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  1. Problem is people in game are still taking it as a declaration of war. Are they being talked to OOC about it, and it being stricken from RP or something?
  2. Recently there was a radio post that was started by LouieRP, suddenly that radio thread is gone despite there being a bunch of people who responded to it. The original radio thread was at https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/285-dayz-radio/ , but now is gone. Was it deleted for a particular reason, because people who saw it are still RPing out all the things they heard on that radio post, and it would be nice to have clarification if the entire situation is being struck from RP, or what the situation behind it all is.
  3. Malthis

    Glitched after getting out of a car

    I know one glitch where if anyone swaps their position to the drivers seat, it makes it impossible for anyone else to get out of the car without relogging.
  4. I feel ya. I spent like 5 days looking for a hunting backpack, Ace found me one right before maintenance last night, but I had one before the wipe /facepalm.
  5. Tents, Barrels etc. are fine. It's just a hop back in time for characters
  6. Yup, welcome to the community! Pop into TS or the new Discord if you need help with things
  7. Just giving everyone a heads up that didn't read the developer notes. They've fixed a lot of the bugs they were having issues with that they originally were having last week. Due to those bugs, last week they moved everything to a different database which is the reason why we had a character wipe followed by a persistence. Now that those bugs have been fixed; the developers have moved everything back to the original database so you will find all your stuff from last week on your character again. Everything outside your character should be the same. Tents, Barrels etc. are all still there from before the server maintenance last night. You will however find yourself wherever you were logged at before the wipe last week.
  8. Malthis


    I honestly have no problem with it being on discord, nice to be able to check things from my phone. TS app costs money to get for my phone, and if we're able to utilize text channels for each group that would be a nice addition to having discord.
  9. Malthis

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    By the grace of god. We determined Jesus was hiding behind the couch the entire time though
  10. Malthis

    Insane lag?

    @Roland Still getting crazy desync, but noticing it's just this server, and it starts every day around the same time, about 2 hours earlier than when I posted this message.
  11. Not 100% sure yet unfortunately. I've had one person say they've kept a truck through a couple restarts, but I haven't verified it myself.
  12. Malthis

    The Sea Men

    Ahh okay, makes sense
  13. Malthis

    The Sea Men

    but you can only change rosters every 7 days, so how does that work when the next group hires you? Do you only take contracts every 7 days?
  14. Malthis

    The Sea Men

    Wait, when did Louie become a sea men?
  15. Malthis

    The Riptide Collective Media Thread

    Borris @UncleB needs an army to grow crops now apparently Pretty scary when you see @Chow Pavel running at you full sprint climbing an imaginary ladder