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  1. +1 Would spice things up, with or without tweaks, but better than the "same old same old" approach to things. --------------------------- It's not so silly. If you can get your group approved as lore faction, sure, why not (within reason). We're talking about (still) powerful factions backed by strong powers, or able to do so. A reasonable (!) irregular resupply operation would neither seem IC'ly unrealistic, nor unfair OOC if done within reason. To add, what is silly to me if we want to break down relatively powerful lore factions and have them do the same silly constant scavenging runs all other groups and players have to do. I'm NOT advocating for a "instant win resupply package", but to put them on the same level as random scavenger or survivor groups, that is what truly is silly in my eyes in this stage of the lore.
  2. I'm in favor of select areas allowing KOS - or just one big area like the airfield or a corner of the map. Why? I played on a SCUM server that had different parts of the map PVP enabled, and some were PVE only but any military base in the PVE zone allowed PVP in turn. A hard split you could say. It worked, but it wasn't an RP server. I believe some areas or just one big area allowing KOS (like we used to have a hard safe zone once but the other way around) would make conflicts more dynamic. People argue this is an RP server. I would argue that because of it being an RP server and being whitelisted, we could be trusted with a certain general responsibility. What is my point? Just because you can KOS doesn't mean you automatically have to! We could just make one corner or mil base be KOS and see how it goes. I feel that it would be an increased challenge. Alternatively, tweak the rulset meaning that opposing factions you can ID (and if you are ID'able) can be fired upon without close range initiation in such zone(s). In the end I can understand pro and con arguments but bottom line I'm in favor of testing out some variation of this while providing a clear 'ruleset' people can work with. I do think that while it might be an interesting change, this will be shot down ultimately and not even tested.
  3. Some other mod I saw, maybe just for inspiration, as it adds CUSTOM MODELS or de-facto new cars (meaning potential increased abstract issues, stability or mod conflict-wise) instead of being a retexture. But still, for the sake of it: Mod link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2141350489
  4. Combine

    In The Trenches

    Gotta run into Tsepovs, kinda fond of them and their unique "niche" in this world, not gonna lie
  5. Just make it a former gulag-converted Sanatorium and everyone is happy? Other than that I am indecisive about such groups. It's surely a more exotic twist than an average bandit group (this early at least) but there can be a fine line between creepy (positive connotation) and edgy/cringy (negative connotation). Of course a lot depends on the receiving individual (you do X and someone could like it a lot and someone else hate it a lot) but the trick is to raise the bar or approach so high or specific that you get the best "average reception" in the position sense. Either way, good luck with your group.
  6. That looks interesting. I definitely need to explore Cherno more and interact with folks. Good luck!
  7. While I roughly understand it, people advocating for naturally formed 'safe zones' (without special rule sets or magic protection borders) need to keep in mind that a 'big filter' steps in there because the lack of hard protection stops many of such zones forming or staying. Throughout the years of the last lore I do recall several groups or hubs eventually giving up due to constant attacks and being unable to keep going. While I don't advocate for hard safe zones and people could say "tough shit", this is the price to pay or the thing to keep in mind there. There's a fine line to balance or getting what you want if it has to always form naturally. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But maybe we don't have to look far or at mods all the time. Do people who have been around last lore remember the trader events we used to have, where we actually had some sort of temporary trading and safe zone in changing locations? I was heavily involved in those from the staff/volunteer side of things and while nothing was perfect, people actually liked those. At certain weekends we'd dedicate volunteers and time to offer the community something and gave them a way to trade or interact, while also giving them "quests" and missions of sorts for a few hours. All in all it seemed very rewarding and people were fine with both injecting items into the 'economy' while progressing the lore mildly through various lore groups like traders, corporations, bandits, etc. All we need for this is a bunch of volunteers, temporary protection (or not, but then expect it to always end in big gunfights) and the willingless to have staff spawn in items for the traders including having them set up their mini-base. All we need is volunteers, a bit of background story for the trader groups that come and leave and some items spawned - if we don't want to resort to "trader mods" or whatever. It's basically economic mini-events with quests sprinkled over, relying on volunteers.
  8. That seems like a small "bonus" when it's in essence dead for the foreseeable future. I'd personally be more motivated to play Deer Island again (hype!) or any other good custom map sufficiently done (curious). And deer island kind of utilizes the same lore set so it's little additional effort (or maintenance) needed other than to explain the history of the island since the Outbreak, without having to come up with everything as it's tied to Chernarussian lore.
  9. I guess that explains why we have not seen this apply before or until now, because this was at least suggested once many months ago already. So my first impulse reading the OP was "Huh, seen this before, why wasn't it done?" The more you know.
  10. Ayyy yup. (that means in favor)
  11. I doubt the engine naturally or easily supports this, or not in an immersive way. But then again I don't work with the engine, nor am I dev-savvy or well taught on coding matters. But my gut feel tells me this is hardly feasibly or possible without heavy modification (to get right) or alternatively, a more dumbed down approach of automatically triggering this once you come into a circle (of range) of the campfire no matter from what angle, even if not against the wind. E: Woop, 777 posts.
  12. We used to have this mod at one point, I am certain. I recall seeing those or similar trucks in old lore. Question is: Why was the mod in question removed? Tech issues? This should be revisited to see if we'd repeat potential tech issues or not. If not: The more the merrier. Also give me my damn emergency service vehicle retextures
  13. Combine

    car stuff

    I know right? Car was perfectly fine. I also like how as if fate willed it, I put on a helmet shortly before the barrel roll happened. Safety first! Maybe if I find the raw footage again I'll upload it unedited so people can stare at the glory of perfected Chernarussian barrel rolls. If we can't get into space nor low orbit, we at least can get a few metres up!
  14. Combine

    car stuff

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