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    Ladbroke Grove (Selective IC recruitment)

    Good to see this finally up! Good luck with the group We'll definitely be around for some therapy sessions As far as the thread goes, I would recommend refining the graphics a bit more - there's a lot of repetitive images that clutter it up - perhaps make the backgrounds transparent?
  2. character sketching practice 👍


  3. Drbeans

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    +1 Bless - all great additions and changes Looking forward to this new map idea!!
  4. When things are out of your control but you don't know how to fix it and now it's just annoying


  5. Drbeans

    Need a house call? - [Open Frequency]

    Daisy would press down on the PTT, "Dear Stranger, I appreciate the concern, but your worry should not be focused on our well being - rather yours! If it will help relieve your stress, we are planning on employing a sort of... security team in the very near future. For large events.. and dangerous clients... it is important? Correct?" Releasing the PTT, she listens quietly as another radio call comes in. This time, she recognizes the voice - only vaguely - and presses down on the PTT to reply, "I certainly hope you're alright there. Last I remember, you do indeed, or at least should, have my private frequency. Why not contact me there so we can set up a session with a therapist of your choice? We'll speak more in detail there.. and help get those feelings back under control."
  6. Drbeans

    Utile Umbra (Strict IC Recruitment)

    The Lore & Graphics look great, my only complaint is the size of the graphics! Perhaps scaling it down just a bit to help organize the layout? Either way, looking forward to seeing you in game - I'm sure that plenty of your guys would do well with a therapy session Good luck!
  7. Hey! I noticed that the mp3 player for character pages no longer works (and hasn't been for a while). To clarify, kiwi6 & and other uploading options work for the personaI profile. I was wondering if there was any update as to why it no longer works or if it can be fixed. My current rank does not allow me to use Youtube videos so I have nothing to supplement it, which is a bummer as music on character pages is one of the perks of the rank. Thank you in advance!
  8. Drbeans

    Need a house call? - [Open Frequency]

    Daisy presses down on the PTT. She would sound a bit irked, but nonetheless polite as she replied to the stranger, "Ah, yes. That is something we have all recognized as an issue and, simply put, we have nothing to give but our knowledge and support. It's m-" The radio goes silent, before sparking back to life, "-Our life's work to help others. It's what we all aim to do. Perhaps you should give us a try? We'll be announcing public sessions soon, should you wish to attend. You might just come to find us to your liking. Confidentiality is strictly mandatory and without your explicit permission, your private information shall remain sealed in our brains. As Dr.Jamie has mentioned, any questions relating to mental health or not are welcome to be asked here, so please continue should you have any other concerns, Stranger. We will do our best to keep up with them." Daisy releases the PTT, a smile stretching across her face. What a damn good answer.
  9. Drbeans

    Need a house call? - [Open Frequency]

    With a similar rustling sound in her background, a buzzing static pierces through the silence as a very pleased Daisy radios into the frequency, "I could not have said it better myself, Dr.Jamie! That being said, I may go ahead and introduce myself while anyone is tuned in. My name is Dr.Daisy, some of you may know me, others not. I- We, are striving to bring back mental health care for all individuals in this country. Please, let us know your mental woes and strife - no names need to be given should you have a question. Anonymity is welcome - either way, we will meet eventually!" Daisy releases the PTT button, continuing to shuffle through her notes.
  10. Well, it came quicker than we expected! We're glad to be here - any media regarding House Call (pictures,videos,etc) can be found here in the future! If you all have any media you would like to share regarding our group, feel free to post it here To kick it off, here's a short excerpt from our last session:
  11. This will probably sit in the wip folders to rot, but hey - it's something if not progress 

    edit: put the wrong damn year in the sig, forgot we were in 2020 😂


  12. @APositiveJade @Methias @Yampa Thank you all for coming Was a lot of fun & I'm excited to see where this group will take us @C-J @G_DateLR @Leik @Alkis & I wasn't able to catch the forum names of anyone else ;-; Pass this along to them Well, I blew out my voice, but it was for the rp Thank you for the wonderful experience tonight @ the 5.0.3! For those of you who attended, we appreciate it & hope you all enjoyed it because we were laughing our asses off. A lot of fun, you all were great company and we all look forward to seeing you in the future You can shout us on website or discord if you would like to set up solo/group sessions w/ any of us
  13. Drbeans

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I'm torn - I've grown attached to my characters over the years, but that's the risk that comes with it... and I just posted a group idea OTL .... BUT! Other than that, I'd be in full favor of a lore-wipe, I've been wanting one forever I personally like the day one idea, I know it doesn't suit well with the map & there's a lot of people in the thread that have already spoken about it, but I think it could be a cool idea and really help people progress their characters. People are hopeful in the beginning and still want to form themselves into a society. I could see this leading to a lot of interesting roleplay - especially staff run communities & old groups not making a return. Old groups should be banned, I agree - I want to see new ideas, new faces, and new names around. I want to see that edgy roleplay again, have people actually be scary in personality rather than just because they wave a gun in your face. Bring back intimidation and the sadness of losing everything and then having to do it over and over again. I so badly want to see the server view shift - I so badly want to see new fresh lore and characters, but there still is a bit of worry. A lot have mentioned that the mentalities won't change and will just go back to normal.. but sometimes you have to change your own perspective to prevent it from happening. tldr; +1, in full-favor
  14. Drbeans

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    I was never super invested in the forums when I first joined, but I enjoy them nonetheless and have started trying to get my ideas out there. I agree, it's disappointing to see so much toxicity ... but that can be handled in other ways without crippling the community by taking away part of its identity. Public venting and anything toxic usually gets handled by staff and the best way to avoid it is to not look at it, or report it
  15. Drbeans

    Aggressive staff

    I've been in communities before where I believed something to not be against the rules or have stretched the limit of the rule and have received a warning/kick/temp-ban due to that and it's frustrating, especially when you receive the bare-bones of a reason why and it feels more personal than not. It's a lot easier to be passive-aggressive, want someone to call you out so you can defend yourself just to get on their nerves.. and I see a lot of that here. Personally, it's always better to take a step back, understand what you did, and move on. If you're upset w/ getting points/a verdict/the way a member spoke to you, just take a step back. Close down the website. Rant to someone that's not in the community. Gain an outside perspective to the situation. It helps and may leave you feeling a bit more level-headed to be able to respond (or process). I've never seen any personal bias from staff even those I've had personal issues/encounters with in the past. They're all friendly, professional, & helpful above all. That's not me just trying to lick ass, it's really just how it's been for me... that being said, I don't aim to break or push the limit of the rules, I haven't received a point.. so the only time I interact with them is when I have an issue IG. The (forum) rules here are a lot more lenient than other forum communities I've been in and I knew of a time when staff actually did rule with an iron fist... but people change and perspectives change. It's all a part of growing up and moving on. Hell, I've moderated in other forum websites and seen shit here that would have gotten a punishment elsewhere. At the end of the day, we're all here to play together. I see OOC beef and passive aggressive behavior bleeding everywhere.. on the forums and in game.. and it taints the experience for new and old players. Feeling divided isn't fun, feeling like you need to pick a side isn't fun, and most importantly, being ignored because the multiple sides only go at each other isn't fun. Staff help alleviate that tension. They punish people for acting on impulsive or intentionally harmful behavior. I don't think they should receive slack for that. If you break the rules, you break the rules. Learn from it. If you go seeking those points out, well, you deserve them.
  16. Drbeans

    Group Idea Thoughts

    It's a long walk down a slippery slope & you need to be careful implementing something like this especially if you want the roleplay to come your way which should be the priority at the end of the day. I personally love hub cities and want to see them make a return rather than secluded bases in the middle of nowhere. It makes sense to want to rebuild in a city, the structure is already there and with more foot-traffic along the coast, it could work... but only if you direct your fellow group-mates in the right direction. I can see this taking a turn for the worse and Cherno (or whatever city you all decide on) becoming the PVP hotspot depending on the nature of the group. Obviously a city rampant with crime or attacks is not somewhere you want to be. With the current climate of groups on the server, this is not necessarily something new as you have The Samaritans doing a virtually similar thing and as mentioned in the thread, the mafia as well, but it doesn't really matter so long as they still continue to run in Liv & not Chernarus. You have to be careful about forcing people to live in the city as well, because as silly as it is this may cause OOC discontent & really conflict with other group ideals. I personally would like to see the hub idea done.. but the group will only work if done successfully. Of course, we don't know that until you try.. but still. It is concerning given the reputation of previous groups who did this as well as your former group. If you're willing to change that perspective & bring in new fresh faces for outsider perspective then by all means I look forward to seeing it in the future.
  17. 6am cartoon Dr.Daisy for your viewing pleasure


  18. Thank you all for the warming welcome and we look forward to meeting you all in game as well
  19. Had a great time! A lot of wonderful rp tonight! @Lucas Ossas: Had a good talk w/ Lucas! Really interesting development to his character & it was great being able to roleplay with you again Looking forward to what the future holds @DieselTheSnowMan: Honestly, I didn't expect to run into you tonight! Glad I got back into the game - Thank you for accompanying Daisy all the way up to airfield. It's always great to have someone to travel with, hope you had fun as well. It definitely won't be the last time they meet! @C-J, @Alkis, @G_DateLR, @Krullix, and anyone else who's name I didn't catch: That was a great session! A lot of interesting material & I learned ALOT about the characters of the 5.0.3 that I was originally unaware of. Great group, good roleplay, looking forward to working with you all in the future
  20. A penny for your thoughts? It’s important for you to share your feelings… What goes on in that mind of yours? Life before the fall of society was so easy, so tame. Everything you wanted was at the snap of a finger. Good advice was a commodity. Everyone knew everything. People telling you how to live, how to act, how to survive. Well, now it’s up to you to take control of your life again. But Oh! How hard it is sometimes! Having no one to talk to with all that nonsense in your brain can be quite overbearing. That woman cradling her dead child while you watched in horror, the countless men you slaughtered in cold blood… the children you’ve scarred for life. The lives you could have saved. No, don’t think about those horrible things you’ve done. Focus on the future.. Meet your new therapist. We know what’s best for you. Old habits die hard. The human mind is so easily broken, malleable and simple. Break it down, build it back up into a better person. You don’t need to be a genius to do it. It had started out as a noble cause. From meeting each other in the classroom to enjoyable study groups, they all had one goal in common - to help those in need. Studying in a psychology field is no laughing matter! It didn’t take long for the group to figure it out. With talk of high-achieving students cheating on their exams and papers... and their own failing grades, it felt like an up-hill battle to do what they all loved. Why was there so much work to reach this goal?! Whatever the cost, they would push through even if it meant dropping out! After a short amount of schooling, they all felt they could handle the responsibility and pitched in to purchase their own small office where they could give unlicensed therapy and psychological advice under the guise of being a non-profit self-help meeting. Surely there would be no major repercussions! Actually, it started off quite well. Amateur work at its best, but so far the bills were being paid and with cheap rates, there were quite a few clients off the bat. Most were short-term, venting about the woes of life and work… but some were more serious. These patients were their gold mine. Focusing on a lower-income client base, they could afford the cheap business rates without having to go through the trouble of insurance or expensive co-pays for semi-decent sessions. However, as time went on, the traffic from these clients slowed down. They got better. In the long run, this was a bad business plan. So what could they do? Spending the night in thought, the group decided to do what was best - Sabotage their most vulnerable, volatile, or annoying clients. Slowly, but surely, their work began to pay off and the traffic picked up once more, which meant the money did as well. It only lasted for so long though. So many months later, a client had committed suicide. Their plans began to fall apart. Another client committed suicide shortly after. Everything they had worked so hard to build was crumbling down beneath them. The suicides would bring a massive heat down onto their business, and not to mention other possible misconduct claims being brought up once word got out. Before any investigation agencies could get involved, they disappeared without a trace, their files burned and the business trashed. They had all hopped on a plane in the middle of the night with whatever savings they had. They had to go somewhere inconspicuous - Somewhere with little interference and investigation into malpractice medical claims… perhaps somewhere with more third world ideals? With what little they had left, they flew themselves off to Novigrad - riddled with anxiety by every connecting flight. Would they be in danger? Would authorities be waiting for them at the gate? Everything had worked out in the end and the arrival was uneventful. Slipping into the crowd, they made sure to keep their heads down.. But this place was proving to be crazier by the second. With none of them being able to understand the language and communicating through broken English, it was almost a miracle when the infection began to hit hard. Chaos was rampant and with the dead rising at every second, the group got the hell out. Since then they have been wandering, “helping” strangers along the road, surviving as best they can until they managed to cross into Chernarus. With little knowledge of the area and the violent tendencies of it's residents, they now deem it their mission to help the people of this country by any means necessary. @Aisling - Lauren Lockheart Huckleberry Stevens has disappeared to go on a soul-searching endeavor @APositiveJade - Jamie McCloud @Cas - Edward Finch @Drbeans - Daisy Fowler (Not currently pictured) @Yampa - Yam Alvarez @Methias - Greg Foster [DAY 940] Host Our First Group Meeting for (Un)Willing Patients [DAY 950] Give Life Altering Advice to Other Struggling Individuals (0/10 Individuals) [DAY 960] Host Twenty Solo Sessions with Clients (4/20 Sessions) [DAY 1000] Establish a Radio Q&A for Anonymous Individuals (3/50 Questions Answered) [Infinite] Remain Nomadic to Help Anyone We Meet [Infinite] Maintain a Stable Client Base [Infinite] Provide a Safe Space for Clients to Vent Cater to Solo Members & Small Dynamics to Enhance Their Experience Provide Humorous, Serious, & Interesting Hostile Roleplay Through the Means of Therapy Introduce Members to the Different Aspects of Hostile Roleplay - Specifically Psychological Promote Nomadic Roleplay & Move Points of Interest to Different Locations of the Map Promote Character Flaws & Long-term Personal Story Development for Internal & External Members Provide a New, Unique, and Fresh Experience to the Server If you express an interest in joining our group, please contact @Drbeans or @APositiveJade through PMS or Discord Group & Lore created by: @Drbeans & @APositiveJade Thread Graphics created by: @Aisling
  21. Drbeans

    New Life Rule warning

    Honestly? Good to see this implemented - I've seen/heard of people not giving a shit about this rule/actively ignoring it and it's time they're punished for breaking it - It's important to be flexible with your roleplay if you die - a day doesn't have to be ruined by a death, glitches are obvious as they've been in the game for ages, and gear shouldn't be the be all end all just loot back up and find roleplay in other hubs well away from your timer then go back when it's up. It sucks, but that's the risk we all take playing the game.
  22. Hey there! I had some great role-play tonight from your members & it was wonderful meeting you all A very relaxed & friendly bunch. My only complaint is you need to tell some of (what I assumed to be) your members to cut back on troll-y behavior. All is well and fun when you're doing internal or speaking in comms, but with strangers around.... I let it go tonight only because I was able to play it off in game, but otherwise I would have reported it. It's really discouraging to have people blasting music & moaning over you while you're trying to do a serious, private roleplay. Hoping to see these improvements in the future - I love the group idea & glad to see you all doing the good samaritan thing - I hope to be back in the near future to say hello and provide some "good" mental health care!
  23. What an awesome night - started it off really praying to god that I would find people and have a good session. Bless. This was my first real time on Daisy tonight & god it made me so happy to see so many people around @DenKserw & @Ferny : It was great meeting you two and a fun way to kick off the night! Thank you for killing those zombies & accompanying me to the airfield to meet the 5.0.3 Thank you both for being good travel companions - looking forward to seeing you both in the future @noudbouwmans : Honestly, a hell of a lot of good roleplay tonight! Probably one of the most lax 5.0.3 members I've met and thanks for the free weed & not selling me off into slavery. I appreciate the car-ride down to meet the Samaritans as it was a super fun & a great introduction to your character! I will return in the future... Make sure to check out therapy @ THE SAMARITANS - I'm not absolutely sure who all was there, but it was good meeting you all Thank you for the offer! & finally @Maadson : God that session broke my heart - Amazing roleplay from you tonight and thank you so so much for becoming Daisy's first client. Honestly, you don't know how happy it made me when you pulled me aside to ask about a session. Looking forward to our future roleplays !!
  24. Childhood Life was very difficult for Daisy growing up. With an absent father and piece of shit mother, she had learned from an early age how to take care of herself. Well, her mother had been a good person once. Caring and supportive during the important developmental stages of Daisy's life... but after sustaining serious injuries from a work related accident, her mother, Cheyanne, never had any intention of returning to a normal life. She hit the bottle HARD and barely managed to support the two off the monthly child support checks and disability. Slipping grades in school had gone unnoticed and Daisy simply put a minimum effort into school, doing her best to keep others out of her business. Still, these were important concepts she was learning! Hell, she wasn't too bad at school, but what would be the point of applying herself if she would amount to nothing better than a bum? Around the time Daisy was eleven, her mother began looking for a new.. "stable" relationship. It was a huffy fight, but the girl relented so long as her mother didn't bring weirdos home. To try and relieve some stress off her money.. and keep her from getting absolutely plastered while out in the dating scene, Daisy tried to proclaim herself in charge of delegating what little money they had towards food and necessities. This obviously didn't fly with Cheyanne and despite her best effort the money continued to be blasted on alcohol only this time with a new man in the house every night. Weirdos.. Creeps.. It wasn't surprising considering to sleazy cheap bars her mother frequented. Still, this instilled a primal fear in Daisy - weary of any man who came through that door. This resulted in sleepless nights, fights, even physical altercations. It continued and only got worse. The men got worse. Her mother got worse. That was until Cheyanne brought home Shaun. Clearly it was a drunken mistake.. but why did he stay? Why did he stay with her mother when all they did was fight? About work... about jobs... about Daisy? Why did he care about her? Why did he marry her mother?! The years felt like days. Time only continued to fold in on itself and it was hard for Daisy to process what was real. Cheyanne and Shaun had their wedding a few months after Daisy's fourteenth birthday. Things seemed to get better for a while, but her mother slipped back into her old ways. With Shaun working a nine to five retail job, very little was still coming into the household.. but at least Daisy was getting actual cooked meals... help with her homework. Cheyanne spiraled into violence each and every day, prone to fighting with Shaun about petty shit. To Daisy, she couldn't understand why he had bothered. Why in the world would he have married her? He clearly saw something in her that she was unable to... but still Daisy was cold and unresponsive - constantly avoiding any real contact with Shaun.. but god was he persistent to try and form some sort of relationship! Hearing the stereotypical tropes about not being her real dad but loving her just as much, wanting to see her succeed. It was sickening.. and frightening for her. Having to challenge her sexist views... No. Clearly he was just an exception. That was until he stopped trying and Daisy began to crave the semi-fatherly interaction he would give her. So, albeit nervously, Daisy approached him. They began to understand each other, hang out more often and start to really kindle a healthy relationship. One of the first and only relationships she truly loved. Everyday Shaun felt more like a father, and it was clear her mother was getting jealous. Daisy was hers. Her flesh and blood. And as quickly as the couple had been married, they filed for divorce - forced by Cheyanne. Daisy was LIVID. The fights that ensued became physical... but to both their surprise, Shaun attempted to gain full custody of Daisy. As Cheyanne became more abusive and angry, it became easier for Shaun to prove his case and when the time came - Daisy begged the Judge to go with Shaun. Case closed. Shaun was now her legal guardian. And come to find out soon after... Shaun had kept his savings and bank accounts away from her mothers greedy hands. After Daisy's sixteenth birthday, the two moved from Delaware to Alabama in hopes of starting a new, successful life. Daisy did her best to excel in school and once she graduated became interested in psychological studies. Adulthood Pursuing her goals into psychological studies, Daisy enrolled in a local community college where she met her new friends, Jamie & [Undetermined]. She instantly fell in love with them. After going through the very basics that the school offered... Daisy felt educated enough to pursue her goal. Helping people. Sharing her shitty situation with others. That was what she wanted and she wanted to get started immediately. When the group was in agreement, Daisy borrowed a loan from Shaun for "School Purposes, Just trust me!" and pitched in to help purchase a small unimpressive strip mall office. They had to start somewhere! The customer base starting out was pathetic and they had to try all sorts of things. Flyers - Online Chatrooms - Help Group Interventions. It started working! Traffic was picking up and the money was really starting to come in. For now, the business was on the down-low and for all intents and purposes, Daisy considered it a "non-profit talking and recovery group." Things were all going to plan until the sudden and very tragic death of Shaun. He'd been sick for years and hadn't even bothered to tell Daisy. He hadn't wanted to worry her... or so his will explained. The woman was crushed - even inheriting all his savings and the house... she felt the bitterness crept back into her heart. Slipping back into her old mindset, Daisy was brutal.. feeling hopelessly lost and like a machine in everyday work. Her views shifted to a more negative practice. Helping people.. Men... she didn't even know or care about. All wastes of space. All the same. All the same. Well, at least she wasn't alone. And.. in all fairness, Sparrow and Finch were alright. Her friends had began to play with their clients as well. Bitching about the annoying ones, passively insulting them, keeping their trauma and issues fresh so they would come back licking their wounds like a bunch of dogs. But... a shining star came into her vision. A new client, Ethan, had recently come under their wing. His appearance... his voice, the way he spoke to her - he was vulnerable and Daisy ate it up. He reminded her of Shaun, the way that he gave her his attention. Perhaps it was only because of their professional relation... but Daisy craved more. She fantasized about him. It was unhealthy... but still she guided him into her open arms, persuaded him that she could help his depression, help him get better. She was all he needed. It worked for a few months, but Ethan began to become self-aware of what she was doing and he fought it. Violently. So began the mental warfare. Passive attempts were made to wear down his guard and self-esteem. Gas-lighting. Daisy had it down to a science. Ethan was a mess in her hands - constantly doubting his already declining mental health. It was his fault. It was his nature to be so stupid. So violent. He was just a man. That's what they all like. The best thing he could do was end it. Stop the cycle. Kill himself. And it worked. Daisy has been the driving factor in Ethan's suicide and she felt nothing. He was weak. That's why he succumbed to the naughty thoughts. It was all well and good... until she realized what she had done to their business. How could she have been so stupid. So they burned his files.. and fled. Where the hell would they go.... Some third world shit-hole.. somewhere they could never be found... [TBC.. Still in progress] ||Relationship Filler|| -Update- ||Playlist Filler|| ¬Glass Animals - Mama's Gun -Add more-
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