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  1. The story of Gilbert is not one of glory or fame. He was not born with a silver spoon to feed him or aged through an overwhelmingly tragic childhood. He was a simple man with a simple childhood who enjoyed the little things in life. Attending university in his younger years is where he met his wife, an exchange student from Chernarus. Always bumbling over himself like a fool, he managed to attract her interest and to this day has no idea how or why... or how things would have been different. Settling down in Canada, they started a family and had a son who they tried their hardest to give the best head start possible. The sleepless nights through infancy, the arguing over "no video games until you finish your homework", amateur rugby leagues in his son's teens. Life was good. As he aged he enjoyed things such as hunting, fishing and spending time with his child and teaching him these past-times. Although incredibly intelligent, he perused work of custom auto repair as he likes to work with his hands and values happiness over wealth. The true twist to his story began when his family flew out to visit his wife's parents in the town of Svergino. Not much is to be said from his perspective of when the infected started to appear. It was a day of laughing, drinks and memories. The power was lost with a car crash into a transformer, "a drunk driver?! how unbelievable", but then followed the gurgled screams. He lost his wife and extended family on the first day while losing his son only a few days later. Much time has past and those memories are still burned into his mind like a cattle brand, but he hasn't given up. Going quietly into the night was never seen as an option, he will survive until the bitter end.
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