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  1. After entering Stary we looked for RP. I stayed a block or so over from most of the people most of the time in case something went down. After things seemed okay I entered town to RP. After RP'ing for a bit I went to scavenge a little and I heard a shot (During the chase involving Spicyboi). I then ran back into the center of town to find him laying on the ground unconscious and cuffed. Not knowing who shot him we tried asking around to identify the shooter. They then initiate on him and tell him to follow them or die. At that point we shoot the initiators. Anything that happened prior to that involving Lady In Blue and Spicyboi I was not around to witness since I was scavenging at the other end of town.
  2. Watch BFG (Big Friendly Giant). Watched it with my girl and her kid the other day and it was one of the best family movies I've seen in a long time. It has something for everyone!
  3. Toxiin

    Computer giveaway

    You're as cool as this fan Jimbo.
  4. Open a search bar or a windows explorer window and put %appdata% into the navigation bar then press enter. That will take you to your appdata folder.
  5. I know you said that you haven't changed anything since the issue started occurring but just to be safe I would recommend you use system restore to go back to a previous point of change on your PC. Dayz/Arma are such hard games to troubleshoot sometimes but it is often the simplest thing that will get them working again. If that doesn't work then please post your RPT log here in code brackets since it will be quite long. Navigate to C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\DayZ and locate the DayZ.RPT or DayZx64.RPT (Depending on which architecture you run) then copy the contents of the file to post here. You may need Notepad ++ or a similar text editor to view it correctly. Tag me in the post once you've done this and ill have a look for errors.
  6. Toxiin

    Invalid Execution/gear RP Cherno, Server 1

    I was at the tower when they arrived with the hostage. From there on out I guarded the door to keep people from entering. After some time had passed and the hostage was let go we were initiated on. I was shot shortly after the initiation and before any of these other events occured. I did not record.
  7. Toxiin

    Let's switch to Discord

    That is strange indeed. On a good day i only get a couple hundred kilobytes down and half of that up and i don't have too many issues.
  8. Toxiin

    Let's switch to Discord

    The best way to overcome this is to always stay on a static text channel (One that is not being posted in constantly like a general chat for instance). I too have a connection that belongs in a shanty town and this works for me.
  9. Toxiin

    S1 - BadRP, No Time to Comply - West Side of Severograd - 11/3/17 - 05:25 Server Time

    Yes I did mean to mention that I said that in VOIP accidentally in my OP. That I do apologize for. I'm still new to RP and I let it slip out.
  10. Toxiin

    S1 - BadRP, No Time to Comply - West Side of Severograd - 11/3/17 - 05:25 Server Time

    Server and location: S1, Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05:27, 11/3/17 Your in game name: Dimitri Michael Names of allies involved: @Camokid95, @TheFrost, @Dovin Name of suspect/s: Black Fangs? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Offroad Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The video evidence provided by the OP is my own and is regarding his original claim on BadRP. This link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZedKIgA7LU&feature=youtu.be is regarding the No time to comply issue. Detailed description of the events: First issue involving @Zero's car - I wandered into the west side of Severograd with the trading caravan I am employed under. I came across Jericho Riker here working on his vehicle and we asked him if he was interested in trading. After a short discussion and some trading we were preparing to leave town when all sorts of people started congregating to the area we were at from different directions. So we started offering trade goods to said people when I witnessed a player hop in Jericho Riker's vehicle and take off without any RP interaction. I am merely here to attest what Jericho here is saying is the truth and provide my perspective of these events. I also feel that this is BadRP. Second Issue involving @Camokid95 not being given enough time to comply - After the incident with the car being stolen things got a little confusing. There were many people standing around at this point including ourselves. An initiation then begun. During this initiation it was very unclear who was being initiated on. As you can see in the video when the lady started screaming put your hands up, she was looking down the street away from the group of people standing around. This is not the issue though. As she was initiating on us our friend Camokid95 was putting his pot away and pulling his weapon out (Still unclear of what was going on as you can hear in the video after he is shot). Before she could finish her sentence his weapon was out and he had been shot. I feel that he was not given enough time to comply nor was it made clear enough who the group/person was holding up. He was in the middle of an animation and could not stop it and did not have enough time to put his weapon away. We do not harbor any ill feelings toward the group but we do feel that this was not justified.
  11. Dimitri Michael is an American survivalist that was born in Chernarus in 1990. His family immigrated to America after he was born. Dimitri joined the United States Marine Corps after he graduated high school. He had decided to make this a career choice and dedicate his life to the corp. He was deployed to Elektrozavodsk to assist with the epidemic. He was part of a special Reconnaissance team used to rescue civilians trapped in rural areas. They were sent on a mission that was supposed to last 7 days. By day two his team lost communication with headquarters and did not receive the transmission about retreat. Unbeknownst to them they would be on their own. The team entered a small village on the coast near Elektrozavodsk on day 4. While clearing the village they were unexpectedly met by a large group of infected. Being overwhelmed, they had no choice but to split up. As he wandered into the wilderness he set forth to return to Elektrozovodsk in hopes of rallying with his team members but when he arrived he found that an exodus had taken place and only a few civilians and CDF remained. Seeing that he was on his own he went back into the wilderness to figure out his next move.