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  1. The big advantage I saw in Deer Island was that it was situated in the same area, meaning little changes required. People would not lose their conceptual environment but would see a new literal or physical environment - a good compromise. If we switch to a totally new area on the world, I always feel it demands fitting and IN-TIME lore changes plus perhaps a rudimentary set of fitting clothes to go along depending on where it is. Otherwise it's just a weird thing. Many might not mind this, others might. In addition if Chernarus is gone completely as a world space (represented through a map/server) chars might be locked out. I understand that Chernarus map itself has gotten stale but I suggest a compromise: 1) Have it situated as one of the islands near Chernarus like Deer Island with mild lore integration so people might be able to continue in that setting but on a new map - alternatively- 2) If it's elsewhere, write the lore in time, you might as well wait until everything is in place instead of "sloppily" throwing the map out (thanks for the creation of it btw, I think @Kerkkoh , more DayZ maps are generally always good) while people have to wait days or weeks for the lore to follow. It should all be done or release-worth in one-go and if it's a smaller map and test, make an according small lore
  2. Two people (at least) already wrote it: I now base it on my stamina bar. I feel that (with a plate carrier and of course additional gear) the goal is to keep it around half a stamina bar. I used to be a total hoarder but slowly shed off this need to have lots of (heavy) crap. My stamina bars used to often be around the bare limit where they would still replenish upon depleting which isn't much. You can't sprint long, you can't hold your breath long. It's a hassle. Now I more or less manage to keep it near half a bar or slightly under it despite lots of gear. "Lots" compared to a civilian or rag-tag survivor that is. That's just due to my characters however, who either have a LE or military background, or are in one particular case tied to an active lore faction realistically still supplying them with things you'd miss in the post-apocalyptic wasteland or would hardly find. I realize we're all dependent on the in-game loot table in the end but realistically it makes a difference if you're part of a still operating military force or a rag-tag survivor in terms of how visually the character might be represented or looking like. And thus what gear they would typically carry. On this note I have to commend basically most players here. Most civilian types of characters I have encountered over the years did it well and stick to a 'believable outfit' or gear level when they all could be running around in full military gear. This in turn gives more credence to people running around in military gear + uniforms and portraying such roles still or having such backgrounds. And the "bandit types" or alternatively hunters and so on usually mix and match both and still look believable. Either way, no matter what look or gear you go for, it's important to have basic survival shit on you and spare food/water reserves. I, in short, try to keep it slim now. Low visual profile so no huge backpacks, and no excessive gear besides a mild amount of spare food or meds for others in case of emergency. One main gun, one handgun. Maybe backup weapon, but usually not.
  3. Combine

    Auto run.

    It would be way too risky to rely on a convenience feature (I guess slamming your 2 cents is like a manual switch or weakest deterrence, or maybe your keyboard just doesn't allow it :P) in my eyes. Sure, sometimes it's handy but if I think of the terrain you might traverse or end up in, running into players, infected, animals or falling off a cliff in absence is too risky. If you just need a short piss you could take a risk but then again you don't lose too much either if you aren't away too long. Like-wise, the longer you are away, the bigger the abstract risk. Even if we had it and people would use it, I wouldn't due to the abstract risks, assuming I was in normal survival mode. If I just died and wanted to get somewhere, ah well... why not
  4. Let's face it: By the time DayZ would (if we assume gradual but slow progression dev-wise) reach a stage where this idea would become moderately feasible, DayZ itself would be outclassed by other games. "Dead Matter" or comparable WIP games will come with a feature-rich environment and better engine to support what we look for. It could take those games a while to release and then a while to be(come) refined, but I fear at this point DayZSA will never reach any comparable state and just die eventually, unless mods can save it or prolong it somewhat. This is by no means meant to kill everyone's motivation, I'm just arguing or thinking in a long timeframe for the sake of debate now and everything dies eventually. Ideally we as community then move on collectively to a better game once it arises.
  5. Call me party pooper but this game, perhaps even with mods (we can use, that is, not all mods can be applied due to rights or monetization here) this game or engine isn't made for that type of 'immersion' we'd expect or be able to get in some other games. Or you'd have to heavily concentrate / moderate players and loot spawns or "staff", aka law enforcement, emergency services and events, to remotely simulate a failing region or so. Key issue from my eyes: We do not have (smart?) NPCs We do not have persistent corpses (or other objects that can stay longer than they can do now) We do not have a sufficient vehicle selection including air vehicles We lack event or ambience tools like artillery or other such things, including fires (even in basic form) Other games have it easier to simulate a live ongoing outbreak due to the tools at their disposal, and/or manpower.
  6. You have a point. We tend to be more used to the Chernarussian environment. Lore-wise n' all. But to be honest, when I started to play on Livonia, it felt strongly refreshing. Perhaps it's simply the use of additional assets you don't see on the South Zagoria map but the whole landscape looks more realistic or European and with landscape I also mean buildings or general design of the map. Sure, it gets old and it appears to have fewer hotspots or less size, but it also has its own charm.
  7. Okay, slightly more text from my simple POV, where I try to assess it from a "realistic" view. I believe to touch upon these questions requires to look at how things would've unfolded in those countries in general. Can't really answer that as I'm no LM. Just to explain my point: It would make a difference if for example in Germany (or Poland) general order could be upheld or not. Germany for example has, for historic reasons, many US bases although French and Brits mostly have withdrawn. What once was occupation and control turned into NATO hosting and springboards for troops into other regions of the globe. The biggest bases here contain thousands of troops or tens of thousands of personnel total. Germany (or Poland) being somewhat further away from ground zero might've helped in gaining a heads up. Anyway, my point is: sure, in the lore Germany and Poland were likely as ravaged as many other countries but there's a difference whether a country ceased to exist or continues to exist in diminished capacity thanks to safe areas of land, safe zones, government institutions continuing to exist or not. So long story short: Can those bases continue to be resupplied because other institutions in the area continue to function or provide them with necessary things? Or not? I reckon with the hardware and so on they have they would realistically be able to hold out on their own. Firepower-wise I mean. But if they live in an area of land that no longer sees coordination an resupplies I reckon they might possibly pack up and leave or if it's really bad, perish. But it's not just a one-way interaction where the bases rely on the country surviving (in relative fashion). Since they're NATO allies it's symbiotic or goes both ways. The hardware and personnel in those bases would obviously or prolly not just sit it out and do nothing as the infection begins in the countries, they'd likely be deployed and help the country they're in and those people. Especially in Germany that has had issues in its own military, it's standing, it's spare parts, etc. pp this would've helped compared to other smaller countries. Summary: Chances are unless the country was hit really bad, those bases would've done their part to establish safe areas or keep going for a while. I doubt all bases fell, unless LMs decide there was an event to either have seen them rushed by huge hordes or a political move where the US decides to withdraw the forces and redeploy them. Questionable if they were willing to abandon those strategic assets in a failing world, and Russia isn't that far from both places.
  8. Combine

    Burning Hearts.

    Cinematic (as fuck)
  9. On specific frequencies, another transmission is sent, repeated only today and on the 26th January at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00 local time, thus six times in total. If one happened to have been around before to hear the prior messages, if they did not forget, they might notice the seemingly same speaker with a somewhat muffled voice - but the transmission quality is good enough to understand if you know English - the language the message solely is in. Again, read a bit like a news anchor reading his text. <:: "Attention, regional survivor populace. Reports continue to indicate that Jelení Ostrov, known as Deer Island to some, remains flooded with infected despite harsh winter conditions. No reconnaissance and rescue operations will take place and you are advised to avoid the island or vacate it at the earliest convenience. Furthermore, weather data indicates that thawing will take place in due time and that temperatures are expected to rise steadily again as Winter slowly runs its course and degrades into more acceptable spring temperatures. Should you be unable to withstand current conditions, you are advised to make your way westwards out of the region towards maintained safe zones for security processing and medical screening in order to gain assistance. No pick-up can be offered; upon visibly closing in on any safe zones or check points, in larger groups you must keep potential weapons holstered and await instructions by local security or military personnel. End of announcement."
  10. Given the setting we are in, either a Scandinavian NATO / Military or mercenary group would likely be the most fitting concept to fit in or feel "organic" there.
  11. Interesting topic, that. It might not be the best place to discuss in great detail here but I wonder why. I do not disagree, seen enough of that in my time here. But I sit here and wonder if it's a good idea for e. g. bandits and raiders to go against Military personnel unprovoked. From a pure IC perspective, I mean. Some groups make sense (like Chedaki/Russians in Chernarus), others not so much. Oh well, either way, good luck.
  12. Seeing as you seem touched by Chernarussian patriotic delight, here is more Yep, does reference some units sponsored in this amazing guide here.
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