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  1. Combine

    Fallout Thread

    Loved Fallout New Vegas, a lot of that is due to the setting with the strip and the gambling mini-games, which I miss in the ones coming afterwards. Fallout 4 is kinda meh story-wise, but at least they used an Engine or feature where dialogue is in real time, even if it was dumbed down. As for 76, well ... oof. I hope the next will be akin to New Vegas or so, but with modern tech.
  2. Combine

    Fallout Thread

    Old video I recorded. Fuqq de legion! Legion attacking Camp Golf but being repelled by superior firepower, ca. 2281, colorized
  3. Combine

    Fallout Thread

    It was a stupid call since they brought the major powers of the wasteland against them on either coast and that resulted in their relative downfall. In turn, the East Coast BOS or the NCR did less evil shit and were, as a result, widely more accepted among the apocalyptic societies.
  4. Combine

    Fallout Thread

    They ... did. Even tho in the recent Fallout New Vegas mod "New California", I also picked the Enclave, and even though it is a custom mod with custom lore, the shit you already do in that mod for the Enclave would seemingly fit perfectly into the main narrative from the official games. They fucked up so bad with the cliché evil shit, I'd almost say their major defeat is to be blamed on their own actions or deserved. If they had used their power to work on re-establishing society from the start, the US would be further ahead or perhaps a world power among ruins of other nations.
  5. Combine

    Fallout Thread

    Kinda liked the idea of the Enclave. Just a shame they had to serve as cliché antagonists rather than a possibly believable post-war faction. I think the trope is called "Evil by design" or something, I dunno. Enclave and Institute (also cliché bad guys you can join, at least) and NCR are among my favorite main factions. Then there's a few other ones, like the White Glove Society (I prefer the version where you avoid bringing them back to cannibalism). I actually also DO like the Minutemen, but not in the standard way. I have a mod that militarizes them more.
  6. At best, in terms of tweaks I'd keep their "health" (or was only bullet damage reduced without touching their 'health'?) and make them slightly slower, and perhaps slightly less hard-hitting. But I like how they take several bullets (usually depending on caliber) to take down unless you hit the head.
  • Combine

    Zombies are too hard?

    No offense but I don't get them being too hard either. They're surely better now than the paper targets you could one shot and mow down one after the other. Now you have to actually be more mindful of them and tell you what? If you sneak up on them you can easily melee them without attracting the whole town, depending on what timing and weapon you use. I don't die (and thus respawn and regear) often but I'd say they're an obstacle initially as you look for things. Even so, if you get chased by several run into a house, close the doors, wait till they disperse, continue. Crouching helps a lot, avoid crouch sprinting when near them though, raises "aggro range". Basically before I repeat it, I refer to what @Voodoo posted. I've done Sam Fisher shit where I was sneaking among a horde of infected with ease, where I could take down half a mil base with a knife only, one at a time. While silencers may be kinda broken, if you know how they roughly operate in this version you have it even easier.
  • Combine

    Persistence Wipes?

    I'd rather prefer other solutions like what zanaan posted or the thing that Mexi said. Does that mean stashes disappear if you do not "visit them" within 48 hours? How does that work? Just be near to refresh, or look inside the container? Move one item in or out? Does it count for anyone or just you?
  • Combine

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    I'd keep gas masks, assuming just having gas mask isn't enough depending on the issue (radiation vs other biohazards). As for suits... Tbh, in my particular case I'd normally agree but it is a bit of a hassle to be part of factions that have ties to entities that could drop this shit in. So being able to spawn it IS convenience while not being too unrealistic where it may be for others. But since we already have to scavenge for our guns and other gear, why do I complain TL; DR: In favor, anyone should Not be able to spawn THAT in at will with no IC explanation. I might find other solutions for my case or just loot it as well. Alternatively give the items a cool down of like a week or so? Also, I do suggest to slightly increase inventory space of the jacket / pants? Please?
  • Combine

    Restraining people in game

    You can do that of course, but at times it is a "hassle", unless you literally tell that someone IC to carefully go through his possessions. But at times I just wanna look at one's backpack w/o taking it all out. To actually be able to look at all items can prevent OOC non-compliance where someone would retain certain objects. While report-worthy, you do not always 'find out'. I literally had it happen to myself. Was taken hostage. Searched. Complied with hand held radio, removed my guns, etc. Here's the funny part: I completely forgot about the huge radio backpack I had in my backpack. In the haste I just did not think about it and it was only found and mentioned upon actually being tied up way later to which I clarified //OOC. If I can forget, others can pretend to have forgotten or try their chances. Yeah, I could not use the object IC, but the matter is I retained it. Or could have w/o an actual search. TL:DR: 1) Keep tie and search, encourage all players to keep tied up part (via game mechanics) short If they decide to use this due to crash risk. An emote(d) frisk should always be done and has to, to cover other objects not represented by in-game objects like pictures or notes 2) Alternatively, add frisk option that works via progress bar or make it so that you can do this with players pressing F5 where no one is restrained 3) Better yet, if even possible: make it so that crashing while restrained doesn't kill you (mod workaround possible?) B4 anyone gets me wrong, I never even tied and then searched one like that in my time here. I just think the ability to look at the inventory is good to have at times or as additional check complementary to IC frisking or restraining. Just annoying that you die when tied up upon crash or DC. Since it is not hard to break out from any restraint, AFAIK, it seems like an outdated game feature that is more annoying than helpful. The toughest ones takes what? 20 or 30 seconds?
  • Combine

    Restraining people in game

    I still prefer to have the option to actually look at someone's inventory.
  • Combine

    Restraining people in game

    Or just keep it very short. Restrain, search, do your thing, and immediately unrestrain - whether you emote they are still restrained or not. Best compromise I can think of.
  • Combine

    Call on The Mountain

    Radec grabs his radio and begins to speak quickly, sounding surprised. Since the rest talk in English, he does the same. An Eastern accent can be assumed or heard. "Mountain men? Sheesh, really? I second what the one who just spoke said. I vaguely recall common endeavors and you were an old ally of Svoboda. Now, I vaguely recall some kind of issue with your group and Svoboda, but before any blame is cast, I wasn't part of them, I merely teamed up. Either way, I recall you in positive fashion. And I think you did good. So don't die on us, you hear? The mountain shall remain strong. And so shall its men. Dasvidaniya, or whatever." Click.
  • Combine

    Add back double stamina

    While annoying or a setback, I kinda like it. Meaning that if you carry too much, you can't sprint (long) and are generally slower. Realistic effects or downsides during combat. But I see room for improvements and tweaks, such as increasing stamina a bit or tweaking the weight of certain objects, perhaps downwards a tad.
  • Combine

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Woop woop! Good luck!
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