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  1. Eh... I guess to some degree it's true. Then again, I have applied for licenses and have had my weapons taken away, just for saying something that was hardly offensive. To a certain extent I feel that 1st reason is extremely broad as anyone can class someone as "Being a dick" if they are capable of fabricating something well enough. Not saying that's the majority of the group, but it has happened to me and others. In terms of the thread, yeah, I don't like constant raids occurring.
  2. In all honesty, I had the same experience with a guy in Anarchy like the OP had said. However, what confused me immensely is my character isn't black, yet I was still called the n-slur, possibly by the same guy. It's really teetering on the edge of actual roleplay and trolling to some degree.
  3. KobraKidd

    Proper initiation

    Hm... well, I would just say lots'a profanity at high decibels. Oh yeah, don't forget to include the words "Hands up!" and "or you'll fucking die!". Do note that you can be even more creative with your initiations.
  4. *Jacob presses down on the PTT, allowing for a boyish voice to come over the frequency, chiming in-* "Uhm... I think I've got a pair somewhere. Caleb might want 'em, but then again, I'm not sure if he's really in any shape to be focusing on shoes right now. You got anything to offer for the shoes?" *The voice ends with Jacob letting go of the PTT, cutting out with static.*
  5. KobraKidd

    What new food items would you like to see?

    Trail mix. It's obviously the apex species in terms of food when you're "on-the-go."
  6. *Jacob presses down on the PTT of the radio, holding back some amused laughter* "Hahaha, y'know, if this whole didn't happen I'd totally be on-board for the sole fact that a young male gets more rights. All the cool stuff that the Koran allows me, like wielding a firearm without a license and shit like that, but then again, I don't need it when there's quite literally no law in South Zagoria anymore. Part of me would've said yeah, but I could honestly care less now. Peace." *The boyish voice is soon cut short by a static ending*
  7. *A somewhat boyish voice chimes down the communications* "Hey, uhm... Listen, I'm not sure how well this'll go down with my higher ups, but I may be able to settle some sort of agreement regarding the collection of the materials you need. I don't think it'd be wise to share my private frequency over the open-air, but hopefully if I can find you somewhere out there then we can discuss this further. In short, I'll be willing to do it for a price, and hopefully the rest of my guys will too. Sincerely, The Other Moore" *The quick message cuts out with a static as the individual releases the PTT*
  8. Jacob Moore was an average kid, growing up in a peaceful suburbia as any normal child born to a well-off family should. Jacob was the child of Gerald Moore and Katya Osmonavic, a Chernarussian female who had immigrated to America. From the day of his birth, Jacob was always a military brat, born to a father who was an active marine. While not always appreciative of the strict nature his father imposed on the household, Jacob learned to make do and become well adjusted to his family environment. His father played a notable role in his earlier years, albeit absent from the family for quite a sizeable amount of his childhood. As soon as Gerald was back home, he'd only have at most a year and a half before the military came dragging him back into another deployment. Jacob would never have a disdain for the military or Marines, noting that his father was doing what was right; protecting the many Americans on the home front. The frequent deployments his father embarked on would even inspire Jacob to have an interest in the military. With the short amount of time that Jackson did spend with his father, he would usually head be accompanying him to the range. Jacob soon learned how to handle a firearm, which was a skill he had an extreme interest in, albeit never being able to make use of the trait practically, until turning eighteen. The days of constantly being deployed would soon be in the past, as Jacob's father would be assigned to a different squadron, one which rarely deployed it's members. This gave many opportunities for the family to make up for lost time, and what better a way to do so than to leave the country on a vacation, and so the Moore family did. Katya proposed the family travel to Chernarus, specifically Souther Zagoria, where she was native to. The family booked their tickets and headed off to Southern Zagoria without much thought, hoping to get away from the stresses of America and at least relax for the time being. Jacob, his father, and his mother all were having a great time within the first week of their vacation, but all changed following his parents leaving for a night out at some of the local pubs within Chernogorsk. Losing contact with both of his parents instantly when the outbreak hit, Jacob would slowly come to realize what was occurring through the panicked Chernarussian broadcasts on the television and the manic individuals wandering the streets, attacking the citizens of the town. He'd lay low for a while, hoping the screams outside would come to an end, and in due time they did, but Jacob needed to move, and he had to move quick. Jacob hadn't a clue on what the things were, other than that they weren't to be considered human anymore. Jacob filled with some hope that he may see his parents again, ventured off out of Chernogorsk, but as time passed, that hope soon diminished. His main goals being only a fragment of what they were originally, Jacob now wishing to only survive, and have as much fun doing so.
  9. KobraKidd

    Remove Radio Forums

    Eh, I'd vote to keep it. The Green Mountain Radio thread provides a good story and RP. You can see the inside events of what happens and certain stories pertaining to Chernarus. So, y'know. Keep it.
  10. KobraKidd

    Generation Zero (Open Recruitment)

    Now this is how Hostile RP should be done. Really liking the feel of this group!
  11. KobraKidd

    A Bloody Massacre (Vybor 3rd March 20:00)

    Eh, I'd be willing to go for this. Only problem is maybe have objectives for the survivors? Possibly escape once certain things are collected? For instance, maybe you have to find certain codes to open up a lock that leads to a room with a car part. Upon gaining the car part, it is used to start up a broken down car and get out of Vybor, similar to something like Dead by Daylight?
  12. See, I hear Mercenaries, and then they follow their base camp up with the word "Nest." Yup, getting Fallout 3 Talon Company vibes now. (Still a cool idea to see in action though!)
  13. KobraKidd


    See guys, when Watchman just releases something like that, that's when we give up. There's no competition anymore, he's won.
  14. KobraKidd

    Skin Mask Questions

    Good post ^
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