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  1. Before the outbreak. Royland was born in Sweden in a city called Gothenburg 13th in November 1990 but moved to a little village in South Zagoria called Berehzki after a tragedy that left Roy with a horrible mental scar. Roy was married to a beautiful woman whose name is Jane Morrow. They lived 6 happily married years together until one life-changing day. They struck hell one night when an intoxicated driver speeding down the oncoming road collided with their car. Royland survived the crash but it could not be said the same with his wife. Jane sat on the other side where the drunk driver crashed his car into which sadly killed her on impact. Roy saw his beloved mutilated lifeless body. The devastation had given Roy severe trauma and heavy depression. He couldn't bare with his surroundings and every bit of the country anymore. He didn't feel home in any way so he decided to change his life completely. Moving to South Zagoria, Berehzki, in 2014 to make a new start. To change his life all over. But the change would soon change not for the better. After outbreak. It has been 3 years since they left Sweden. Moving to South Zagoria had been working for Royland quite well. Of course, the loss of his family is not forgotten but has eased up over the years. He could finally stand his surroundings that he had lost to enjoy back in Sweden. But for Roy it couldn't stay that way. June arrived and soon all hell broke loose. The infection has ruptured through the country and taken lives of thousands. When the army was unable to take care of the situation he had to leave the country and fast. He drove as fast as he could to get to the border but it was too late, both Russia and Pakistan had closed the borders preventing anybody from entering or leaving. So there he stood. Stranded in a new home for the dead who couldn't fit in hell. He wanted to get the hell out of that crowded place. Even if he had no hope left he worried that if he kept being around the mass he would for sure get contaminated. Roy ran off looking for a fast way out of there. He found an unlocked car with the key still in the ignition who someone must have left behind in a hurry. There was no time for law and order so he took it and drove off home to the little house in Berehzki as a safe house at the moment. Gathering his rifle and ammunition as well as some food for a few days. I was a man of Jesus once. I thought he'd save me from misery and death. I was faulty in thinking that he'd spare me from hell some day and bring me happiness. But he didn't. He gave Satan the power over all of humanity and used that ground for the demons to roam. I don't know what is worse. Have to live my life in constant pain and misery or that G-d don't end my suffering.
  2. Harald grew up in Sweden, Scandinavia 3rd of april 1986. He was given the name after his father who died in the battleground whilst protecting the country he loved with pride in his heart. They were a very religous family and trusted their lives in G-d's hand's to keep them safe. Little did they know that G-d did not care to save us all from the doom of our beloved's fate. 3rd of April, 1999. At the age of 14, my father left me and my poor mother in a dark cold world. He died with pride in his heart fighting for his country. Fighting for his family. Fighting for love. G-d knows how much I hate birthdays. 14th of August, 1999. Mother who could do little to keep the family healthy and alive, decided it would be better if we moved to her birthland. South zagoria, Chernaurus. Moving soon as possible, leaving much of what we had behind. We arried to a small town called Staroye where planned to start over. Our new home. 2nd of May, 2005. I alwasy wanted to join the army like my father. I respected him dearly and I whanted to continue his legacy. As the man who gave every inch of his life to protect what he loved. As soon as I became 18 I signed up to join the chernarussian defence forces (CDF) and getting my first job as 19. I stayed in the CDF and fought the civil war in 2009. I gave it all I got. I risked my life for my fellow comrades. My setting was that this war was our for the winning and so it was. July, 2017. This year has been a whole mess. Today seems there's never scilence. Soldiers marching, shouting and shooting. Chopper's hovering over towns. Civilians creating bumps and jams in trafic trying to flee to the west or even all the way to Novigrad. You'd think it was because of another civil war. Well, i'd liked that more to happen over the reality. At the beginning I tried my best to get my mother out of the country but she couldn't. Simply there was too many fleeing so there was a hold up. Before I could even get her close to safety the surrounding contries shut us out. I didn't know what to do now so in the mean time she stayed at one of the campsites at Elektrozavodsk with all others trying to survive. There seemed to be no hope but a flotilla of boats came to the rescue. I quickly and despretly took my mother to one of them and sat her down. Standing in the whater beside the boat holding mother's hands I tell her I can't come with her. I still have a job to do. She despretly tries to make me come with her or tries the "if you stay I stay". Ofcourse I refuse all of it. When she finaly gave up after the boats had to leave we said our goodbyes. She said in my native tongue: "Harald, du är det mest perfekta som någonsin hänt mig. Även fast din far försvunnit vet jag att en bit av hans själ finns I dig jag kan se det, ni är så lika och jag vet att han skulle vara stolt över dig min son, Jag älskar dig med allt mitt hjärta" "Harald, you are the most perfect thing that has ever happened to me. Even if your father is gone I know there is a piece of his soul in you, I can see it. You two are so identical and I know he would be proud of you. I love you my son with all my heart" I stand on the shore, whaching them leave untill I can't see them anymore. After standing there staring into nothing i feel tears running down my cheek. "I love you mamma". I wipe the tears from my face and head off in the new pocket of hell.