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  1. Combine


    From what I hear the chance of finding them is fair or okay. Maybe bad luck or bad time of the day. Any major town should net you at least one box of nails with a moderate to very likely likelihood if there's enough industrial spawns present, and that's usually the case for bigger towns. Today I hear a scouting party has found 3-4 boxes in the same town as if there was an abundance of them.
  2. Combine

    Carry and drag injured people.

    Slightly OT, perhaps more doable, but related: I generally wish game mechanics were different, where you have a realistic or occasional chance to ressurrect someone "dead". I guess if the game technically handles death as the end, then I hope future game (or mod) versions can aim to make it so you go uncon more than outright dying (unless someone blasts your head with a Saiga or you get fragged to smitherens?). This would add a bigger incentive for medics beyond simple RP. While medical related RP is nice and vital, actually seeing benefits in gameplay is better than just having to RP it all out. If someone got shot up (to a reasonable level) I actually want to be able to run up to them and defib them into oblivion ... or rather out of it ... This can be cancelled by running up to people you want to finish and emptying a few bullets into them, too. In simple terms, the death threshold should be increased and there should be more uncon scenarios where you possibly awake in a fucked up state, able to save yourself, or actually need a medic or any external help before bleeding out.
  3. Combine

    Gabreta Fenix

    God, this was a nice read, downfall of local civilization sweet and to the point. I don't often see this (not that I watch every group though or find everything subjectively nice). It's nothing overly special or blown over the top, yet somehow interesting and captivating. At least I felt a bit like "I want to find out more, run into these people, and maybe they take part in those greater things happening in Chernarus". Good luck.
  4. Combine

    Celebrity Characters

    These are funny. But I think even if Will Smith decided to play (himself), he'd really have some explaining to do why he'd end up in Chernarus, or South Zagoria to be more precise. Out of all places. The Ground Zero region. When you can have a better life in a safezone. Very hypothetical therefore.
  5. Combine

    Military bases

    Now I'm no Loremaster and obviously the following is just how I view it or piece it together, but yet I feel that it might be relatively spot on - if need be, an LM can correct me. Are you referring to this from the lore section? Since the UN is mentioned in the first part, it should be noted that Chernarus took part in a UN mission in Takistan. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/United_Nations http://www.arma2.com/arma-2-oa-factions/a-2-oa-nato-and-un This is established game lore and not contradicted by our own lore; some characters from the CDF do mention UNFORT backgrounds. This actually plays into your question why there's western weaponry to be found at such bases. Pre-outbreak it was due to international deployment or perhaps international trainers being present, possibly making CDF forces used to certain weaponry used in by the UNFORT partners. And post outbreak, UN forces and NATO forces, were deployed to Chernarus and were active for a while before being decimated or withdrawn in official capacity. It should also be noted that in the civil war and thus prior to infection and UNFORT, western forces became involved, perhaps going as far to boost and supply the country ever since then, which is what partially might explain some players assuming that CDF forces using western weapons like the M4 or M16 would also be fine. Not all of them, but maybe certain units or companies. As for whether bases in South Zagoria were shared pre-outbreak, I can't recall clear stances on this and a superficial search doesn't imply this. Some wiki article I found lists all outposts and bases as belonging to the CDF. It is my understanding that pre-outbreak, any international / western presence wasn't in South Zagoria or limited only. The lore snippet of this community has the answer a few bits after the part you mean: The first snippet mentions "crucial NATO bases in the area" but can be interpreted in different ways, such as referring to an area not necessarily IN South Zagoria, but generally Chernarus or the region, or maybe we just have to assume it was never specified or thought through at the time this was written and put into place. Hey, if game devs can leave things uncertain, player communities can, too. The second underlined part I understand as NATO having a Kirovograd "base" (hosted, I guess), just as Utes Island (third underlined part) apparently had a western presence, but that might not be a surprise as when the US intervened in the civil war, Utes was basically the first stop. ------------------------------------ What do I get from all of this or how do I view it? 1) Western weaponry isn't as uncommon as you'd imagine under other constellations as western or international forces have been involved in Chernarus almost a decade prior to the outbreak and even after the outbreak, just as Chernarus took part in an international or UN mission with western partners. 2) There was (and is) an international military (NATO, UN, etc) presence in Chernarus and some bases were likely shared - but I couldn't find any implication of in this lore or game lore indicating it would be the case in South Zagoria. If Utes belongs to South Zagoria oblast formally then that garrison there would be a prime example. IF any base we have in the in-game region was shared, then likely one of the bigger ones (and not Kamensk military base for obvious lore reasons), but it wasn't clearly mentioned or specified. Although if we look at the quote above, it can almost be ruled out since why would the US deploy specifically from Utes or Kirovograd (if I read it right, contextually) if they had some presence in the military bases we can visit in the game? It's not mentioned anywhere as far as I can tell, so we can actually assume no base we can visit had a notable foreign troop presence prior to the outbreak. 3)Post-outbreak and as things unfolded in-game (our custom lore as it played out on the server), while I witnessed the UN and some NATO troops early on, I do not recall the CDF ever firmly maintaining an actual military base with co-hosted international troops, so we can likely rule this out as something that happened in-game or in RP either Again, not an LM (duh), for all I know the LM reply could turn my thoughts upside down completely, but yet I think that the answers are relatively clear, or can be assumed by implications as listed above. To me the thought that all bigger bases had US infantry in them seems a bit too exotic, to say the least, the overall (post-)civil war situation doesn't seem to valid such an amount of troops or widespread coverage, as it's not comparable to, I dunno, the crisis regions we know from today. Furthermore the Chernarussian government (with or without foreign help in the intel area) pretty much hunted down notable Chedaki cells or people and other wiki articles I found indicate the situation was rather stable all in all.
  6. Combine

    Chernarus IRL

    Ano, Slava Chernarus bratr! Also mind our other true Chernarussian brands and companies!
  7. Combine

    Cars spawning in working condition

    I voted yes due to the following reasons: - realism or not, yes, it IS a convenience factor - unstable nature of cars themselves, depending on time and location or how packed the server is, some suddenly accelerate and make you crash or you lag out and hit something as you drive at a higher speed, etc. Or they just despawn. - lowered spawn chance of chars compared to prior mod versions - Higher theft risk of fixed cars you may have (if it's a hassle to fix cars on the road, I just go for working ones people may have) I wouldn't mind them being broken if there's more of them. Currently it's just a hassle by and large. Cars spawning in ok condition also makes them more viable or attainable for loners or small groups who'd otherwise have issues or skip on fixing up run down cars.
  8. Combine

    Chernarus IRL

    Picture above fixed E:
  9. Combine

    Item Shop for Groups

    If nothing else helps, tie it to monetary input then. Meaning you can get certain (outfit) perks as group if you spend some bucks. It's better to get this and have to spend some bucks than not get it at all I mean. Of course a "free version" you get for having an approved group is always preferred but I might as well say it in advance if money would be the only factor in the end that gets us this stuff. If you are an approved group, you could as well collect donations or share the burden so it really shouldn't be a huge issue. I just see big potential in groups themselves and certain outfits or outfit kits would be a step in the right direction. In turn it would put more emphasis or reward on becoming or having an official group.
  10. Combine

    Item Shop for Groups

    One could argue that individual members in a group could simply obtain said items from the shop and spawn them in when required, or "in advance" (make a stash, spawn items all the time after cooldown is over and store those items for others to take. This is, I reckon, how the server is funded to some extent. Yet, I'd argue that official or approved groups should get some benefits, or be able to request them, such as group armbands. This was the case, as we can see with some groups, but they may have had to put cash on the table. I'm generally in favor of extending the possibilities for (approved) groups, and then especially lore groups who come with a certain kind of "backing" opposed to fictional or "limited" non-lore groups. To recap: I'm not sure if all approved groups should get the ability for leaders to spawn in certain items from the item shop for free, that would undermine funding. From that perspective I could see reasons against it, from the player or consumer POV I am all for empowered groups. The compromise I see in the large picture is that approved groups get more possibilities for certain custom content (whether they pay extra or not is another question, work effort has to be calculated), or are able (paid or not) to spawn in gear sets "at once", like a little bag opening with a pre-defined kit or set of clothing also normally reachable via the item shop. Or perhaps only the group leader can spawn in such a "kit" (with cooldown) to hand out to his "underlings". Long story short, I see various possibilities to improve or enhance the official group experience, and I believe certain lore factions approved by LMs and wider staff should also get some bonuses if they, through their RP and work efforts, generate content for many to enjoy. As for how those benefits might look like, I'll keep that for another more specific topic for that matter. I'll just throw it out there.
  11. Combine


    Unusual. If you can completely rule out that it was stolen, I mean. The only issues I got with cars is that when I drive around them and the server crashes, I am reset to a prior location, but the car isn't meaning I have to retrace my steps up to a few hundred meters tops or so to find it again. Only once did a car I had despawn upon crash or so. That a car just vanishes without any sort of restart or crash is new to me. Maybe you got that rare chance or certain factors (positioning?) didn't play well. Or maybe it was just bugged. Moral of the story is, never get too attached to your gear, including vehicles. In the last months or even weeks I have used and abandoned so many cars, it's not even funny anymore. I say, enjoy the moments while a vehicle lasts you and bug or not, don't be discouraged to find a car again. I believe it's a slim chance of vehicles just vanishing.
  12. Combine

    Foreigners tune in.

    The man from before, speaking to Yelena, returns on the radio waves not long after her last message. Not much changed from his intonation or "transmission quality", still somewhat muffled, but a careful listener could probably tell a few nuances are off. Simplified, most could likely guess there is some kind of mild pity or understanding in some of the words. It's obviously spoken in the native Chernarussian tongue. <:: I understand... and am sorry for your bad subjective experiences. Kind of interesting, met another woman who met a foreigner, westerner, to be specific, and they were so close that she would also give her life for him, only to end up in similar situation. Being or feeling betrayed. Hated his guts later on. Lots of blood was spilled over bad decisions supposedly stemming from him. By now, she might've gotten closer with a fellow countryman that I also met. Frankly, better choice, I say. You just know where you are at, in many cases, of course. Still think that one generally needs to differentiate when possible and not foam at the mouth as soon as someone is not from our now cursed home, but with that information I can relate better now. I've seen it myself, and often those not coming from here or not even belonging here did the biggest damage. I just believe our ... fury should hit the right people." There is a short break. <:: "I understand if you want to leave your memories in the past. But consider it if you want closure with or without details. The home you grow up in will always be tied to memories, good or bad. They shouldn't be slandered or desecrated by strangers. I won't go there and renovate your home, make no mistake. But squatters, I can get ... evicted, depending on how bad it is. It would at least mean some level of closure for you, and perhaps you can or want to return one day." He then let's go, an audible click being the result.
  13. Combine

    Odin Actual

    A muffled man pops up on the radiowaves, speaking in English. Judging by the accent (and context) he could probably be deemed a local. <:: "Odin, Viktor-6 responding. Heed prior warnings; uniform presence of certain international or, respectively, western forces not tenable in South Zagoria oblast at this time. Leave operations to Chernarussian state actors or potential allied local forces in region. Proceed at your own risk - you will not be supported in this area, international forces had their chance and many elements of local survivor populace have hostile disposition. In simple terms, I thank all fallen and leftover soldiers from international armies and entities for their service in attempting to assist and contain. Blood was spilled and this is acknowledged, but you are needed elsewhere or in your own homes. Many here might not appreciate your nobility or perhaps even blindness to certain factors at hand. I suggest you disregard your private endeavours. I will not be around to dig your grave. Out." Click.
  14. Combine

    Foreigners tune in.

    A local sounding man would address his female compatriot (that just spoke up) in his native Chernarussian tongue. <:: "Do not pretend you could literally blame every foreigner between the lines. Some might help you, some spit in your face. The skill is to pick the right ones. As for your home situation, if you can give me a name, I might be able to ... deal with the housing issue, regardless of whether you want to go home or not. For a reasonable price." Click.
  15. Combine

    KAMENSK: Ground Zero's Second Expedition

    I know a few things from the lore and it kinda scares me. T̨r̸̺͔̹̳͚e̪̦à͓̥͍͕d ̝̹̘c͉̱̳͠a̶̰̗̩͔͎͔r͓͓͈̯͙̳̠͡e͏̖͇̳̲͍f̪͕̥͔͓u͉̖͕͕̟̟͞l̵l҉̺̯̖y̩̯͇͔͓̭̫
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