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  1. I played for a couple of weeks about 2 months ago after having taken a rather long break, and then figured I'd take another break. The reason I stopped playing after such a short amount of time was that I couldn't find anyone in the cities; it was as if all the groups had set up bases in the woods and always stayed there. The lack of readily available RP to the lazy/whitenames makes it so those categories choose to try their luck on other servers (and without the latter we can't expect the community to grow or even keep the same amount of players), where they don't have to spend 3 hours searching for people in order to get some interactions. I'm not sure if this still is the current state of the server, or if people aren't playing because of other reasons.
  2. We clearly need Bob Denver as an Admin to sort everything out.
  3. I reckon staff is just continuing the recent trend of taking stuff a tad bit too seriously for a gaming community (trait which is also shared by many community members). Given that I haven't been excessively active as of late, I've still witnessed a lot of cases of unwarranted points being given by members of staff. In my opinion we, as a community, should all chill the fuck out with the drama, the salty reports, the random points and the seriousness that comes with what's supposed to be a hobby (and an unproductive one at that).
  4. Yeah sure but, as you've said, it's a game. Why bother wasting time re-looting when you've died to a glitch. Most nlr offences happen outside of anyone's view, thus not harming RPers' immersion. I stand by my statement "who gives a fuck".
  5. I get that as a community we've always been pretty strict on rules, but who the fuck cares about someone running back to their body if they've died to a bug in the middle of nowhere without anyone around. It's not RP or game breaking nor is it even noticeable without logs, so who cares.
  6. I only accept orders of 30+ units, for one single FAL I don't even bother turning on the factory.
  7. Mak

    Eagles Junk yard

    Hahah yeah I don't know why back then when I tried to put on Russian accents I made my voice high pitched af. That has to be one of my most embarrassing deaths on the server.
  8. Mak

    Eagles Junk yard

    Jesus, that was me at 0:16 wearing full black. Happened 3 years ago but I vividly remember the screaming in TS that followed our deaths...
  9. The finest bunch of role-players in the land tbh
  10. Update: yesterday it was fine, today it crashes just like a week ago, might just throw it out the window.
  11. In DayZ 5.45 does the same damage as 7.62x39 and 5.56, no need to tweak anything.
  12. So, I'm a bit confused. Got back home a few hours ago after having been away for more than a week, turned on my PC and have been playing Mordhau for more than an hour without any problems. Really unsure as to what even happened, before leaving as soon as I turned a game on it'd make the PC crash
  13. I fully second this. There's a mod that does this very thing, and it's used in many PVP servers. Doesn't seem like something particularly hard to do for our Devs, but the final say is theirs.
  14. Das looks interesting friendos, real operatorRP vibes
  15. A'ight thanks to all of you giving me the suggestions but I won't be able to try them for a while 'cause I'm away. As soon as I'm back and attempt the things suggested I'll give an update on what has/hasn't worked. Edit: I might be able to get a hold of my specs tomorrow, will post them if I can. Ty in the meanwhile @RedSky
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