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  1. Check the following that come to my mind: - You're not on any experimental DayZ version? - Did you verify your game files (after switching to the regular version of course) - Are you subscribed to the DayZRP mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559129763 - Do you start the game by right-clicking DayZ in your library and selecting "Run DayZ launcher"? - Click on the mod tab and load DayZRP mod, nothing else - Start the game with the launcher, but without connecting directly to the server by adding the server data in the parameters to direct connectly (avoid this if you have this bug!) - Once you started the game with the DayZ launcher AND the DayZRP mod enabled, look up the server in the in-game server browser, click on it, enter password, join If you still get this bug after doing the above, it could of course be for any weird reason, but then I suggest removing DayZ from your computer and installing it again, and re-subscribing to the mod afterwards. Or perhaps do this if nothing helps: Uninstall DayZ, do a clean installation, then try to connect to any unmodded public server, see if you have this issue. If not, try then enabling the mod and connect to the RP server here, see if that fixes it or brings it back. Also let us know if you potentially did a mistake or did not mind any of the steps above to see if it was basically you (means fixes can work) or if it's potentially game bug that could befall some people (means fixes known so far will not work).
  2. Combine

    Restraint + Crash = Dead

    A.M.E.N. E: It also helps prevents mistakes (unintended ones). For example I was taken hostage once and the usual mumbo jumbo happened: frisked, weapons removed, checked for radios. Here's the funny thing. I dropped my hand held radio and whatnot, complied or played fair. But later on I was tied for real (with in-game objects) and checked. Guy referred to something I forgot to actually mind: The huge fucking radio receiver (backpack radio) I had in my backpack. I didn't even think of it! I put it in there at one point and completely forgot about it even though it's a huge fucking object. Skipped in the initial haste of being taken hostage and being frisked, I guess in hindsight. I quickly said in OOC that I forgot about it etc (they'd OBVIOUSLY had to find it realistically during first frisk), but the initial IC reaction was of course assuming I had it IC or that it perhaps was on since we were also being followed by allies. I could've been shot if it really went worse, but wasn't. Long story short, checking people "for real" can help prevent metagaming, badRP or simply honest mistakes where you forget an item, even though you do not use it IC. Just don't keep them tied the whole time if it's not necessary. Would be cool if there was a mod way of overriding the forced mechanic of dying upon basically leaving the server in any way if tied. Imagine being tied and being able to freely log in and out.
  3. Combine

    Restraint + Crash = Dead

    Are handcuffs multi-use if you use keys and if so, do keys degrade after several uses? I suggest using "disposable" or "re-usable" ways of restraint if you "have to". Ropes, cuffs (with keys), etc. Tie them, check them out (with emotes, too, of course) and then UNTIE them again, aka keep the time they are tied to a necessary minimum!
  4. Combine

    Event Thread

    Is this a secret air refreshment product ad? All this built-up for this product placement! Good job so far, anyway. ... ... Taxes.
  5. Now, this is a story all about how My DayZ character got flipped-turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute Take a look and see I'll tell you how I became the boy of a community called DayzRP In 2017 lore born and raised On the troubleshooting section was where I spent most of my days Chillin' out fiddlin' relaxin' all cool And all shootin some bugs outside of the file pool When a couple of new features were up to no good Started making trouble in my filehood .... Okay, okay, enough "sheetposting", glad it helps people. To be honest I don't even know how I got this idea, I saw this, tried a few things that did not work and eventually joined w/o doing it directly through the launcher and that fixed it.
  6. @Aidicon184 The only fix for me (after re-subbing, checking game file integrity, etc) is launching the game with the launcher and the mod enabled (so I can play, duh). Then I select the server from the in-game server browser or join through a friend. That is what prevents this issue. If I directly join the server with the launcher, I get the rubber joints n' hands n' shit. I just don't know why this happens, and then for me and maybe a few others but not others in turn. But what fixes it for me is joining the game through the server browser or a friend, not directly joining through the launcher. This even works if I join with the launcher, get the bug, disconnect (restart the game) and then do it as described above. Question is: Did you directly join the server through the launcher when you got the bug and issues or not? If so, what I described above might be your working fix. If not, well ... oof.
  7. Combine

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    That almost sounds like a lazy demand "Make it new so we can comfortably slip into it!" Not saying you meant it like that, if you did not. Just saying how one could read it. Of course I added a negative connotation right at the start and implied "Lazy", thus bad. From a newbie perspective it would certainly be easier than trying to catch up, no doubt. But on the other hand, seen from another perspective, one can't always adjust to newer people if there's no general and majority interest to start anew. And yes, it is easy for me to say. I joined relatively shortly after the lore here kicked off in its current form, perhaps a few months later, right when (the first) UN left by and large, around that time. I think there's still a lot to utilize and "get out" of this lore, so it would be a bad time for a reset. A reset will come eventually anyway, this won't go on for decades (real time) after all. And a new lore can bring different (not necessarily better, that is subjective) oportunities and options. I just don't think it's the right time yet. Besides, some people mentioned new maps. We can also switch to new areas around the world or country and keep the current lore, continue it, spin it forth from there.
  8. Watch players have limited visibility akin to a mole and zombies retain their usual line of sight so they pop out all around you and... oh, RIP.
  9. Combine

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    Who's the interior minister, assuming they did not consolidate or change the classic system used before this bio weapon got out? Likewise for CDFers a defense minister might be useful. Assuming any prior info to be outdated; if not, just refer to it.... or make up two names ?
  10. Combine

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Assuming this week(end) or next if nothing gets in the way. Just my guess anyway
  11. Combine

    *You suddenly hear the Chernarussian language coming from your radio*

    Pavel grabs his radio to reply in English although the accent might be Chernarussian. <:: "There are no major CDF elements known to be present at this time. This cannot account for 'rogue' elements volunteers, small teams and so on. Should this turn into a war, expect actual elements to roll in to create an Eastern buffer zone to prevent immediate threat to the central oblasts... is my assumption anyway. Information is always shifting and I do not always have "live channels" available so as I say this right now, information could already be outdated. People here need to get their shit together if the Russian military attacks because then whatever past or present grudges anyone may have had are irrelevant, you'll be put to a wall and shot or are used in labor to pave their way further. They won't tolerate this no-man's land oblast and bring the forces to clean it out top to bottom. Fight together or die alone." The transmission fades.
  12. Pavel reaches for his radio. While the accent might be Eastern, more specifically local-ish, he speaks in English without any notable complications. <:: "Good day. 'We' have reason to believe the recent claims are accurate and that the so-called remembrance movement isn't just what they initially claimed to be. Let us recollect: 1. There were recent radio calls indicating support by a state actor, specifically Russia. While most of them are from different survivors here and may not all be verified, it adds to the picture 2. Their MO, modus operandi, coincidentally seems to align with Russian state interests, and in return, they benefit from a rebelling supposed Russian minority operating under supposed noble goals. Yet, they quickly aggressively engaged the UN shortly after it arrived here with a second team or unit. Would the UN presence here be a thorn in the side of Russia? Probably, if they want to invade neighbouring states 3. 'Plausible' deniability even in the face of accusations due to the set up as 'concerned or bitter minority group' 4. A not so old radio broadcast or threat of a supposed higher ranking Russian military officer of an army group threatening states in the vicinity of Russia that they would in essence invade and conquer the lands in the face of weakened states due to infection - I guess this is the time now 5. Reports of Russian troops. Actual soldiers. Add all of this together or ask yourself 'Qui bono'? Who benefits? It doesn't even matter to publicly determine how deep Russia or PAMYATI, respectively, is involved: they both benefit from each other, actual backing or not, and likely will not engage each other, but work together. Consider them enemies. No matter who you are, you stand in their way in their bid to rob not just South Zagoria but Chernarus from not just the Chernarussians but all types of foreigners who currently get by here in safe zones or out here in the wildlands. They want a soviet union two-point-oh. And if you are a mercenary, approached by them, you'll just be used as a tool and discarded once you have served your purpose. Maybe you might later know too much and have an accident... Russia was known for this long before the infection. No loose ends when it might bite them in the ass later. Even now in this mess. Who am I? Just a Chernarussian who puts two and two together. I urge all who listen to this to try to drop past grudges you may have had. Yes, even to you, nationalists who do not differentiate between foreigners and see the world black and white, figuratively. Even those with Russian roots but who consider themselves Chernarussians and are ready to stand by the nation in times of need. All of you. We have a bigger issue. We face being swept away by an attacking force that isn't just a rag-tag group of degenerates, we face armed forces. If we cannot set aside our differences for a while, what are we worth in the face of acute danger? Let us do the smart and right things. For South Zagoria!" He then let's go. While initially he starts the broadcast in a calm or more distanced fashion, as he goes through it you likely might be able to tell him to become a bit more emotional with the words.
  13. Speaking of lore here are interesting bits. People refer to it but I might as well actually link the likely relevant threads. General lore you likely know already since there are snippets of it in the existing group lore by wording: https://www.dayzrp.com/lore/ Lore spun forth after initial "foundation" or starting lore (not just OP but posts throughout the thread): Hope it helps, whether your group or anyone else reading this. Just meant as help. Would like to see a group like this get through, but the current group lore may need adjustments for that to happen.
  14. Oh hey, we need a group like this at this time badly if you ask me, lore or event-wise. Really looking forward to it! Only suggestion I have is to rewrite the initial group lore. Correct me if I am wrong, but a part of it it reads a bit like a copy-paste of the server lore part with your group name thrown in but AFAIK the date would be a tad too early for foreign intervention. Unless we suddenly already had US forces (this unit) near ground zero when it was about to happen. If not I suggest to cut that part out (or fix the date if it was meant to be later?) and just elaborate roughly what the unit saw since infection or their recent action since then. That way no one can nitpick like I did ? Also good to try to teach military aspects. As someone who did not serve but played chars with such former or reserve backgrounds I realize how tough it can be to portray it properly when it would make sense. Whether active, reserve or former, while not every literal sentence is "I am/was a soldier!" it is basically the right behavior at the right time. But enough of the essay, teaching mindset and tactics and some protocol doesn't sound bad. Good luck and have fun!
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