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  1. Code locks was removed as well
  2. *Pressing down the button firmly on the side of the radio and speaking into it clearly, an American teen's voice breaks through the static of the radio* "Honestly I'm almost speechless that the skin collectors of Chernarus, the people that hid in the shadows and abducted people and experimented on them with or without their consent are attempting to turn over a new leaf. You abducted a child and then left him on the side of the road when you were done with him, he spent two weeks on heavy antibiotics in agonizing pain until his body finally rejected whatever you injected him with. I personally met one of your people dying on the side of a road near Gorka, he'd been fed to infected and although I attempted to give him some comfort in his last moments with morphine; he still turned into one of the infected...rumors are you spent all this time experimenting on people in an attempt to help with the infection and you couldn't even save your own people from it. I even met one of your operators named Juice...wore a welding mask, and late one night he broke down and revealed he was a member of Potius Cras...the infamous Corporation. He spent the evening drinking with a group of people near Zelenogorsk listening to music, trying to forget things...I can only imagine the horrors your own people have seen that they need to get that drunk to forget about what they've done. I've witnessed first hand your experiments, and the black blood that infects their bodies, so you tell yourself you want to start fresh...you tell yourself you're trying to seek peace while you invite people to live with you...but knowing what you've done and the people hurt...I wouldn't ever trust going anywhere near you let alone accepting an invitation to live with you. Hopefully your words are truth, hopefully the world is done with the horrors and nightmares you caused in Chernarus, because if you aren't...there's an old group of people who used to hunt you every step you took, and they are just a radio call away." *Releasing the button on his radio and setting it aside on the bedside table, he rubbed the small triangle scars on his neck where he was once injected and then rolled over in an attempt to sleep.*
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  4. Scrambling to grab the radio on the bedside table, pressing the button on the side of it firmly down, the sound of an American teen can be heard breaking the static of the radio. "Not sure who you are, but this is most welcome news. As one of the people he was hunting, I'll be able to sleep easier, and my mom who he shot recently will be able to recover in peace. The things this man did went beyond evil, it was mutilation for the sake of his twisted art. Unfortunately not enough information was gathered on any associates he may have had from South Zagoria, so hopefully he was the only one acting and this will be the end of it." A deep sigh of relief escapes his lips before the button on the radio is released, and placed once again on the bedside table.
  5. There's no point in using them then if the infected can hear them, there's more useful attachments to put on a gun like a muzzle break/compensator in my opinion if all that's going to happen is regardless of the distance a shot with it is going to draw ten extra infected each time.
  6. It's ridiculous, all melee weapons suck now. I won't use a sledgehammer anymore because there's no way to repair them, I don't think ducttape works on them, and it used to be my go to weapon of choice, then the infected health went up and it took multiple hits to kill them, and those multiple hits break the sledgehammer in no time.
  7. Yup, got pinned against a wall by a couple infected barely to the left of a door right behind me, couldn't move at all. Couldn't get inside, couldn't kill them quick enough with melee, can't shoot with them that close. It's also rather annoying that all it takes is like 5-6 kills with a melee weapon and you need to repair it now...
  8. I think my biggest issue is the fact that suppressors still don't work properly after all this time... It's very easy to attract more numbers than you can handle, and shooting only makes things worse. One infected can scream and attract more of them, so even one spotting you can mean several more attacking, and attempting to take more than two (three if you're skilled) with melee can mean death if you're not near a home or something to hop up on. I could see how new players would struggle with the amount of infected around and the rate in which they spawn. The issue is not try to avoid all infected...because honestly sooner or later you're going to slip up and turn a corner and have to fight them regardless of how careful you are, it happens to everyone..being able to dispatch them quietly without having to melee would be nice again.
  9. Looks good! Already met John Smith a couple times, hopefully get a chance to meet everyone else!
  10. I have no problem with the winter mod, didn't swap to Livonia due to the mod, swapped to Livonia for the possibility at actual RP happening and new storylines. Personally I enjoyed the winter mod, you have to pad your pockets with warm food just like you do in Livonia, all it did was add a different atmosphere and it shook things up a little bit and people changed clothing.
  11. I like the idea, but honestly Red Zone is already doing this exact thing and having a Livonia only server, so not sure if it's a good idea or not...
  12. Born in America, Wight was raised in a normal suburban household with his parents and brother, occasionally he would spend summers with his grandparents who were citizens of a small village in South Zagoria. There was nothing special about Wight, he grew up with the standard amenities that any kids his age had, and was treated no differently than any other kid who lived on the cul de sack with him. He had the standard number of friends growing up, and the average problems that all people growing up his age went through as well, perhaps it had been this normal life that Wight had been blessed with that would make his adult life so cursed. On a normal visit with his grandparents, the Infection broke out and people began to panic in the small village where they lived; many began hoarding town supplies and fighting began to occur between the villagers, hostilities already high and supplies low; people began showing up with hostile intentions to the town attempting to steal supplies on a regular basis. All were met with hostile force and driven away until finally a large group of masked men with high caliber weaponry came in the night... they lined up most of the townsfolk and slaughtered them like sheep, the sound of screaming children silenced by gunshots but still ringing in Wight's ears. The remaining townsfolk sought sanctuary in the large church that resided in town, ringing the church bell in their last hours in vein to signal hope from anyone nearby. Noone came... Noone cared. The infection had spread and everyone was too busy worrying about their own loved ones to help out a small village, and in that night it was wiped from the map like so many other places that once thrived in the country. Wight watched in horror as the church filled with smoke and the rafters above began to flicker with red and orange flame and spread. The church doors barricaded in an attempt to keep out the bandits served merely to keep the townsfolk in instead, and the stained glass windows depicting images of saints looked down in horror above them, only to shatter and rain death upon the people below as the temperature rose to an unbearable degree. Wight only remembers the children screaming that night...the light from the fires flickering and casting rainbow lights across the church from the stained glass windows, and the smell of smoke as he passed out. Waking up in complete darkness, confused and disoriented; Wight managed to claw his way out of the old wood he was sprawled inside of only to be met with cold wet mud sludging it's way into the box. Every ounce of strength was mustered that night as he tore his way out of the grave in the ground, taking gulps of air like they were his last as he emerged into the cold rainy air above him. Wight couldn't tell how long he wandered in his delirious state after that, or what even went through his mind as he stared at the unfamiliar ruins of what once was his grandparents town. The memories blurred together and he grabbed anything he could find to stay warm as he journeyed into the darkness...
  13. *the sound of audible yawning can be heard in the radio as he presses the button down again* "Because I have no interest in getting shot thanks, kind of hurts and is kind of bad for you. There's a reason I pull bullets out of people, I have no interest in these endless cycles of one person shooting another then hopping on the radio and gloating just to result in someone else getting shot. People call me a kid but half the adults here act like the special ed student sitting in a corner sniffing glue, but with access to guns...what's the point in continually just shooting each other? It solves nothing and eventually no one will be left in this world because of it when this is the way we handle every situation. Maybe keep that in mind next time you kill someone...remember that regardless of if the person is an asshole you killed, they were still a person. You're still ending someone's life regardless if they deserved it or not, and trying to taunt people who may actually care about the person who died only makes you less of a person." *tossing the radio aside onto the bed, he rolled over once again trying to ignore the sun coming through the window*
  14. *yawning and slowly picking up the radio off the table beside his bed, pressing down the button on the side of the radio firmly before speaking into it, the sound of a young male American teen breaks through the static of the radio* "Noone cares. Thank you for doing Chernarrus a service and removing him from the gene pool if you did, but honestly I doubt you even were the one to kill him and are likely just taking credit for it like so many others like to do. If you actually did manage it, so what...one less idiot running around spouting his mouth off like you are. Maybe you should put six in your own chest and save our ears the trouble of hearing these radio warrior announcements from you in the future. Peace out "AlEx MuThAfUcKiNg JaCkSoN"...most ridiculous thing I've heard in awhile..." *the sound of laughing can be heard before the radio cuts off, shaking his head at the child on the radio, he placed the radio back on the bedside table and rolled back over to go to sleep*
  15. I could care less about offline raiding except for the fact there's no RP involved, not to mention I wouldn't care either if it was done legitimately, but having to provide to the council a map of the base location so it could be approved? Go figure it's getting Metad. Then you have the obvious stream snipers who show up places we didn't even know we were going until it was said on stream. It's just frustrating because the level of Metagaming and Stream Sniping that occurs that can't be reported because there's no evidence to provide, and any attempt to call them out is merely met with "Oh, well I just came across it naturally", which is apparently enough to suffice for an excuse. Frankly I don't blame people not logging on or losing their will to RP these days, it seems like groups aren't interested in pushing storylines; they only want a quick two minute firefight multiple times a day and to hoard as much guns and ammo as they can.
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