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  1. Hello My name is Ezekiel Jensen I was born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas I was once part of a White Supremist group called the White Society that I was in since I was a small child since my father was the head of that branch, I always loved and looked up to my father so when i was 5 he allowed me to join him in his activities, i was the youngest among us after about 12 years in the organization one day I was apart of a large shootout with a gang of “african americans then it all went south when a bunch of police and more of those “african americans” came and ruined our fun I tell ya maybe 12 of those “african americans” died that night sadly they took my father from me and i’ll make them rue the day they crossed Ezekiel Jensen but after that i had to flee the country because after my Father’s death I was the head of the White Society and the Feds were hunting my ass down so had to leave the country to go to the country with the lowest racial diversity, Chernarus and the city with the least amount jews, Novodmitrovsk how ever you say that crap, I thought of Zelenogorsk but that sounded to jewish for my taste. But damn my luck I heard about some outbreak started in the major cities so I had to leave which wasn’t too bad because it had a lot of jews so I think I made the wrong choice when choosing a place to live now that I think about it,