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  1. Malthis

    The Damned 92.1

    *Already shaking and trying to control his emotions, secluded in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere and hearing the broadcast Robbie snatches up his radio pressing down the button on the side of his radio, for a moment there is nothing but static before the sound of a young male American teen breaks the static* "....who was it George...who was it that killed Peanut Butter...Avery only just came back and I missed the hell out of him and now he's dead? WHO THE FUCK WAS IT?!" *The radio would go dead as it slipped from his hands crashing to the floor, the child collapsing next to it in tears*
  2. People not reading the atmosphere of the server before making a character. I understand it's impossible for people to know how many people are playing good or bad characters but it's not hard to look at the approved groups and see when there's multiple nationalist groups, or half the approved groups are doing bandits for example. If you play in the community and you come across a different Doctor nearly every day, or have a run in with a cannibal every time you turn a corner... perhaps don't make one of those characters or groups. Do something more original instead of hopping on the bandwagon.
  3. @TheGlassSpider @Fae Thank you for the wonderful evening and helping me slowly inch my way back into Alistair's character with his first day back.
  4. In my opinion with there already being 3 approved Chernarussian Nationalist groups it feels a little much a fourth popping up, but I still wish you all the best of luck with your group just the same.
  5. Malthis

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    I appreciate @Hanro and @Craig attempting to give RP during the hostile situations. In the future however it would be much more appreciated if the rest of the group would attempt to offer some RP, continual memeing and accusing people of being raped by pedophiles does not make for exciting roleplay, nor does 15 minute gear banditry. Stealing a kid's hat, gloves, face mask, backpack honestly makes little sense when your group is meant to be ex-Napa, Ex-CDF using military gear. The inconsistency with the group as well was extreme, the group held us up the previous day and did not rob us for anything, talked and gave RP, the following day the same people you said were fine to go on their way and already questioned you decided to rob for the same things they had on them the previous day. Please allow people playing foreigners to speak as well, being told to shut up consistently does not allow for any form of RP on their end. Once again I appreciate those that attempted RP in the hostile situations that occurred.
  6. Malthis

    Server wipes every week, encourage map / group settlements, & bring in points of interests.

    I don't think that's how things work...You don't really pick and choose what to wipe, persistence wipes remove tents, barrels, cars and what is in them. Now I assume it also removes things like sea chests, crates, and walls. I know there's a way for groups that have 20 or so members to submit a base design to Roland, and I have no clue if he can set that pre-fabricated design onto the server to automatically have the base or what, or if the file is just for him to approve the design and spawn in the materials required for you to still build it by hand...but as far as I know you can't choose to keep certain things during a wipe.
  7. Malthis

    Server wipes every week, encourage map / group settlements, & bring in points of interests.

    Yeah, I was around when they had the monthly wipes, all that happened was people grabbed bags and filled them with things, a couple people grabbed tents and barrels so they could put them down immediately after the wipe and the hoarding began again for that next month.
  8. Personally I feel like there is no point to this. Most whitelist applications have information such as your GUID and Steam64 code which the general population doesn't need to see. On top of that; being able to see whitelist applications is just going to cause judgement. There is plenty of people who are new to RP whose applications may not be the best, and you really don't need people pointing fingers and laughing when in reality sometimes all it takes is a guiding hand from an empathetic staff member to help sort things out.
  9. Malthis

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    Thankfully the spawn rate is as low as it will go as Roland already stated, not really interested in people stockpiling them and the only people having access to them being the people who constantly hoard or rob people and then hoard. The game is already a pain to travel around and people are stockpiling Dexamphetamine to combat that, suddenly the option to travel more easy by night is made even harder?...no thanks.
  10. Malthis

    "Dont hold it by the blade, Hutch!"

    I said it before...it's an actual thing!
  11. Malthis

    A Thorn Covered Frontier [Open Frequency]

    *Robbie grabs his radio angrily before pressing the button down on the side of it firmly and speaking clearly into the radio, the sound of a young American teen coming through the static* "I can only assume the comment about a cannibal in the wolf pack who is going to sell his unborn child is directed at Luca because of his past in the group funeral parlor... just because Batok ate human doesn't mean that everyone in funeral parlor did, this was a long discussed and looked into matter. Please stop spreading untrue rumors, if you want people hunting cannibals have them go after actual cannibals! There are plenty of them around that you don't need to put an innocent man and his pregnant wife in danger because of your fued with their people! The wolf pack and legion actually killed two cannibals in Gorka the other day, so it makes no sense for them to allow one to live among them but kill others... the roses are so busy constantly putting people in Polana in danger that are innocent that they've forgotten the true battle... how Bobby isn't hunting the people who did what they did to him every second of every day makes no sense to me... you know the names of truly evil people, you know where they hide, where they hunt and yet you're concerned with people living in a town... a town you constantly come to and attack instead of trying to just let there be peace. Broker a deal, hang up your guns and stop the unneeded fighting and focus on those that deserve your hate!" *The sound of a radio slamming against metal can be heard before the frequency goes dead*
  12. Malthis


    Maybe I was just saving the best for last?
  13. Malthis


    Welcome back Taryn, Gil just ran into Robbie last night and said Pavel was coming around as well, is this the second coming of Riptide? @UncleB @Chow @Flea @Jman14102 @SofiaWG @Lyca @GreenySmiley @Geraldo Da Witchi @Malet
  14. Malthis

    Too many bad jokes

    Robbie just standing there like "me next!"
  15. Malthis

    Nurse Robbie

    This is clearly photoshopped >.>
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