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  1. Agreed, duct tape is fine the way it is, gun cleaning kits are just being hoarded and also hard to find. Also, Robbie is not 15, he's 16 and has aged every year on his birthday February 12th lol!
  2. Thanks tonight to everyone for great RP, but especially to these people! @Stagsview for continuing to maim Robbie every chance he gets and constantly making new mental derangements pop up for my character! @MrsSunshine Thank you for the fun at the lighthouse! You had Robbie confused trying to figure out how to calm this girl down he’d just met! @cjackson821 @kalyri @K2U and Eagles, for the wonderful RP all the time and especially tonight! and of course @Mommy for the end of the night comedic and then emotional RP that always ends in Robbie just needing a big hug!
  3. The sound of an American teen's voice can be heard breaking through the static of the radio as he presses the button on the side of the radio firmly. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you trying to sell your guns is the only reason you're telling people to rise up, the thing is the majority of the people here are stuck... we don't want to fight, we don't to die. We're not soldiers... most of us are just normal people stuck here in this place with no way to get back home, searching for people we've lost and just trying to survive. Everybody keeps telling us that they're the true heroes, that we need to rise up, or support their cause. We followed the laws put in place by the RAC..by the RF... both died or withdrew from the province after assuring us we'd be safe, now suddenly there's more Russians trying to do the same thing assuring us what they're doing will keep us safe. I don't want to be involved in any of this... I just want to go home, and I just want people to leave us alone and let us try to survive until someone can figure a way to help, and I mean help find a way to get people home...find a way to help people find those they love that they lost, and help find a way to make sure people are truly safe." Releasing the button on the side of the radio and placing it back in the vest pocket resting on the bedside table next to him he rolled over again listening for any response.
  4. Do whatever you need to do. I can tell you that I didn't see a splitting axe for two days, having run around multiple towns as a fresh spawn trying to find anything at all to use as a weapon is tedious when nothing can be found. Majority of sheds I open are completely empty, the brown porta pottys outside that you usually would at least find a pen or something sitting on don't seem to have much loot either.
  5. The issue is that's all a mechanic of the game that people have suspended their disbelief for years while playing and is such a minor break in immersion people really don't focus on that. A bunch of helicopters suddenly appearing in the world, and regardless of the lack of fuel you could still fly that thing to another country and escape South Zagoria and take your chances there is the problem...you're not trapped in South Zagoria, you have options to head to another place with an alternative escape method like boats. If the LMs want to implement some realistic reason why people can't fly out, I'm fine with that. I just want to see a limitation on the amount of helicopters if they are going to be implemented.
  6. and how are you going to explain why people aren't just using these helicopters to fly out of the country then? You've basically just removed the factor that keeps a lot of players who have foreign characters in the country. Most people's characters want to go home but are unable to because there hasn't been the means to get home, and now suddenly there's helicopters which are capable of doing so popping up...when I'm sure people have been scouring South Zagoria for the last couple months looking for these things in every corner to begin with. Unless you guys plan on having a small military force fly these helicopters in with a limited number to restrict a million people using them, you're first off likely going to see performance issues on the server, not to mention I can't imagine what happens when someone's game crashes while flying one of them. Are we supposed to RP a helicopter crash every time that happens?
  7. Lets not use that argument as grounds to implement things. Everyone's levels of immersion are different, and that will become the basis for implementing everything then is just someone telling people to suspend their disbelief because it's a game. Try to keep things realistic as much as possible and bend immersion for major things; helicopters should be extremely restricted to staff use for events, and maybe at the most a major reward to people who have the backround to operate and maintain such a vehicle.
  8. I’m in complete agreement that helicopters shouldn’t even be a thing except for LM use. Little unrealistic they start popping up suddenly and some random civilian is going to fix one up and be joyriding across the skys of South Zagoria.
  9. Stop providing alcohol to a minor then. No adult supervision, breaking child labor laws, not to mention all the other illegal activity. The bar is a cesspool of debauchery!
  10. Been on another server with this mod, it's extremely useful especially for servers that want to have player ran bars, ie. the Berezhino pub.
  11. Character Name: Robbie Jackson Character Age: 16 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? None Does your character have a mental disability? Depression from being separated from his parents, and possible PTSD from the Berezhino bar bombing. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) : None Does your character have any phobia? Fear of becoming one of the infected. Fear of being alone. Fear his parents are dead. Does your character have a love interest? Puppy dog crush on Fae Williams Does your character have any addictions? Soda Does your character do any drugs? No Is your character overweight? No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? Yes Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both are welcome Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Events revolving around his parents as he is unsure they are alive currently in South Zagoria. His father is Dan Jackon (a microbiologist), his mother Emily Jackson (a nurse).
  12. Signed up for this back in 2017, really hope this gets brought back, so much RP from unique things popping up when you don't expect it!
  13. I disagree, the fact that houses are all screwed up and infected can get into houses through the walls easily, it would be a better map if infected spawns were turned down. The other issue is how small the map is causes new spawns to have a high percentage of coming across wolves on top of the already heavily population of infected that they have to melee fight; shooting is a death sentence for inexperienced players.
  14. Was fun tonight seeing a lot of faces I haven't gotten to RP with in awhile, RP was entertaining. @FireDude @edgy Lyaria @Drbeans Always fun RPing with the bar people, the emotional RP and Ivan trying to help tonight. @cjackson821 @kalyri The emotional RP tonight...you're gonna kill me having to go through all the emotional family stuff with Robbie again, but it's also some of the best RP @Mommy
  15. Character: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1071/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/azrobbie01
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