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  1. *A young American teen’s voice can be heard breaking the static of the radio as he presses the button on the side of his radio firmly.* ”umm...sorry to say but you’re using a public frequency, not sure if you realize that but everyone can hear what you’re saying right now. You might want to use a more secure frequency...” *Releasing the button on the side of his radio he places it back in the vest pocket.*
  2. Then it's not the same gun rack I'm used too, and as long as it's not craftable like Roland said in another thread I'm fine with it, I just hope they're hard to find.
  3. It was reported, and we took a lot of the guns/cleared the place out mainly because of the hoarding. My point is just that we shouldn't be making it easy to hoard...Roland turned around and lowered the time that buried caches would last underground along with other storage means, why would you suddenly turn around and give the server the means to hoard several guns in a small space so that hoarding can begin again?
  4. If they were in the lore faction bases I'd be alright with it because it makes sense they have a lot of guns, but for overall general use?...Not so much. We've broken into places before that had like 10 of these racks all filled with M4s, M249s, AKs, literally somewhere in the range of 40+ guns just sitting there.
  5. GUN RACK Gonna be mass gun hoarding, at least tents take up a good amount of space, if it's the gun racks I'm thinking of that are just a square board it's going to get abused like it always has.
  6. There's plenty of ways to kill yourself without having to use a knife to get a better spawn. The point of having a starting knife is not just for opening cans of food, but things like being able to cut up rags so you don't bleed to death in case you run out of starting rags and can't find a knife before then.
  7. Yeah, honestly it's kind of a pain to find knives sometimes, it's less about being able to even open a can of food or skin animals, and just the ability to cut up clothing for additional rags early game, and bleeding can be a very easy end game for new players on the server.
  8. @Roland Continue with this save, plenty of people have looted up/re-set things up at this point where it would be a big hassle to suddenly get rolled back to a previous save. I for one haven't crashed a single time since the change.
  9. Born in the hellhole that is Arizona, Robbie grew up in a normal suburban home with his loving mother Emily who worked at a local hospital in her spare time as a Nursing Assistant while not actively deployed with the National Guard, and his father Dan who was a microbiologist and a workaholic . Most of his days were spent getting into mischief with the small group of friends he'd had growing up and trying to impress girls, while flaking on his duties at school and ignoring most advice given his way. Generally a good kid, Robbie's need to impress others continually got him into trouble despite a respect for the law, and after a a misdemeanor and public service on his record for vandalism he learned very quickly to either not get caught, or just to not do something. Robbie was just entering into his junior year of Highschool when the family got word that their aunt who lived in Chernarus had become deathly ill, word of the same epidemic that was slowly sweeping across America was also said to be sweeping across South Zagoria at the time, and the family was scared that she might not have long to live. Uprooting themselves Robbie's family traveled to South Zagoria take care of their aunt that had married into a Chernarussian family many years prior. One evening the aunt's home was overrun by people acting strange, the sounds of people beating on windows and doors was heard and strange growling, word of the flu affecting people was well known at this point and their family feared for their life; Robbie's Dad grabbed a shotgun from a nearby case and loaded it with just enough time to catch the first people to bust into the home. Quickly the home was being overrun and Robbie was told to escape through the basement window out the back of the house. Running for his life he left behind the last remaining family he knew, running into the forest with only an axe and the clothes on his back...
  10. Born into a poor farming family in Stirling Scotland, Alistair struggled to make money any way he could while working hard on his families farm producing crops each season. This lead him to take on several side jobs including construction and even the occasional stripping for bachelorette parties, but it was never enough and his drive to succeed where his family did not, always tore at him. Eventually he began resorting to less savory means of income, offering his brute strength as a thug for local crime organizations. One such job sent him into enemy territory and he found himself in Belfast Ireland, fist deep in both his own and Irish blood while in a local pub. Oddly enough the individuals wailing on each other became good friends that day and a lucrative partnership was started up involving knocking off American stores and small time banks. Eventually becoming a known fugitive he took on a job to infiltrate and kill a high profile Italian in exchange for a large cash payout and relocation to a safer locale, several body parts in a basement later he found himself celebrating as most Scotsman do, drinking heavily at his success before following his Irish friends on vacation in Chernarus.
  11. Born in St. Petersburg a few years after the collapse of the soviet union, Mikhail grew up in poverty as most Russians did at the time, his parents having been forced into the party during Gorbachev’s reign took on an almost military attitude in their endeavours and strived to raise their children for military life, this attitude having not faltered even after the collapse of the USSR. Mikhail’s oldest brother Dimitri died a few years before being able to serve due to a vascular disease as did many due to alcohol and socioeconomic stress related to the rapid economic changes of the time. This put the stress of serving upon Mikhail and upon coming of age he enlisted in the Respublica Armiya Chernarus, undergoing standard military training he opted to undergo medical training as best to follow in his grandfather’s steps. Having enlisted just after the Chernarussian Civil War had resolved itself, Mikhail quickly found himself idolizing Lopotev and his ideals. When the documents were finally signed by Putin and Bernarus; and Chernarus had finally become a part of the Russian Federation, Mikhail saw this as an extreme victory for the slain leader he once idolized. A few years after the signing word began to spread of the Caedesviridae infection taking a stronghold on the country of Chernarus and Mikhail was deployed alongside several medical military units to help aid during the early stages of the outbreak. This is where he currently resides helping as best he can to quarantine the infected and keep the Chernarussian people...his people...and Lopotev’s legacy safe.
  12. *Pressing down the button firmly on the side of his radio the sound of an American teen can be heard breaking through the static of the radio.* "I laugh at the fact people are announcing this like it's a big deal. Half of Anarchy is dead, I was there for the last supper when most took cyanide pills. The remaining few never left and are likely wandering between provinces. For the occasional rare horrifying thing they did, they brought comedy to the province and played an important part in providing a power structure...people were careful when they were around. Forces like the Russians would have never come into South Zagoria if they were still around, or they'd have left quickly without their lives. So once again...noone cares. They've returned six or seven different times, and with Dimitri and Louie still kicking, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't return in numbers one day, that is if the information we received isn't true and this place isn't getting bombed in a couple weeks. You want real information? All the operators for the Potius Cras corporation are pulling out of country, all their operatives were told those left behind would die quickly. Take that as you will..." *Releasing the button on the side of the radio, he placed it back on the bedside table and rolled over pulling the blanket back around himself.*
  13. Humvee has been in the game since they added the mod about a week ago.
  14. That's one of the whole things about having a trading post that people should be aware of and already account for when they go to set one up. You offer discounts to people that will help protect the post, you form alliances to keep your assets safe. Losing your motivation because your trading post got robbed several times...well it's a learning curve and it's not for everyone. This helps promote good hostile RP as well, while having a random NPC that is impossible to rob, that offers no RP interaction whatsoever other than some commands to exchange currency or good for other goods is bland...it offers nothing to help push storylines.
  15. Personally I'm against both currency and NPC traders. With a ton of foreigners in the country, half the people in Chernarus wouldn't know the denomination of the money in the country anyways, and while I'm all for people selling things, I prefer ammunition be the formal apocalypse currency or trading goods for other goods.
  16. It's called Cowboy Bebop, and it's amazing thank you very much.
  17. First off please don't take this as a malicious comment as it's not directed at you but at everyone as a whole that does it...to me if you PK a character and just rejoin the same group it didn't matter that you PKed the character to begin with. You are continuously bolstering that groups numbers, and if you expect others to PK; then all you're doing is killing off characters that don't have the numbers that have actual storylines happening. That's my issue with large hostile groups expecting people to PK to them, most of the time the characters in these groups are a month or two old at most and have no real established story. If they die it doesn't matter to them, they make a new character and continue on as a gunman to keep their numbers high. The thing about immersion is that everyone has different levels of it, and I'm sorry but I'm done catering to everyone because of it. I've had people complain about every little thing ruining their immersion and frankly it's tiring. People not RPing out their injuries is immersion breaking as well, and If there was rules in place that you had to RP out your injuries or you'd receive points for badRP, then most of the hostile groups would be licking their wounds the majority of the time and maybe they'd implement more tactics than just run in initiate, firefight, people died. I understand consequences for actions though, I came from several previous servers where perma death was the norm on it, I actually to a degree prefer it because people thought twice about their actions, continual throwaways got you banned from the community and overall there was a much higher sense of paranoia/dread at things going on around you. Thing is, this is the server we play on and you like you said, people get a choice if they want to perma or not, people shouldn't be hounding them or making continual snarky comments when they don't. Continually being asked if someone can perma your character comes off as harrasment and nothing more. (Apologies for going off topic, was just responding to someone, will take any further talk of this to DMs)
  18. That’s the point though, “for good reasons”...not everyone sees just because a group has the numbers, only logs on with those numbers, only travels with those numbers and therefore can force you to surrender every time that being a good reason to have to PK your character. This is generalizing and not referring to anyone in particular, but when a person with hundreds of hours invested into a character is expected to PK VS. a person who constantly throws away their characters and has no actual attachments or storyline outside of maybe a small handful of dozens of hours, the value isn’t exactly equal in their eyes.
  19. Yeah but people shouldn’t be expected to PK just because they actually comply in hostile situations. When people run in large groups and every interaction ends in “die die never comply” except the side not running 10+ guys, it’s kind of a double standard. People who expect others to PK should be willing to PK as well, and they shouldn’t make throwaway characters that are only going to be involved in gunfights and then tossed aside. Both parties should be interested in pushing storylines, not ending them.
  20. I’m perfectly fine with it pushed even a week forward. The sooner it’s up and running the sooner people can get back to RP and pushing stories.
  21. I was in the middle of editing my original comment before you posted. If you need more information because your character is more in depth then you wait a little longer for the lore team to release it before hopping in. You lost nothing waiting for them to release it when the finished product won’t be done till close to June 1st anyways. This lets people hop in immediately if they feel they have enough information for their character. As for mods, mods shouldn’t be the deciding factor of whether we play on the server. We wait for mod updates all the time, they can be implemented as time goes on when they're ready. Just remind people that the mods will be implemented at some point and what ones so they don’t waste time building bases. They can spend this time focusing on RP like they should be.
  22. The thing is if you release the lore in sections then the lore team won’t be rushed. They can continue to work on it at their own pace and if they need additional time they can have it as well. Release the lore based on what would be most important for players to know, keep certain sections even for players to discover in character for a sense of achievement and then every few days or every week or something release the next section of lore. Having to have a giant multi page text of lore is going to overload people with information and act as a deterrence for new players to use any of it for backstory when creating a character. Having a section of “what your character should know to get started” is a simple enough idea. With the lore released gradually over time this lets people get back to RP sooner than June 1st but allows the lore team to continue to work without the unneeded stress of deadlines. This would also allow people the decision of when they want to hop into RP. If they feel they have enough information based on the current available lore to make a character go for it. If they feel they want more information then they can wait a little longer for more sections to release and make a character then. If you’re going to wait till June 1st for all the info anyways, then this would make no difference to you.
  23. Personally I’m all for the lore being revealed in snippets. It makes sense that your characters aren’t going to know all of this anyways, some of it should be revealed through in character events over time for those that care to gather that information. I’d say launch it soon, reveal things over the next couple weeks and just let people get back to RP.
  24. Robbie will come back, not sure if it'll be at the start or at a later date, not sure what age he'll be or other changes to him, but I want to play him differently so the outcome is unique and has meaning. Primarily I look forward to playing my raunchy Scotsman that I didn't play nearly enough on the server.
  25. Goodbye Mallory, I'll miss you
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