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  1. If some argue only the waiting or hype for the next version got us going, I can do the same: If 1.0 and beyond will not see notable improvements, then we can hope to look towards mods. Besides, us RPers have an advantage over some others - we generate a lot of content ourselves.
  2. Against it mostly. I won't say no to increasing "durability" or certain clothing items because it seems silly a few punches (or just one unlucky one) from a zombie will suddenly turn normal looking clothing into something you had on you for weeks on end or something you went into a frontline with and got shot up and burned and cut up. But totally remove such notable damage states that you can also see? Errr, not in favor. People looking like shit with ruined gear after getting out of a mess adds to immersion and survival and "gear maintenance" imo.
  3. Combine

    Requesting Immediate Assistance

    Sighing, a local-sounding man replies. <:: "Fuck me, I want me some awesome Indian dish. Right now! Ahhh shit! This will now haunt me for a whole day!" Click.
  4. Combine

    A message from Vladislav 187.6hz

    <:: "How much, any other specifics, anything else? I need to find some vials and other clean equipment first however before I touch them or try to get any samples. Wouldn't want to ruin them, over." Click.
  5. Combine

    It starts now. [126.23]

    A male Chernarussian speaks up. <:: "Bringing back some order is bad for business? I can already imagine who would say that. Enjoy this while it lasts, for this region or at least wider nation will eventually be reclaimed and order will be restored mostly. It seems inevitable." Click.
  6. Combine

    A message from Vladislav 187.6hz

    Just takes but a moment for some Chernarussian-sounding guy to reply. <:: "Hello doctor, I believe I could assist with some tasks. I used to be in a CDF CBRN unit. Or am I, still? No clue. Not that I can do the deeper research, but I can get samples or do moderate decon work, for example. Let me know if that sounds good, over." Click.
  7. Combine


    Make sure to use them right - when I first had one, I did it kinda wrong. If you know already, ignore this. Otherwise (or for anyone else): You have to put a battery in, then turn it on with a click. Instead of just holding RMB which goes into a similar position, you have to hold left mouse button instead, and then it should work as intended, even though you hear no feedback. TL;DR: Never right click with this thing^^
  8. More info on that and, in general, more lore news snippets and a progression of lore events (including or primarily beyond South Zagoria) would be nice. I get that I'm asking from a "consumer perspective" and that it takes time and perhaps coordination among staff, which is totally fine. It's done when it's done. Just saying that it would be nice to see that continued eventually
  9. Combine

    Realistic Radios and Transceivers!

    Oh man stop writing more, this made me nostalgic and sad. I even remember a friggin talkshow like format on the radio, but I think that was around the end of last year. Also, my first really notable RP contact I recall was not face-to-face, it was on the radio, from which more interactions spawned. PS: DayZ devs fix this mess!
  10. Combine

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    You know what would possibly "regulate" certain types of hostileRP or strongarming groups? Lore group or environmental responses not necessarily done by other regular players. This would NOT artificially prevent HostileRP itself, which might be good, but it would eventually react to over-dominant groups if there was a subjective need for that, that is. This can be done with mods or admin-type powers in practice, but could generally be encouraged by the group's actions (the groups in question) and both other players depending on how RP and situations unfold. For example, let's say a bigger group generated some tension and spread chaos over the region. Lore factions of any type could get pissed and decide to deal with them. Maybe not crush them as that would be "powergamey" but make life harder for them as a natural response if they over-do things. For example simulated artillery or aircraft attacks on their known positions, if they have any. It doesn't have to be human groups, it could be a horde or pack of Wolves. I like this possibility of 'natural mild regulation' - as long as it doesn't just powergame a group out of existence and just makes life for strongarming groups harder on occasion, I mean. Now of course the potential of abuse and whatnot could be there since humans would have to execute those actions, so it would need at least some basic to solid system behind it to prevent "abuse of powers" out of potential grudges and whatnot, but I generally want to mention this possibility. I've seen loremasters and other event type admins in RP communities respond to player actions like that on occasion in other games and it was interesting, sometimes even needed. From another perspective I'd say there's various more powerful lore factions existing than what most player groups can muster on their own, so seeing responses from such factions on occasion and when it might be warranted would seem logical to me. It would just have to be done "in a fair and logical way".
  11. Combine

    Chernarus Folklore, Stories, Myths and Legends Anthology

    Are updates or rather additional ones planned? If not, I hereby encourage it once the spare time and interest can be found
  12. Combine

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    If meaningless violence would somehow be punished more consistently individually or group-wise, it could be done less or would have to be more "creative" - however one wants to define "meaningless violence" and "more creative alternatives", of course. No clue how to add dampeners or incentives though. Temp PKs (like bans) for chars if they die? Then again that would also punish victims who cannot react properly or are outnumbered heavily, and make complaints worse if players are locked out from playing (the particular char anyway), even if just a day or two.
  13. Combine

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Haha, I was like "Damn this is the fastest or shortest bean response to a post I got". Oh, right.
  14. Combine

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Not that I'm an expert on the matter, nor an "oldfag" as we used to say in G-Mod RP communities. Funnily enough, I have rarely been in hostile situations, but it seems clear that from following the forums and sometimes hearing opinions, it seems the topic was and is, and will remain controversial and generate OOC issues and bad blood. I want to be very honest at the same time: Sometimes from following IC and OOC posts I really could not ignore the image of some claims being right and that some were perhaps aggressively (OOC motivation) looking for shit where it might maybe not always make sense. Notice: This was or sometimes simply is an abstract gut feeling that doesn't automatically have to hold any factual or measurable truth, is just a gut feeling. But if I can develop it from seeing some IC (or OOC) messages, anyone else can and on a community-wide level this can just increase abstract or real tensions between players - even though the ones being eyed cautiously might consider something totally valid RP and it might likely just be exactly that. Maybe another reason some people MIGHT get the image of certain claims is simply that certain players usually stick together in dominating groups that tend to have a notable impact and force on the server, and the additional naming convention only helps to fuel certain bias perhaps. Especially if others are at the receiving end of hostilities and eventually take it personal or find it annoying on an OOC level, legit IC interactions or RP or not. That's basically an attempt at trying to explain some things. Since it can be anything depending on the person viewing this from total love for this to not liking this type of RP approach as a preference to something akin to bad blood (which is likely the hardest to solve or overcome), I suggest something different in the long run, thanks to mods. How can mods help us? Basically, if "hostile RP" remains controversial the alternative I see over regulating it is ... adding more shit to do. More content might serve as counter-balance and to further occupy players with activities in the game that don't necessarily (primarily or solely) center around conflict. Some might probably turn to hostile-RP on an OOC motivation if there's basically only really "campfire RP" and "hostile RP" (exaggerating a bit on purpose, get creative people). If there's a lot more to do, people will try this out and focus on said things. As to what it could be, dunno, but such additional activities might even make hostile RP more meaningful or tied into the lore or in-game happenings. For example, imagine you could build houses, beyond simple wooden walls and constructs. Imagine you can run or sabotage an electric grid beyond the simple settlement small-scale mechanics. I am talking about the energy grid of South Zagoria. Fix electro or sub stations and get eventual energy, which would power street lights and more, at the price of having to maintain the power generation source (power plant in Elektro, e.g.) and according land lines and sub stations all the time. In addition have certain hubs or locations where you can get certain things. This will also kind of add "strategic resources" and put emphasis on areas or things to hold and maintain. In addition, add perhaps virus research and testing that may allow you to temporarily, for a time, influence "zombie" behavior or numbers by being able to lower or increase numbers in an area. Or make it so you can produce a lot more items as player to better simulate an economy and certain skills. These are just some suggestions I can think of. TL;DR: Add more shit to do, this might 'balance' out hostile RP and give players more things to do in addition to just that.
  15. Combine

    DayZ leaving Early Access December 13 Trailer - LUL

    Oddly enough I just thought of this, but not in terms of the video but in terms of this game