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  1. Drako mcnally, ex brittish armed forces took his path to chernarus years before the outbreak for quiet living after his many tours for his country his mental state began deteriorate and causing ptsd(post traumatic stress disorder)from what he saw in action. he's a tough man with a friendly attitude but be warned do not anger him. he searches for his wife and little girl who he lost during the savage attacks of what the goverment call 'infected' with no sucess he can only fear the worst until his family are safe and will do all means necessary to find them. he met a man called william that would aid him in his journey for the closure he seeks. He started drinking just to sleep at nite to fill the gap in he gut. He can be very bad temperd but he can be very helpful an forgiving too he has very good skill set with all pistols an rifles due to his army background he can lead a team or work solo his very good hunter too
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