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  1. BeanZ WAR

  2. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Winter because the snow, Summer because of sunshine, Autumn because of the rain. And Spring? I don't really like it. So my favourite season is Wimmeing Favourite activity?
  3. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Kinda good guy Said some cheering words, and always positive with us! I like him
  4. BeanZ WAR

  5. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *As the guy stopping the another broadcast, starts licking the blood from the knife than dropping it on the ground. Takes a deep breath, than starts searching through the radio frequencies.* *As he hits this broadcast, stops and presses the PTT* "Quinn? Somebody said Quinn? Mhaha... THE Quinn? *laughting, and talks back and forth* Ooohh, good old times... Good old nights... When I was watching over Azael... Watching him sleeping... Mmmhaha... He was mumbling your name... he was kinda sad hearing about your death... So... You made him sad, right? So I like you! You made him sad! *starts singing* Ma-de him sad. Ma-de him disappointed! Ma-de him, ma-de him! He was saaad! *starts speaking maniacly* So thank you! Thank you making me happy!" *Releases the PTT, than looks over the dead body* "But now... As he is dead... Now that's not a thing anymore... But... Thanks anyway! Isaac's out!" *Releases the PTT again, than starts running out in the nature and starts screaming about his happyness*
  6. Distorted radio broadcast [Open Frequency]

    *from nothing, a song getting started on the broadcast on a loop*
  7. Distorted radio broadcast [Open Frequency]

    *someone pressing down the PTT* "Are you looking for Azael? Mmmhahah... Are you really trynna find him? Really? R-E-A-L-L-Y? *weird laughter, and happy voicetone* I don't know why, tho... He's a little, little bitch. *laughter than suddenly changes to serious voicetone* Oh... I am sorry... He... *maniac laughter again* WAS! He was a little bitch!! Ha! Now, he's just a pile of guts. IN! FRONT! OF! ME!... Yes, he was screaming as I cutted open his stomach... Yeeees, I was enjoying it! Yes I diiid! Mhahha... I REALLY DID! I did! I did it! I killed it! I killed that son of a bitch! I just did it! *the man is obsessed with his narrative* Oooh maaan... Just imagine... As I just hit his belly, and this warm... crimson blood started spreading all over the floor... As every colorless place turned colorful again... As the quite dark filled up with his scream... Beautiful, beautiful feeling! THAT WAS... Ohh man I wish I could feel it again! Fuck that shiiit... I won't hurt anyone... Juuuuust those who made that bitch happy! I'll hunt you down! And I'll enjoy it... *starts singing* Blood, blood everywhere... Blood, blood all over the shack! Blood, blood sweet nectar! Blood, blood YOU'VE GOT FUCKING KILLED! Mhahaha!! See you later, Isaac's out!" *the preson slowly releases the PTT, than turns over, and pulls out the knife from the warm body, than slowly starts licking the blade covered with blood... As he slowly walking away, starts to laugh maniacly*
  8. Distorted radio broadcast [Open Frequency]

    *he is washing the blood of the infected off of himself, when he hears the radio, than slowly walks to it and presses PTT* "Ahhan, hey dude... Look I dont know wheeeen is the time, when I'll be reachable... Cuz y-you know... I have things to kill with... I-I mean deal with... Like grey-skins... I hate 'em so much... And this little girl... Look dude, tgats scary... A little girl keep coming back... She's a grayskin, but not act like one... kinda spooky.. Eeehm, sorry... So... where would it be good? Or... shit... lets change to a private frequency, allrighty?" *releases the PTT, than waiting for respond*
  9. Pictures about Apocalypse and Darkness.

    @Max @SomeWeirdAssGuy Thanks for the movie idea, anyway I am not a parent, but... Depression is not participate that huge part of my life, like before... But still appear sometimes But I'll dude. @Brayces I did not delete it Thanks for cheering dude
  10. Distorted radio broadcast [Open Frequency]

    *As Azael slowly wakes up to the voice of them, keep listening while lying on the bed. Than slowly gets up from his place, than presses the PTT down* "Well, eehm... IV? Okay, I think... T-that's possible, I mean... *mumbling* Ohh maan, I mean.... Sure, we could meet... Yes... But don't try any tricks, okay?" "And hey buddy... Good to hear about you again... I mean in that crappy world... Good to hear a familiar voice... B-but.... Yeah, I'll wait for your response!" *Rapidly releases the PTT, as a Infected starts ramming the door.*
  11. Pictures about Apocalypse and Darkness.

    I wanted to watch "The Road", thanks for reminding me I've tryed... But you know, always just threw them to the "Delete it" folder. But I'll make more Thank you dude.
  12. Before vs After - Screenshot Edits

    I know, just playing with you dude. Perfect pictures
  13. Distorted radio broadcast [Open Frequency]

    *Azael picks up the radio, than presses PTT* "Eyya Sir! Can you copy? Are you still there? Well, if you are... Than can you send me a private frequency, or somethin'? I wanna talk with ya." *Azael releases the PTT, than throws the radio on the ground*
  14. Hey there! I usually work well when I am depressed, so that's why the title is what it is. But now, there is a picture from 2014. Downloaded from Facebook, 'cuz I can't find it anywhere... So sorry for the quality, and say thanks for the Facebook Will upload more when I'll find 'em oras soon as I make a new one. Have a good day buddy.
  15. Before vs After - Screenshot Edits

    The Cherno II... Uhh love it! The No Mans Sky inspired tho... Love these pics PS.: Does Apocalypse changes the color of our eyes?