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  1. Surgery after having a nerve cut is not a amazing feeling. xD

    1. Irrelevant


      Feel you man. I just had a jaw operation and it sucks . But it will be better in the future,


    2. Webby


      @Saints That sucks mate. I have another 5-6 weeks of constant pain and numbness in my arm and hand.

    3. Irrelevant


      can't talk or eat or walk properly .... just something you will have to face


    4. James00


      I love you webby

  2. John Webster

    My name is John Webster, and this is how my story began. It started back in 2014, I had just graduated from high school and wanted to make a difference in the world and fulfilled my lifetime dream of joining the United States Army, I trained as a Cavalry Scout specialized in reconnaissance and lightweight assaults on enemy personnel and installations. I had been in year three of my four year enlistment period and my unit and I were deployed to the island of Utes to monitor the unrest going on in Chernarus with the Russians along with a flotilla of warships, command said on the 10th of July that the Russians and Chernorussian started bombing each other after months of unrest. On the 17th we were greeted with a massive fleet arriving off the shores of Chernarus and we, along with the U.S. Marines were tasked with defending key NATO bases. The Army was along with me were dispatched to Chernogorsk. The Air Force was bombing the area along with the Russians bombing up north. On the 19th was when we got our first taste of the enemy as infected started attacking the units as we retreated from the burning city after the riots. A massive storm hit Chernarus while we were on a patrol and we got separated and I took cover in some buildings and on the 24th the storm had cleared and I was alone with no one in sight, my GPS and map were destroyed during the storm and I had no idea where I was after traveling in the storm. It's been awhile and I've traveled a lot surviving... This is where my story resumes.