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  1. feels bad when ur computer won't run dayz 😞

    1. APositiveJade


      haha nerd


  2. Drbeans

    • Drbeans
    • APositiveJade


    1. APositiveJade



  3. for anyone who likes sad boi music


  4. Me having to make my own dinner like the adult I am and hating every moment of it


    1. Roman


      Pasta with ketchup. 

  5. The journal is a dark blue spiral notebook. The cover page has " K. D." carved in the top left corner. Upon opening it, you find that a few pages have been torn and are stained with what appears to be mud. The first page has 'This journal belongs to Kristen Dewitt!' etched in a sloppy script font. Flipping past a few torn out pages, you find the second legible entry. There are a few lines that have been smudged by water stains, though sloppily written over it are letters and random words - messy at first but getting more organized as they continue down the page.
  6. 53173219_2200577883537349_4078223143538227263_n.jpg.345b934bdf67a4924df946c7bd5e3713.jpg

    1. APositiveJade



  7. Aint been on in ages jesus

    1. Jamie


      I was gonna say something, but I'd probably get points. 

      Welcome back. 

  8. banned from leaving OTL I was having fun just lurking 


  9. Drbeans

    • Drbeans
    • Gaylaxy

    Found a meme for you fam


    1. Gaylaxy


      Its from Attack on titan

  10. Vague text posts of innocents getting obliterated while the real villains are still afoot, like a scooby doo episode gone wrong

    1. Simatho


      Villains is a big word I think

    2. Drbeans


      That's why it's like a bad scooby doo episode 

    3. Harvey


      Flame and UP posts are still flame and UP, respectively. Separate issues don't play into this.

    4. Simatho


      Ahhhhh. Makes sense haha

    5. Drbeans


      Just a shame that the real toxicity in the community is blown over like a wet fart, just my two cents though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  11. I know a lot of you don't know me, but I'm a loyal ho so I'm peacing out with my friends. Roleplay was fun for a while but now it's the same old same old and with everything I know, I don't want to be a part of the community that supports that right now. o7 Was fun while it lasted but there's always other roleplay servers, peace out boyos n galies.
  12. Sorrel, otherwise known as Lena to her friends, was born to two loving parents in the state of California. Her mother was of Russian descent and her father was a U.S. born citizen. She grew up somewhere because this is a huge work in progress smmmhhhh
  13. New Joji song for anyone who hasn't heard it yet ?



    1. Methias


      da song !


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