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  1. William king is a honest man with simple morals,friendly and good-natured although he has a tendency to turn if provoked. he came from a poor deprived town with crime rate through the roof, and always was picked on by a group that would rob him nearly every day until one day he had enough and the leader of the group jonas peters was walking his dog in the forest, william took this opportunity to strike jonas over the head with a rock repetitivly until he was lifeless. with blood everywhere william stood over with no emotion and tasted the blood and it was then he knew he enjoyed it. after the infection hit william was not seen for a while with him living in mostly dense forests with only a small tent.
  2. I changed my name in notepad as I knew that the name was 1 letter too long, I still get kicked
  3. my name is the same in game as my character but still getting this.
  4. this worked for me but still telling me this is not my active character.
  5. I've whitelisted but now keep being kicked saying this is not your active character? any help
  6. thanks for the help, I have applied and now waiting, do you know roughly how long the process is?