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  1. Zamir Baatyr was born to a Kyrgyz woman in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. His father was a American immigrant who was growing tired of the country. Zamir's father killed his mother after a few years of living in Kyrgyzstan and promptly moved back to America with Zamir. He was never caught or formally charged with the murder and continued his killings in America. He raised his to help him with the murders - First, it was disposing and burning of wallets, jewelry, and clothes. Then it was hunting and shooting those down who escaped from his spree. One day, in a fit of rage at not being granted something Zamir wanted, he shot and killed his father. With the authorities after him and a high likelihood that he was going to go to prison for life, he smuggled himself across the ocean to reach his homeland of Kyrgyzstan where he fought in the Kyrgyz Revolution of 2010 and the 2010 South Kyrgyzstan ethnic clashes. He didn't really care much for these issues, and only wanted to indulge in the violence and the tension. It soothed him to fight and it soothed him to have a cause. He was soon drawn into a Kyrgyzstan paramilitary group providing security in Takistan. The apocalypse saw the fall of society and chaos and thus Zamir fit in well. He traveled east and entered chernarussian lands with his fellow surviving paramilitary members. One by one, they were picked off by bandits, loose cannon survivors, undead, and other threats in the wasteland. Only Zamir remained. He would survive - anyway he could.
  2. Yeah, Just do it yourself. Don't need to be handheld to run a town. Establish a government, set up the town, get medical personnel, form a militia to stop threats, ect ect ect. Don't need god to hold your hand. It's the apocalypse not candy land
  3. Build anywhere can be good, but when you got people building this it gets ridiculous.
  4. Goodbye wooden fortnite towers.
  5. IotaSilver

    Shoemaker Farm

    Screenshots from the Shoemaker Family's Farm.
  6. IotaSilver

    Apartment Shelter

    I don't know if that fire was the safest thing there, fella....
  7. No one ever liked Billy Bazlo. He was just the kid with the stupid name. He was the dreamer with exotic tastes and dreams of foreign lands. He dared to be different. He dared to dream of better things and how his life would get better, and better, and better. He dreamed of inventing grand machines and becoming rich. He would help the poor, he would go to the moon! He would create world peace! Sadly, this didn't happen for poor Billy. He ran headfirst into school determined to solve every problem. But he couldn't solve them. It was around fifth grade when Billy began to fall behind his peers. He couldn't grasp the math, history, or anything as quickly as everyone else did. His previous A's turned into B's. Sixth grade, They turned into C's. Seventh? D's. He took two years to pass Eighth grade. He gave up in Ninth grade. His dreams were shattered. Everyone called him a deadbeat. He was a disappointment. His parents wouldn't look him in the eye and his dad just stared at him stonily before handing him a newspaper - Classifieds. He mowed lawns and did work.. anything that could keep him busy. Anything that could keep him from the disappointed gazes of his father and mother. His friends avoided him. Who wanted to hang out with a depressing dropout reject? No one. No one at fucking all. One day, he by chance met a fella by the name of Gavin Knight. Gavin had the look of a bitter, decrepit Hobo. He was old and only had one arm. He didn't bathe and he didn't take dirty looks. Billy was shocked at how someone so low could hurl such abuse and anger at men twice his size. He was inspired. He would become just like that Hobo. He wouldn't care what others thought or did - He would be strong! He would prevail! Thus, begins the fall of Billy Bazlo. Drinking, fighting, and never taking any shit....He drifted across America. He still had some faint desires of traveling the world from his youth so he took a job on a ship and set sail for the world. He wasn't looking for much. Just the next shore. The next shore wasn't pleasant.
  8. Doug Scott was a supporting character on a large international cooking show before the apocalypse. He helped them butcher exotic creatures around the world and was quite good at it. He enjoyed eating new delicacies and going around the world to do it. He ate large portions and became quite overweight. One day, the show went to Chernarus and the apocalypse happened. He got quite desperate and when they began running out of food... he had to try new food. He managed to stay his fat weight but it was a hard task.
  9. POV Us ravens were contracted to save the camp and went to go save the camp. We get fuckin' destroyed and I RIP real quick. Uhhhh yeah...
  10. (WILL MAKE MORE DETAILED) Leon mars was born in Beaumont, Texas to a drug addicted mother in a crack den. She dropped him off at a fire department with only a single Notecard - "Leon." The fire chief, a man by the name of Alexander Mars, decided to adopt the kid. He raised him tough and as soon as he could shoot a gun and hunt, He did. He was almost raised by the Texas Light Foot Militia and was steeped in Militia and Anti-government culture since before he could remember. This raised him to be tough and gave him skills he would need to survive any catastrophes. He decided to take a trip out east in order to learn more about Russian firearms and tactics and unfortunately got stuck in Chernarus during the mess that is the apocalypse.
  11. "Well, ain't I gone far? Things sure have changed since me and mah bruther lived back home......Well shucks, maybe I should tell yah a little bout that. Whaddya reckon?" It's a simple little story, really. Me and my brother spent our early years roaming with ma. Pa had passed bout when we were three and we didn't have much, 'specially without no other family members in a position to help us, though they tried their damnedest. From Virginia to Florida, From Florida to Alabama....Missouri......Mississippi....Tennessee.... Arkansas.....Louisiana...Texas.....It was constant moving. We didn't mind too much, being young and all - it was just the way of life for us. We did miss not being able to form connections with friends as long, but it just made our bond stronger. 'Bout when we were eleven or ten, our grand daddy died. Turns out, he left mama his farm. We lived there for a few years - We really took to the art of farming. While mama had given us the full country family education y'know, farming, hunting, and fishin'.... We hadn't really known how the big farms work. We kept truckin though, and by the time I was eighteen.... Well, I kind of even almost dropped out of school a few years back to take on farm work full time - Barely made it through.. Hunting was fun and all, but farming was my real passion. I could see my future there and my mama could see it too - I don't know if my brother saw it though, he did it and he did it well, but not with as much passion as me. I always thought he still had ta discover himself, but who knows? We went on a huntin' trip to the old chernarus. Goood forests but, looks like we done messed up and gots in the zombie apocalypse... dang nabbit....
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