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    Group implemented settlements

    Well the original intention to the wolf pack base that suddenly popped up was a community hub where anyone could come and RP, due to hostilities that have occurred I doubt the original intention will take off. As for the lore behind it my understanding was this town was meant to be considered a rich area, hence why it has its own radio tower for communication, church, hospital etc. The prison didn’t exactly make sense to me but that was implemented due to the clock tower that was originally there being disallowed. The issue I have is it’s a town that has suddenly sprung up overnight in a highly traveled area...it’s not the most realistic scenario, although I’m able to look the other way if it’s original purpose of an RP hub occurs.
  2. Malthis


    -1 , So many other communities already do this there's no need. We already set ourselves apart from a lot of other communities with not being a perma death server, and one of the communities without a KOS zone as well. Why remove one of the things that make us unique and have people even double guess where they're going to play at? If every community implements the same things, then it doesn't matter where you go to play.
  3. Malthis

    ...Bunny ears

    The problem is that's all personal preference. One persons immersion level is different than another persons, and if you have to cater to immersion levels than we'd have to look at them all and it would become a never ending tedious job of restricting things. I mean hearing noise in the background of someone's microphone like a TV, or a family member talking is immersion breaking but something at the end of the day you just learn to move on and live with. We have plenty of people who make meme characters, or quote things that wouldn't even exist in the timeline, not to mention the never ending discussion of child characters not having a proper model... why brother opening that can of worms on anything related to immersion? This is a fantasy game at the end of the day you're meant to have fun with, and if one item in the game ruins the fun for you, you need to step back and reevaluate things. This also isn't entirely a discussion of people wanting these removed because they break immersion, lets be realistic and open up the other can of worms which is the communities anti-furry mentality, or the anti-anime (because there are people who want these removed for that reason, not immersion). It's all personal preference, and it's fine and dandy when it's something you hate to advocate removal for, but it's a double edge sword and if you get something you hate removed, at some point people may try to get something you really enjoy removed as well.
  4. Malthis

    ...Bunny ears

    This is the exact case in point though. Some people wouldn't have an issue with a red gorka jacket, just like some people don't have an issue with cat ears. People like different things and just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should ruin it for other individuals.
  5. Malthis

    ...Bunny ears

    Not a bad idea, put them in cat ears now while you do your hostage RP, I think I see a trend starting!
  6. Malthis

    ...Bunny ears

    Looks like the cat ears are staying. Honestly noone is getting hurt having them in game, it's a bit of cloth and plastic which anyone could make anyways, and if something like this breaks your immersion you need to step away from the computer and take a breath to begin with. This community shouldn't be about restricting other people's fun, but focusing on the RP happening. Like any situation you're uncomfortable with in game, you have the option to remove yourself from it if it truly bothers you, but the majority of us are adults that should be able to handle this without getting up in arms.
  7. Malthis

    Deer Isle shutdown

    Yup, didn’t care about Deer Isle to begin with, hopefully there’s an S2 Chernarrus and it’ll unload some of the que for those unwilling to pay for Diamond.
  8. Malthis

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    I really don't understand people and wanting to remove things that cause fun for others. It's not like it hurts you in any way, and it's not lore breaking enough to really even warrant removal. It's rare enough that you're not going to see a ton of people running around with it, and it's something that someone could easily make with some cloth and a sewing kit anyways... I think people just need to really focus on their own RP and the things in the game that are fun for them, and less on restricting fun for others.
  9. Malthis

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Fae

    If Hutch only knew the truth...
  10. Malthis

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: Fae

    Trapped in a jail cell with four women, are you trying to get me killed? @Ryan Shepherd @Fae is bae , one of the best people I know!
  11. Malthis

    To Those Who Care

    *Pressing the button firmly on the side of his radio and speaking clearly into it, the sound of a young American teen breaks through the sound of static across the frequency* "I've known the Roses a long time. The very first person I met coming into the province was Alexander Camille, he was a walking prosthetic and although I only ever had minor interactions with him he set me on the path that led me to where I am today unintentionally. I've seen the Roses swap leadership multiple times, seen them come and go even more so. I'll never forget the day they took Louie near the quarry, or the time Brandon Terrano became the province's biggest joke talking about lobbing grenades with five groups into Polana. There was plenty of hostilities and plenty of laughs too... I know plenty of people hated you all, but not everyone knew you from the past, I've seen the good and the bad. You caused enough mayhem in the province I don't think you need to worry about your stories not being told..." *Releasing the button with a slight smile on his face he placed it back into the pocket of his vest, taking a moment to contemplate a few other memories of the Roses in the past*
  12. Malthis

    Wolf Hunting

    *Pressing down the button firmly on the side of his radio and speaking clearly into it, the sound of a young American teen can be heard amongst the static, breathing heavy with soft grunts of pain* ”You’re...joking right? You came..strong armed people for guns if they had more than one...demanded Phoenyxx and Wolf pack stop helping charity...then even more ridiculously demanded they stop helping all people because in your eyes the weak don’t deserve to be alive. You then attacked the place...I’m lucky to be alive, you shot me...a kid because you don’t want weak people to survive? Then you claim to be the victim?...pathetic.” *The sound of another sharp inhale of pain breaks the radio before the button is released*
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  14. Malthis

    Declaration of War

    Lets be realistic about this as well and state some of the obvious things regarding this situation. This is a perfect outcome for most groups to go to war with each other and I love the idea of it (especially the PKs and Archive bit) but this will also turn into rights to gloat. One group puts out a declaration of war and another turns it down and suddenly the other group will use it as bragging rights, insults, and belittlement. Groups will start feeling forced into accepting declarations of war to stop the same situation that occurs with the global radio thread after people lose a battle which is people quoting numbers and taunting. This also turns into a situation where maybe not everyone in a group wants to PK their character just because they are in a group that accepted a war declaration, so there would have to be rules in place that during a declaration of war members can opt out of the PK, but this of course would then mean they couldn't help in the war against that particular enemy group that declared against them. The other very real elephant in the room...who is honestly going to declare against Anarchy? Do we allow multiple groups to ally to declare, or is this a 1 vs 1 declaration? There has and always will be only a small handful of groups out there that are and have ever been willing to fight against their group in the past due to their skills in PvP. It brings up needing rules regarding the numbers in a group, logging in during hostile situations to bolster numbers, what happens if a person not affiliated with the group gets a kill (does it become invalid and not counted as a kill count for the final winning count?), there's a lot of unknown that needs to be fleshed out, but if there could be some sort of system put in place to govern it all I think it would be a very neat idea and push for some great RP.
  15. Malthis

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    That's all we had to do was talk about things getting blown up and he shows up hours later...welcome back!
  16. Malthis


    So what do people expect happens if it gets banned anyways? People with current child characters suddenly have to PK? People before the ban would get grandfathered in and allowed? Personally I’m fine with staff having to approve kid characters, if that many people have issues with them then let the staff regulate it.
  17. Malthis


    Except this topic is not about changing it or making it better but banning it outright. If you want to pitch ideas to help make RP better surrounding child RPers I’m all for it. Personally I’m fine with an age restriction, I think it should be 13 and older because otherwise you’d likely not survive without someone playing your guardian/parental figure taking care of you at all times. I’m fine with child RPers being required to either wear a specific colored armband as an OOC device to recognize them as a child on sight or requiring them to have a short emote they don’t spam so people know it’s a child as well upon interaction. I’m perfectly fine with staff being allowed to tell child RPers to tone things down or adjust their RP if they are acting too adult or too childish as well, seems to be a big issue with some of the child RPers.
  18. Malthis


    1. Your personal feelings about the situation don't have any bearing on the discussion. If you're weirded out by RP with child RPers remove yourself from the area. Go interact with someone else, it's the same scenario with any RP that you are uncomfortable with. 2. You're correct that there is no child character models currently, over on the QRP community that was around in the past all child RPers were required to wear a yellow armband to easily be identifying on sight, this is something that could easily be done again to remedy this until some form of customization is implemented in the future allowing a height bar slider. 3.Once again your own personal opinion, not everyone sees it as creepy. Start reporting issues that you have with child RPers so that staff can talk with them directly about their RP if you have issues with specific individuals because like everyone that RPs, one person should not be found guilty of another's actions. 4. Report it to staff or take the time to find out who they are and perhaps send them a recommendation OOC on discord to emote it. I always make sure that people I first meet are aware that my character is slightly shorter and a teen, and honestly I do emotes for my adults as well to make people aware of things such as tattoos, tall characters, and physical abnormalities such as scars. This discussion is old and pops up every so many weeks and it's tiresome. Stop condemning all RPers of a specific type based off the actions of some. If you care this much to try to ban something, then take the time to go out of your way and talk to those individuals or bring it to staff attention so they can remedy the issue, I've played my child character on DayZRP since the days of tortuga and I understand not everyone can do a child character properly, people need to understand that people are going to treat them different, and the person RPing a child needs to understand they wield a certain amount of power over others as well that they need to not abuse as well such as taking advantage of the real scenario of people trying to protect children in an apocalyptic setting. I'd be fine if certain rulesets were put in place to help govern child RP so that people could do it better, and one of them would be the realism that a child under the age of 13 is likely going to not survive without someone who is specifically meant to take care of them as their guardian...but limiting someone from playing under 16? Most countries use children as soldiers at a younger age then that, there are countries where you are an adult far before you even reach that age...
  19. Malthis

    Interview With A Community Member: Fae

    No one else I'd rather be in a jail cell with to be honest! @Fae is bae, slowly turning Robbie evil with time.
  20. Malthis

    Deer Isle is dope

    I've since changed my mind, apparently Deer Isle sounds like it's likely to be the better choice than the new map due to Livonia being a regurgitated Arma 3 map that most people already know. The point I was making is that most communities will be running Chernarrus and if people want to experience Deer Isle they can download it and play it, if Livonia had been a map people didn't already know I'd stand by my statement because it would be something new and something unknown.
  21. Malthis

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great RP! Such a dark and twisted turn of events for Robbie, it's nice seeing that people can push me almost to the point of alignment changes
  22. Malthis

    Remove NBC Clothing from Item Shop

    I say no only for the fact that people have already bought it, you'd have to refund the cost of that all to people which I'm sure would be a hassle, and some people use that for the aesthetic rather than the ability to go into the toxic areas. If you could offer compensation to people who bought it and maybe even something extra for the inconvenience I don't think it would be that big a deal. I don't personally own the stuff but I know how annoying it would be if pieces of my outfit suddenly were removed from the shop.
  23. Malthis

    Deer Isle is dope

    I think Chernarrus has been out long enough and enough communities are running it and will continue to run it that a change such as this would help. We run the new map until numbers pick back up at the end of November and then put it to a vote if people like the new map or want Chernarrus brought back at that point.
  24. Malthis

    Deer Isle is dope

    Completely agree, get rid of Deer Isle, honestly the split in the player base at the moment we should get rid of Chernarrus as well, give people a chance to get used to the new map and then decide when the player base begins to increase again in late November whether to re-add Chernarrus.
  25. Malthis

    like, yknow, nyah! >:3c

    and suddenly the wolf pack came back full force as the Kitty Klan. @PhoenyxxRP
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