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  1. Combine

    Group cap

    Fine as it is.
  2. Combine

    Any tips for Detective type characters?

    I think that is both a simple and yet tough question depending on from where you look at it or what you want to do, or in what situation you end up. Maybe describing it from my perspective helps: Over the years I did more extensive role- and gameplay in settings from playing both dystopian and modern day (more, let's say, democratic)cops or detectives, both where it was mostly a background and also where you literally have this as a job, such as in Arma or Space Station 13 as guard (quasi cop) or literally detective where you investigate crimes with tools, talk to people, etc. Here I started a cop char as my first one since I usually tend to do that. And thing is... while prior experience can help, I don't even think it's that necessary. I should add I started early on in the infection, now it's even more time that passed and while you didn't mention cop but detective, ask yourself if that prior role, the job itself, should still play a role for the behavior of your character. I doubt it, unless you offer this as service to people. If so, even if remotely, ask yourself how the prior job might've shaped or influenced your character. Simple example: Cops might be more observant, cautious, etc. Even in private. Would the same apply? To get back to why I described my own prior experience, I think even if you had more extensive general experience or did that in games or even in reality, I dunno if it would still come into play much. To get back to this question in a summarized version to what I just wrote or hinted at: In this current climate it would likely be hard compared to PI work before the 'apocalypse' or the same work now but in civilization. I sadly have no real "guide" on how to do it, I could also give pointers from my own view but just sit there and ask yourself: "How would I do this if I were in the character's shoes?" I mean it, actually sit down if you have a few free minutes and think, then write down things or do note them down mentally. I am sure the brainstorming will give you ideas on your own already. Also perhaps look at the work of real PIs via wiki pages and reports or articles to get good pointers. If your char has that background it is the best cause of action to actually investigate the job specifics - even if you can't really apply the job anymore (My char was a cop, but you think he's going to man police stations or arrest people? Nope, not really anymore - that just as an example) you get precious key aspects about character behavior or what to perhaps look out for. Also this helps you to "get back in-character" in certain situations where your professional knowledge would be relevant, e.g. your character going "Yes, this is how we would do it, taught by the job". My personal stance is the job is still relatively viable, just perhaps in a more adapted form. At the core, people will see a demand or need for this type of job, so if you do a bit of research and ask around and get into the mindset and lay the groundwork for your char, you'll likely actually make a name for yourselves, even in a cliché way by advertising your 'detective agency' and establishing a brand for that.
  3. Combine

    S1 Severograd KOS

    Good day, I was involved in a situation immediately prior or shortly prior that could give context to the report here. Prior, there was a huge gunfight going on between locals (not necessarily or exclusively the group living there, but Chernarussians at large) and others, Mexicans or w/e. The gunfight itself went on for about half an hour at least, thus must've roughly started at about 01:00 server time or some minutes before that. Logs should show a large injury or death toll prior. I eventually died due to friendly after 'bout 15 to 20 minutes, and I hear it went on, so when your death or apparent KOS happened it must've been in it or possibly at the end, if it concluded. It was big and chaotic, so I'm assuming you were mistaken for an enemy by either side. From what I could tell during the firefight, it was sort of "territorial" with different areas held by different groups involved, so you likely were "in the wrong spot at the wrong time". I hope it helps give general context as to why you were likely shot. Since it isn't a report about the firefight itself like the initial initiation, circumstances or what started it, I have no meaningful information to add other than a big firefight was going on at the time, or was in the aftermath, thus is likely the reason you were shot outright there at that location. There were also no clear uniforms or looks on either side that would've prevented possibly being mis-ID'd as unaffiliated party, I mean we even had friendly fire going on.
  4. Combine

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    A shame. o7
  5. Combine

    Tales from Chernarus and beyond - Combine's media thread

    Back in what is now patches of safezones, a Chernarussian government employee wanted to boost morale and became creative... More to come...
  6. Combine

    To the camp near Tisy (Open Frequency)

    Radec grabs his radio and sighs, you can hear the frustration in the words. <:: "Some ruin everything. Any attempt at a bit of decency or modern services, including doctors who can work in peace, is shot down by savages. Pull back, collect your bearings, keep those close to you safe and re-assess your options from there. If need be, relocate. Oh, and let us know who did this. I'd like descriptions, how did they look like, ethnicity, did they have any accents, what is their 'style' or approach, choice of words, etc. Anything might help in the long run. You actually do not have to reply here. Stamp it into your memory, note it down, let others know through other means so they can't go at you for this. Chin up, perhaps time passing by might help. Over." Click.
  7. Combine

    9MM vs .45 ACP

    I never used a "USG" (UMP) since the damage (or zombie health, whatever was actually done) tweaks, but 9MM from the Vityaz seems "unreliable", sometimes you can shoot an infected with two, more often you have to fire 3-4 rounds into them unless yo hit the head. My pistol which uses .45 seems more reliable with an average amount of 2 bullets being required to down an infected unless you hit the head, so this gives me the indication that .45 might be better. It's been ages since I went to a military spawn regularly, but back in the day (I think already when the infected got tougher or ammo weaker) you always used to find enough .45 but also 9MM ammo. I seriously question, simply from a practical standpoint, if I should bother with certain 9MM weapons if I can have a better alternative and do not have to carry more ammo to compensate for the fact I need to waste more bullets on infected with certain guns. ------------------------------ To perhaps add, this is mostly from a "meta perspective". I'm not suggesting we all skip to the guns with the bigger bang for RP purposes and to encourage use of other civilian grade firearms. But if you have to decide between a pea shooter and sufficient gun in one category of weapons(SMGs I guess, in this case), it would be understandable if most people skip to the more efficient weapon if able to.
  8. Combine

    Brothers, I'm back [The Kozlov Freq]

    Radec speaks up, sounding surprised. <:: "No way, you're still around, or rather around here again?! Interesting, did you bring the rest? And to whoever just spo- ah, I'll save the words, in fact. No use. Welcome back, folks. Might not be Zeleno this time though, aye? Haha!" Click.
  9. Combine

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Yes! Bring her back from the d̦̟̹̙̈̈͌̓̂̂ͅḛ̮͓̩͇ȃ̙̹͓̠̰̙̳̌̃ͪ͒d̖̗̙̽̽͐̂ͅ!̹̌ͫ
  10. Combine

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Skala I mean Slava.
  11. Combine

    Item Durability and Duct tape Exploit

    This should be allowed (if not encouraged, then a blind eye would be preferred) until the durability of various items (where it would make sense) is raised notably. Not just a bit, but in a somewhat realistic faction (in most cases I'd think of, that is more than 'a bit'). In my case silencers usually break quickly. I doubt they do that easily in reality, not that I am an expert on real life silencer durability, but I bet it's more than like a full pistol mag or half an assault rifle mag till bursting point or notable ripples or cracks pop up. I'm also inclined to believe those able to decide would agree with me; after all, people also notably raised the durability of lock picks to a believable level. We could as well do the same with clothing, silencers, etc.
  12. Combine

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    Memorable: when you are in high alert mode due to possible threat and one of the guards, in uniform even, keeps drinking vodka, puking all over the place and falling into barbed wire.
  13. Combine

    A message to all local Chernarussians

    The following is said in Chernarussian language; the intonation does appear positive, optimistic or cheerful, of sorts. <:: Ah, greetings. Due to delays I couldn't quite get to it yet. I think this week I can get on it, or rather, have a ... friend take a look, and I'll let you know shortly what I or we find. I sadly cannot speed this up, it simply takes time to get to a point where we can start, and then from that point on it will also take a while to finish the task. I also have a suggestion but we'll clear the rest up on another frequency. Take care, you two, V6 out." Click.
  14. Combine

    Extend stash timer

    Between "totally remove buriable stashes" and "have them unconditionally, forever", I actually like the compromise of degrading storage. That should satisfy most people, and if you cannot care for your stashes within like 2 days or whatever timeframe it may be nor (if you are in a group or with friends) have someone else who can do it: Tough shit Consider stashes a team effort then if you alone can't keep them or care for them forever or use barrels, tents, crates, whatever.
  15. Combine

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

    PS: I gave first beans SO MEMORABLE RIGHT?
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