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  1. Peep this update video for .63

    Looking forward to new features - and hopefully fixes to ancient bugs or issues with some gear. On another note we really should not be worried (too much) about "abuse" or "badRP" with the new audio systems. Compared to most public servers, chances are there will always be some fitting or believable IC reason or context. Or one can be assumed.
  2. National military RP just got viable / boosted (on a larger scale, that is) again: Of course as others said or implied that does not even cover all remnants of other (national and international) institutions but this group (no shameless ad intended) will provide a boost. Still you may need a thick skin, some people simply got IC and some maybe OOC murder boners. Also since you can be usually more easily identified by enemies compared to blending in. Anyone interested in joining such groups should keep it in mind. But then again you get to see a unique approach or content to RP you won't see in other types of groups. And vice-versa of course. Good potential event or content motor though.
  3. Svoboda Official Propaganda Thread

    Also needs more Radec - on the roster
  4. Hello, Long story short since I am on mobile right now, which I hate in terms of posting. A quick search on the net and on this forum (primarily question section, first 7 pages) did not give me solid results but for range. My questions (and of course your topics for discussion) are: 1) What is the max range of verbal chat and what is the max range of text chat? Sources indicate 50 to 70 meters, but what do you think or have experienced? 2) Does yelling or whispering affect the range or volume at what distance you can pick up words? In other words, is yelling or whispering even useful to audibly reach people further away or to keep quiet when others are close? I mostly ask as this can be very RP relevant, as you can imagine, and knowing the possibilities or limits can help prevent (or create) according situations. One thing for certain: the audio quality could be better So what are your experiences and do you have good sources on the voice mechanics? Of course you can also just slap sources and links in here. Thanks in advance.
  5. Cool people, those mountain folks! Surely stands out as concept in my book.
  6. [PRO TIP] - Tabbing Out of Game

    I guess Steam overlay could also work. Ah well, will try both methods and see how it goes. If this happens regardless, I will try to remember posting in here. If not: Case closed, just have to spread the word on occasion. Still, even though you may do it, I would not stand in front of people going AFK temporarily if they have any sort of weapon in hand. You never know if it might happen to someone else not aware of the "fix" or forgetting about it.
  7. [PRO TIP] - Tabbing Out of Game

    From that perspective, it is a good point of course. It really depends on what leads to this error. IF this bug basically results in the click "looping" in general, it might persist despite the menu "switch". It could also mean that the menu blocks this "bug" as you stated because it simply treats it like a menu click and "blocks" the loop I experienced. It surely warrants further testing. Will try some things tomorrow to get better implications about the controls, menus and tabbing. Totally turning this into (Dean) Rocket science.
  8. [PRO TIP] - Tabbing Out of Game

    What I often noticed when tabbing back in (thankfully it was either just fists that were swung or weapons that were raised but without bullets being fired) is that it was almost "stuck", so you had to click to stop that "loop". My question basically is: If DayZ is simply wonky and registers clicks or bugs out at times to go into attack mode, would it not possibly mean pressing Escape first would not lead to a difference as it could then happen when you press Escape again? Or is this actually a guaranteed way to prevent those mistakes or errors?
  9. REPORT: Powergaming, Metagaming, Castle Winterfell, E7/S7

    Someone please post combat logs.
  10. Svoboda Brigada

    My character will join the fun. inb4 Major saying Nice snow in Spring or something again
  11. He clears his throat before speaking up. Must be some local guy. At least sounds local on the radio. He does change his pitch a bit to mask the voice. As he likes to do these days. <:: Easy now, gentlemen. Only weapons were mentioned not the rest - until they confirm it, right? Now, I was not there, n' all, but maybe someone else took other objects? Apart from that I consider it somewhat legit to take back own property that was stolen if it helps to fight the infection, and of course at the same time is bad luck for survivors who might need or rely on those ... objects for defense. Regardless, maybe I can keep an eye out for supplies if you are in dire need of them. No cars, no bullets. Some 'meds' or grown or catched food, like fish, at best. Maybe some hunting weapons. Don't worry, no military hardware with some registration. You should be fine. You want a bit of help or get things yourself? Click.
  12. Coalition Propaganda Broadcast Pt 1

    He reaches for his radio and changes his pitch a tad, while using the local accent. <:: Testing. Hello. I'm not fond of these verbal clashes. But let's make something apparent here. You complain about Kozlov? He sits behind his walls? Letting us rot? A short break follows, maybe he recollects his thoughts. It would not be long enough to indicate he'd be done speaking or cut off. The previous short questions could almost indicate anger, but surely the following intonation is a lot more neutral or calm. <:: First, we all sit behind walls of any form. It keeps us safe from the monsters out there, in whatever form they may come. Yours are called Novy Sobor, for example, and other people have other walls or names for their walls and castles or camps. Secondly, left to rot? It's not like there were countless attempts to restore society, mop up the infected, bring order. But apparently, all of them were shot down - literally - by various actors: Bandits, criminals, scum, secessionists, opportunists, psychopaths, opponents, you name it. Surely your faction can be included, in some way or form. It did apparently not work out or we would not be in this situation today. Not in this province, at least. Maybe many here in this province are "left to rot" now but it's not like there were no attempts at all. We have to consider the shape the nation and world is in. If not many other resources can be spared, they can't. You can hardly blame someone trying to keep it all together on a limited national scale, can you? While being at war with other nations and having to fight communist secessionists. Again. And last but not least, what keeps you here? "Left to rot" implies being stuck in some way or form. If you truly want out, you can go to the major safe zones, here or elsewhere. Maybe they can't come to us, but you can go to them. From the sounds of it, it seems at least some of you people in the so-called Anarchy faction or group are mostly foreign or have no real roots here. Is this correct? Many of us stay because this is our home, but what binds you here? You want out of the war, the shit hole, the mess? Go to the safe zones or go to your home countries. Surely most of them are still in some working order. If some are not wanted officially with name's n' all by now, you can actually try to get a normal life with broad access to electricity, peace, safety and not have to worry about someone trying to bash your head in. Or eat you. And the locals, in turn, do not have to worry about someone trying to bash their heads in as they try to reclaim their actual homes and lands from others that cause trouble or at least occupy those. There is another short break. <:: Make out of these words what you want, I'm not here to argue or verbally fight. I simply want to raise a point: You are sick of this province and war? Then you can leave for a better place any time, especially as foreigner. Civilization isn't that far away. Click.
  13. Hey, I also sit here at times and really "cringe" (shudder) at some things said on the radio frequencies and that goes for "both" or "different" sides, not just "one". I shudder on an IC basis at least. Sometimes a bit OOC. ... but I go by a simple rule a lot of the time unless my subjective threshold is simply "broken": IC is IC I get that not everything happening IC should be considered IC or seems realistic to some. But if people talk shit IC on a radio, who is going to stop them at that particular moment? And there's always two (or more sides) to a conflict. If someone talks crap, you can ignore them. Or try to find them and make them shut up, of course. While perhaps less shit talking could or would be nice, I also don't think we really need a rule for this - for now. If I would be annoyed at something I would not reply or keep it short. Or try to hunt the other side, etc. But that's just my 2 cents.
  14. Greifing of tents

    I guess trading posts or public spots are at a general disadvantage - sadly. I usually manage to hide my shit well, and on average I have rather long "discovery" or "theft" times. But then again I do not set up known or big trading posts that are advertised. Those that do and cannot literally be around almost 24/7 always have that abstract disadvantage of being targeted. I think they have to live with the risk or basically have most of their stuff hidden and move it over during "open hours", or resort to direct trading where clients are served individually, not in a static market-like environment where you can come and go any time. Future versions or mods might make it easier for us to maintain such camps. Just like the mechanics for locking doors can be further improved, I can see this with those persistent storage entities like tents.
  15. Alexa dead

    He scoffs and looks like he has to spit something out any moment, before reaching for the radio, after having listened in for a while. Regardless, he changes his pitch a tad and uses a local accent. <:: No idea who this woman was, but it's one symbolic and good example of yet another victim. And yes, people die all the time in this day and age. But it's apparent this will never end until something is done.... but it's okay. We'll do something and once this is finally over, heads will dot the landscape on stakes around Novy Sobor, if it's not reduced to ashes by then. Click.