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  1. Grey

    Broken [IG Recruitment]

    I really like this idea. Being able to settle disputes or train people in a trial-by-combat manor would bring a new style of RP. In a more primitive yet honourable way instead of simply executing people. At least in my opinion.
  2. Grey

    Broken [IG Recruitment]

    Let's gooo
  3. Grey

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      Sup son.

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      @BorisRP Stop wearing bright rain coats you loon

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      Bright rain coats is the only nice looking clothes 

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      HI PEIN

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    I'm Back...I suppose


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      Good! And stay this time 

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      Hiya, welcome back!

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      Oh well hello there stranger. glad to have you back. 

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    Come back :(  

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      Im tempted 

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    Not allowed GIF backgrounds mate :( 

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      He's not wrong, sorry Grey. Gonna have to take that down..

  7. Grey

    Hallo there Grey [Private Freq]

    *Grey would drop an empty bag that contained some sort of powder. Rolling his eyes, he pulls his radio off of his vest and presses the PTT* *You would hear a strong English accent* Ahh right, I see. So you need a word with me about something sooo bloody important, you can't tell me over a radio ay? You know what. Yeah. I'll meet ya. But he best bring plenty of ammo. *Grey pauses for a moment before smiling and clipping his radio back onto his vest*
  8. Grey


    My boi Dallas going places

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      all da way up



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    Don't do drugs kids.

    1. Dallas
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      Yung Shade

      Is this an add for or against drugs? 'cause if this is what drugs do to you, count me in!

    3. Grey


      That's some of Eddie's stuff right there xD

  10. Grey

    S1 - Invalid Execution / Stary Sobor 16/12/17 - 00:17 - 00:22 UTC Approx

    Server and location: S1 - Central Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16/12/17 - 00:17 - 00:22 UTC Your in game name: Grey Heath Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show - PCC Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None as I was planning on going to bed Detailed description of the events: After waiting in the queue and finally getting in, I lost motivation to come on and RP & It being late my time; I was planning on going to bed. As I woke up on the server I decided to go into a house to log in Stary since I was standing out in the open in the street from when I last logged off. However just as I entered the building, it was surrounded by Approx 6-7 people wearing red armbands, from my knowledge PCC. I was aware OOC that an event was about to take place; hence why I never volunteered to be a hostage and was ready to go to bed until the men in the armbands insisted that I went to the trading camp. Their excuse being that a man wants me there because of a trade. I explained to them that I have never had anything to do with traders and never will, quite frankly I don't want to get involved with them. As I carried on slowly walking out the town to find another place to log for the night, they surrounded me again and this time told me to put my hands up. So I did. I put my rifle on my back and surrendered. They walked me and another man up the road towards the barn whilst screaming at me to be quiet and not talk. I said to the first man that pointed his rifle, "Listen to me, I don't have anything to do with traders". Yet he insisted that I "Need to listen to him!" and shut up. From my understanding, it said in the information on the event to not worry if you are a hostage, if you comply and give hostage RP you will not lose anything. I was badly mistaken. This was irrelevant to me anyway since I didn't plan on getting involved. However I am slightly puzzled to why Killing a hostage was their first plan and not a last resort. I followed their demands to walk to the barn, yet keeping Grey's personality without going over the top. The man behind me told me to hurry up and not talk since I was telling them that I'm not the person they are looking for. He then screamed stop talking now and shot the ground next to me. I then said "Christ is this how you treat your bargaining chips ay?"... He then shot me... He never shot me to injure me since from what I heard as my body fell was him mag-dumping the back of my head. I feel that this whole situation was very badly orchestrated and was complete invalid execution of a hostage. After reading the Event info, I thought to myself when I was taken that it cant be that bad, it will be a bit of fun for everyone. Yet again I was mistaken. From speculation however I do feel that they wanted my rifle since a few of them were not exactly well equipped. But i'm not going to go as far as say it was GearRP; I just cant work out why their first plan was to kill a hostage instead of doing something like, "*Hits man with butt-stock*". What makes it worse is that this whole scenario went on for less that 10 minutes. Comparing this to the event that was planned it makes no sense. They prioritised executing a hostage over taking them to the "event".
  11. Grey


    Hmmmm, I really don't know what to think about The Last Jedi. I mean It's Star Wars, I can't say it's bad but It's just...

    All I can say is you can tell how hard Disney are trying to milk the franchise.

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      Nice Shelby avatar

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      Thank you :D

  12. Grey


    I think I need to get another N64 

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      Yes, this and Perfect Dark.

    2. Grey


      The list goes on dude , wish I never sold mine now :|

  13. Grey

    Lachlan, can you hear me? [Open Freq]

    Lennox would drop his fishing rod into the pond in shock before snatching his radio and pressing down the PTT "Lachlan! Lachlan can yer hear me? It's the Buzzards, they, they foond dad! A checked the old frequency t' see if anyone was still on et, an they stell use et. A got en tooch weth Sully an he told meh that dad was seen en Miroslavl. They're sending oot a patrol to Myshkino to peck us up!" He releases the PTT and stuffs his radio into his bag before jogging off up the road
  14. Grey


    Well that was fun for a short while... 

    Think it's time a certain someone returned ;)

  15. Grey

    Nexum Co. [Open Recruitment]

    Aye! Aye also You got a point. I do constantly wear a dirty bush on me head.