I got the lifeboat back into the water and still injured slowly made my way back, Too slow! she's dead, I know it, I fucked up, finally i made it there and through the mostly sunken waterlogged ship, nearly drowning on multiple occasions, I made my way back to the room, only to find the door kicked in, and no sign of my sister. Relief washed over me, she'd gotten out. Again I got my bearings, as I made my way back to the lifeboat, she's alive and im going to find her, she's out there alone and most likely thinks of me as dead. I got back to shore on this unfamiliar land, considering the lack of civilization I assumed only too rightly that the infection was already here,unbeknownst to me that this was where patient Zero had originated. Now I'm going to make my way inland, grab a weapon, and find my sister if it's the last thing I do.
  2. Hey there, I recently submitted an application for whitelisting, and I MAY have forgotten to input my age into it - I thought i had but looking back it seems I haven't. I don't want this to affect my admission, but I assume it will, if it does help im 36. Will this cause an issue? and if so how may I resolve it? Any help would be appreciated.