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  1. Webby

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was fun in Lopatino with @Smithy260 @FireDude @Mademoiselle and the FT guy in the house with a beat to shit guy haha. Always fun to get involved with a situation like that even though you sustained a little bit more major injuries. I hope to meet you all again!
  2. Webby

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    - User was cautioned for this post -
  3. Webby

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    -User was Cautioned for this Post-
  4. Webby

    Potius Cras

    Oh shit. I've been waiting for you to start this up since our encounter in VMC!!!! Good luck mate and watch out for shotguns at close range.
  5. Webby

    The Highwaymen

    Good luck, I hope to see you in Chernarus!!!
  6. Webby

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    Looking great man!
  7. Webby


    I'd assume it was said already but this would end up exactly how many countries around the world are. Landmines everywhere waiting for an unsuspecting civilian/soldier to get blown away since they don't discriminate friend from foe to innocents.
  8. Webby

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *Omega looks out the window of the building he is in with binoculars and observes the town of Kabanino for any hostile activity while smoking a cigar after a night of infiltration and intel gathering of the current situation among the firefights and other hostile engagements in the area when a radio broadcast catches his attention from the District, after listening in to the message and a few responses, he decides to respond in a frustrated and confused tone* Good morning all, this is Omega of the Saviors. Now I'm an understanding individual and I'm always one for taking advantage of opportunities but I'm just curious here... Your reward for someone handing over Moody is to... Not attack them? So you're saying that you DO just attack people, I mean we all knew this but damn let's just throw it out there, I mean why not? Are you saying that anyone who doesn't IS subject to hostile interactions? I mean just last night I heard and saw myself you guys torturing a man, Eddie was it? and threatening a female and blackmailing the male that you will harm the woman if he doesn't do what you want... Blackmail and torture are not what people who mean good typically do, good sir. Break *He lets off the PTT for a moment and then continues* Again, understanding individual here, but how would that give me or anyone else the idea to help you? I mean it kind of makes me want to not associate with you in any capacity. But hey, we definitely do agree on something... We ALL want the fighting to stop for the benefit of the civilian population, trust me, I've seen more war and destruction than you can imagine, good sir and its horrible, but attacking us at our city with no direct confrontation, slaughtering the civilians of Novaya and you're own territory, forcing movement of innocents with threats of violence otherwise, something about forced marriage, desperate much? You're the ones perpetuating this war and with many failed attempts to settle this from our side like grown fucking men, I'm disinclined to acquiesce your request. But I stand by Moody and await what he thinks of this... interesting referendum. I wish all civilians listening in a good day. *Omega lets off the PTT and begins to continue observing the town down the hill from himself, writing down troop movement, numbers, armament, etc putting out his cigar*
  9. Webby

    Eddie Malone Radio Broadcast

    *Omega picks up his radio hearing the familiar voice and begins to speak* Hmm... You sound familiar, sir. I recall the group you're defending it seems was threatening yourself and a female individual. So this seems to be a forced message, of course, I can't be certain but the pieces are all here... I would certainly hope that you're not spreading false information willingly and I would hope those who are so willing to threaten civilians will be swiftly dealt with. I do hope that if I am correct that yourself and the female are doing alright and I highly suggest you leave that area and go somewhere safer. *He turns off the radio and continues walking through the woods, his gas mask fogs from the heat of his breath against the cold outside air*
  10. Webby

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    Alrighty, no problem then. I assumed you were since it was a response to me. I referred to Saviours having the fortified location.
  11. Webby

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    Now I do agree with this 100%
  12. Webby

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    Mate, I'd rather you not put words in my mouth, I never said anything about our skill... I'm talking about what actual military doctrine states, meaning that it takes a much larger attacking force to effectively defeat a fortified enemy... So piggybacking off of that we're not going to just give up because of a slight numerical advantage, that's reality. Also, you also have that "3rd person advantage" so don't bring that up, and grenades aren't in-game either so let's keep it in the realms of the game.
  13. Webby

    Battle of the Five (?) Armies [WIP]

    No... That's not how that works. It takes at least an opposing force of 3x to effectively with a high success rate to attack a fortified position in reality so basing off of that we would by no means surrender with those odds. That's just strategy and doctrine.
  14. Webby

    To all citizens of South Zagoria

    *Omega picks up his radio and begins to speak as you hear reveille playing in the background* "It's interesting how you think that you can just say you're in charge of trade because of what? You say so? *Laughs* Treat the people who live in your areas how you wish but the citizens of Novaya will not be subjected to this type of bullshit extortion. Any and all traders are free to come and trade at Novaya (Tortuga) freely and under the protection of the Saviors." "Any and all citizens of Novaya (Tortuga) and all other free citizens who are harassed, threatened or robbed of their assets without provocation should immediately report such aggression to the Saviors at our HQ to be dealt with and any attacks on traders and citizens in or around Novaya will be dealt with accordingly... Lets not repeat the last few attempts." "Also, a gift?" *laughs derisively* "That's cute, isn't it?" *Lets off PTT and lights a cigar*
  15. Webby

    The Blueberries are in town. (88.7)

    *Omega picks up his radio and begins to speak* "Massacred the citizens of Kabinino? If by that you mean armed individuals engaging us in battle after our town was attacked and the opposing force slaughtered complying civilians in a building who in no way were combatives... We don't engage non-combatives like the savages from Kab. But we will absolutely show force. If we are attacked, we will retaliate against the combatives and we will bring the fight to them and show them that we will not be pushed around. " "I have concerns of the UN as do many as they have been problems for the people of Chernarus in the past and I would sincerely hope that this detachment of the same can perhaps heal the deep wounds the former had cut but only time will tell. I'd be willing to meet with a rep in person and hear more about what and how the UN plan on doing what they're doing since as a..." *Static would interrupt the broadcast abruptly ending the transmission*