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  1. [A semi-muffled Chernarussian man speaks up in English.] "M...Miroslavl has fallen? My god, not another hub I thought that was stable, of sorts. We're reaching a point where politics and conflicts will begin to not matter anymore, if no one is left. It also explains why there has been no real response so far, not even in the face of secession or, well, let's call it renewed independence activities. Some might consider it a good sign, on the other hand, it implies how fucked up the situation must be elsewhere to not be able or bother. If infected continue to swarm, I would suggest a cease-fire between opposing state factions; perhaps military weaponry is better directed at infected right now." [Click.]
  2. Wait what? Oh damn. o7
  3. Sir, when can I let go off my butt? Looking forward to seeing this unfold.
  4. [A local sounding male voice pops up. Yes, it's still muffled. Of sorts. Might be transmission quality or factors.] "Whatever you do or wherever you end up, I suggest not trying to cross the border North, anywhere North of Tisy, Kamensk, Novomitrovsk or ... Berezkhi, to give you a rough "line". Some more 'clicks' up ahead, you will meet the border and while patrols became spotty, as compensator they became rather trigger happy with possible unforeseen behavior towards certain individuals. I know, I ran into them straying too close to the border." [Click.]
  5. Honestly, it's been so unspecific you can likely come up with your own, or rather, use it as interchangable logo or emblem for whatever unit you might have in mind if it's for your character. If you're not intending to represent a Russian military character with an accurate patch and simply want to know to have something for your non-affiliated character, then I guess you could as well just "shrug" IC. Practically, the particular clothing has surely been used by different characters portraying whatever unit was needed. I remember once when we were deployed as 320th Motorized, we had a visit in the Novomitrovsk Quarantine Zone by LMs for some event delivery of vaccines. There, we had them come down to the QZ as some random ass other military unit and they used those uniforms to stand out a bit. Long story short, it is relatively interchangable. The patch I posted above is not, however.
  6. Gotta agree with big man here. Get boats to get across. And with the upcoming cold update in mind, they'll see an increased usage or actually, for that kind of travel and crossing bodies of water, huge additional use because trying to swim there in the future and due to winter might be deadly. Not everything has to be convenient for people. But that's simply my view on it.
  7. Unknown (others might know). I did a superficial picture search for Russian military patches but came up with no match - could be custom or part of some real unit that isn't widespread, or was simply not covered well by my search terms. But I can give you an answer about the other Russian uniform type that was more common and in use at the start of this lore, so you maybe have some other knowledge or reference info! Even if you didn't ask for it! Woop! The following is part of the 320th Motor Rifle Battalion Patch in greater detail Sources:
  8. Looks like I freed up about... a dozen gigs, I think.? Not sure, didn't count before but to have or not to have the additional space.
  9. While I disagree with the notion to not try new maps (for a new pacing, we've seen this crap map for years now, even if Namalsk may be Deer Island 2.0) I think the quote might be a scary reality or possibility. In the end, it's a competition game between communities. That's not to say "do every darn trend" but at the same time, if people are not happy here they will go elsewhere. So we need to be sure we're not doing possible mistakes, without compromising the uniqueness-factor of a community, if that makes sense.
  10. Maybe switch to Namalsk fully, but either way regardless of this or dependent on this, consider having it in the same region "in lore" as Deer Island was last and this lore. This helps you utilize the same elements. Alternatively, you need to come up with a new setting and almost all existing chars are "forfeit". I wouldn't mind putting Namalsk close-ish to Chernarus region-wise. You can still introduce new or western factions to it.
  11. [A what could be a Chernarussian man speaks up, albeit a bit muffled.] "If you want to do the right thing, then you don't give it to the highest bidder to purely enrich yourself because in the wrong hands, lots of damage can be done including to you in the long run. Hand it over to the authorities for proper disposal. Or legit identifiable experts around these parts at least. I can get it over to local border patrol units or civil emergency response agencies outside the region for proper decontamination and disposal measures. It won't be weaponized, but disposed. And yes, within my ability I can try to obtain some reward so it won't be for nothing. Your choice. Make a good one." [Click.]
  12. You mean Chernarus as a while (which is kinda big) or just South Zagoria (the map we are in and that has one prison)? Given that areas in Chernarus are still under control (I'm guessing) and given that the nature or type of outbreak and the installations often being more so isolated, I'm guessing unless specific prisons had inner outbreaks, they would've locked down and eventually evacuated the prisoners. If a prison suffered an outbreak of the lethal version of the frenzy flu, there's probably, in a nutshell, two outcomes: They would've isolated the afflicted section by themselves or with external aid or the prison would've fallen / been evacuated and abandoned. There's also the possibility that upon further collapse of societal order and prisons no longer receiving resupply, that either 1) prisoners might've tried a revolt to take over or 2) prisoners, if not evacuated and moved, could've just been released into the wild as a "fuck this, good luck on your own" move It's really hard to define depending on your question as you have to make this up even from the lore master perspective for each prison. As for the prison in South Zagoria (the map we are on), when the new lore hit on day one, as soldier I was meeting on the coastal road with my squad and we drove by the prison in a jeep. I jokingly said that they were likely among the safe places on there. So in my mind the prison was fine on day 1 at least. Would assume that we had relative general order in the region in the early days, that the prison would've been evacuated and prisoners and staff moved elsewhere upon the region becoming too unstable. But those are just likely scenarios or my own guesses. LMs can tell you the exact thing.
  13. Combine

    Wild dogs

    Fear not, local police has extensively made sure that evacuating citizens took their dogs with them, and any others were removed or neutralized. There's no wild dogs in South Zagoria. (Eh... why not, I guess)
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