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  1. When people say on megaphones that there are fights going on it's to get all uninvolved players out of the area to get rid of the possibility of a misfire or miss ID. Either way a warning was given to all players in the area whether you knew we were there or not. We simply attacked the enemy that was threatening our man with death and you were with them... Should I just assume that during hostile firefights that one random person standing in the middle of the enemy is a civilian AFTER being warned and told to stay out of the area? No. 1. Standing with the combative group 2. Keeping your weapon out 3. Not leaving when told to (as you may be shot) All reasons to think you are a combative. Of course, keep the report up if wanted but I still think this is ruleplay and will only reply if requested by staff in the future.
  2. John Webster's POV: @RyanPr and I were responding to our man @JoeyS taking a person hostage and when we came upon sight we see multiple armed men outside the building including yourself. You were also warned at the beginning of your video that there is a situation going on and people may be shot, then you while having your gun out stay in a position overlooking the building (You were shot for being with the enemy AND for not following the orders of the District member who said leave the area which meant we took it as an armed persons still remaining were combative especially THOSE WITH GUNS OUT)... I'd argue that this report could be ruleplay since you were with the enemy and in part a dynamic with them and we will assume you're with them until proven otherwise. You never made any attempt to make yourself known to our group as non-combative and said yourself you'd help engage. Lets break this down from your video: 1:01 - All people in the area are warned that a firefight is taking place by District and any who remain in the are may be shot (You stayed) 1:20 - You stand in a group of the District members who are currently engaged with us after already being warned. Rest of video - You stay in a position near enemies 4:20 - 3+ minutes after warning you are still there and are therefore shot as a combative
  3. John Webster's POV: @RyanPr and I were responding to the call that Joey had taken an individual hostage. All the while Joey had made us aware that OPs group members were making threats that they would "rush" the building and kill him if he doesn't leave the building. Once we get in position we engaged the OPs group killing a few of them while the rest ran off. I'd say that the OPs group stating that they are going to rush and kill him would be a shitty attempt if any to negotiate with someone just by threatening them hence why you and your friends were killed and we wouldn't have engaged if you had actually tried to negotiate in a more valuing of his life manner.
  4. Server and location: S1, Unknown Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-02-06, 05:16 Your in game name: John Webster Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I was running through a town after being killed in a firefight when a guy came up to me saying all kinds of ridiculous racial things which are not unusual. I then break off from him and continue looting the town when he entered my building continuing to randomly insult than when I told him to fuck off he decided to start punching me and knocked me out and then killed me. Id say this is an Invalid Kill - On sight since nothing was actually roleplayed before attack...
  5. I can imagine that someone did record but either way, there were about 10+ people there that most definitely heard him speaking on the megaphone from New Moon, Saviors, and PAMYATI. Like I said, even if your game didn't register him speaking, everyone else did and we can't assume that it's glitched. Everyone was told that wasn't in the fight to put their hand up and walk out of town, that was meant for both groups to know that the only ones there without hands up were enemies or friends. You failed to abide by the demand and were therefore shot.
  6. I do believe we engaged you. You were wearing clothing similar to enemies and we were told that everyone outside of the double green was enemy. So naturally, we would engage. Did you not hear the gunshots or megaphone calls? I know the other side of the fight was speaking oni megaphone.
  7. What were you wearing? Also, Sosnovka was at that time involved in an active firefight between three groups. At face value its wrong place, wrong time.
  8. Finally made it to "Recognized" reputation. Badass here ?? 

  9. Webby

    Potius Cras

    Congrats! Finally met one of your guys yesterday aswell ?
  10. Basically, all I have to say at this point is that everyone that plays this game knows that vehicles are one of if not the buggiest things in the game. When I was driving I was stopping then going 40 in 0.1 seconds which is difficult to control but we also should all know that objects affect vehicles in ways that this report shows. I'd say next time not to put an object like that in the middle of the only open lane of a road where vehicle traffic has been proven but other than that since the video does seem to show that the individual(s) reported had no obvious intentions to glitch our vehicle I will request to /close the report.
  11. No, we only got out for a moment to speak then we left to do a Faction Media thing.
  12. Server and location: S1, Pushtoshka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019/01/27, 1940 Your in game name: John Webster Names of allies involved: @VikingHunter @Pink Panther @GrizZzDaGawd Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1x Friendly, 1x Enemy Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I'm not sure how logs will show this but myself and my other allies were driving in our vehicle as we passed through Pustoshka we see a group of people next to a broken down car. We passed by to pick up one of our other members. When coming back less then 5 minutes later we came back the same road and the same group of people decided to put down a car hood in front of the path of us driving launching our car in the air and killing us all and as this happened the one man gave the thumbs down emote. The only thing I know for certain is one guy was wearing all pink. (Note: This same group of people was griefing our vehicle earlier in Vybor before server restart by opening and closing all of our doors and hoods and stealing items from the same without any reasonable way of doing so).
  13. If both of them are together in dynamic and both engage in hostilities you can engage both of them.
  14. Webby

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    *Holds in the PTT* Oh, go back to killing and torturing civilians you savage as you've all directly said you do. *Lets off the PTT*
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