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  1. *Mason picks up a pen from the table, and leans over the paper* "Aight! It's time to get back to business" Someone stole my so called "books" and I am still alive. That means either I am a survival master or my books help nothing. I guess I am just good, but not everybody that lucky, so get right back to chapter 3. 3. Socializi... Socializa.... People stuff: You will bump into people time to time. They will be arrogant aholes or cute, helpful people, they can be psychopats tho. Look at me, do I look like normal to you? Don't answer. Course I do. But anyways here is the 4 step to survive or befriend people. First of all, keep your distance. If they gave you the blanket that their passed away daughter loved, they can still lie. Let me test you. You look handsome today, just as a radioactive potato. Don't get overconfident, I've lied! If they are there for a cuple of days, and they still did not murder you in your sweetest, manly, well dressed and shaved dreams, that doesn't mean, you can trust 'em. So, step two! Let's start speaking! Find some topicks, socialize! Do it! It can save you later. After some days or weeks give them some pressure. No, don't make them wash your underwear, and do not sit on their back, but make little tests. Just as girls did in highschool back in the old days. So undust your skills, and reach step three. Make sure they are good through little tests. Step four is the last one! If they did not kill you through this time, than you are lucky or they like you. Either way, you will survive. Anyways, folks. Aaaaalways stay gentleman and alive. *Slowly puts the pen down, and leans back in his chair*
  2. If anyone can help me, we can make it from plan to reality. My notebook can connect to the wifi, but I can not use my main PC yet.
  3. Simple civilian. I mean I don't wanna throw them into a dark cell as "Roleplay with the other members". I want to give them some freedom where they can go wherever they want but never show their real identity, always act a role. But I like that Fight Club kinda stuffs. I mean I loved the movie as well. Obv. I will give a background story and others if I can throw it in Group ideas thread. Was helping me a lot, thank you!
  4. I am roleplaying since I was 12 yrs old. I will try to hide... khmm avoid metagaming. Thank you for caring to share your opinion!
  5. Hi! I have posted a group idea before. I'll share a more planned idea with you all. I would like to see your ideas and thoughts how can I make it better, or more enjoyable. I am alone with it and I don't have much time, so if you are interested, let me know ? Thank you for reading my post ? Have a nice day!
  6. BRK'99

    BeanZ WAR

    37! @Daisy DOG FOR SALE!!!
  7. Thank you. I am still moving out so I still have no time sadly. But I am on it
  8. It isn't a whole plan yet. I am gonna give it more details later, but it's 5 am now, and I should sleep by now.
  9. Hello beautiful community of DayzRP. Today I could check a really, really good movie from my list. The 'Shutter Island'. It was so good and made me think. Not just about the movie itself, but about a Dayz group idea. I was thinking about a group created by insane people. People who gave up, went crazy by the world as it is. It doesn't matter if it happened in the new or the old world. I was thinking about a group created by brain-washed people. People who doesn't care about morale or does not have any regret, emotions or emphaty against the outsiders. Have some inside the group, but not much. Basically the trashbin of society. The rejects of life. As you could see I love characters with some unique features or even crazy, hard to roleplay but fun disorders. I was courious about your opinion and advices. What do you think? Or would you take part in it?
  10. @SomeWeirdAssGuy You are a mean, mean man! @Puck Help me out bb. ? 8/10 GM but personally I don't really know you.
  11. *Grabs the old, worn pen from the table in front of him while staring in the distance* "Well, at least I am not gonna drive myself up the wall... Maybe... I hope so... Let's begin" 2. Bug Out Bag: Order it now! Bug out bag made by underpaid workers with quality materials!! Just for 99,99 $ !!! It's only one step away!! Maybe I am a little bit late with this, because you can not order those on amazon or ebay anymore... But you still can gather, find or steal the components these days, it's up to you how will you make your own BUG OUT BAG! But let's see, what are the basic things you need in your life... Some heavy duty bags. If you still have your beloved bag from Elementary School it won't be enough! Yes, it could hold an entire library, and it did, but no. Get some military grade thing, with strong zippers and MOLLE system. Stainless Steel Water Bottle. No, not plastic. Greenpeace will still find you, and you won't be able to boil water in it. With the bottle, some water purification tablets won't hurt you, neither some 'portable' water filters. But with hydration, you will need food. You are human. Get some high calorie food bars. You can gather those expensive sport bars that you couldn't afford earlier! Hurray. But the best are some MRE packages! They are delicious (?), calorie dense and they can travell with you through years! Untill they can move on their own, and (/or) can speak. (If they are funny you can keep 'em to stay sane or probably you are already insane) SPORK! Yes, the mighty child of spoon and fork! As well you can keep a collapsible cup and bowl. Less space, less headache. Fishing line and hook. Something to start your fire unless you loooove the cold and infected meals and drinks. Flint and steel will do. Some vitamins. You know, grandma gave you those. I know granny isn't here with you... Don't cry! You are a man that is planning to survive! Okay, maybe a little! Rain coat, gloves, sewing kit and some dry clothes (like socks). Combine work with pleasure! It's not a vacation, but bring a hammock. And a TACT bivvy! You know, that blanket that can fit in your palms. You know, less space, less headache. Zip ties. I love 'em! And the next fashion item from our "you won't even survive a day" collection. Paracord bracelets! They can stop a blade once if you are lucky... Real lucky, and you can use the paracord many, many times! Small things such as waterproof matches, scissors, sunscreen, painkiller, vaseline (no, you dirty little guy... they burn easily), superglue, antibiotic, etc. Compass, multi-tool and survival knife! Important! A handgun just in case you can not live with your miserable li... A gentleman never hurts themselfs. A handgun in case you have to protect yourself and words can not help. And the most important! Suspender, necktie and a fresh, clean shirt! Now if you are a puzzle, or better, tetris master you will have an easy time! And there you go, you can survive a little bit longer. This is the end of this chapter! And remember, always stay gentle... And alive... Well, I'll have to rethink my slogan. *Drops the pen back to the table, than lies back in his chair* "This is for today folks... Hah"
  12. Can't think about the person above me. I am more famous than the most famous famous person in the history of famous prople. I am famous af. 10/10 Jk. ExoticRainbow, you are a solid 9/10
  13. Thank you guys. I am not home at the moment, but I will ?
  14. 0. Introduction: My name is Mason Howell, I felt like I have to share it with you all even though high likely nobody cares. But let's get to the topic. I really like vintage and kind of elegant fashion and it comes with a calm and gentle attitude as well. Later in these "books" I'll share with you the basics of surviving that mess with a style. Are you ready? Oh hell no, you aren't! Look at yourself. You wear that same damn, dirty sweater for months. Prolly you weren't showering for days and you let your beard grow as long as school kid's ruler. That is brings me to introduce you the first point of the great list o'mine, 1. Self Care: First of all, take care of yourself... Take a bath, wash your face and clothes, cut your beard and mustache. I understand that is hard to do in that world, but do the best. That isn't just makes you a well situated person, but will protect from most of the infections. Take care of your clothes. Wash them, sew them, throw them out if it's necessary! If you have dirty clothes you will be sick, if you have clothes torn apart like a dog toy than sew them, or else you will catch a flu or something more easier. And if your clothes looks like, feels like and most important, smells like the core of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl, or grew an extra arm it's time to get rid of it! Read books, play cardgames and spend some valuable time with others. It will bring you social skills, or expand your vocabulary and thanks to that you will not just stand in front of someone like a bag of potatoes, which sometimes makes a little noise. Yes, it can be matter of life or death. You will meet various type of people. Beleive me, you can not just avoid them forever. Or if you did, than it's worth to think about if YOU are the psychopath that everybody tries to avoid. I knew someone like that, his name was Azael... Funny story. But let's get back. You will meet people and you will have to know how to handle them. Take care of your other equipment. Always clean your weapons, or other things you carry around. *Mason puts down his pen, and covers his own face with his palms and sais: "That is enough for today"*
  15. It's good to be back to this kind and helpful community. You can hardly find one like that in Hungary. Danke Guys ?
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