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  1. BeanZ WAR

    Muhaha! 118!
  2. BeanZ WAR

    117! Haha.
  3. BeanZ WAR

    It doesn't matter who you bring to the fight High-Bean team. Or what skill you use, I am immune to it. (Especially, because I don't understad it ^^) The army of Low-Beanerz will win anyways! Fooorward! 96!
  4. Love you all! (Even if you hate me)


    1. Max


      where ya going buddy?

  5. Hey there guys. It was such a fun to play with you all. I've enjoyed that, but clearly I have to improve my english skills to entertain you guys. (As I've experienced It wasn't so fun to you to talk with me, so...) Otherwise I have to learn for my final exams, than I have to renew our house in Budapest 'till the University starts. And yeah... Have other problems I have to deal with sadly. It was such a good time, again. Probably I'll play, but just a few times. I hope I'll meet the few people again who doesn't hate me yet. Wish the bests for you all! Hope to catch you later.
  6. BeanZ WAR

    @Max you are part of the Lowbeaner army! YOU KNOW THAT! So yep, I'll still call you that (:c 111! Do the right thing, Max... Do the right thing...
  7. BeanZ WAR

  8. BeanZ WAR

    I summon my ARMY of LOWBEANERS!!! @justmate, @Max, @lukaszxe, @Sophie! FORWARD AND PUSH THEM BACK! I am sorry if I haven't summoned some members! Ohh and summon @Lady In Blue to see as the number of beanz droppin' 109!
  9. Mental illness.

    He is fine. At least he is looking like a healthy 18 years old guy Thanks yall
  10. Real life picture Thread

    Helllooo again dudes This is mee while I am working hard for money to spend on food. Lots and lots of food Instagram: kriszbalog99 Good to see u all again
  11. Mental illness.

    I am not playing due to some problems with one of my friends. If you have or had panic attack, panic disorder please help me to help my friend. Contact me ASAP Thank you.
    • Josei
    • BRK'99

    Hellloooo again! <3 

    ... Oh! Happy New Year! :3 :3 :3 RAWR!!!!!111


    • BRK'99
    • Josei

    Heeello again <3

    Oh and... Happy new year :'D

    1. Rory


      Chill with the juicing ;) 

    2. DustyRP


      Yeah fam, get your own juicebox, this one is mine ;) 

    3. BRK'99


      I am not lack of woman, thanks. I have unlocked plenty of them in a game called 'Life'. I recommend you to try it. I have played for a few years to earn things. However, you can unlock with money. Dont worry, even you can do it ;)

      So, why cant I talk with her as a Friend? Ffs. Grow up fellas. I like to talk to her cuz she is kind and funny ^^

      So, hey there Quinn ^^

    4. DustyRP


      Issa meme lmao relax bud

    5. BRK'99


      Oh and to be clear I am not handle girls as objects. I am just wrote like this because of the metaphor. Whats more I hate guys whos uses them for just the 'thing' 

      Have a good day ^^ 

    6. Josei


      what the fu-

    7. Aiko


      Is ok I will juice her instead!!



    8. Josei


      @Aiko I.. 



    9. Aiko



    10. DustyRP


      RIP me I guess lmao

    11. Aiko


      Is ok you can watch ^_^

    12. DustyRP


      Thanks for looking out for me @Aiko ;) 

    13. Josei



    14. Aiko


      You welcome Dudesty I got you fam!


    15. Josei


      I am @Aiko's girl.


  12. 1-1,5 litres of mixed alcohol (TatraTea, Whiskey, Vodka, Pálinka etc.) down but still fine. Sounds like a good Birthday party. 


  13. I am not gonna hide anymore! [Open frequency]

    *Presses down the PTT* "I don't care if you are Miss, or Mrs. I don't even know the difference. But I am living happily without this information." "You don't have to be a Communist to have a Red Holiday... They will force you to have that. So, I know..." "And who are you eather, Majestic Lady?" "You don't have a name eather, but at least I am trying to save someone, with or without a name." *foreign language* Hülye picsa. "Actions doesn't need a name. Actions need people, who perform them..." *foreign language* Mi a francnak szól bele ez is? Ül otthon, nyalva a Komcsikat, pakolja az adományait azoknak a hataloméhes, undorító ruszkiknak... Ehh' "I hope you are giving, or you will give your stuff to the kommies with a huge smile on your face.* *Releases the PTT*