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  1. Vladimir Tokarev was born in 84' in Russia in the town of Saints Petersburg. His father left when he was of early age, and grow up only with his mother and grandmother. When he reached the age of 17 he left school to start working at a nearby factory. After certain underground connections he made while working in the factory making guns, he got offered a job as an illegal gunsmith putting guns together and cleaning them for local criminals. After a few years he moved up the ranks and was sent down to Chernarus to supply guns to the Chedaki. He did his part in aiding the cause, but he didnt agree with their barbaric slaughter. After the end of the world, Vladimir found some old comrades and sticked with them, following orders and using his gunsmithing skills to help.
  2. The lyrics match the community lmao

  3. What i want to say to people that start talking Chernarussian to me ingame, but i cant because my character is a nice guy


    1. Spartan


      It's Chernarussian.

    2. Soviet Lizard

      Soviet Lizard

      Pardon my french

    3. Spartan


      It triggers me ;D

    4. Soviet Lizard

      Soviet Lizard

      xdd xdd inbefore i get banned, but when you reach 110 hours you get the rank Cherno Russian on the website

    5. Spartan


      I know, I got it. It's terrible.... :(

    6. Soviet Lizard

      Soviet Lizard

      im sorry for you ahahha

  4. Best guy at telling people to put their hands up and then getting killed by the guy he is threatening xdd xD

  5. What i expected of everybody when i first joined


    1. Vytis



    2. Soviet Lizard
  7. Image result for thinking emoji meme\

    When something interesting is happening , my internet be like ... or my game chrashes

  8. Vytis

    • Vytis
    • Soviet Lizard


  9. Neal Martin was born on 21.04.1984 in America. He always liked guns, so he became a gunsmith and owned a local gun store in Alaska. Neal was sure that the world would end, like in videogames he played, so he stocked up on guns and supplies and owned a bunker. One day he woke up and wanted to explore the world while he still had a chance, so he planned a huge trip across Europe and into Asia. One of the countries he was visiting was Chernarus, because he liked the ''communist vibe'' that the country gave him (he saw pictures of Chernarus on the internet before). He would go on the trip alone , but meet a friend named John McGyver in Cherno on a specific date. Him and John were friends and knew eachother for a few years, when both lived in Alaska. When Monsters flooded the street, Neal deeply regretted that he ever left his bunker and his cozy life in Alaska, but he was now determined to stay alive and make it back home, and maybe check one of those castles that he saw online while he is still in Chernarus. Neal is always paranoid that someone or something is following him. He survived the first weeks of the outbreak because he was hiking in the woods and knew what had happened when he heard the explosions and airplanes. He first thought another war broke out but he later saw the monsters himself. Neal prefers to keep his distance from people. After a few bad incidents with some bandits, he prefers to stay away from people, and only talk to them if he must. Neal does not wish to hurt those who are innocent, but he has no way of telling these days, so he greets everyone with a gun to their face. Neal joined up with some people he thought could make a difference for the better, but it ended up in him getting gravely injured at the assault of Green Mountain 10/12/2017. He managed to escape but after that, he just packed and left the Collective. After Neal left the collective , he headed north, towards a rumor of military presence at a military base named ''Tisy''. He didnt know the way , so he stopped and asked every stranger for directions , but eventually he made it to the outskirts of Tisy military base. Neal was surprised to see all the military dead, and in the military base , some people in bandit gear holding some civilians hostage. After the fight, Neal was wounded and his Leather Jacket and sawed off ruined. One of the hostages was once a doctor, so Neal got help on the spot. Afterwards he decided to pick up the gear the military had left and set on a new journey. In Stary Sobor 11/18/2017 , Neal met some friendly people and an old friend that was with him at the battle of Green Mountain, Axel.
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