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  1. HazardousMaterial935

    S1 | BadRP / OOC VOIP / NVFL | 11:40 21/10/2017

    I agree to the terms of Galaxy and will sign up for the mentor program and read up on the guides. I am ok with the report being closed.
  2. HazardousMaterial935

    S1 | BadRP / OOC VOIP / NVFL | 11:40 21/10/2017

    Character's POV - Franklin Chorolla What had occurred is the man i had (tried) to kill was the leader of the people that had taken some of my valuables, and had held up me and friends. they had let me go (keeping some important items) but kept the other two. it had been 30 minutes and i had tried to contact them multiple times but when i saw the captors just hanging around the bar i had assumed the worst. Hide Nagachika is very close to me and knowing that they could have killed them i had decided to retaliate. The issue with me saying "I'm fucking lagging" was a mistake about pushing the wrong button, caps instead of the one for ts (it was kinda like a terrible time for lag anyway).
  3. Notes: has addictions to multiple drugs, including morphine and painkillers. Has a general hate to most people, but is not immediately violent. Shows violent tendencies. Suspected of variations of psychosis, but none have been diagnosed. Is usually seen as hateful, but his emotions seem to be unpredictable, despite a general hatred of people. Shows tendencies to lie, manipulate, and use other people to his own advantage, but is not emotionless. Also knows multiple survivalist techniques, such as crafting and making food/farming It seems the problems come from within, as we see that the earliest reports of his childhood seem okay, although he lived in a bad area. After the age of 14, though, he got involved in bad business. Not exactly gangs, but it is suspected that he was involved in a drug trade, where he picked up his own addictions. He has shown an affinity for guns and is fairly well with them. Around the age of 17, his past caught up with him. at a family reunion, a group of unknown assailants took his family hostage, and killed each in front of his very eyes. He eventually tracked them down and killed each, but he lost everyone he knew in the process. at 19, he knew he needed to leave the country, and found himself in Chernarus, hoping to make money in the process. Being a good actor, he decided to join a group of college film students as a sort of cover up, and for access to the country freely, and met Hide. They became friends quickly, as they had a bit in common. It is still unclear how him and Hide got along so well. Hide would usually encourage Franklin and helped him out of a bad financial situation, along with personal situations. They got separated in the early days of the infection
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