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  1. BRK'99

    BeanZ WAR

    You think, you can win with your high beans? 46!
  2. If anyone cares, you can find me on my instagram. ^^ See you there. https://www.instagram.com/kriszbalog99/
  3. I am just shooting pictures on my run. It could be either funny or beautiful. Enjoy 'em That's how it started: The fuk: This is my new, self-made skinpack. Do you like it? NS: Couldn't even saw him, only the smoke of his gun (FAL ACOG): PSO: And finally, an AKM-PSO combo. He was on top of the blocks (right from the crane and building site)
  4. BRK'99

    BeanZ WAR

    It doesn't matter who you bring to the fight High-Bean team. Or what skill you use, I am immune to it. (Especially, because I don't understad it ^^) The army of Low-Beanerz will win anyways! Fooorward! 96!
  5. Love you all! (Even if you hate me)


    1. Max


      where ya going buddy?

  6. Hey there guys. It was such a fun to play with you all. I've enjoyed that, but clearly I have to improve my english skills to entertain you guys. (As I've experienced It wasn't so fun to you to talk with me, so...) Otherwise I have to learn for my final exams, than I have to renew our house in Budapest 'till the University starts. And yeah... Have other problems I have to deal with sadly. It was such a good time, again. Probably I'll play, but just a few times. I hope I'll meet the few people again who doesn't hate me yet. Wish the bests for you all! Hope to catch you later.
  7. BRK'99

    BeanZ WAR

    @Max you are part of the Lowbeaner army! YOU KNOW THAT! So yep, I'll still call you that (:c 111! Do the right thing, Max... Do the right thing...
  8. BRK'99

    BeanZ WAR

    I summon my ARMY of LOWBEANERS!!! @justmate, @Max, @lukaszxe, @Sophie! FORWARD AND PUSH THEM BACK! I am sorry if I haven't summoned some members! Ohh and summon @Lady In Blue to see as the number of beanz droppin' 109!
  9. He is fine. At least he is looking like a healthy 18 years old guy Thanks yall
  10. Helllooo again dudes This is mee while I am working hard for money to spend on food. Lots and lots of food Instagram: kriszbalog99 Good to see u all again
  11. I am not playing due to some problems with one of my friends. If you have or had panic attack, panic disorder please help me to help my friend. Contact me ASAP Thank you.