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  1. Combine

    Add an 'Other' Gender Option for Profiles.

    This is a non-issue for me. While it might be easy for me to say, I assume this: Even if I was into a "non classic gender" or would identify as such, I would simply use any free-text field to denote or note it, if necessary (like "About me"), and the benefit is that those others could see, if I want it to be public. If I want this to be shown on my profile somewhere, I can. So while I don't want to ruin anyone's debate or suggestion thread, I feel it is ultimately wasted time in this particular case because it's a small cosmetic or "good feel" change at best when I am not hindered at all if I want to note a particular 'gender identification' in my profile, because that's possible right now.
  2. Combine

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    Damn, they're all so good in their own way!
  3. Combine

    Racism in game.

    Highlighted parts. While I do not condone or support "hate mail" (come on guys, really?) if it was anything but remotely constructive, that's the thing about debates. You give your viewpoint and others give theirs. About the 'veteran backlash': You might be new but you can't exactly blame people reacting how they do (unless it's very rude, so far I didn't truly see that) because if you've walked the path, been there, done that, seen it countless times, that will likely be your natural reaction. Such debates or threads become mere "numbers" over time if they keep repeating or popping up. On a last note I'd like to suggest or encourage you to not take "backlash" negatively in a lasting fashion. You even gave cash away so I guess you truly did have or do have a good experience here. My point here is unless you somehow feel the urge to completely quit because this "soured" your opinion or mood, to not dwell on it, move on and do your thing in-game. Someone will always (dis)agree or (dis)like with something or someone anyway.
  4. Combine

    Racism in game.

    I gotta say I read the first OP and then skipped through, only reading some replies. Don't take it personal but I think those topics come down to people with "thin skins". And I say that as someone who also got racist remarks, in a way. Or someone who is aware of the issue on a global scale. But you won't do yourself a favor if you take things you have an issue with OOC and begin to blur the lines between IC or roleplay and OOC. As someone else said, if we do that, where does it end? I find cannibalism, murder, etc. offensive IRL too. It's way worse than being called mean names, in fact, given the impact those things have. Should we forbid this too because people are uncomfortable with it OOC? Then we could close this community down if we take out hostile interactions. If you detach yourself from your own personal view and look at the scenario, it should make sense to have racism occur next to other things. I understand and respect you have your view, OP, but I don't get the "it's 2019 not 1960" argument. Look at the situation. Half the world is dead or in shambles as the rabies people walk the earth, old and new conflicts between human / uninfected people arose, and this isn't California or so, this is Chernarus in Eastern Europe where people tend to think different on average about certain topics. Not even since order broke down in our setting but before there was plenty of racism. Or nationalism. Russians vs Chernarussians, locals vs foreigners, etc. If the world partially ended now you can also bet your ass that in many nations, extremist groups would rise up and that would include racist ideologies. It is what it is. You're either fine with or or can cope that it's just roleplay or IC and not the people doing it, or you don't. I personally suggest to roll with it or don't dwell on it too much OOC, if you can. I personally believe it is absolutely realistic or possible for the setting at hand, and even reality if something similar was to happen.
  5. Combine

    NHF Broadcast

    A man begins to transmit and clear his throat before saying anything. Sounds like a western, European, possibly German accent. The English isn't shoddy. <:: "Hello, so-called NHF. I have a brief inquiry and need a more ... private line to ask this. I appreciate a swift response, over." Click.
  6. Combine

    Kirovograd Lore Post

    Now imagine that with more custom maps on the horizon, we can eventually roleplay in such a city or its surrounding areas, with different standard scenarios and factions. A new RP experience altogether. I guess I got too optimistic after reading this nice post
  7. Combine

    Kirovograd Lore Post

  8. Combine

    Zombies from Survivor Games

    I already found a way to do that. Albeit it's a very limited and local fashion, but it works [REDACTED]
  9. Combine

    Zombies from Survivor Games

    That kinda made me laugh. Welcome to DayZ. I agree. While you later gave other possible reasons, I can't help but sit here and think that apparently a notable portion of the playerbase prefers "same old same old". Or is Deer Island really just dead because the map is unfinished? Some did after all state they disliked the zombie hordes before in threads regarding Deer Island. I like it just for that increased difficulty - you have to mind your approach and behavior a lot more and if you encounter people you still have a threat factor. Plus, the map seems kinda diverse to me even in its unfinished state. More terrain diversity than in SZ. I suggest to test something for the future here. If Deer Island remains as it is with low pop (and if we don't try to increase it artificially with events or so) we eventually have to consider moving to a new map. Assuming we can freely tweak spawn rates, the new map should follow the same approach and have zombies as a notable factor. If the map is "finished" and even more diverse or in a different setting then we can judge if it's actually the high zombie count keeping certain players away or not. Either way I still suggest to have one map with a higher zombie threat, if it can all be handled well system wise. On DI it seems to work, then again it never really saw full player pop. Why? Offering different things to the community. We could as well put South Zagoria as map on S2 again but that does seem boring now after being spoiled with custom maps. If we have a difficulty difference between the various maps, I think more people are pleased. Just like going into a store where there's more products and something for everyone's tastes. Or at least more than one product.
  10. Combine

    Suggestion: Forced Armbands

    I vaguely recall the "group war KOS rule" - in such a scenario it might make sense to force armbands on if group A and B didn't have clear identifying marks beyond that, but 24/7? No, mostly for aforementioned reasons.
  11. Combine

    Suggestion: Car Spawns

    I hear (and assume) that certain or all cars are also prone to despawning or other issues that wreck them via glitches and bugs, so to make cars more viable, I am in favor of them initially spawning "ready to go", or at the very least "almost ready to go" with all core parts, but no fuel can (and no gasoline inside). Edit:
  12. Combine

    Toxic Zone Update

    To recap: 1) I think it would be fine if Kamensk and then maybe Tisy have "invisible gas" or hazards, but green clouds would be preferred. Dynamic moving zones obviously need to have visible elements 2) The suit issues need to be fixed at the next best convenience or occasion. I also see no logical reason to have them break or almost dissolve within minutes. Realistically they should hold "long enough". I see no gameplay issues there. If people want to linger in such areas in safe clothing for a while, why not? From an RP or realistic POV, ask yourself if you would do this or if you could do this - what I want to say is the rest can or will be regulated through RP in that regard
  13. Combine

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    C O N G R A T Z
  14. Combine

    DayZ announcement

    The map could also just indicate "road map" but then they could've added another emoji. So higher chance it has to do with a map of sorts. I just hope they expand the engine or feature frame work so we can expect choppers, possibly additional NPCs, more vehicles, objects, items, a possible power grid feature, at least locally, etc.
  15. Combine

    Numbers or spy station in radio forms

    Given my background that often relies on actual laws and at least roughly understanding the wording, methodology etc behind it (no, I'm not a lawyer), I thought it was perhaps interesting to throw up the rules again and perhaps begin a discussion that could be continued here or separated. Sorry, given the "dive into it", the post has to be of a certain length. If you wanted a TL;DR, it would roughly be "Please reconsider and opening up for certain message styles and thus RP content again, or aim for compromises." I'll post a subjective recap near the end of the post again though. To make things easy, let's list the rules here completely before it turns into indirect guesswork. This post is merely considered a help to "pick the rules apart piece by piece" to see potential room for changes or improvements or to find out if it's even applicable to certain radio posts. Greyed out is what I think doesn't apply at all in the context of this thread, the rest what could potentially apply. Basic standpoint: Community members want to be able to use messages (again) that do not seem to make sense to a number of users because the content might seem "cryptic", in order to further roleplay. This was once a thing but prevented because "Staff needs to know what is posted because there could be rule breaks in obscure messages". Like what? Basically we have a conflict of content freedom vs fearing rulebreaks in the radio section. If we first solely go by the rules above, what is encrypted data in that context anyway? That the formatting is technically encrypted (and decrypted), meaning that would perhaps then technically break the English only rule? Or does it refer to the meaning or word use? Because if we take this in a very wide way it would - have to - mean you cannot even beat around the bush in plain English? I get there can be a difference between what's written and what is enforced, too, but are we essentially asking or demanding that all radio calls have to be "honest" and "apparent" in regards to not just their language but content? Otherwise I could encrypt a message saying "John will not go to dinner today, he has to slaughter the lambs" or some crap like "The chair is against the wall." That's plain English but contextually, encrypted. Do we allow this or not? My point here is, how do we further define "encrypted" data? And can we not post obscure messages with English words? Even if we define encrypted in the strict sense, why is something like the quote not possible? Roland's reply to this topic below: Recap? Besides on that being a bit unsure how wide and far we define "encrypted" (is plain NATO alphabet already that? Technically, although it's easy for people to see through), the point I am getting here is a certain creative angle and factor (lo and behold we have some interesting minor side content for users by users) is removed out of the picture because people fear rule breaks in those messages? This equals to putting a fear of broken rules above additional user content that some might find joy in, and others might ignore. What would the issue here be from the perspective of staff? Call to action My summary is that some users would obviously like to be able to send certain message types so my "call to action" would be a compromise to please both sides. Go wider with the definition of "encrypted" if it's really tight or restrictive right now and have it be something that relies on English words, although also cryptic words or a collection of words. Make "some of this" possible while, if you want to, have the option or possibility that staff can inquire what the message means if they suspect a potential rule break. The reason of this post? I want to highlight again, as user of the community, that the purpose of this is simple. It's not to point at someone and blame them for suppression or whatever. It's to bring up a topic or stance and have it reconsidered for the potential betterment of the community. Laws and rules never stay static forever and now staff / owner can consider it again with arguments provided, and say "We change" or "It stays". Might suck if it stays, but then at least people tried again at a later time. We see something, let's call it X (cryptic radio messages). If you look at the threads discussing this, it shows users who don't mind it, and specifically, users who find joy out of X. If you want to compare this community to a business, you might as well translate user to customer, in a way. It's restricted because the company (staff or the owner) fears rule breaks. The main idea is to find a working compromise to please more users of the community without giving staff a headache. This would better the community and please more people than right now. That's the simple idea. To find a compromise or rephrased rule, or changed enforcement, to please more people without resulting in any actual downsides. At least I can't detected any. What rulebreaks do people fear from obscure IC radio messages?
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