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  1. Mak

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    A'ight thanks to all of you giving me the suggestions but I won't be able to try them for a while 'cause I'm away. As soon as I'm back and attempt the things suggested I'll give an update on what has/hasn't worked. Edit: I might be able to get a hold of my specs tomorrow, will post them if I can. Ty in the meanwhile @RedSky
  2. Mak

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    Weak memes. @PerilMy knowledge about PC-related stuff is the same as my knowledge about football: non-existent. Where would one download such a program? @Eagletemp is fine @Major nope
  3. Mak

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    My computer has recently started freezing and/or crashing whenever I start a game (either right away or after a couple of minutes). I've updated my Driver, cleaned the inside of my computer, ran my antivirus, deleted all the unnecessary files, tried most of the shit on the internet yet it still happens. Symbolic reward of 10€ to whoever helps me fix this.
  4. Mak

    GMAK Staff Application

    This was more wholesome than I expected. Give this man his shield.
  5. Mak

    Child RP

    You think this is bad, until you meet a dude RPing as a woman through VOIP.
  6. Mak

    Proper initiation

    If you aim your gun while giving a demand in a hostile manner, or give a demand and say "or you'll die/be shot ecc." even without raising a gun.
  7. Mak

    Kill rights.

    A dynamic group isn't necessarily random people playing together tho. Having to be exactly where a situation is happening or having just role-played with your guys in order to defend them from an initiation is a bit of a dumb rule. What's even worse tho is the whole difference between defensive rights and attacking rights: not being able to fire back if your friend initiates on someone and gets killed (even if you're right next to them), unless you have initiated yourself. They old ones used to be less confusing and easier to work with, unsure as to why they were ever removed.
  8. Mak

    StewieRP's Beautiful Drawings Of Community Members

    Haha wtf, mine had me shook
  9. Mak

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    I'm going to be honest, The 30 minutes timer before logging out is in place in order to allow those who engage in hostilities not to be forced to play for an absurd amount of time after their end, and to give the victim a reasonable enough window to take revenge upon their captors. One thing is if you have to log out due to irl reason, another is if you're going to keep playing on DayzRP, but switching servers for whatever reasons. It simply isn't right towards those who might be looking for you and, to be frank, a bit of a scummy move after having just been involved in a conflict of some sort. That being said, although I do think there should be a rule against this type of behavior, I don't think a punishment harsher than a slap on the wrist (i.e. verbal warning) should be dished out in the case of Cali & Co., because they had no sure way of knowing their behavior constituted a rule break due to the lack of forum guidelines regarding this topic.
  10. Mak

    StewieRP's Beautiful Drawings Of Community Members

    Me! That’ll be interesting
  11. Mak

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    From what I've gathered it's literally only new players pulling this kind of shit. There's always been an understanding that, if you wanted to play on the server as if it was second life (have weird DayZ sex on top of a roof while taping it with your sick Gopro hero 5 black, get pregnant, howl together with your furry friends) then that was fine, but you shouldn't expect the same from everyone else. Now apparently you have to leave those circle-jerks alone because otherwise "Ooga booga 2.3", in spite of the shit they stirred up in-between ERP sessions. The container 21 lads and the Irish steamrolled the fuck outta me and my beloved FALs back in 2015-2016, but you didn't catch me crying to the admins.
  12. Mak

    PAMYATI Media Thread

  13. Mak

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    If only trees talked at least we'd fucking know what to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Mak

    Cars appreciation thread

    You actually can, there's plenty of cheap mustangs/old muscle cars for sale in Europe. They just don't make much sense on our roads, because they're quite narrow and twisty, and muscle cars are made to go straight, not to do corners. It'd be a nightmare to drive them over here. They do look really nice tho.
  15. Mak


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