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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, Onion. This suggestion has brought a lot of joy to my life as I, and many others, may now display how happy they are in real life through one simple online action. X
  2. @GuyWithTheScri Based rando, take my beanz! I've gotta agree. A lot of people are seemingly struggling with trying to adjust to the new lore (and I say seemingly, idk if they're trying), but I feel after some time it may change. This isn't to say that precautions and actions shouldn't be taken to stop these people from unrealistically roleplaying, but I believe only time will truly be the deciding factor in this. For me, my biggest complaint is that everyone in-game manages to act so calm and collected; It's really just a minor inconvenience for me however, I can understand why people wouldn't want to roleplay being paranoid 24/7. Tl;Dr the virus is new and shit's scary, let's freak out more!
  3. Jacob Moore was an average kid, growing up in a peaceful suburbia as any normal child born to a well-off family should. Jacob was the child of Gerald Moore and Katya Osmonavic, a Chernarussian who had immigrated to America. From the day of his birth, Jacob was always a military brat, born unto a father who was an active Marine. While not always appreciative of the strict nature his father imposed on the household, Jacob learned to make do and become well adjusted to his family dynamic; Finding solace in his mother's caring attitude, while also learning discipline from his father's strict military lifestyle. The mother of the family, Katya, would eventually grow homesick during her time away from the land which she hailed from. Despite the annexation of Chernarus, Katya still decided that a trip to the country would be both a much needed vacation and a way to reconnect with her roots. The family was supportive of her decision and soon enough they'd find themselves on a flight to Chernarus in January of 2020. Upon arriving to the country, the sudden realization dawned over Katya, if only faintly in the back of her mind, this country was one she could no longer truly call her own. Despite her reservations, she continued on with the trip, not wanting to upset the other members of the family. That faint realization continued to ring subtly however, even as she left the Krasnostav airport. Taking a taxi down south of the Krasnostav airport, the family would soon find themselves in the company of Katya's extended family in the small village of Vyshnaya Dubrovka. The extended family would be Chernarussian natives that were accepting of the 2018 referendum, choosing to support a Chernarus apart of the Russian Federation. The family would house Jacob and his parents with open arms. Inevitably, the extended family of Katya would find out of her dislike towards a pro-Russian Chernarus. Katya's opinions lead to many a disagreement between her and her bloodline. With time, the extended family would manage to convert, or at least convince Katya of the pros of having a Russian governed Chernarus. Katya urged her spouse to stay within Chernarus for at least a few months. Gerald would eventually give in to the requests. Jacob without much say in the situation would be complacent; he'd be enrolled within online schooling to finish the rest of his semester during his extended stay in Chernarus. Unknowingly, Katya's decisions to stay within Chernarus would be detrimental for herself and her family. Oblivious to the previous waves of the infection because of censorship of the media within Chernarus, the family was ill prepared for the third wave. Jacob would grow to hate his isolated stay within Chernarus. He would however find an interest within the Chernarussian wilderness. Day by day Jacob would look forward to exiting the house and entering the wild, exploring the nearby forests and fields. While he enjoyed all the eye-catching sights of the towering trees and the occasional goat passing by, there was one location that caught his eye the most. A lone house within a field just northwest off of Vyshnaya Dubrovka. The house was quaint, and its inhabitants seemed to be far from gone, at least to Jacob's knowledge. Civil unrest grew and so did paranoia. Jacob and his family started to slowly fall into this fear. They began to grow weary of the virus, now seeing it as something that could be an actual threat. This fear was only heightened by the government's institution of martial law. Jacob, out of all of the family, feared the worst. Even with a language barrier, Jacob could feel the uneasiness and tense atmosphere of the Chernarussian broadcasts as they recorded the numerous sporadic riots that began all along Chernarus. He'd soon grow distrustful of Chernarussian and Russian military forces as he saw the way they dealt with riots. This distrust peaked the most when the relocation of civilians began. It was only a matter of time before the military showed up to the small village. The parents of Jacob had trust in the government, but their progeny did not. The military's sudden action to relocate civilian populace frightened him; It frightened him so much that he couldn't sit and wait for the imminent relocation. Jacob thought of ways he could leave, places he could go to in order to lay low and wait for everything to end, but his memory then reminded him of that small house in the field. It was a perfect spot, isolated and vacant. In a frenzy, Jacob packed up essentials a night before the military would relocate the inhabitants of Vyshnaya Dubrovka. The morning of the relocation, Jacob would be gone; There'd be not a single sign of his stay within the building. Jacob would depart from his family, not even leaving with a goodbye, the fear having gotten to him.
  4. Was extremely fun. Had a blast cruising at speeds of over 200 km/h. Live to drive; drive to survive. Hotwheels Acceleracers.
  5. Go for it, the name of my team is now Team 10.
  6. Team Name: Man vs. Car Driver: @KobraKidd Diver 2: N/A Driver 3: N/A Who needs friends when you have a car?
  7. Gotta love when that guy in the Corporation encounter says "Did you log off?" in-game lol @AndreyQ. In all seriousness though, -1 Fighting back is okay as it is. If you die while trying to fight back, then I guess it's NVFL. If you kill your attackers, then they obviously weren't doing a good enough job securing you as a hostage. I could see the change incentivizing roleplay, but it can also severely cripple tense scenarios where you would logically fight back. Combat in scenarios like these are kind of a double-edged sword.
  8. Team Name: RP Before PvP Player 1: @KobraKidd Player 2: @Lil TimmyBB Backup Gamer (If 1 of the above doesn't make it): @CJBB
  9. Depending on how it'll fit in to the lore, I may start off with playing my stuttering Mormon kid, Lewis. Ideally though, I'd like to bring Lewis in at a later date into the apocalypse and give him some more time in the spotlight. If anything, I'd just bring Jacob in and roleplay him from day one. I'm not really proud on the direction I went with Jacob before and he felt all over the place; I'm hoping this lore wipe will be of help to keeping the character dynamic but fluent in how he transforms.
  10. Y'know, I can understand the emotional connection between a player and the multiple characters on the server, but personally, I don't think I could feel too attached. Of course that hasn't stopped me from "crying" in-character. A pretty good instance I could remember is when @IsaiahCortez lost his eye while roleplaying as Grachi, and in an attempt to save his life, @Phoenix donated a nigh life-threatening volume of blood. In the end it resulted in Luca (Phoenix's character) going into shock and I had to resuscitate her with an AED after her heart had stopped. It was a pretty tense (and heartfelt) moment. I vividly recall @DookieCS saying he'd kill me if I didn't save Luca lmao, but overall that's one of the very few moments that I cried (IC'ly).
  11. Wish granted, but it's overpriced paid DLC. I wish I could smell colors.
  12. The even bigger meme is the fact that this group isn't official yet.
  14. I can't wait to roleplay with this group!!!! I hope to see a lot of katana RP. Chernarus needs more diverse roleplay, we need more Japanese culture.
  15. Tbh, I like the idea of more infected types. I personally would like to see some "special" infected, but I'd also be perfectly fine with diversity. If there was anyway to make the zombies in this mod spawn with vanilla infected, rather than re-skinning them would be great. It'd just add that slight touch of creepiness without changing the lore.
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