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  1. no i dont know who shot the truck i already said i dont know and i dont know who was in ts unban me.
  2. not me i dont use ts unless i need help from staff i have no idea who was in ts sorry!
  3. i also enjoyed with these players especialy @Coreena and @jangoskull
  4. *Daniel picks up his radio and holds it to his face, pushing down his transmit button* I'm sorry to hear Quinn is dead, i send my love.
  5. (daniel bash pov) so i was in svet after i met that guy fake doctor called maj he said he will help me i had back ache and htey he did some thing with that feb and i went unc after that i woke up i dont have anything on me no weapons i said i need my weapons back and he said go away who are u started following him after that i woke up after getting shot from that guy called maj after that i went to get meds from doctos after like 30 mins he came back by some guy who was trolling we asked him alot whats ur name and why u doing weird stuff he was saying so weird sht , and thats all. sorry i was in work all day u know and i just saw the fourms.
  6. (pov of daniel bash)so i was in severgroad i met brandon he we were talking about some friends they i heard gun shots and after few mins my brother polat got killed and i asked why did they shot him like i dont know after that we went to school and i got shot for no reason i dont what happend thats all i really dont know why they killed my bro.
  7. its not 20 on 3 it was more than 20 guy on 2 incent ppl. ahh what ever thanks matthew,i was the guy who made the camp in shonshovka.
  8. forget about cody rn he did take hes charges so i said sorry all good mate
  9. Anaconda (daniel bash) Me and my brother polat and our leader called jonah we were at sevegroad some guy wanted to know our story we started talkig with that guy telling him our story then like 6 guys came to us and started to make fun on our clothing and stuff so we said lets move out of here we dont want any troubles they started saying we are chickens and after like a few mins i said lets move leave them and then surrounded us so we cant move after that there is women called elyse or somehing she wanted us to put our hand in air so i heard gun shots i didnt realize what iam doing so i started shooting i was so confused i know i killed some one who really have nothing in the situation but i am sorry it was so confusing i have no choice else than shooting.
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