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  1. Paid Staff

    Staff work for this community should be volunteer based in my opinion. Not to mention, they would have to report the income on their taxes and it's just sketchy territory.
  2. Benjamin Myers

    Oh my god ok this is a wip in progress because this character has not been completed but I need 500 characters in this section kill me wow is this not 500 characters yet this shit is long than a fucking tweet but idk guess I'll just keep typing until it fits in the box idk oh ok get this - Going to Law school - Rich boi, pretentious and struggles with being kind but tries his best to be empathetic - He's throwaway slave character but I love him already tbh - how tf is this not 500 characters Benji was a troubled child growing up, since he was a fucking asshole. In all seriousness, ben has issues connecting with those not in his social class and is pretty stuck up as far as that's concerned. From high school he went straight into some prestigious law school (do research) law school, following in his mother's footsteps. His father was CEO of some shitty company. This is where his rebellion years took flight, he ended up flunking out of school because of partying gg benji you cuck. Anyway, he flunked and his parents were angry af so they made him get a job at his mother's firm filing papers and he was pissed :tm: but he really enjoyed the work which kind of backfired on his parents is this 500 characters yet.
  3. Blast to the Past | Share your Screenshots!

    Dug up some more pics :' ) Hoo boy, who remembers lootplosion? and just a couple fun pics w/ friends : )
  4. With DayZ coming up on it's official beta release, I've decided to share some of my old DayZ screenies :') I was stupid and didn't upload most ones so I'm missing a lot of my pre-patch .50 screenshots ----- Shout-out to when we all thought this was geared and we all had 10k ping on every server : ) We never have times like this anymore : ( Rest in peace old inventory I don't even remember what patch they added this shit but they took it out next patch : ( When the entirety of the Northern road was Under Construction Idr which Christmas this was, but teddy bear spawns were fucked as hell so I created an army Shout-out to when I met a group of cannibals from DayZ rp before I even knew what it was :') Wish I remembered their names, @Jade might know, but hats off if you guys are still here! Pink leggings, my favorite Fuck hands and fuck Cherno in the background These ones are combo of old and new, the final picture was taken while dicking around a few months ago : ) TDLR; DayZ has made leaps and bounds since it was first released and all these damn screenshots were too nostalgic not to share, so share some of your old ones too!
  5. Let's switch to Discord

    Change is important for a community, whether they believe it's good or not Honestly, I think the purpose of the poll is to determine the amount of users who would use Discord v.s. TS, whether to keep TS while having a Discord (since Discord is free this is no monetary factor), and how long it would take to shift non-willing members into willing members. Offer both choices and your community is happy. People who decide they want to get involved with a Discord community can, and those who want to stick to TS can continue using it. Watching the poll move over the last day and a half (just about) has been interesting because it almost always stays at a 30/60 split, but most of the push is from users saying that discord is not well-suited for large communities (In the long run, this community is not as large as perceived, only 145 members have voted which implies that there are currently only 145 active) and from users who just don't want to switch. I was going somewhere with this but lmao I don't remember where. -shrug-
  6. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Probably... when me and @Jade played a game called "A reindeer got hit over the head by a present" and then we proceeded to knock our fucking Christmas tree over and destroyed half the ornaments. Not funny then, but hilarious now. If you could have any breed of dog, what would it be?
  7. Let's switch to Discord

    Banning in Discord bans their IP automatically (or as far as I know) plus, you can turn off @everyone & @here in all channels through the server settings. I'm not sure if it's due to our bot in my current server but Admins/Mods are able to kick/ban/mute/deafen (or move people abusing vc) players in chat. Also I'd argue that seeing offline members isn't necessary due to the fact that TS doesn't show offline members either (you can access offline members on discord through the members list). Something else to point out is that it is more secure in discord if you properly set up your channels. Give some one "Group" role and set their VC and TC to private, then ONLY "Group" can see the channels and use them. I will say that it's a hassle getting an entire server up and creating all the roles, but after that it's smooth sailing and easy peasy.
  8. Let's switch to Discord

    Discord has a web application so you don't have to use the client! As far as I know, your virus protection shouldn't ping browser discord, but that sucks your client doesn't work
  9. Let's switch to Discord

    That's true, the ultimately goal of staff is to create self-moderation but that being said (temp channels and locked group channels) you can create private group text/voice channels, so only people with the tag are allowed to access it! It's basically TS, but a different platform with more customization, and it's safer (and you can't DDOS a Discord plus other things).
  10. Let's switch to Discord

    While I can understand that, Discord is certainly better for larger servers as well. I'm currently in a Discord with over 9000+ people and know multiple of the mods. As long staff are actively enforcing the rules and watching chat there should be no problems and problems that arise can be quickly dealt with. Could have dedicated discord staff as well
  11. Let's switch to Discord

    Discord is so much more interactive and customizable than TS ever could be : ( For real, I was incredibly hesitant to switch over to Discord after using the shitshow that is Skype for years. Something to mention about discord! Channels can be created for groups and you can tag those group members so only they have permission to use the group text channel/voice channels (excluding staff). This mean no more randoms (if that was ever a problem), trolls, etc etc. Also you can make custom emotes in Discord : ) That being said, you can literally just have voice channels in your group. Of course having text is good but for real. This would also make it easier to communicate with people since not every uses TS. It's also safer than TS like said before. Totally on board for this, should make one anyway Your voice quality is only as good as your mic on Discord, but you also have the option of turning specific users volume higher and lower in voice channels : )
  12. Text RP Events

    Character Name: Kristen Dewitt Character Age: 24 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? No Does your character have a mental disability? Chronic Depression Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No Does your character have any phobia? Clowns Does your character have a love interest? Nope Does your character have any addictions? No Does your character do any drugs? No Is your character overweight? No Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Comic relief is always good! Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Possible intrusive thoughts? Would help build her character and could make for some interesting roleplay! She worries about her friends being in harms way alot, as well as struggles with her body image, so anything along those lines would be fine!
  13. The journal is a dark blue spiral notebook. The cover page has " K. D." carved in the top left corner. Upon opening it, you find that a few pages have been torn and are stained with what appears to be mud. The first page has 'This journal belongs to Kristen Dewitt!' etched in a sloppy script font. Flipping the page, you find the first entry. There are a few lines where the text has been smudged by water stains.
  14. DayZRP Community Memes

    Mfw waiting to load into S1 when it's 60/60 and theres a 15 man queue
  15. Art makes me want to die(tm)

    My personal master thread of any Dayzrp related art shit. My art ranges from no effort to spectacular, there is no in between : ( If you want half-assed mspaint art just yell at me. Kristen isn't that scary, she just acts tough. She doesn't even know how to fire the gun on her back. If you got a hankering for art w/ feet hands, here's an example : ) More to come!