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  1. I know a lot of you don't know me, but I'm a loyal ho so I'm peacing out with my friends. Roleplay was fun for a while but now it's the same old same old and with everything I know, I don't want to be a part of the community that supports that right now. o7 Was fun while it lasted but there's always other roleplay servers, peace out boyos n galies.
  2. Sorrel, otherwise known as Lena to her friends, was born to two loving parents in the state of California. Her mother was of Russian descent and her father was a U.S. born citizen. She grew up somewhere because this is a huge work in progress smmmhhhh
  3. Drbeans

    Post your favorite show :)

    I've been binge watching Arrested Development lately
  4. Drbeans

    Potius Cras

    Had an unsatisfying run-in with some of your members the other day in Berezino D: The initial meeting was decent, and the initiation was fine as well, but there was a huge lack of roleplay and interaction from the time of the actual initiation to the end of the encounter. Please, please work on this! This encounter was very stagnant and could have been so much more interesting and progressive for my character as well as yours! I feel like I barely even got the bare bones of an initiation. Even if all you guys had been doing was talking among yourselves, I would have been pleased with that. When another person approached I was left alone with my hands cuffed behind my back. I even tried to pull a reaction (whether hostile or not) by being rude, but to no avail. Overall it was just a very stale and uneventful encounter and I'm a bit sad about that There was a lot of potential for engaging roleplay that was not taken advantage of. This isn't meant to upset the involved members! Rather, take this criticism and build off of it for your future interactions. Also for the love of all things good and holy - BRING HANDCUFF KEYS IF YOU'RE HANDCUFFING SOMEONE.
  5. Drbeans

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Bring on the map reset
  6. Drbeans


    Ah I gotcha Yeah, fuck that tbh - I've always been inclined to go through them personally rather than having it done automatically. Good luck though I'm interested in what this will amount to! also for good measure I'm going to repost this - "Not sure what host you're using and I know you already said you preemptively bought the server, but BisectHosting is by far the best host I've come across. They have cheap cost efficient packages"
  7. Drbeans


    I've run a few minecraft servers in my time, granted, they were hosted by a large host, not off of my computer. If you guys are looking to do a whitelist server just have people fill out a google form w/ their information so you can whitelist them on the server It will keep randoms off. Once people fill out the whitelist you can pm them the server ip etc etc Edit: Not sure what host you're using and I know you already said you preemptively bought the server, but BisectHosting is by far the best host I've come across. They have cheap cost efficient packages
  8. Drbeans

    Hope you all stay safe <3

    This is a good christian server, hello?! See ya soon @Galaxy <3 Remember to make your bed and eat three square meals a day. They grow up so fast *wipes away a single tear*
  9. Drbeans

    Group limits.

    I feel as if there's a lot of gray area between "Bad guys" and "Good guys." Unless that can be clearly defined, I don't think limiting groups is the correct way to go. I do have to agree that limiting groups can limit creativity and roleplay progression/relations.
  10. Drbeans

    Persistence wipe

    +1 @Para you smart boy
  11. Hello it is I - Upgraded Jade tbh can't have a serious picture w/o dumb ones
  12. Drbeans

    DayzRP Members as Cats Thread

  13. Drbeans

    Show us your Photography

    Here are some pictures of my pet babies; @Jade stole that picture of chunk from me > : ( some more random photography : )
  14. Drbeans

    Nexum Co. Media Thread.

    Some more pictures over the course of the last couple days!