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  1. Royland Cadway

    Before the outbreak. Roy was born in Sweden in a city called Gothenburg 13th of november 1990 but moved to Argaraki, Georga with his wife for a "new start". Married for 6 years with his beloved Jane Morrow. They had 2 kids named Sven and Marianna aged 3 and 6. They struck hell one night when a intoxicated driver colided with their car. Him and his wife was saved with minor damages but it could not be said for their kids. The car crashed into the back of the car and killed their childeren on impact. The devistation had left the two in horroble trauma for their loss. They couldn't bare with their surrdings and every bit of the country anymore so they had to change their life compleatly. Moving to South zagoria in 2014 to make a new start. To change their life all over. The change would soon change not for the better. After outbreak. 3 years after moving to South zagoria had been working for Royland and Jane, the loss of their child is not forgotten but has eased up. But for Roy it couldn't stay that way. June arrived and soon all hell broke loose. The infection has ruptured through the country and taken lives of thousands. They tried to flee after the incident had gone too far and the army was unable to take care of the situation but all borders had closed and they where trapped. The only hope Roy had left in this doomed world was his wife but his hope would soon lose all hope there was left. Roy had taken up hunting to put food on the table. An infected attacked his wife. The deamon lounged on top of her as it's next meal. Roy shot it dead in the eye and blood was spilled over her. We came by soldiers pattroaling who were shooting any suspected infected human on sight. Who mistakenly took his wife as an infected because of it. Left alone in a world of horror Roy swore to avenge his last family member to get rid of the dead pest.
  2. Harald Nordman

    I grew up here in South Zagoria 3rd of april 1986. I was given the name Harald after my father. We are a very religous family but our religion is not oridinary. We pray upon the Condemned. They whach as you decide what move to take and they create a fate at that moment of future ahead. Our family origin comes from sweden scandinavia. My father took us here because of his his rusian comrade who made the Chernarusarmy take him in. I lived with my mother. My dad was in the special elite ops but i never got to see him before he died. My mother says he died with pride and was fighting off the evil that stepped before him. I guess she only whanted me to look up to him and she succeded. I alwasy wanted to join the Chernarusrussian army like my father. Eventualy when i became an adult male I signed up for it and manage to survive and even fought in both of the civil wars. I was apparantly too lucky. I could say i had been happy dying fighting for what i believe in but i sruvived fighting in my beliefes. Too lucky which i mean too god damn unlucky. The virus that spreaded as the start of the next civil war was going un left me alone in a dark world. And why i said this was the next Civil war is because now we constantly fight each other one by one. I don't complain thouhg. This is what the condemned whant's isnt it?