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  1. Mak

    Mak's uncool clips

    Ty bratr, looking forward to our next RP encounter. Just don't shoot me
  2. Mak

    Jackals Media Thread

    First push was some goon squad shit. Nice video man.
  3. Mak

    Mak's uncool clips

    ty friendo. Sometimes a man's gotta keep them fellas in line through some automatic RP
  4. Mak

    Mak's uncool clips

    @Mademoiselle @GMAK tyty, wanted to separate my RP from that of the others
  5. Mak

    Mak's uncool clips

    ty fellow roleplayers @NozzyRP @Grimnir @Pep @Biiddy @Rutkiy @Dusty @Eagle Looking forward to sharing my RP with many more people
  6. Mak

    Mak's uncool clips

    Providing great RP since 2014
  7. Mak

    Loot over RP, Thoughts?

    I mean... If the initiation was "everybody inside the compound, hands up" and you're inside the compound, I reckon anyone would be able to tell you that the initiation was meant for you too. The moment you kept your gun out and walked outside, you became non-compliant, and fair game to the initiators. In my eyes the only rule break someone might argue happened in the situation, is you not complying to 6-8 people thus NVFL'ing. Next time I'd suggest complying, because that's the only way to get RP out of an initiation.
  8. Mak

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    My character is 100% percent Armenian, born and raised there.
  9. Mak

    Dead Batteries {Heavily Recruiting}{Active}

    Enjoyed running into you guys for the first time at the camp. Welding mask dude gave me some good laughs (and a good beating too)
  10. Mak

    Slava Chedaki

    *Mikhail would press the PTT in another one of his drunken fits* Fuck you Chedaki, I SPIT on you *you'd hear the sound of someone spitting* You wouldn't act so big if me and my bratri were still around *He'd put his cassette player next to the radio while holding down the PTT, and would start singing very loudly along with the song, like a madman would do*
  11. Mak

    Joey's Frag Movies

    Sick RP montage, but the Italian flag with the colors in the wrong order... Come on man...
  12. Mak

    False Report?

    Ofc reports are case by case tho, how could they not? The situation is different each time; all you can do is set up some guidelines to follow. For instance the report everyone is using as example of somebody getting punched, shooting and getting hit with rule-play, is a completely different scenario. In that report there's many, many minutes of hostile RP between thrash and the shooter but not only that, thrash said something along the line of "make fun of my name again and I'll punch you". He didn't just walk up to him and punched him out of the fuckin' blue. I've seen that report getting posted so many times in so many threads yet, judging by how they've interpreted the verdict, I wonder if even one of those who posted it bothered to read the PoVs of those involved.
  13. Mak

    False Report?

    Damn, read that again and tell me it doesn't sound exaggerated
  14. Mak

    False Report?

    I personally don't want to start a discussion about who's right or who's wrong in the report. All I want to say is that I see tons of you turning a thread about a report's verdict, into some sort of witch hunt: trying to look for someone to blame for everything wrong with this community. Everyone has their blames, and there's no need to be hypocrites and claim that we're all innocent, and it's the evil X group of people (every year a new group of friends is blamed for the community's problems) that fucks everything up for us real RPers...
  15. Mak

    GPS and Markers

    While my lazy side agrees with this, my "muh immersion" one likes the idea of people getting lost because they don't know the map, or fuck up an easy kill because they thought the target was at 300 meters, while it was at 450.
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