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  1. I'm writing this because I don't want my story to be forgotten. Who am I, You may ask? Names Sam Beckett. Twenty years old. I was just a university student before SHTF. Everyone in my life had always thought I would be some great lawyer or a doctor - But nah, Little old me just wanted to be a writer, maybe teach some English in a high school in a small town and settle down or even go into the theater eventually.. Guess that wasn't in the books. Anywho, How did I get to where I am now. Lets go to the start. I was born in Carbondale, Illinois. I grew up in this town. I knew the people, I had bought stuff from the stores. I went all the way from kindergarten to university there. Southern Illinois University Carbondale - College of the liberal arts, English Major and Theater minor. It was a good life - But unluckily for me, They decided that I way eligible for a special opportunity. They selected twenty students to journey around the world to really experience life and broaden our horizons. So, I went. London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Naples, Ljubljana, and finally - Miroslavl. Fuck my luck, right? (WIP)