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  1. *There would be a moment of heavy breathing into the radio, someone clearly struggling to find the words to speak. After a moment of silence, there would be sorrowful voice coming in through the radio* "I-I.... She i-is not dead. P-please do not do... from what I hear, she would be the angry. You should... know where to find." *There would be another moment of silence, before the woman would speak again, her voice raising in a strange pattern as she spoke her next words* "I cannot give you more information. BE... very caReful when you are in places you do not recognize. Each of us are very sorry."
  2. Be there or be square - please let me in, I want to buy things Looking forward to participating!
  3. Shoutout to @Hofer @SynO @Millie @Nonplayer & all the CLF (for the sake of my sanity and tagging, pass this on to everyone present ) who came out today to fuck us up. Had an absolute blast & looking forward to seeing where this roleplay will go Was an intense, fright-filled night! I hope you all enjoyed as much as I did I always feel stupid doing hostile/pain rp so... apologies for that lol
  4. Hey there, @AlexanderTheGeek! Please add an unbiased poll to your suggestion thread within 24 hours, otherwise this thread will be closed. Thank you for understanding

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      Wow taking ym song

  6. Hey! Welcome back to the community We're glad to have you! DayZ has certainly come a long way since the OG release. I don't know if you've played DayZ SA at all since your last time being with this server, but we have a lot of nice Q.O.L mods to help pad out some stuff DayZ itself is still lacking. Looking forward to seeing you in game!
  7. Thank you both for your feedback, I appreciate it greatly! I am glad that I have been able to provide you both with any help you have needed and that it was satisfactory. You are always welcome to give me a shout here should you have any further constructive criticism or mention of my work ethic/handling of situations. I am always looking to improve - I will keep both your comments in mind so I can continue to help people in the future.
  8. Celebi ❤️ Pokemon 4EVER was an underrated movie.

    1. Cid


      Absolutely adore this movie.  One of my favorites growing up.

    2. Stagsview


      are you sure??


  9. Finally @Hofer makes a good decision 

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  10. Here is your reward.

  11. Silvie is not one to call attention to herself, nor is she one to aim for her highest goals. Head down, listen, and be attentive. That was her teachings as a young girl. From a relatively strict household, Silvie learned to never question her parent's decisions - this was especially important as the civil war ravaged Chernarus. There was not a huge outcry of violence in her hometown on Shakobka, but still they were witnessing the horrors of it. Only young at the time, Silvie paid no mind to the coming and goings of strange men - injured or otherwise. Life resumed as normal, Silvie attending school, feeding her pet cat, and spending time with the children of the neighborhood. Then, as things got worse, her hyper awareness began to kick in. Her mother's hands were always covered in the blood of a stranger… and then family friends. Her father seemed antsy, always on edge and irritated. Her mother never smiled, always crying and holding her daughter each night like it was their last. And then the war ended… and then her father disappeared. Yet, Silvie never questioned it - though maybe she could catch the gratefulness in her mother's eyes. Actually… maybe that is what she would do. Silvie wanted to help people, like she had seen her mother do! A few years later and one horrifically failed medical entrance exam, Silvie was absolutely crushed. By this time she had moved out and was supporting herself independently off of a poorly paid secretary job up in Novodmitrovsk. Her boss was a creepy schmooze and her coworkers were PR disasters… but she endured. That was until she saw her saving grace - Respublika Armiya Chernorusskya. With the outcry of Lopotev’s death in 2016 and soon after Bernarus’ inauguration, Silvie focused her efforts into manipulating her way in. Surely they wouldn’t turn her away? Especially as riots and chaos broke out. Well, turns out she was accepted for training - to her dismay when she finished, she was not placed into a medical division… but rather… stationed in Black Mountain battalion as a paper pusher in the commanding offices. Fun. Granted, with her nature, Silvie did not make a fuss. After years of filing and writing, and honestly the drama she learned throughout the years, she was less than surprised to find the country locking down in the midst of a global pandemic. Silvie has been performing a multitude of office duties for Black Mountain throughout the existing months of the virus. As things seemed to get better, they only got worse and up until recently, she had high hopes for the future. However, with a sudden transfer to the 34th battalion, Silvie finds herself more likely to be throwing paperclips at her enemies, rather than bullets. ---------------------------- Reserved Silvie finds it very difficult to get personal with people she does not know. While this may seem like her being prude or snobby - she just is not comfortable expressing her emotions and experiences to strangers. Unless ordered by her superiors, Silvie will leave most things unsaid. You will have to dig deep to gain her trust... and more importantly her information. Push-Over This flaw is typically to do with any superiors. While she is quite strict with what information about her remains anonymous and who receives her genuine affection... if she's told to do something, she will. This isn't just in relation to her work as a military desk jockey - this typically goes for normal circumstances as well. Lets just say, with a gun to her head, she's not going to argue and gripe about it. Independent Probably her best trait, Silvie is able to act independently of others and can usually make it on her own. While she likes to play dumb (even if she is genuinely ignorant to the current happenings in the country), the woman is a lot more crafty than she lets on. Years of listening and being compliant in her actions has led to a nifty ability of gathering information third-hand. Physically Affectionate This is a trait purely reserved for her friends, family, and significant others. Anyone not in those categories will be met with awkward agreement, small talk, & generally speaking, anything to do with the wonders of paper filing. Just kidding. But seriously, Silvie is very physically affectionate regardless of whether it is platonic or romantic. Romantically Cautious Silvie has had one too many bad relationships. Due to a bad falling out with her previous partner, Leoš, Silvie has closed herself off to anything even remotely to do with romance. She can appear a bit distant in this aspect, uninterested and even aggressive should anything be pushed. Silvie will need a lot of coaxing out of her shell for anything substantial or trustworthy. ------------------------ ------------------------ [No current injuries] ------------------------
  12. Dina do be looking kinda dead though - honestly going to miss playing this character, RIP Dina 😞



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    2. HarveyLR


      We do seem to have a fetish for being captured... RIP Dina...

    3. Burak


      toronto raptors applause GIF


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    5. Duplessis


      RIP Dina. Your death did not give Petr the satisfaction he thought it would.

    6. Millie


      Completely heartbreaking. I cried then and cried twice talking about it afterward. Gut punch. I loved Dina and the dynamic between our characters. What an end.

  13. I don't think I've ever cried during a roleplay session.. ever. Was a very emotional moment and a good opportunity to send Dina off - I enjoyed every moment of tonight & I am so so glad I hopped back in. Carry on Dina's memory o7 @HarveyLR @Drywipe @Duplessis @SynO @Millie @Onion @lunathecat @wastingdoor & the rest of the grape squad (I apologize for not getting all the names! These were the only voices/people I recognized)
  14. A spontaneous pop on today actually led to some really great roleplay and relation development with Dina!! Was a pleasure running into @Mason @Sassy & @Lord Seal - my sanity thanks you for the car ride @Lord Seal - Some great character development session with you today! Had a lot of fun w/ our roleplay, hope it was for you as well! Made me think... literally - I had to improvise that damn story. Either way, looking forward to future meet-ups & roleplay scenarios between "Alisa" & Finn
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