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    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

    I suggest to add the flags or other unit logos or patches to the TTSKO uniform pieces, like we have on the TTSKO right now. (I like how this guide turned into a uniform item suggestion or preview thread at the same time :D)
  2. Combine

    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

    ^ Chernarussian state approval granted.
  3. Combine

    Chernarus Trade Federation

    I really have to visit that place. Soon.
  4. Combine

    The Order

    E: You sometimes wish you could just fucking sit down properly on furniture like that?
  5. Combine

    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

  6. Combine

    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

    I can see both variants work, with and without CBRN gear, if you refer to the shirt / pants / vest.
  7. Combine

    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

    Yeah, a bit. Depending on what you put on your face it might be more bearable, too. Dunno, balaclava or gas mask, as example.
  8. Combine

    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

    Just spoke to Greener about this too, he kind of brought up the fabric issue, too. The mod screenshots look fine to me and indicate fabric, but here's the issue: Obviously different model and game, of sorts. No clue how our helmet would look with TTSKO and whatnot, if it looks like crap, then...well... (TTSKO retexture could still be better than nothing for the other helmets).
  9. Combine

    Chernarussian Defence Force Guide

    @TheMrGasMask Why not? My own character used to serve in it pre-infection for limited time. But I get what you might possibly aim for with the question. As far as I know you only really should check out potential issues beforehand or "ask" for it if you intend to have special character backgrounds including certain international or national special forces (COBR or comparable) or if you want to have special individual backgrounds like "I was researcher at Ground Zero when it happened". I am obviously not part of the lore master team but since I am close-ish or was close-ish many times and saw some cases where decisions were made or things were discussed, I lean out of the window here and claim that I should be summarizing this well, but any member of said team should correct me if I mentioned something wrong or forgot something there. But in this particular case, I see no issue with this particular unit since it wasn't Kamensk only, meaning you could portray a (former?) soldier from that unit who was not involved with that thing at all, which is what I do background-wise, too. As most military forces have NBC or CBRN components it doesn't seem like something notably special here. On another note: Are you just looking for a personal character background or could you imagine playing in some sort of CDF (player) group? If you do not want to completely rule out the latter, there could be demand for this. I know at least one other person who is very interested in this, but has no ability or incentive to do it alone - understandably so. I might throw in my weight meaning we'd be three already and that's just counting us. Anyone interested in this can send me a PM. Also fun fact: I made the shitty logo for the 88th ‘Duch’ CBRN Company Guide / CDF equipment lore suggestion: I suggest to consider the SSh-68 Combat Helmet to be phased out, if not completely then partially. Frankly most sources or indicators I can think of, including CDF mods for Arma 3 and the time at hand (modernization programs before and / or after infection), indicate to me they'd use a different, either more western or more modern looking helmet. So long story short, we should add more western or modern looking combat helmets or maybe tactical helmets (for particular CDF units) to the gear page if able to. I also must say I just dislike the thing in-game, and wouldn't want to run around with it Sources (from both mods and 'vanilla')
  10. Combine

    Character reset for those guilty of ghosting.

  11. Combine


    How goes it?
  12. Combine

    Attention women of Chernarus (Open Freq)

    Pavel grabs the radio and began speaking with a somewhat muffled voice, as if somewhat obscured. It's in English with some slavic accent. <:: "Your daydream of religious utopia will be cut short by the reality and history at hand. You cannot grow nor sustain your wishful dream of a caliphate and will eventually experience a reverse U-curve and decline because current predictions indicate that: A) the number of Muslims aiding your cause in both Oblast and country are limited and B) you likely cannot reach a sustainable conversion rate among non-Muslims In simple terms: Attrition rate. Others with more backing tried to "conquer" this region and they failed. If not even the Chernarussian state has the resources - and they have more than your little terror gang, vastly more - and time or interest, then you come along and think you can claim and keep it all? No one has to come to you, specifically. They just have to out-live you. Time is on our side." The transmission ends with an audible click.
  13. Combine

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

    @TheBravoActual So I stood in this shop and tested a few liquids, none of them really being the right thing until I try that one and I immediately was in love. So next party I whip that out and people smell it and all in unison (non-vapers or smokers, too) agree it smells good. Gave the thing to someone else to vape on and he almost wouldn't give it back (in joking fashion) because they liked that so much. I guess you won't be disappointed is what I want to say But if you can, try it out first. If you use shops, go there and if they have it, smell on it first or taste a bit of it, before you waste money on something you may not like.
  14. Combine

    Do you play Military or Civillian

    Due to the special role(s), both civilian but also military. I must say while I cannot rule out "fully decked out people", I hardly see them. I also do not get around much but it is of my subjective view that most people run around in "believable fashion" (pun intended). And I like that, I must say, opposed to (literally or almost) every motherfucker running around in full military gear that would likely make little sense because unless your char was or is military or similar or unless a situation demands it, why run around fully decked out all the time? Or in other words, some could and should, but not all, or it would turn weird. Or perhaps in other words, I sometimes do it, char- and background wise, but I am glad not many other people seem to do it - unless it just makes sense for them IC'ly or in a situation. Now that there's also summer there's more encouragement of less "full kits" all the time because you'd likely sweat your ass off over time. But to add: I get it, but yet we have to keep in mind that there's various private and public sector outfits, units, groups or factions still operating (so, active duty), including full black or full military, however one wants to define it. You will see various kinds of uniforms around or in-use, just not that many. And I think that's fine.
  15. Combine

    To my fellow Vape Lords...

  16. Combine

    Water inaccessible

    I'd argue that with a backup supply of food / water it's basically impossible to starve or die of thirst, usually with a bit you can always make it to the next well or pond. So from both an IC and OOC POV, I see little issues with this, and would in some cases even encourage "strategic control" of water sources in an area.
  17. Combine


    Yeah, you could maybe get your group logo. And if not, I am kinda missing one or two different NBC/CBRN related armbands with the appropriate symbols. My char has a background in that area so I could always use that myself.
  18. Combine


    With more selection of armbands from the item shop there's more room (or "no excuse") now Afaik armbands are free and the base selection already comes with a wider set of colors now. And if you have a group member (or 2-3, better for mass-equipping in a shorter time due to cooldowns) that has access to more armbands, your selection increases. But eh, speaking about that, I miss a few armband textures in addition. Will make a suggestion for more.
  19. Combine

    To The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    A muffled voice pops up on the radio shortly after. English words appear with what could be an Eastern or more specifically local accent. <:: "Count me in on this meeting. I have been looking for a while. Might be in your interest, 'corporation'. If you want a name or reference, use "Utes", for now. Do or don't, but don't keep me or this doctor hanging. If you're not into responding here, we can use a dead drop where you can leave written messages. Here goes: Once your former checkpoint or outpost on a coastal strip, long ago. The region is wet and punishment awaits guilty souls nearby. All means of transportation are in reach, just like a good view is. Leave a message in the place you primarily used and had tents and equipment at, but hide it in a non-obvious fashion. I will find it. You can also address the doctor in such messages, he will know via that means of communication. That means I will relay it." Click.
  20. Combine

    How Did This Happen?

    I think Whitelist doesn't have to be extremely hard or annoying to go through, as you could lose otherwise fitting people. But apparently it could also be slightly harder (at least) than it is now?
  21. Combine

    The Chernarussian Virus | A scientific review from the last W.H.O doctor

    Sheesh, you are still alive eh? And thinking about it, you were my first in-game contact in this community. So props I suppose. E: Also very, in simple terms, "immersive" report that indicates professional experience about such topics (or a lot of research) to cover believable (to an outsider's view anyway) wording and approach to the topic.
  22. Combine

    Well done dayzRP community

    @andysuter What you describe, how isolated your playstyle was before ... it heavily reminded me of my own "change" or stepping into another world in DayZ. Back in Mod says I used to play solo or with a friend on average. Only at 2-3 occasions we were in a bigger group of about 4-6 people and that was a highlight. Then eventually, DayZ Standalone came around. Same thing before I then joined a group. Man, from there on when I saw like 4-6 people come at me from the hills (on my side) it was so weird, but from then on it turned into a new game of sorts. So I can kinda relate how you must feel. Glad you enjoy it so far. Welcome to the community and don't let subjectively bad experiences you might (eventually?) encounter ruin it, there is ups and downs but I don't even want to play non-RP anymore since I joined this community for some odd reason, even though I sometimes miss the good old KOS (coupled with an RP setting)
  23. Combine

    Kamensk military base - adding it to rules?

    Didn't the "Bad RP rule" potentially apply before, meaning we need little to do in the sense of adding more rules? Or in simpler terms, I'd perhaps make the dangers more apparent, but I don't think we need specific rulesets for that? Then again, while extending the rules, having a particular ruleset dealing with that will obviously also somewhat "advertise" (or remind) people what the dangers are about. So fine either way for me.
  24. Combine


    The only thing that really bugs me about all of this isn't to blame on the group concept. I actually wish the game(play) itself would boost or empower concepts like this, e. g. persistent (zombie) bodies that can result in limited local (or concentrated, if amassed) health hazards and whatnot requiring some sort of actual cleanup through tools and measures. Or by at least moving them elsewhere away from roads or hubs. Oh well, one can dream Maybe in a more developed zombie survival game adding or minding that shit from the start. Either way, good luck! Will surely run into you.
  25. Combine

    Metagaming changes

    Generally in favor of this, but to add: Double mic should only count or be relevant as soon as you are either: a) fully aware (and vice versa if applicable) of third parties or other players not in your group being around and / or b) have to expect other players to be potentially within hearing range, or that those could enter hearing range with a high chance (being in big urban hotspots with less or limited visibility Doing it all the time doesn't seem necessary, or rather, who would (be able to) report it anyway if it was solely between you and your pals? As addendum I think it should also be fine to "whisper" if all parties can realistically assume you are out of IC hearing range while you may not be technical-wise, but that is perhaps another cup of coffee or tea.
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