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  1. Government Fucked Us [Open Frequency]

    A sigh can be heard before words make it through. Some male with a mixed accent, kinda local and European at the same time. <:: All I can say is: don't generalize and maybe consider that thousands died to delay this, giving others a chance to survive. And many of those who died wore military uniforms. Pure hatred will not be a real solution. With that I mean those with a grudge. Commies and criminals are excluded, they always foam at the mouth in terms of institutions unless they run them themselves. Everyone is an enemy... or potential enemy to them, sometimes their own people. But that's another story. Then, the message ends.
  2. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms

    I actually waited for a group like this and wanted to find one since I joined the community. Will consider a few things and then throw an app your way this week.
  3. Lore Group - Virus Defense Corps. (VDC)

    Interesting group, looking forward to encounters if I play in a bit again.
  4. Information about the Slavers [Open Frequency]

    He quickly decides to listen further as he hears the first bits live and immediately goes for the notebook once things get interesting. After the message, he replies. <:: Interesting information, I have tried to quickly note down most descriptions. I hope you remain available for further inquiries, should questions arise. If I can make some proper written report out of this I will see if it can be transmitted West to CDF... or sent there the old fashioned way.
  5. The Battle of Atka - ChEng. Esteban

    That was surprisingly interested to read, maybe because it also shows a different area and situation compared to "your average diary taking place in Chernarus" (no offense to those :P). Looking forward to more.
  6. He pushes down the button of all buttons on the radio and clears his throat briefly, which you can already hear. You hear a male voice, mid 20s to 30s maybe with hints of a local but also western accent that shines through in English at times. <:: Copy, will keep an eye out for anyone who might fit the description, dead, infected or alive near the southern coast, if they made it here. Might have to assume they ditched uniform, will inquire manually and ask for identification or confirmation. If I... we get to be lucky to find them alive we will provide temporary shelter and contact you again... out.
  7. To the people of Chernarus[Open Freq]

    <:: Vocal or visible opposition is an integral part; without it, there might not even be a fight or counter-movement because all those fed up don't even know how many others are just like them. The absence of public protest also doesn't generate as much... momentum. Unless you want to define "smarter" as it is somewhat unspecified or subjective. But then again, it is an open channel, so... Click.
  8. No specific intonation throughout but the beginning, where he sounds rather dry, ironic, maybe a bit like a smartass? And at the end of the message, you can tell he must be briefly smirking. <:: Hm, good question. Don't lives matter? I guess I should ask the millions of dead people or look at the dead bodies amassed throughout the decades of communism. Lives only mattered when you were a little obedient pet dog or not remotely becoming a threat to a few in inner circles babbling about "the people". It is convenient when you can define who's who and what's good for the people I suppose. But the superficial Mother Teresa act is questionable due to recent reports and historic comparison of the ideology and how it was executed. <:: Heh, executed. Like the actual opposition in it.
  9. As he replies shortly after the last message, proper context should still be given, compared to replying to something way later that people might already have forgotten, etc. <:: To add: YOUR rules and laws. On this territory you have no backing or right of enforcement. I mean on the legal side, shoving fully automatic weapons into the faces of other people might count as "enforcement", but illegal still. I would also like to point to history. The trash heap of history contains a set of ideologies that, in their original and pure form, did not work. Whatever you may cover, it is surely among it to some extend. And if history does repeat itself, it might rise up but land there eventually, on the trash heap, again. <:: Why don't you stick to your corner and enforce whatever you want in your own corner and don't try to enforce whatever your goals might be across the province? How does that sound? If you'd clarify that you might have less abstract and real enemies.
  10. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    A sigh is heard before he replies, in a more collected and calm demeanour, however. <:: Hello again. Alright, bear with me now, I have to elaborate a bit. I still bet someone might find this interesting. Someone earlier, I suppose one of the supporters, said something about being the new government and us being the civilians, thus, by wording, it was implied we'd have to do what they say. <:: In my time in Europe I learned some interesting things on the side about states. What defines them. There was some three-element-theory about some old German or Austrian lawyer touching on the subject, I think. In a nutshell, a state should have an territory, people and a ruling power like a government. I should add that these are just minimum requirements. While the theory most notably covers those or revolves around those three aspects the way I remember it, it is criticized by other constitutional experts and other know-it-alls in that branch who demand more requirements. And I'm inclined to agree. While technically the people who want to "enforce" this in the whole province given their wording could muster territory, people and some kind of ruling power, vital ingredients seem to lack still or anyone and their mother could declare a state with enough people and some territory. The Islamic State could've been a state by that logic, too, right? But it wasn't recognized. And that's the thing, having more than just the three aforementioned things. Maybe having a constitution or, most notably, being recognized on an international level in the end. A short pause - not long enough to imply he would be done talking. <:: And you are not recognized on that level. It's like the Islamic State or that other "Republic" in another part of the country. It's a power or land grab when the original powers could not stop this due to the crisis. Or in other words, good luck trying to form a new state with international recognition because as far as I am aware most settled landmasses are now claimed by some state. As Chernarus did not completely cease to exist, I frankly don't see any luck with this endeavour and you can hardly tell, for example, other official Chernarussian forces to lay down arms. Go try to tell that to the Russians up north, see if you can hear them laugh all the way from Moscow or just the border checkpoints. <:: Should untrained people run around with certain weaponry like machineguns, assault rifles or RPGs? Maybe not, they could hurt themselves or others more. But by now I suspect most people still alive and on the move in the region who used weapons since then should've gotten the hang of it or received training by various groups or military forces left. In short, chances are the amount of people running around with said weaponry in question who would be unfit to use 'em is relatively low by now. If we are honest here, the proclaimed reason of "protecting others" cannot be meant in the selfless way, it can only be described as selfish act of trying to disarm potential opposition to strengthen your presence in the area. In essence, bullying others into submission in a way. One can't deny that this would at least be a side-effect, even if 'noble intentions' are at play. But 'noble intentions' are very subjective and thus relative, like many things are. <:: To recap, while your measure might potentially do a bit of good here and there, it can be seen as selfish act by many others. And while you can do or demand a lot and maybe even enforce some of the things you want to do simply because you have the manpower, or more power over others, doesn't mean the still existing laws or international structures are on your side. You'll just make enemies trying to dictate what people do who are not even in your primary reach as I doubt you can control or enforce this in the complete province and beyond. You'd best take a step back before official powers get annoyed enough to bomb the shit out of you, as they should soon before this gets out of hand. Bzzzt. Silence. For now. He must be done talking.
  11. Click. <:: Okay, I get it. You take an opportunity, as opportunistic and ideologically influenced people. I can follow that mentally so far, no matter how my personal stance is about it. But don't assume you can wrap this idea over all of the province or tell all in the province to do what. Keep to your little area and police it if you can enforce it - within. Or pitchforks will multiply. I mean, communists could not maintain their grip in the long run in an orderly world or society, so I question if it would go any better in a dysfunctional, post-crisis society where original order could be restored within days or weeks from now, maybe. Or few months. I dunno. Time will tell. Bzzzt.
  12. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    Listening most of the time, with high curiosity and sometimes anger or irritation, he decides to reply shortly after this message. Click. <:: It is good to hear from you, sir. The region is chaotic and as you can hear or maybe, given potential intelligence you might have amassed, see the region is in chaos and it might seem that the infected, at times, seem to be the least of threats. As for the last part: Order received. Click, very short pause. <:: There are still military and police remnants active in the region from my observations, both overt and covert. The word will surely be passed around. But options appear to be limited from what I can tell. Reassessing as situation develops. Special%&!§*§ .... The rest appears to cut out with some garbled static, making it hard to tell if but a few words or whole sentences didn't get through and for now, the same voice does not appear to get through again in any timely manner.
  13. What Remains (Open Frequency)

    Almost outraged after hearing the last reply, he calms himself down a tad before responding on that frequency in a timely manner; one can still roughly assess the feelings through the intonation of words and so on. <:: Uh, what? "Want to be government"? NATO is already an established international entity and, may I remind anyone listening, still a global thing, even if occupied with their own domestic battles. An entity that is roughly half a century old and the combined powers of the western nations that can simply nuke this province - I hope they don't, it's my home, just saying. <:: I can hardly accept any opportunistic people that ironically want to be a "want to be government" insult the people who helped this country and took some of the impact and casualties. What was the Commonwealth again? Didn't see much action and talking when the last "revoluzzers" in this country were mopped up by national and international forces. <:: To anyone in question, I might not be NATO but stand strong. The extremists, terrorists, whatever, are highly scared of any traces of official powers regrouping. It threatens their temporary power trips and illusions of holding the scepter. Do not falter, this mess is over in due time. And don't let threats get to you; your mere presence already hurts "them". Let them live with that uncertainty of what's out there and do not go there to give up. That would just prolong the problem and betray your colleagues and pals, dead and alive alike. Click.
  14. Dolg Radio Comms (Open)

    After listening to some of the chatter he sighs, before looking up. He almost rolls his eyes before just staring at the sky for a moment, lost in thoughts. Some might reach for the bottle, he now goes for the PTT instead. He only mildly changes his pitch, a bit down, maybe to "mask" the voice? <:: Newcomer? Greetings. A bit of a friendly suggestion: As you can see or hear there is a lot of extremists or criminals around already who might have become hyper-sensitive and territorial. While I wouldn't, as newcomer, necessarily imply threats to others not falling in line for "PR" reasons I would also like to remind... some others here that their claimed power or authority is also temporary. As time is relative some might simply last a bit longer than others. <:: It's like death, you know? Eventually comes for all of us, for some earlier, for others later. And this crisis won't last forever. Click.
  15. Morph vox female settings

    Ah, that one. Whenever I looked around for "tutorials" or rather "presets" made by others, I'd notice a ... notable lack of said custom creations. It's been a while since I last looked but I'd bet this is still the case. Meaning that if you search the net, you may not find much - at least on first glance. Anyway, according to the title I assume you want to sound female as male? I hate to break it to some who might want to play a character of the different gender, at least males trying to play female ... or, you know, just those trying to pretend to be a female in general for whatever nefarious purposes that comes to mind: In the end, it depends on your actual voice. Sometimes you just need to find the right 'preset' and experiment, and some males might sound like females and some females like males, but if you cannot even go near any believable result through your voice alone, you might as well forget it. In other words, some voices might simply not be cut for this. Or maybe you have to change the way you speak in addition to morphing your voice with the right preset or values, like people putting on accents. In this case it would likely be pitch related. Might bring you closer towards your desired result at the cost of resulting in more "work".