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  1. It's really almost an even spread of people that are for it and against it. Don't really think with this many people opposed to it that it's something that really needs to be reimplemented. Honestly feels like things have been better in the game without base building, and until restrictions or some sort of guideline to govern it coming back is put in place... it's definitely a -1 from me as well.
  2. The roleplay was fun, I'm sad you forgot me though...
  3. I've been in both scenarios, I'm aware how stubborn some hostages can be. I've also seen a ton of reports and twitch VODS and there is a lot of members in this community who do not change their mentality when it comes to hostage taking. I realize there are plenty of bad hostages as well that don't act realistically when taken hostage, but that's what BadRP reports are for. The thing I'm talking about are the people that can give good hostile roleplay...but still for some reason seem to think that they need to hound people for permissions. Ask once if it makes sense, and then move on..an entire group doesn't need to surround a person and spam asking for permissions to cut off fingers or ask for PK rights, not everyone is ready to stop playing a specific character, and this has a lot to do with the fact they have established stories. A lot of hostage takers don't mind PKing, and lets be realistic, it's because a lot of times they are throwaway characters.. change your name slightly, maybe make a paragraph backstory and then hop in game and keep going..so of course giving PK rights doesn't matter to them as much as a long standing character.
  4. This is the issue, so many hostile roleplayers who take hostages have this viewpoint that people NEED to give rights otherwise it's BadRP. Hostage takers need to just move on with the roleplay and stop harassing people for rights once they've been told no. Not everyone wants to roleplay out extensive injuries, not everyone wants to have to run back and re-gear every time they get into a hostile situation. People really shouldn't have to deal with every time they get taken people hounding them for PK rights as well. I honestly do not understand the mentality that people have asking for PK rights, especially the first time they've even had a hostile interaction with someone. People should start realizing that PK rights should be asked in a roleplay scenario after multiple interactions where it's going to REALISTICALLY push a story, not just because the hostage taker thinks every PK will push one. Hostage takers also need to learn that scarring someone doesn't mean every time that they take someone they need to ask for permission to take a finger...it's boring and at this point it's highly uncreative. The point is to roleplay with your hostage, create an atmosphere revolving around what your intention is, and that's not created when ten different people are spamming chat asking for permissions.
  5. We already have reports for this exact reason. If a hostage is inept in their RP or are lacking contribution to the RP then there's the capability to report them for BadRP. You said you're willing to crack down hard on people abusing the execution, why not just crack down hard on BadRP and the people doing it so you don't need this implemented as an alternative? You're pushing for the promotion of greater RP opportunities when executing people removes their right to remember the entire scenario, thus only pushing roleplay for the executing side. Lets be realistic... there are tons of people who don't even roleplay out their injuries which is BadRP in itself, and now on top of that you want situations where someone executes a person and that person is just going to show up the next day with no knowledge of the situation that occurred and people have that awkward moment of "how did this person survive us shooting them point blank in the head thirty times?"
  6. Because if you look at the poll you can see that half of the community is opposed to the idea. I for one am not interested in being forced into a two week trial period where we may or may not see the abuse that can take place with this being implemented occur, and nor am I interested in this possibly being implemented permanently based off a two week trial period. If you read through the previous posts you can see there are real concerns with the fact that people already abuse hostile situations and have a heavy mentality for wanting to execute people. There's no reason that people should be gunning this hard to shoot hostages, all you've done is make the person forget the entire interaction and have to go re-gear up for whatever you deem to be a lie. People should focus more on the roleplay that they are giving someone and less concerned with trying to pick out if someone is deceiving them and if you gain the right to execute them.
  7. Grats on the support position!


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  8. The thing is the majority of people aren't going to go through the lengthy process of gathering the information to verify the things they're interrogating someone about. It's going to turn into a situation of people jumping the gun and claiming they know the person is lying, then executing them, and reports being deemed inconclusive as staff is unable to verify the truth of most reports posted. Lets be honest, there are people in the community that feel like when they shoot someone it's a notch on their belt for bragging rights, and it doesn't feel at all like it's about pushing storylines. You don't need to execute people to push stories, start thinking outside the box and find alternative ways of dealing with hostage situations.
  9. Agreed. Until people actually take the time to work on their hostile roleplay with hostages and focus less on trying to secure an execution I don't trust people to not take advantage of this situation. I understand a lot of people are opposed to text based RP, but as the game is limited in the actions you can do, shooting someone shouldn't be your ultimate goal. As it is most people's torture RP consists of taking a finger and offering no unique experiences; you don't need to kill someone to push a storyline, someone having to roleplay out a serious injury or even the anxiety or PTSD from the situation having occurred can be just as story driving if not more so than executing someone and them doing the standard thing which is playing off that "somehow they didn't manage to kill me" which is immersion breaking in itself.
  10. This is a no from me. it's too easy for people to shoot someone and claim they thought they were lying like Whitename said, and far easier for people to lie about situations about people they hate to get them killed. The moment someone lies to you that someone did something and you go and confront the hostage and it contradicts what you heard from first person, you've put yourself in a situation where technically neither side is at fault except for the person you got the information from that lied. Then the hostage is inconvenienced with an invalid death, the staff is inconvenienced because they have to sort through a report and talk to people to discern the truth, and it's just more of a hassle than it's worth. Even when people are telling the absolute truth people still ask for rights to execute and don't listen to logic anyways, so I don't expect this to work out at all. If you absolutely need someone's death, you can do the thing the loremasters do and shoot beside them and text emote the kill. Then at least if the hostage lying turns out he was telling the truth they aren't inconvenienced in any way, and it's not going to turn into another annoying report.
  11. Agreed, duct tape is fine the way it is, gun cleaning kits are just being hoarded and also hard to find. Also, Robbie is not 15, he's 16 and has aged every year on his birthday February 12th lol!
  12. Thanks tonight to everyone for great RP, but especially to these people! @Stagsview for continuing to maim Robbie every chance he gets and constantly making new mental derangements pop up for my character! @MrsSunshine Thank you for the fun at the lighthouse! You had Robbie confused trying to figure out how to calm this girl down he’d just met! @cjackson821 @kalyri @K2U and Eagles, for the wonderful RP all the time and especially tonight! and of course @Mommy for the end of the night comedic and then emotional RP that always ends in Robbie just needing a big hug!
  13. The sound of an American teen's voice can be heard breaking through the static of the radio as he presses the button on the side of the radio firmly. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out that you trying to sell your guns is the only reason you're telling people to rise up, the thing is the majority of the people here are stuck... we don't want to fight, we don't to die. We're not soldiers... most of us are just normal people stuck here in this place with no way to get back home, searching for people we've lost and just trying to survive. Everybody keeps telling us that they're the true heroes, that we need to rise up, or support their cause. We followed the laws put in place by the RAC..by the RF... both died or withdrew from the province after assuring us we'd be safe, now suddenly there's more Russians trying to do the same thing assuring us what they're doing will keep us safe. I don't want to be involved in any of this... I just want to go home, and I just want people to leave us alone and let us try to survive until someone can figure a way to help, and I mean help find a way to get people home...find a way to help people find those they love that they lost, and help find a way to make sure people are truly safe." Releasing the button on the side of the radio and placing it back in the vest pocket resting on the bedside table next to him he rolled over again listening for any response.
  14. Do whatever you need to do. I can tell you that I didn't see a splitting axe for two days, having run around multiple towns as a fresh spawn trying to find anything at all to use as a weapon is tedious when nothing can be found. Majority of sheds I open are completely empty, the brown porta pottys outside that you usually would at least find a pen or something sitting on don't seem to have much loot either.
  15. The issue is that's all a mechanic of the game that people have suspended their disbelief for years while playing and is such a minor break in immersion people really don't focus on that. A bunch of helicopters suddenly appearing in the world, and regardless of the lack of fuel you could still fly that thing to another country and escape South Zagoria and take your chances there is the problem...you're not trapped in South Zagoria, you have options to head to another place with an alternative escape method like boats. If the LMs want to implement some realistic reason why people can't fly out, I'm fine with that. I just want to see a limitation on the amount of helicopters if they are going to be implemented.
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