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  1. Malthis

    Playing as the opposite sex

    The whole point is trying things outside your comfort zone. You'll never get better at anything if you don't attempt it, and the same goes for playing chernarussian characters, or even trying a character of the opposite sex. The more you work at it and get feedback, the better you can adjust things.
  2. Malthis

    Yo, Gay Cowboy where you at?

    *Robbie laughs loudly upon hearing Kenneth's voice suddenly come through the radio, holding down the press button on the side of his radio he speaks into it, a young American teen's voice breaking through the radio static* "Remember Kenneth! Hobo Code! You can't take his Gay Cowboy hat yet!...it's good to hear you're alive by the way..." *The sound of laughter can be heard for a second before the radio cuts off as he releases the button*
  3. Malthis

    "It would be so easy"

    @ScarletRose Gotta watch yourself...you never know when...
  4. Malthis

    William from Constance

    *Robbie's face contorts into that of anger as he tears the radio off the clip on the strap of his backpack, mashing down the button on the side of the radio and speaking into it, teeth gritted slightly, the sound of a young American teen heard through the static* "Leave Constance alone...you're right she'll have an army waiting for you when you return, but she won't have to gather it herself. I'll call in old favors...I'll call in new ones..you won't be able to step toe out of a house without looking over your shoulder wondering if someone is going to take a shot at you. Rethink your actions Mr. Gold...whatever your last name is...because we wouldn't want those nice white suits you wear stained with anyone's blood, would we?" *Releasing the button on his radio, and closing his eyes to take a couple deep breaths, hand slightly shaking as he placed the radio down on the nightstand beside the bed, waiting...waiting for a response*
  5. *Robbie's head cocks to the side at the strange broadcast as he carefully unclips the radio from the strap on his backpack, pressing down on the button on the side of it before speaking clearly into the handheld device. The sound of a young American teens' voice breaks through the static of the radio* "Uhhh...if you're looking for cigarettes you should talk to Mallory. You sound Australian...she's Australian too and funny enough she's been trying to make friends with all the Australians she can find. She'd be happy to know there's another one in the province, we met another Australian woman last night too...but anyways Mallory usually has a ton of cigarettes..." *Releasing the button on the side of his radio, he smirked heavily waiting a response from the small handheld device*
  6. Malthis

    Kazimir Yazov.

    *Grabbing the radio up once again and pressing the button on the side down firmly, a deep sigh could be heard before his voice again* "It's good to hear your voice Pavel, I miss you and everyone dearly...as for everyone else listening in on this, yes it's a public frequency, but that's because it was the only way to get Kazamir to respond since he can't take the time to contact the people he supposedly cares about otherwise. It's been multiple days since I ran into him and we found out he was still alive, and he's yet to make any attempt to explain things. He clearly doesn't care...and I don't think I do anymore either. It's sad that it came to this...sad that you cared so little about us Kazamir to make us worry in the way we did...nothing further needs to happen. Go about your life without us Kazamir, as far as I'm concerned you drunk yourself to death in that other province and never came back." *Letting go of the button on the side and shaking his head in disbelief, he placed the radio back onto the clip on his bag and left the small house he'd been sitting in*
  7. Malthis

    Kazimir Yazov.

    *Pressing the button down on the side of his radio, the sound of a young American teen's voice breaks through the static of the radio waves, obvious irritation heard in his voice* "The fact you assume that she sent me tells how little you actually even know about me Kazimir. The moment I heard your voice and that you were laughing...I lost control. Noone knew where you were..you cared so little about us you couldn't even leave a note before you decided to run off and drink yourself stupid in another province. The fact you even trust Fae so little that you asked people if she was cheating on you showed you didn't care enough to even talk to her about things. You did this to yourself...you lost two people who cared about you because you couldn't even take ten seconds to tell someone where you were going. That's why a fifteen year old could hit you so hard to make you double over on the ground...because you're weak Kazimir....you're so weak that you have to run off and hide behind a bottle in another province when people who care about you are being hurt. "I'm" the one who hit you! "I'm" the one who gave you twenty four hours, because I wanted you to have a chance to explain things...and four days later you still didn't man up and contact the woman you supposedly love. Four days later and you didn't even contact the kid who you supposedly care about. So yes..we're done." *The sound of glass shattering loudly can be heard over the radio before it goes silent*
  8. Malthis

    Building the ED [Open Frequency]

    *Pressing down on the button on the side of his radio and speaking clearly into it, a young American teen's voice breaks through the static of the radio* "Mmmm...I'm not a doctor but I've probably sutured more wounds than I care to admit. I don't have any formal training or titles or anything like that...but I've pulled out probably at least a hundred or more bullets, relocated shoulders and fingers, and cut open someone's lung to drain the fluid inside, and last night just treated someone stabbed multiple times. I'm pretty much a walking pharmacy at this point as well...so if you're interested in training someone that can handle most of the day to day things that happen, I might be interested..." *Releasing the push button on the side of the radio and setting it down on the nightstand beside the bed, he waits patiently for a response*
  9. Actually this is primarily where a couple large groups are playing now, and primarily where they are building so there are actual people RPing primarily on the S2 server. It serves as a less laggy, less overpopulated server currently for those that didn't want to wait in que for S1.
  10. *Robbie fidgets nervously with his radio before speaking into it, the sound of a young teen's voice can be heard breaking through the static of the radio* "I..will never come to that place. You chose a horrible place to set up a hotel, and it's a good thing you restricted roof access, noone needs to go up to a place where people's heads were blown off...I honestly hope that place burns to the ground." *Releasing the press button on the side of his radio, breathing heavily and shaking he puts away the radio into his vest pocket*
  11. Malthis

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Oh geez, wish you all the best in RP, and hopefully you don't eat children XD @GenjiRP Guard your fingers!
  12. Malthis

    Drinking Games

    Robbie took a bullet that day, also learned tampons serve as good blood stoppers that day too!
  13. Malthis

    Looking for Trainee Medics (Open Freq.)

    *Robbie thinks a moment upon hearing the broadcast, radio in hand and finger already hovering over the push button on the side before pushing it down firmly and speaking into it, the sound of a young teens voice breaking across the static of the radio* "I've...thought about getting more training myself. I've slowly been translating a medical and pharmaceutical book in my spare time, and it seems I spend most of my free time suturing people's wounds, handing out antibiotics like they're candy, and slapping sulfadene and aloe vera on everything these days...I might be interested when I return to the province in getting some more formal training..." *Releasing the button on the radio, he leans his cheek against the radio, listening intently for any form of reply, remembering those he's saved and those he couldn't and whether it's all worth it in the end*
  14. Malthis

    Staff Feedback: Xehara

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Just wanted to say what a wonderful job as staff you are doing, the time you helped me in discord was quick and funny and I know who I'll be contacting for all my staff needs! Keep up the great work, and try to keep that humor of yours up when you do it, being staff can be tiring so pace yourself and don't burn yourself out on it! Remember to take plenty of breaks and RP with us all too! Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  15. I mean...yeah? Gotta control that zucchini market somehow
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