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    Definitely one of those days...

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      More just trying to stay awake at this point...

  2. Character Name: Robbie Jackson Character Age: 14 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Scars on the front and back of his left leg from a .45 going through his leg. Does your character have a mental disability? Robbie is starting to believe that he is in hell from witnessing people constantly walking around he's witnessed shot, stabbed, and chopped up. He believes no-one can actually die in South Zagoria. Whether this is just an amusing thought or something more is yet to be determined... Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No diseases Does your character have any phobia? Becoming one of the infected walking around Does your character have a love interest? Robbie has a puppy dog crush on Annabelle Novotny, but is dating Meika Dellouise. He also has a conflicting feelings about his now guardian Fae Williams (his newly adopted mother) Does your character have any addictions? Soda Does your character do any drugs? None Is your character overweight? No Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both are Welcome Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Memories of his mother and father, or even events revolving around them as he is unsure they are alive currently in South Zagoria. His father is Dan Jackon (a microbiologist), his mother Emily Jackson (a nurse).
  3. If we wind up with just one server and it's a .63 experimental, I'll probably just play something else until it goes stable. I'm not going to bother with the bugs that are in the current experimental, not to mention the content that is currently in .62 that has to be reintroduced to .63, it's lacking a ton of guns, clothing, not to mention things like tying people up, even putting your hands up isn't working properly from what I'm hearing.
  4. Fake it till you make it. If I make you believe there's a sniper in the hill and there never was one, and you still give me your stuff, I accomplished my task without having to back up anything. Who is the better Villain, the person who has to back up their threats and words, or the person that people fear enough to never have to back things up but still accomplish the same goal?
  5. Oh I completely agree, but keep in mind someone's demeanor can be threatening enough to do the job as well. Insinuations, and a person's tone can be threatening enough to make people do things without ever actually threatening them.
  6. Yes I know his background, I was pointing out the fact that his demeanor without the background was enough to frighten and unnerve people. Without his personality, his education etc. He would just be another psycho that ate people.
  7. The point I'm trying to make is that the personality of the Villain is a major factor and bodily harm does not always need to be offered. You can RP a Villain perfectly fine without PvP, but you can't RP a Villain properly without a personality.
  8. No, a Villain for me is someone who doesn't need to cause harm on someone to install fear. Hannibal Lecter was locked in a cell for the entire Silence of the Lambs movie and was able to install fear in people and unnerve them. I'm saying there are so many other alternatives for a Villain than offering bodily harm.
  9. We're not talking about hostilities. We're talking about what makes a Villain, and PvP doesn't make a Villain a good Villain.
  10. Couldn't be further from the truth. There is no fear from someone rolling up and killing your character. You respawn and go regear, that's not a villain. A villain is someone that you generally fear their presence, they manage to affect you in such a way that you cower slightly just hearing their name. I would rather an RP interaction with someone who gets my adrenaline pumping that walks away without so much as lifting a gun, than someone who I know is going to resort to pointing a gun at me to try to install fear.
  11. Born in America to a middle class family of five, and the youngest child of the lot; Henry spent most of his days alone wandering the family plots of the graveyard behind their house deep in contemplation about the afterlife. Nightmares of being buried alive and things crawling from the grave tormented the child which would haunt him most his life until he was recommended to a psychiatrist to help overcome his fears, the recommendation to visit morgues and witness burials helped curb the fears and promoted Henry's eventual life long goal of becoming a burial ground custodian. Raised to dig graves by hand, Henry resented the change to machinery, much preferring the long hard job of an eight hour dig, giving him plenty of time to continue to contemplate his obsession of the afterlife. When not digging graves; Henry would stay busy laying sod, mowing grass, setting grave markers, blowing leaves, pruning plants, and doing other jobs that kept the cemetery looking pristine. Midway through life Henry decided to take a sabbatical in a foreign country to witness other countries burial techniques and appreciate the architecture of graveyards outside of America, only to be trapped in the country and his worst fears come to life with things that should be in the grave walking around...
  12. The life of a Security Officer, I feel your pain. Be happy though you're allowed to use the internet for the forums, not all sites let you use the internet outside company related issues. Last site I was at funny enough they blocked youtube, but left Netflix entirely unblocked. ?
  13. I see how it is, your son isn't someone you'd prefer to be in a cell with you ? @GenjiRP
  14. Yup, there's a certain amount of help with the distortion of the in game VOIP. No matter how much you think a character is going to sound a certain way, test it with people in game first. Thankfully the VOIP allows my voice to distort enough where apparently some people thought I was 16-17 in real life ? Thanks ? , I take a certain amount of pride when people hear my real voice as well, feel free to pop into TS some time if you want to hear the real deal Yes Douglas, the truth is revealed. Robbie is secretly a bearded man in disguise, he just shaved the beard, hunches over a little bit and hides in his hoodie. The true deception is that noone has yet to figure out it's actually two midgets, one standing on the other's shoulders yet.
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