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  1. Combine

    {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    Installed everything normally as you would, did not alter any paths (to mods, etc). Upon trying to join by clicking the appropriate icon it says: "Error: There was a problem downloading mods: Unable to get information about junction point" Tried starting the launcher as admin and deleting the (empty) dayzrp folder from the game folder, in addition to trying to copy whatever mod they downloaded into the user path into the empty dayzrp folder in the game section. Added my char name to the setting tab. Ticked "run as admin" in the launcher for the heck of it. All did not work. Am I missing the obvious here?
  2. Combine

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    In favor. The main thing that got me here was the work and efforts of the lore team. It's not like I ran around and compared all different RP communities but this one seemed 1) very populated and 2) fleshed out by the lore It stood out and the lore team was, in my eyes, an integral part. It's the community's loss without them, most notably.
  3. Combine

    o7 folks

    I was recently in a chat with a group talking about potential alternatives in the DayZ wasteland. Read some backstory of one server. And I was like: "Meh. This is nothing compared to what Major (and any other LM working with him, James, etc ... or basically those two guys) was able to put up. This can't be the right thing for me." A notable thing that got me into the community is or was the lore. The irony is it technically has no to little actual imapct on the gameplay or server happenings. It's just text in a thread. But it gave way for all the head cannon that I found vital to immerse myself into the RP. You (not just literally you, anyone else being in the LM team, too) made it fun and immersive. It's a real shame. Never forget your work though. Will keep you in mind for future endeavours beyond DayZ as lore and group creator. There will be ample opportunities - if we all can manage to stay in touch. Might not be zombie apocalypse related, but we could recreate Chernarus in upcoming large-scale online games with Sandbox / building elements, for example, and flesh those faction(s) out with lore. If you're up for it, that is. E: But yeah, big loss. Big loss
  4. Combine

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Oh hi there. I agree with what Spartan (and anyone else saying the same) said, is always useful in my eyes. Could be interested after my hiatus.
  5. Combine

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    He scoffs at the beginning, and his usual MO remains in terms of accent and pitch. <:: Correct me if I'm wrong but what's stopping you or anyone going to the safezones? People in South Zagoria mostly have themselves to blame for not bothering to pack up things and move to better areas. There's no hard impassable physical barriers. But with that attitude I fear that eventually even the safe zones might crumble and other people will stand at the sides and even clap. Mind-boggling. Humans ruining other humans life for petty reasons such as ideology or some other crap. And people do not follow the CDF in that particular fashion. The CDF is but a hand or finger. An actor. People follow the government and perhaps first and foremost, their fellow people over there. They follow stability and relative peace. And you can find that over in the last controlled zones. And yet some people work on tearing them down.
  6. Combine

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea

    Still going there?! ----------------- Some good entries in here so far!
  7. Combine

    An Attack on Miroslavl

    He picks up the radio, it's been a long time since he actively used it, nor even bothered listening to many on-goings on the waves. It was time again. He still does the same thing, though: Change his pitch a bit, to mask his voice a bit more. Accent appears to be local, thus, Chernarussian or similar. <:: It saddens me to still hear scum babble on the radio. Like the man recently. Who got excited. How can you get joyful or feel good when hearing about a terror attack like that? Why does the killing of people continue, as virus-ridden bodies do so much of this already? What fucking personal grudges do you have, hm? At the end of the day, the CDF is trying to protect people in whatever remains in our homeland. Get your boners elsewhere, if you don't like it here, I suggest you piss off. You're all just looking for excuses to live your petty insignificant lives and to use violence, to vent or compromise your shitty existences. I cannot find or see another reason why someone would find this good or why someone would try to artificially paint bad guys there and justify the attack where simply more people died. He sighs and this is transmitted, thus, can be heard. The break is rather short. <:: But why do I try to wonder about scum that always comes out when they smell opportunistic times. No use getting angry over it ourselves. Perhaps it's best to relatively ignore those people and focus on hardening our resolve and defenses. We must watch out for each other, we must keep each other alive, we must help ourselves, and let them die off in their hate and without much support. Let's watch our for each other, Chernarussians and anyone else willing, so that we make it through this mess and finally return to normal. This stupid war and commie claims are useless, they only add fuel to the fire, it's mind boggling! Click. And immediately after: <:: This ground zero province here tires and annoys me, with its idiotic squabbles. It seems the rest of the country isn't notably better off conflict-wise, but at least there's more civilization. I'm ready to head back if you need me. Consider it. I could use a change of scenery. Let me help where it matters, not persist in a forsaken place. Call me, and I back up my bags and come. Someone from the Interior Ministry, signing off. Click.
  8. Combine

    Anarchy Announcement.

    Same guy from before, no change in the prior MO. <:: "If you go there and submit, you are giving them power or acknowledge them. Whatever your reason or justification may be to go if you are not an active supporter of them, keep this in mind and do not complain later if it turns out to be a bad move for you. I'm sick of all the fighting produced by bad people alone. Just when you think there's relative peace some scumbags decide to pop up and repeat the cycle anew. Might just bug out of this hellhole until artillery or major clean-up paves the way. Might actually do more productive work in other oblasts than here where violence just repeats and loops and where savages reign. This is no longer my home until you are all dead." Click.
  9. Combine

    Anarchy Announcement.

    There does not seem to be any particular (as in strong and notable) mood or intonation in the words. Someone apparently sounding Chernarussian. He does somewhat change the pitch and voice a bit, not too absurdly so you could really tell over the radio waves in most cases. <:: "Like I need "permission to exist" in my own homelands from a bunch of rabid foreigners, who cannot control themselves. Without the state being occupied with other fights and your supposed BPR friends you would have been bombed into oblivion already. You might still be. Stop this terror and control crusade that will only lead to more dead people on your hands. History will repeat itself. But I do not expect you to understand. Listening to how you speak, or doing it for a while, tells how limited your horizon appears to be, regardless of how successful you were or are in shooting guns or intimidation. Can't you just leave my fucking home and terrorize people elsewhere? By the way, you are just tools for the BPR. If they win the big conflict, you can expect to be disposed once you have served your purpose. Think about it. It could happen. You can't completely rule it out, on the other hand. We've seen what radical regimes did in the past or are capable of." Click.
  10. <:: Right, I think you are misinformed or simply want to have that enemy. With not just the infection but all sorts of related political and social 'fallout' ravaging the planet, or almost all of the planet, do you think they can bother to send more forces here when their own nations and homes are on fire? Are you angry at people not being ABLE to help you or not being able to prioritize YOU or THIS PLACE? There is a short break, you can hear him moderately sigh. <:: And the closest national government, if you haven't noticed, is trying to keep everything together in whatever safe zones remain while fighting communist separatists in the North AND the Russian military. Sorry no one comes here to roll out the red carpet - but anyone who's had enough of the oblast can try to head West and get to a safezone, get out of this forsaken, war-torn place. Sorry no one can send a taxi, it is what it is. I'm also not aware of anything regarding odd virus tests you mention. Last but not least, I'm not sure what hostage-taking you speak about, I doubt military forces here would just do that. Maybe it's some irregular unit, a few who went nuts, people simply wearing the uniforms, etc. If you want to fight something or someone, fight the infected. Let's not add fuel to the fire by fighting ourselves. Click.
  11. Shaking his head, he grabs the radio to respond. Chernarussian accent, it seems. Yes, quite likely. He does change his pitch a tad though, to mask his voice somewhat. <:: Hardship creates new bonds among people, most notably those who go through the hardships together. I get some aspects or points you make. But hardship doesn't just simply or easily wash away traditions and cultural bonds. What incentive does a majority of Chernarussians have to lose part of their homeland to others? Why would trapped foreigners who originate from somewhere else forfeit their homes and past to live in some post-apocalyptic shithole province - no offense, but the infrastructure is damaged and infected still roam in great numbers, and this is my home. There is a short break. <:: I also question your motives and why you name "governments", collectively, as bad. Governments and their agencies, forces and so on are what kept and still keeps the infection in some sort of "checks n' balances" or suppresses it, where we would've failed globally otherwise without those resources and men. Men and women. Like, you paint a bad guy that can hardly be generalized globally and is, in most cases, not the bad guy. Unless you are actively fighting against them for your own motives, are a secessionist, perhaps extremist, something like that. Now of course, on a global and perhaps even local scale, mistakes were and perhaps are made. But at the same time there is a lot of stress on humans and since governments are also just a collection of people, mistakes, errors, all that can happen. But those people still provide some sort of order, safety and some kind of normal life for many people. Trying to 'steal' a province or take it up with everyone only creates more bloodshed. Besides, I don't think your idea will work well in the end, due to cultural reasons and whatnot. Think about it. Click.
  12. Listening for a while, he eventually reaches for the radio and sighs before transmitting. Usual MO, local accent but changing his pitch a tad. <:: Right, can someone perhaps inform me, ideally straight to the point, who these "cops" are and what their purpose is? What "uniforms" they wear?
  13. Combine

    Svoboda Official Propaganda Thread

    I guess even Steam likes Svoboda. I just saw this while browsing Steam under the "Available soon" tab:
  14. Combine

    The community is being restricted?

    Look, I'll just post this, as someone who didn't have any trouble yet. So maybe I'm "unbiased", or perhaps more than those who may have gotten punishments etc. in the past. Not to throw oil into the fire, but for some to consider the approaches for the future. Obvious disclaimer: I'm posting with the subjective knowledge I have. Maybe there's things I miss(ed) and can therefore not comprehend behind some decisions. But hey, the others (in supposed question) can add their view then. So to be less abstract: I hear stories or see them and think that it is simply over-done moderation in particular cases - whether just a bit or a lot. Perhaps I missed the key parts in the reasoning, but nevertheless, the parts of the community or at least specific community members in question are 'scared off' or shake their heads. I don't talk about hear-say of the sixth grade now but listening to the people getting (perma-)banned for petty pictures that, as far as I am aware, did not even show explicit visual gore or sexual content. Or I see something closed pre-emptively because something could happen. Let us try something to acknowledge a potential problem or at least how community perception could improve by changing the course in specific future cases Maybe this is a fitting or unfitting example or comparison to some, but I would now briefly like to put you in the shoes of police. Let's assume this wasn't a private forum but a more public thing where staff is police and the other users are citizens (or foreign guests). If you do "too much" it could be considered police brutality with media outrage, stuff we see on occasion in reality. And public outcry. Even if covered by rules, if "too much" is subjectively done, it can lead to unhappy people and frustration. Now, of course this is actually just a private forum centered around a game. Staff can, with great leeway, set the regulations and police the community. Staff doesn't have to act like real police by regulations and doesn't go through formal training. But maybe looking at real police MO or regulations can help. Here, at least in Germany, if you do anything in the public sector where law comes in job-wise, you learn about the principle of proportionality It basically means you go by law or the book and if you have leeway, you try to apply the mildest measures at your disposal to fix a potential or actual problem, and only escalate if this particular measure is no longer able to fix the problem. And only then do you go to the next level of escalation. For example, if you are a cop and see someone pissing in a corner, you don't run over and club him over the head with a baton - you apply a verbal warning for him to "piss off" (pun intended) or apply a fine. Not beat or shoot him. Or try to put him behind bars, not that you could for a longer time without the whole judge-fudge-stuff, but you get my point. Escalate only if you have to, otherwise, start mild. Oh, and somewhat distancing yourself emotionally in conflicts can help so that you do not develop grudges yourself and subconsciously influence the decisions just because you don't want to deal with someone or dislike them. It might be hard and not everyone can or wants to, but if you can, it can surely help. As someone who had to learn or apply it, I can only suggest to start adopting this general mentality when you can. I personally believe it prolongs or maintains a general community cohesion even if rules are broken, while not resulting in bad blood or contempt at subjectively over-done moderation or punishments. Lastly, I'm not here to tell anyone in staff or management how to run this community. And lots of people who work in staff surely do fine. This isn't a generalized complaint on all, but a generalized concern on some things and the results actions can have. And again, I wasn't involved in every message, encounter, communication, rule-break as ever-present being who saw it all and yes, sure, there's always two sides to a story. But on the other hand, this "uncertainty" or "bewilderment" in parts of the community is the outcome of some decisions that were taken. I just want some people to consider that potentially over-doing it probably not that helpful and scares off people that might need a slap on the wrist or a temporary time-out, but would otherwise perfectly contribute on the server or community through RP'ing here. That's basically my appeal to people. With the principle of proportionality in mind, harsh punishments or permanent bans or permanent removal of certain community features (where even an appeal is denied!) should only be the last resort reserved for when there is absolutely no betterment to be expected or when someone clearly shits on the community and doesn't want to contribute on multiple occasions. In turn, I would perhaps refrain from locking threads in an OT section or so until something that could happen and might warrant a lock actually happens, even if I can understand the ad-revenue problem. Not sure how this works exactly. Even then (in my book), you could just delete unfitting content instead of locking the thread, which in turn sends a certain signal to parts of the community again. Would we be here otherwise, posting right now, about this topic? I doubt it. Now, I think that about sums it up. I thank you for your attention so far and again would like to add that the point of this is, ideally, simply to result in improvements in the long run where they could be needed. As some people seem to be unhappy, it appears to me some things could've gone better, making me post this in the first place. It's meant as a good "heads up".
  15. Combine

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Strict Recruitment]

    Good luck to y'all!