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  1. I'll give it a go! Hell yeah! Will throw a PM your way
  2. Just a couple gals chilling - Wren ft. her blonde hair & Daisy! Not super happy with how Daisy turned out so will redo her... eventually... but god I sat for hours staring at the canvas before just saying 'fuck it' Give a shout if you want your character done! I need all the practice I can get
  3. Can't even imagine my lazy ass pedaling up the hill in real life, let alone virtual reality - I kid, +1 this is a great method of transportation and I want to see the salesman & charismatics come out to pawn off the bikes
  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments so far A new contender - @Methias 's Greg Foster I haven't drawn a shaved head in ages so there was an effort
  5. It's time! Given the current situation of... international shutdown, I figured I may as well use this time to hone my skills to improve on my style and provide a fun service to the community! I've been working hard on a few examples, but I'm not ready to swallow the pill that is full body art.. so, currently, I will only do busts for humans or humanoid creatures Below are some examples of what to expect! Characters;; Mallory Shibley @Jade Harry Wells @Methias Benjamin Myers @me -------- I also do animals! The only example I have on this computer is a cat.. but I promise there is more lol. I mostly draw domestic animals, but I am willing to try my hand at wildlife. I am willing to do full body of animals! Generally speaking, my style is cartoon-y so there won't be any attempts at hyper-realism. -------- I'll also do dumb doodles or if you want a low effort drawing, feel free to ask - this is all for practice, so your requests are more than welcome If you would like something/one drawn, just throw a comment with the character & a desired expression or mood. Alternatively, you can shoot me a PM with the details
  6. 👏 Here's the Mal we all know and love  - for @Jade ❤️ 



  7. Waiting for the BT technician to arrive but there's an "unexpected" two week delay

    1. DrMax


      They ded 

  8. Day 500 of not putting up an art thread bc I don't draw enough to justify having one lmao - either way here's Dr.Daisy in a cartoon-y sketch style while I'm still trying to figure out what the hell my style even is


    1. Mademoiselle


      This is cute!

  9. Internet speeds at .20 mbps got me like 


    1. Jade


      Try getting a faster hamster wheel

  10. Day 4 without computer access... Binging judge Judy  on  free sat


    1. Aisling


      nooooo Beanssssssssy whyyyyy

    2. Drbeans


      Moving to uk 😞 current cottage has no room to set up

  11. I'm more excited to see the change in roleplay dynamics that comes with a much smaller map. Voted yes, excited to see this potentially happen and hope that chernarus gets replaced, new unique lore gets introduced, and maybe we can finally have a us based area?:D - will there be a player limit due to the size of the map? Or can it sustainably hold 80 people?

    1. Aisling


      Me first!

  13. We out here like true crackheads @APositiveJade @Methias @Harvey


    1. Harvey


      This is fucking golddddd

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