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  1. Polat

    Walk along.jpg

    nice photo looks like cali beach LOL.
  2. no sorry i was the sniper on the apartments i was far and didnt know anything.
  3. Polat Picks up the Radio : we lost the queen of serverograd rest in peace , she used to love blue and black im gonna miss her Rest in Peace may god protect Your soul .
  4. POV Polat Abbas : i was the sniper on the apartments i tried to talk with this pepole like to go away or something and then i got shot and got killed btw i saw like 4 of them and i coulda killed em all but i didnt cause no one talked or communicated with me no one speaked to me there was a guy in my building and never speaked i told him u need to go away.
  5. ive met him like last week i guess and added him From DayZRP we are new friends. probably 7-9 days friends . and Jade contacted with me at the same day he got banned and i told him that i never asked about his age and never knew it. the guy literally delete me on steam cause he dont want us to get in troubles.
  6. he doesn't want us to be in troubles. he told me if i keep you on steam you guys will get banned and i understand everything .
  7. im 20 years old in real life . and my brother anaconda is 18. i play with VOIP Not text roleplay . i feel like you guys are not believing me . i joined to enjoy RP not to make problems i swear.
  8. can you guys stop with the same questions i already talked with jade and he asked me same question i repeat i never knew his age .
  9. i know man i never think about OOC its all IC and my brother did comply all the time and people loved his RP.
  10. i wish i was there haha to see all that pepole. we was looking for more pepole to join us but we were new and didn't have much time.
  11. how can we defend our town and there is 20 pepole in it and were only just 2 ? that rp made no sense for me ill say like 5 maximum is fine but not like 20 . i feel like they were playing OOC for me.
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